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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Adding DocExpirationUpdateProcessorFactory causes "Overlapping onDeckSearchers" warnings
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2016 00:23:59 GMT

: > If you are seeing an increase in "Overlapping onDeckSearchers" when using 
: > DocExpirationUpdateProcessorFactory, it's becuase you actaully have docs 
: > expiring quite frequently relative to the autoDeletePeriodSeconds and 
: > the amount of time needed to warm each of the new searchers.
: > 
: > if ou don't want the searchers to be re-opened so frequently, just 
: > increase the autoDeletePeriodSeconds. 
: But if I increase the period, then it'll have even more docs that have
: expired, and shouldn't that make the amount of time needed to warm the new
: searcher even longer?

Not to the point of being significant in any practical sense ...

In crude generalizations: the largest overhead in auto-warming is the 
number of queries (ie: the size of the cache), and the main overhead on a 
per query basis is the number of docs that match that query.

So unless you're expiring (and replacing!) the majority of documents 
in your index every X seconds, but you only care about opening a new 
searcher every X*2 seconds, you shouldn't notice any obserable differnece 
in the time needed to do the warming if you only delete every X*2 seconds.


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