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From Rick Leir <>
Subject Re: recent utf8 problems
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2017 12:35:51 GMT
Dr. Krell
You could look at your /select query handler, and compare it with the /query query handler
in the Admin config. 

Did you upgrade from a previous version of Solr? Or change your config ( no, you must have
thought of that). If it is a bug related to the Java upgrade then you need to show your config
before folks can help.
Cheers -- Rick

On November 4, 2017 5:11:36 PM EDT, "Dr. Mario Michael Krell" <>
>We recently discovered issues with solr with converting utf8 code in
>the search. One or two month ago everything was still working.
>- What might have caused it is a Java update (Java 8 Update 151). 
>- We are using firefox as well as chrome for displaying results.
>- We tested it with Solr 6.5, Solr 7.0.0, 7.0.1, and 7.1.
>We created a search engine base on the yfcc100m and in the normal
>browser (http://localhost:8983/solr/#/mmc_search3/query
><http://localhost:8983/solr/#/mmc_search3/query>), we can search for
>"title:T%C3%BCbingen” in the query field and get more than 3 million
>  "responseHeader":{
>    "status":0,
>    "QTime":103},
>  "response":{"numFound":3092484,"start":0,"docs":[
>      {
>        "photoid":"6182384834",
>However, when we use the respective web-address, 
>The results are deduced to zero:
>  "responseHeader":{
>    "status":0,
>    "QTime":0},
>  "response":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[]
>  }}
>status	0
>QTime	0
>numFound	0
>start	0
>docs	[]
>I would be happy for any suggestions on how to fix this problem. For me
>it seems like a bug in solr caused by Java.

Sorry for being brief. Alternate email is rickleir at yahoo dot com 
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