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From lamelylounges <>
Subject help get 'count of distinct' using solr via cql against datastax?
Date Sun, 26 Nov 2017 14:45:44 GMT
Hi all,
I have a datastax (DSE) server with cassandra.  I am running the node in
"search" mode, which means solr is enabled and working.  I want to use CQL
to write a query against my core/table.

If this were a traditional SQL, here is how I would write it:
SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT my_field) FROM my_table WHERE my_field LIKE 'S%'

Is there a way to accomplish a select count distinct?


(ps I have been trying to subscribe to this mailing list but it seems like
nabble is not sending out an initial subscribe request.  I have looked in my
spam folder and have tried several different email domains)

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