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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: SOLR-11504: Provide a config to restrict number of indexing threads
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2017 14:11:56 GMT
On 10/31/2017 4:57 PM, Nawab Zada Asad Iqbal wrote:
> I hit this issue while
> migrating to solr6 and locally working around it in Lucene code. I am
> thinking to fix it properly and hopefully patch back to Solr. Since, Lucene
> code does not want to keep any such config, I am thinking to use a counting
> semaphore in Solr code before calling IndexWriter.addDocument(s) or
> IndexWriter.updateDocument(s).

There's a fairly simple way to control the number of indexing threads 
that doesn't require ANY changes to Solr:  Don't start as many 
threads/processes on your indexing client(s).  If you control the number 
of simultaneous requests sent to Solr, then Solr won't start as many 
indexing threads.  That kind of control over your indexing system is 
something that's always preferable to have.


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