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From Bernd Fehling <>
Subject questions about SOLR vs ES
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2016 09:20:37 GMT
Hi list,

I don't want to write-up another SOLR vs ES. Every user should build up
his own mind by installing and testing both. This is more about questions
to the developers in which direction they "think" the future of SOLR will go.

After installing the most recent version of ES I was shocked about the direction
the development took. From ES 2.x to 5.x the most useful site plugins
head, kopf and bigdesk were "kicked out" (by not supporting site plugins anymore)
and replaced by license ware X-Pack.
Sure X-Pack has a basic free license, but you have to register and the license
lasts one year. This gives also the ability to withdraw or change any licensing.

I'm absolutely happy with SOLR Admin and it is free of any licensing,
thanks to all developers.

Questions, will it ever be free as free is or go to license ware?

The next shock came after setting up a development system in Eclipse.
After setting everything up and compiling the Project Window of Eclipse
was full of Gradle crap.
I'm absolutely happy with ant, maven, ivy and everything how it is right now.

Question, will it stay this way or are there any intentions to change to something else?


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