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From Walter Underwood <>
Subject Re: MongoDb vs Solr
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2017 04:26:51 GMT
MarkLogic can do many-to-many. I worked there six years ago. They use search engine index structure
with generational updates, including segment level caches. With locking. Pretty good stuff.

A many to many relationship is an intersection across posting lists, with transactions. Straightforward,
but not easy to do it fast.

The “Inside MarkLogic Server” paper does a good job of explaining the guts.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Solr presentations.

Walter Underwood  (my blog)

> On Aug 4, 2017, at 8:13 PM, David Hastings <> wrote:
> Also, id love to see an example of a many to many relationship in a nosql db as you described,
since that's a rdbms concept. If it exists in a nosql environment I would like to learn how...
>> On Aug 4, 2017, at 10:56 PM, Dave <> wrote:
>> Uhm. Dude are you drinking?
>> 1. Lucidworks would never say that. 
>> 2. Maria is not a json +MySQL. Maria is a fork of the last open source version of
MySQL before oracle bought them 
>> is 100% correct. Solr is search. The only complex data structure it has
is an array. Something like mongo can do arrays hashes arrays of hashes etc, it's actually
json based. But it can't search well as a search engine can. 
>> There is no one tool. Use each for their own abilities. 
>>> On Aug 4, 2017, at 10:35 PM, GW <> wrote:
>>> The people @ Lucidworks would beg to disagree but I know exactly what you
>>> are saying Walter.
>>> A simple flat file like a cardx is fine and dandy as a Solrcloud noSQL DB.
>>> I like to express it as knowing when to fish and when to cut bait. As soon
>>> as you are in the one - many or many - many world a real DB is a whole lot
>>> more sensible.
>>> Augment your one-many|many-many NoSQL DB with a Solrcloud and you've got a
>>> rocket. Maria (MySQL with JSON) has had text search for a long time but It
>>> just does not compare to Solr. Put the two together and you've got some
>>> serious magic.
>>> No offense intended, There's nothing wrong with being 97.5% correct. I wish
>>> I could be 97.5% correct all the time. :-)
>>>> On 4 August 2017 at 18:41, Walter Underwood <>
>>>> Solr is NOT a database. If you need a database, don’t choose Solr.
>>>> If you need both a database and search, choose MarkLogic.
>>>> wunder
>>>> Walter Underwood
>>>>  (my blog)
>>>>> On Aug 4, 2017, at 4:16 PM, Francesco Viscomi <>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> why i have to choose solr if mongoDb is easier to learn and to use?
>>>>> Both are NoSql database, is there a good reason to chose solr and not
>>>>> mongoDb?
>>>>> thanks really much
>>>>> --
>>>>> Ing. Viscomi Francesco

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