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From Phil Scadden <>
Subject RE: adding documents to a secured solr server.
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 04:04:11 GMT
For testing, I changed to HttpSolrClient and specifying the core on process and commit instead
of opening it as server/core. This time worked... sort of. Despite deleting the entire index
with deletebyquery and seeing that it was empty in the coreAdmin, I get :

possible analysis error: cannot change DocValues type from SORTED_SET to NUMERIC for field

I tried deleting the field in the admin interface and then adding it back in again in that
admin interface. But, no. Still comes up with that error. I know deleting the index files
on disk works but I don’t have access to the server. This is a frustrating problem.

-----Original Message-----
From: Shawn Heisey []
Sent: Thursday, 2 November 2017 3:55 p.m.
Subject: Re: adding documents to a secured solr server.

On 11/1/2017 8:13 PM, Phil Scadden wrote:
> 14:52:45,962 DEBUG ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient:177 - starting runner:
> org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient$Runner@6e
> eba4a
> 14:52:46,224  WARN ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient:343 - Failed to parse
> error response from due
> to: java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid version (expected 2, but 60)
> or the data in not in 'javabin' format


> Even more puzzling. Authentication is set. What is the invalid version bit?? I think
my solrj is 6.4.1; the server is 6.6.2. Do these have  to match exactly??

The only time I would be worried about different SolrJ and Solr versions is when using the
CloudSolrClient object.  For the other client types, you can usually have a VERY wide version
spread without problems.  For the cloud object, you *might* have problems with different versions,
or it might work fine.  If the SolrJ version is higher than the Solr version, the cloud client
tends to work.

I would always recommend that the client version be the same or higher than the server version...
but with non-cloud clients, it won't matter very much.  I would not expect problems with the
two versions you have, as long as you don't try to use the cloud client.

This error is different.  It's happening because SolrJ is expecting a Javabin response, but
it is getting an HTML error response instead, with the "require authentication" error.  This
logging message will happen anytime SolrJ gets an error response instead of a "real" response.
 What this error says is technically correct, but very confusing to novice users.

The specific numbers in the message are a result of the first character of the response. 
With javabin, the first character would be 0x02 to indicate the javabin version of 2, but
with HTML, the first character is the opening angle bracket, or character number 60 (0x3C).
 This is where those two numbers come from.

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