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From Chris Rogers <>
Subject Re: Using DIH FileListEntityProcessor with SolrCloud
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 11:43:56 GMT
Hi all,

Just bumping my question again, as doesn’t seem to have been picked up by anyone. Any help
would be much appreciated.


On 02/12/2016, 16:36, "Chris Rogers" <> wrote:

    Hi all,
    A question regarding using the DIH FileListEntityProcessor with SolrCloud (solr 6.3.0,
zookeeper 3.4.8).
    I get that the config in SolrCloud lives on the Zookeeper node (a different server from
the solr nodes in my setup).
    With this in mind, where is the baseDir attribute in the FileListEntityProcessor config
relative to? I’m seeing the config in the Solr GUI, and I’ve tried setting it as an absolute
path on my Zookeeper server, but this doesn’t seem to work… any ideas how this should
be setup?
    My DIH config is below:
      <dataSource type="FileDataSource"/>
        <!-- this outer processor generates a list of files satisfying the conditions
             specified in the attributes -->
        <entity name="f" processor="FileListEntityProcessor"
          <!-- this processor extracts content using Xpath from each file found -->
          <entity name="tei" processor="XPathEntityProcessor"
                  forEach="/TEI" url="${f.fileAbsolutePath}" transformer="RegexTransformer"
            <field column="manuscript_title" name="manuscript_title" xpath="/TEI/teiHeader/fileDesc/titleStmt/title"/>
            <field column="repository" name="repository" xpath="/TEI/teiHeader/fileDesc/publicationStmt/publisher"/>
            <field column="id" name="id" xpath="/TEI/teiHeader/fileDesc/sourceDesc/msDesc/msIdentifier/altIdentifier/idno"/>
    This same script worked as expected on a single solr node (i.e. not in SolrCloud mode).
    Chris Rogers
    Digital Projects Manager
    Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services

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