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From Brent <>
Subject Adding DocExpirationUpdateProcessorFactory causes "Overlapping onDeckSearchers" warnings
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2016 23:15:35 GMT
I'm using Solr Cloud 6.1.0, and my client application is using SolrJ 6.1.0.

Using this Solr config, I get none of the dreaded "PERFORMANCE WARNING:
Overlapping onDeckSearchers=2" log messages:

However, I start getting them frequently after I add an expiration update
processor to the update request processor chain, as seen in this config (at
the bottom):

Do I have something configured wrong in the way I've tried to add the
function of expiring documents? My client application sets the "expire_at"
field with the date to remove the document being added, so I don't need
anything on the Solr Cloud side to calculate the expiration date using a
TTL. I've confirmed that the documents are getting removed as expected after
the TTL duration.

Is it possible that the expiration processor is triggering additional
commits? Seems like the warning is usually the result of commits happening
too frequently. If the commit spacing is fine without the expiration
processor, but not okay when I add it, it seems like maybe each update is
now triggering a (soft?) commit. Although, that'd actually be crazy and I'm
sure I'd see a lot more errors if that were the case... is it triggering a
commit every 30 seconds, because that's what I have the
autoDeletePeriodSeconds set to? Maybe if I try to offset that a bit from the
10 second auto soft commit I'm using? Seems like it'd be better (if that is
the case) if the processor simple didn't have to do a commit when it expires
documents, and instead let the auto commit settings handle that. 

Do I still need the line:
<requestHandler class="solr.UpdateRequestHandler"
when I have the 
<updateRequestProcessorChain name="doc-expiration-processor-chain"

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