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From Ayush Gupta <>
Subject Fwd: Fq and termfrequency are not showing the correct results
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2017 09:19:50 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I have a document that contains data like this "Bachelor's degree is easier
to get" in the 'body' field and I am making a query on this field searching
for word 'Bachelor's degree' like this - query?fq=body:"bachelor%27s%
20degree"&fl=body_frequency:termfreq(body,"bachelor%27s%20degree"),body and
I am getting zero results in response even when I have documents that
contains words like 'Bachelor's degree'.

I checked in the admin panel tab , there i can see the
WordDelimiterFilterFactory applied on the word 'Bachelor's Degree' and
converting it to 'Bachelor degree'. So both in the Field Value (Query) and
Field Value (Index) the WordDelimiterFilterFactory is converting the word
'Bachelor's Degree' to 'Bachelor's Degree' , SO why I am getting zero
results when quering. I have attached the screenshots of my analysis page.

I have attached a code file 'code.txt' where you can see the code for the
field 'body'.

Please tell me what Am I doing wrong.


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