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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Get handler failure
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2017 13:18:25 GMT
On 8/3/2017 6:30 AM, Chris Ulicny wrote:
> I've run into an issue in a test environment where a document exists, but
> fails to be retrieved consistently by /get requests. In a series of 10
> requests for the specific document across a few minute timespan, one of the
> middle requests returned a null document.
> Currently, nothing is updating existing records in the collection, so it
> couldn't have actually been deleted.
> The test cloud and collection have 3 nodes, 6 shards, and 1 replica per
> shard. Based on the fact that the node that was queried was not the node
> the document resided on, I assume that there may have been a temporary
> connectivity issue that we're unaware of and the request couldn't find the
> document and returned null.

When you say "1 replica" do you mean that there are two copies of each
shard (leader and replica) or one copy (no redundancy)?  I ask because
this is a common point of confusion about SolrCloud terminology.  If you
have two copies, then you have two replicas -- because the leader IS a

If there are two copies, you might be in a situation where the two
copies are out of sync for some reason, and one copy has the document
but the other doesn't.  Because SolrCloud load balances requests,
sometimes the query will be serviced by one copy, sometimes by the other.

If there is only one copy of each shard, then I do not know how this
could happen, and it might indicate some kind of a problem with your


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