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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Moving solr home
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2017 13:40:49 GMT
On 4/18/2017 7:07 AM, tedsolr wrote:
> Looks like the issues are self inflicted. I have custom start/stop
> scripts that actually specify the solr home directory as a param to
> the start command (start -c -s ...). This was overriding my include
> variable. As for the magical solr.xml file, that's also my doing
> because as part of shutdown the script copies config files where they
> need to go. When I wrote all this 2 years ago I needed the flexibility
> to run multiple nodes on a single host (because requisitioning a
> server took an act of congress).

The service installer script works well for non-Windows systems, and has
one big advantage -- the people on this list will know exactly where
everything is if you are able to tell us the options you used on the
installer.  With custom scripts like what you wrote, we have no idea
where anything is.  The installer script defaults to separating the solr
home from the install dir.

I would strongly recommend using the service installer script if you're
not running on Windows.  It will create a user to run Solr so it's not
running as root.  You can install more than one instance using that
script.  Each one will get its own copy of the binaries.  Although it is
possible to run multiple instances out of one install directory, it does
require custom scripting.  The amount of disk space that separate
install directories use is usually very small compared to the indexes
and modern disk sizes.


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