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From Ere Maijala <>
Subject Re: Removing duplicate terms from query
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2017 13:18:28 GMT
Thanks Emir.

I was thinking of something very simple like doing what 
RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilter does but ignoring positions. It would of 
course still be possible to have the same term multiple times, but at 
least the adjacent ones could be deduplicated. The reason I'm not too 
eager to do it in a query preprocessor is that I'd have to essentially 
duplicate functionality of the query analysis chain that contains 
ICUTokenizerFactory, WordDelimiterFilterFactory and whatnot.


9.2.2017, 14.52, Emir Arnautovic kirjoitti:
> Hi Ere,
> I don't think that there is such filter. Implementing such filter would
> require looking backward which violates streaming approach of token
> filters and unpredictable memory usage.
> I would do it as part of query preprocessor and not necessarily as part
> of Solr.
> HTH,
> Emir
> On 09.02.2017 12:24, Ere Maijala wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just noticed that while we use RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilter during
>> query time, it will consider term positions and not really do anything
>> e.g. if query is 'term term term'. As far as I can see the term
>> positions make no difference in a simple non-phrase search. Is there a
>> built-in way to deal with this? I know I can write a filter to do
>> this, but I feel like this would be something quite basic to do for
>> the query. And I don't think it's even anything too weird for normal
>> users to do. Just consider e.g. searching for music by title:
>> Hey, hey, hey ; Shivers of pleasure
>> I also verified that at least according to debugQuery=true and
>> anecdotal evicende the search really slows down if you repeat the same
>> term enough.
>> --Ere

Ere Maijala
Kansalliskirjasto / The National Library of Finland

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