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From Pranaya Behera <>
Subject Re: Nodes goes down but never recovers.
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2017 18:01:23 GMT
     Can someone from the mailing list also confirm the same findings
? I am at wit's end on what to do to fix this. Please guide me to
create a patch for the same.

On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 3:13 PM, Pranaya Behera
<> wrote:
> Hi,
>      Through SolrJ I am trying to upload configsets and create
> collections in my solrcloud.
> Setup:
> 1 Standalone zookeeper listening on 2181 port. version 3.4.10
> -- bin/ start
> 3 Starting solr nodes. (All running from the same solr.home) version
> 6.5.0 and as well in 6.2.1
> -- bin/solr -c -z localhost:2181 -p 8983
> -- bin/solr -c -z localhost:2181 -p 8984
> -- bin/solr -c -z localhost:2181 -p 8985
> After first run of my java application to upload the config and create
> the collections in solr through zookeeper is seemless and working
> fine.
> Here is the clusterstatus after the first run.
> Stopped one solr node via:
> -- bin/solr stop -p 8985
> clusterstatus changed to:
> Till now everything is as expected.
> Here is the remaining part where it confuses me.
> Bring the down node back to life. Clusterstatus changed from 2 node
> down with 1 node not found to 3 node down including the new node that
> just brought up.
> Expected result should be all the other nodes should be in active mode
> and this one would be recovery mode and then it would be active mode,
> as this node had data before i stopped it using the script.
> Now I added one more node to the cluster via
> -- bin/solr -c -z localhost:2181 -p 8986
> The clusterstatus changed to:
> This one just retains the previous state and adds the node to the cluster.
> When bringing up the removed node which was previously in the cluster
> which was registered to the zookeeper and has data about the
> collections be registered as active rather than making every other
> node down ? If so what is the solution to this ?
> When we add more nodes to an existing cluster, how to ensure that it
> also gets the same collections/data i.e. basically synchronizes with
> the other nodes which are present in the node rather than manually
> create collection for that specific node ? As you can see from the
> lastly added node's clusterstate it is there in the live_nodes but
> never got the collections into its data dir.
> Is there any other way to add a node with the existing cluster with
> the cluster data ?
> For the completion here is the code that is used to upload config and
> create collection through CloudSolrClient in Solrj.(Not full code but
> part of it where the operation is happening.)
> Thats all there is for a collection to create: upload configsets to
> zookeeper, create collection and reload collection if required.
> This I have tried in my local Mac OS Sierra and also in AWS env which
> same effect.
> --
> Thanks & Regards
> Pranaya PR Behera

Thanks & Regards
Pranaya PR Behera

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