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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Re: QParsePlugin not working on sharded collection
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2016 22:53:16 GMT
OK, I'm going to assume that somewhere you're
keeping more complicated structures around to
track all the docs coming through the collector so
you can know whether they're duplicates or not.

I think there are really two ways (at least) to go about
1> use a SearchComponent to add a separate section to
the response similar to highlighting or faceting.

2> go ahead and use a DocTransformer to add the data
to each individual doc. But the example you're using adds the
data to the meta-data, not an individual doc.....


On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 2:03 PM, tedsolr <> wrote:
> So I notice if I create the simplest MergeStrategy I can get my test values
> from the shard responses and then if I add info to the SolrQueryResponse it
> gets back to the caller. I still must be missing something. I wouldn't
> expect to have different code paths - one for single shard one for multi
> shard. So if the PostFilter is restricting the documents returned, what's
> the correct way to return my analytics info? Should I not be adding data to
> the SolrQueryResponse from within the delegating collector's finish()
> method? Here's what I'm trying to do (still works fine with a single shard
> collection :)
> - Use the DelegatingCollector to restrict docs returned (dropping docs that
> are "duplicates" based on my critieria)
> - Calculate 2 stats for each collected doc: a count of "duplicate" docs & a
> sum on a number field from these "duplicate" docs. I am doing the math in
> the collect() method.
> - Return the stats in the response stream. I'm using a TransformerFactory
> now to inject a new field into the results for each doc. Should I be using a
> SearchComponent instead?
> Erick Erickson wrote
>> Right, I don't have the code in front of me right now, but I think
>> your issue is at the "aggregation" point. You also have to put
>> some code in the aggregation bits that pull your custom parts
>> from the sub-request packets and puts in the final packet,
>> "doing the right thing" in terms of assembling them into
>> something meaningful along the way (e.g. averaging "myvar"
>> or putting it in a list identified by shard or......).
>> I think if you fire the query at one of your shards with &distrib=false
>> you'll see your additions, which would demonstrate that your
>> filter is being found. I assume your custom jar is on the shards
>> or you'd get an exception (assuming you've pushed your
>> solrconfig to ZK).
>> Best,
>> Erick
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