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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: storing the analyzed value
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2017 15:57:40 GMT
On 4/1/2017 8:51 AM, John Blythe wrote:
> Hi Rick. I should explain further. I'm not looking to have the input stored
> but rather the final product, specifically the synonym that an input may be
> mapped to.
> If I have McDonald, McD's, and Mac Donald all mapped to "McDonald's" I'd
> like to be able to not only access which one was sent to solr for search
> (e.g. "McD's") but _also_ the synonym it mapped to: "McDonald's"

Thought of an alternate interpretation of what you asked about -- info
on the *query* side, not the *index* side.  This addresses that
alternate interpretation:

If you add "&debugQuery=true" to the URL, you'll see a lot of debug
information.  One piece of useful information there is the original
query, and the *parsed* query.  By comparing those, you would be able to
detect the synonyms applied at query time.

There may also be a "debug=XXXX" option that would only generate the
parsed query without spending the resources to generate the rest of the
debug info, but I am not familiar with all the debug options.  I know
that debugQuery=true will include that information, but the full debug
might cause your queries to become unacceptably slow.  There is a LOT of
info generated by the generic debugQuery.


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