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From <>
Subject RE: Mix Solr 4 and 5?
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2016 15:57:30 GMT
Shawn wrote:
> If you are NOT running SolrCloud, then that should work with no problem. 
> The HTTP API is fairly static and has not seen any major upheaval recently.
> If you're NOT running SolrCloud, you may even be able to replace the 
> SolrJ jar in your existing system with the 5.4.1 version (and update 
> SolrJ's dependent jars) and have everything continue to work.
> If you ARE running SolrCloud, I would not try mixing 4.x and 5.x, 
> in either direction.  SolrCloud is evolving very quickly ... I wouldn't
> even mix *minor* versions, much less *major* versions.  
> There are differences in how the zookeeper database is laid out, 
> and mixing versions is not guaranteed to work, especially if SolrJ 
> is older than Solr.  If the version difference is small and SolrJ is newer 
> than Solr, there's a chance of success, but with the situation you 
> have described, SolrCloud would likely not work.

When you talk about not mixing 4.x and 5.x when using SolrCloud, you mean between the client
and the server that talk to each other, right? Or would it be a problem keeping our existing
non cloud solr 4.x server, upgrading the client solrj jar to 5.x (assuming this works, like
you and others here seem to think it should/could), and then adding a new solr cloud 5.x server?
That way, there the two separate communication "channels" are solrj 5.x <--> solr 4.x
server, and, solrj 5.x  <--> solrcloud 5.x.

Or does the mere presense of a solr 4.x server and a solr cloud 5.x server on the same network
cause problems, even when they don't know about eachother?

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