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From Steve Pruitt <>
Subject RE: [EXTERNAL] - Re: Basic SolrCloud help
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2017 15:53:16 GMT
Thanks Shawn, it all mainly made sense.

I took the hint and looked at both and  Clearly setting ZK_HOST is
a first step.  I am sure this is explained somewhere, but I overlooked it.
From here, once I have Solr installed, I can run the Control Script to upload a config set
either when creating a collection or independent of creating the collection.

When I install Solr on the three nodes I have planned, I run the Control Script and just point
to somewhere on disk I have the config set stored.

One question buried in my first missive was about mixing the Solr machines.  I was thinking
of installing Solr on two VM's running Centos and then make my third Solr node on my local
machine, i.e. Windows.  I can't think of why this could be an issue,  as long as everything
is setup with the right ZK hosts, etc.  Does anyone know of any potential issues doing this?

One last clarification.  

Per, " The definition wouldn't come from the running Solr, it would come from the *config*
that started the running Solr."

I am not sure what "definition" and *config* are referencing.  When I initially install Solr
it will not have a config set.  I haven't created a Collection yet.   The running Solr instance
upon initial install has no config yet.  But, I think I am not understanding what "definition"
and "*config*" mean.

Thanks in advance.


On 11/29/2017 11:44 AM, Steve Pruitt wrote:
> I want ZK to manage the config files.  The config set and the solr.xml file.  I wanted
to upload them explicitly.
> This is where my questions begin.
> I assume I upload the config files prior to starting Solr?

If you're storing solr.xml in ZK, then you need to upload that file before starting Solr. 
Note that you cannot have server-specific configurations in solr.xml if it is in zookeeper
-- the exact same solr.xml file will be used for all Solr instances connecting to that ZK

You can upload the collection configurations either before or after you start Solr, but they
definitely need to be there before you create collections that use them.

> Since I have Solr installed on locally, I can use the local scripts to upload the config
> Looking at the example command for uploading the solr.xml file.
>     bin/solr zk cp file:local/file/path/to/solr.xml zk:/solr.xml -z 
> localhost:2181
> It lists a single ZK host (example localhost). If uploading to a ZK ensemble, do I list
all three hosts as in my case?
> Or, do I send it to one ZK host and ZK makes it available to the other ZK hosts?

I would personally include the entire zkhost string listing all your servers and any chroot. 
But if you only list one (and the chroot if you're using one), then it will *probably* work
without any problems. The connection is only needed for a few moments with the commandline

> Looking at the example command for uploading the configuration files.
>     bin/solr zk upconfig -n <name for configset> -d <path to directory 
> with configset>
> I see no ZK hosts listed.  I assume this means Solr has been started in cloud mode and
already knows the ZK hosts?

The definition wouldn't come from the running Solr, it would come from the *config* that started
the running Solr.

It would take an exhaustive code review to be SURE about what I'm going to say here, but this
is how I *think* it works:  If the -z option is not provided, the bin/solr script is going
to expect ZK_HOST to be defined in the environment or the include script.  If you have
*installed* Solr (rather than just extracted the archive and started it), then the include
script is going to be in /etc/default and will typically be named, but the name
could be different if you changed the name of the service when you installed it.  If you
have just started Solr manually, then it will probably be bin/

If you have defined ZK_HOST in your include script, then you probably don't need the -z option
for the solr.xml copy command above either.

If what I've just said is correct, then I can be reasonably sure it's the case for 6.6.x and
7.x, but I do not know for sure with older versions.

> Per the solr.xml file.  When installing Solr, I can leave installed solr.xml file in
place?  ZK replaces it with the uploaded version?

As I understand it, if Solr finds solr.xml in zookeeper on startup, it is going to use that
file, and won't even look for a local copy.


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