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From Gavin Harcourt <>
Subject Solr leaking references to deleted files
Date Tue, 31 May 2016 12:41:22 GMT
Hi All,

I've noticed on some of my solr nodes that the disk usage is increasing 
over time. After checking the output of lsof I found hundreds of 
references to deleted index files being held by solr. This totaled 24GB 
on a 16GB index. A restart of solr can obviously fix this but this is 
not an ideal solution. We are running solr 5.4.0 on OpenJDK  1.8.0_91. 
We are using the Concurrent Mark Sweep GC although I've also seen the 
same problem on nodes using the G1 GC. Our update handler has autoCommit 
and softAutoCommit enabled (at different intervals). We are using solr 
cloud and have multiple shards with 2 nodes each in our collections. 
I've not seen any pattern between this appearing on leaders or replicas. 
Not all my nodes appear to be exhibiting the problem either. Our usage 
pattern does involve a lot of churn in our index with the majority of 
documents being updated/deleted every day.

Searching JIRA and the web in general I could only find references to 
this sort of problem when running solr in tomcat. Can anyone suggest a 
reason why this might be happening or a way I can manage it without 
needing to restart solr?

Example lsof output:
java       1100      s123  DEL       REG 202,3               8919406 
java       1100      s123  DEL       REG 202,3               8919159 
java       1100      s123  DEL       REG 202,3               8919150 
java       1100      s123  DEL       REG 202,3               8919094 
java       1100      s123  DEL       REG 202,3               8919103 


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