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From Bram Van Dam <>
Subject Strange boolean query behaviour on 5.5.4
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2017 13:04:36 GMT
Hey folks,

I'm experiencing some strange query behaviour, and it isn't immediately
clear to me why this wouldn happen. The definition of the query syntax
on the wiki is a bit fuzzy, so my interpretation of the syntax might be off.

This query does work (no results, when results are expected).

(-someField:Foo) AND (otherField: (Bar OR Baz))

With debug enabled, Solr interprets the query as

+(-someField:Foo) +(otherField:Bar otherField:Baz)

This query DOES work, results are returned.

-someField:Foo +(otherField:Bar otherField:Baz)

With debug enabled:

-someField:Foo +(otherField:Bar otherField:Baz)

The only difference between these queries is the presence of parantheses
around the field with a single NOT condition. From a boolean point of
view, they are equivalent.

To make matters stranger, if I add a *:* clause to the NOT field,
everything works again.

(-someField:Foo AND *:*) AND (otherField: (Bar OR Baz))
-someField:Foo AND *:* AND (otherField: (Bar OR Baz))
both work.

Is this is query parser bug? Or are parenthesized groups with a single
negated expression not supported? :-/

I've only tested this on 5.5.4 using the default query parser, I don't
have access to any other versions at the moment.

Thanks for any insights,

 - Bram

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