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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: ttl on merge-time possible somehow ?
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2016 18:03:40 GMT

: So, the other way this can be made better in my opinion is:::: (if the
: optimization is not already there)
: Is to make the 'delete-query' on ttl-documents operation on translog to not
: be forced to fsync to disk (so still written to translog, but no fsync).
: The another index/delete happens, it will also fsync the translog of the
: previous 'delete ttl query'.
: If the server crashes, meaning we lost those deletes because the translog
: wasn't fsynced to disk, then a thread can run on startup to recheck
: ttl-deletes.
: This will make it so the delete-query comes "free" in disk-fsync on
: translog.
: Makes sense ?

All updates in Solr operate on both the in memory IndexWriter and the 
(Solr specific) transaction log, and only when a "hard commit" happens is 
the IndexWriter closed (causing segment files to fsync) ... the TTL code 
only does a "soft commit" which should not do any fsyncs on the index.


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