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From Steve Pruitt <>
Subject Basic SolrCloud help
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 18:44:52 GMT
A couple of steps are still not clear to me.
Currently, I have my schema defined.  Plus, I have six VM's.
I have ZK running on three of the VM's.

Now I want to get a SolrCloud cluster running on other three.  I may use only two VM's and
use my local machine as the third node.
I want ZK to manage the config files.  The config set and the solr.xml file.  I wanted to
upload them explicitly.

This is where my questions begin.
I assume I upload the config files prior to starting Solr?

Since I have Solr installed on locally, I can use the local scripts to upload the config files?
Looking at the example command for uploading the solr.xml file.

    bin/solr zk cp file:local/file/path/to/solr.xml zk:/solr.xml -z localhost:2181
It lists a single ZK host (example localhost). If uploading to a ZK ensemble, do I list all
three hosts as in my case?
Or, do I send it to one ZK host and ZK makes it available to the other ZK hosts?

Looking at the example command for uploading the configuration files.

    bin/solr zk upconfig -n <name for configset> -d <path to directory with configset>
I see no ZK hosts listed.  I assume this means Solr has been started in cloud mode and already
knows the ZK hosts?

Per the solr.xml file.  When installing Solr, I can leave installed solr.xml file in place?
 ZK replaces it with the uploaded version?

Thanks in advance.

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