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From "Maciej Ł. PCSS" <>
Subject Re: Indexing of documents in more than one step (SOLRJ)
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2017 11:24:51 GMT
No, it's not the case. In both steps I'm indexing documents from the 
same set of IDs (I mean the values of the 'id').


W dniu 15.02.2017 o 11:07, Emir Arnautovic pisze:
> I did not have time to test it or look at the code, but can you check 
> if it could be the case when there is no document with a, b, c fields 
> and you are trying to update it with d, e, f using partial update syntax.
> Emir
> On 15.02.2017 09:25, Maciej Ł. PCSS wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> how should I handle the following scenario using SOLRJ?  Index a 
>> collection of documents (fill fields a, b, c). Then index the same 
>> collection but this time fill fields d, e, f.
>> In a pseudo-code it would be: step1(collectionX); step2(collectionX); 
>> solrCommit();
>> See my observations below:
>> - first step is done by calling SolrInputDocument.addField(fieldName, 
>> value); and this works fine.
>> - if I do the same for the second step then all fields in my 
>> documents get removed;
>> - for that reason I need to call 
>> SolrInputDocument.addField(fieldName, Collections.singletonMap("set", 
>> value)); and then it's fine
>> - but for some field, if I do the call from above, then the indexed 
>> values are like "{set=value}" instead of just "value".
>> Can somebody explain this strange behaviour to me?
>> Regards
>> Maciej

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