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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Move index directory to another partition
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 21:45:24 GMT
On 7/31/2017 12:28 PM, Mahmoud Almokadem wrote:
> I've a SolrCloud of four instances on Amazon and the EBS volumes that
> contain the data on everynode is going to be full, unfortunately Amazon
> doesn't support expanding the EBS. So, I'll attach larger EBS volumes to
> move the index to.
> I can stop the updates on the index, but I'm afraid to use "cp" command to
> copy the files that are "on merge" operation.
> The copy operation may take several  hours.
> How can I move the data directory without stopping the instance?

Use rsync to do the copy.  Do an initial copy while Solr is running,
then do a second copy, which should be pretty fast because rsync will
see the data from the first copy.  Then shut Solr down and do a third
rsync which will only copy a VERY small changeset.  Reconfigure Solr
and/or the OS to use the new location, and start Solr back up.  Because
you mentioned "cp" I am assuming that you're NOT on Windows, and that
the OS will most likely allow you to do anything you need with index
files while Solr has them open.

If you have set up your replicas with SolrCloud properly, then your
collections will not go offline when one Solr instance is shut down, and
that instance will be brought back into sync with the rest of the
cluster when it starts back up.  Using multiple passes with rsync should
mean that Solr will not need to be shutdown for very long.

The options I typically use for this kind of copy with rsync are "-avH
--delete".  I would recommend that you research rsync options so that
you fully understand what I have suggested.


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