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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Adding DocExpirationUpdateProcessorFactory causes "Overlapping onDeckSearchers" warnings
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:06:11 GMT

: bq: it triggering a commit every 30 seconds, because that's what
: I have the autoDeletePeriodSeconds set to

yes a commit is triggered each time a delete is fired.

: There's a note in the code about making the commits optional, it seems
: fair to raise a JIRA about implementing this. Patches even more
: welcome ;).

No, actaully the Note in the code is about wether or not there should be 
an option to force a *HARD* commits.

The fact that there is no option prevent any commit at all was a concious 

a) the processor is basically useless unless something does a commit -- 
there's no point in doing deletes every 30 seconds if we only want to 
bother having a new searcher every 60 seconds -- it just means we're doing 
twice the work w/o any added benefit.

b) a softCommit+openSeacher is a No-Op unless there is soemthing to 
actauly commit. (see SOLR-5783 and TestIndexSearcher.testReopen)

If you are seeing an increase in "Overlapping onDeckSearchers" when using 
DocExpirationUpdateProcessorFactory, it's becuase you actaully have docs 
expiring quite frequently relative to the autoDeletePeriodSeconds and 
the amount of time needed to warm each of the new searchers.

if ou don't want the searchers to be re-opened so frequently, just 
increase the autoDeletePeriodSeconds. 


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