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From Charlie Hull <>
Subject Re: (ANNOUNCEMENT) Solr Examples reading group
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2016 08:29:25 GMT
On 05/10/2016 02:19, Walter Underwood wrote:
> I’m trying to bring up 6.2.1 after experience with 1.2 through 5.5, and it is a mess.
> I’ve done solid good practice (Zookeeper ensemble, chroot, data on EBS volume),
> but I’m stuck with a completely non-instructive stack trace.
> We run a separate data directory and SOLR_HOME, which is poorly supported by
> the startup script. I gave up and used a symlink to make it sorta happy.
> Still, I’m stuck with this.
> org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Error processing the request. CoreContainer is
either not initialized or shutting down.
>        	at org.apache.solr.servlet.SolrDispatchFilter.doFilter(
>        	at org.apache.solr.servlet.SolrDispatchFilter.doFilter(
> I’ve tried loading configs with bin/solr and with I get useless error messages
> from each of them.
> I worked on a commercial search product for ten years, and this wouldn’t pass basic
> We need to do some work, people.

Last week I had to upgrade a proof-of-concept demo that ran on Solr 4 to 
6.2.1, using the Sunburnt client. I thought I'd use the Files example to 
get started. This wasn't exactly painless: I ended up having to disable 
Managed Schemas (I couldn't get Solr to use the old schema.xml), mess 
around with Sunburnt (which assumed a certain URL structure to read 
schema.xml) and generally chop large chunks out solrconfig.xml until it 
began to work.

When we see clients with Solr issues the problems often stem from there 
being *too much* in their configuration - they've started with one of 
the example configs and added often conflicting settings, there's all 
kinds of irrelevant stuff hanging around (you probably don't need a 
Hungarian stemmer unless you're Hungarian), a zillion schema types 
you'll never need...I'm beginning to wonder if an absolutely minimal 
Solr example configuration might be a good idea. It's going to have to 
make assumptions (e.g. it's probably going to assume English content) 
and it won't do anything particularly clever, but I feel it might be a 
better place to start than wondering what on earth all that 
commented-out XML does, especially the bits that say 'you probably 
shouldn't use this in production'. You can always copy those bits back 
in later...

I'll be in Boston next week if anyone wants to chat about this. Maybe 
I'll have a go at our Lucene Hackday on Tuesday (still some places 



> wunder
> Walter Underwood
>  (my blog)
>> On Oct 4, 2016, at 5:59 PM, Alexandre Rafalovitch <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Three weeks ago I asked this list whether there was an interest in
>> running a virtual examples reading group, with "all questions
>> welcome". The response was sufficient to start planning the first
>> study group.
>> The current projected date is start of November. You can register for
>> it at: (it is the same survey
>> as the first time - no need to do that again if you responded before).
>> The first run is free.
>> Regards,
>>    Alex.
>> P.s. If you have Solr-using customers (e.g. you are running a Solr
>> cloud business), feel free to announce this to them and/or run your
>> own outreach and contact me directly with bulk emails of those
>> interested.
>> P.p.s. I am also presenting on Solr examples at the Lucene/Solr
>> Revolution in about a week. If you have very strong opinions about
>> Solr examples, feel free to reach out directly and share them via
>> email or in person. The opinions do not have to be positive, though
>> having them constructive would be an nice. :-)
>> ----
>> Newsletter and resources for Solr beginners and intermediates:

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