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From Emir Arnautović <>
Subject Re: docvalues set to true, and indexed is false and stored is set to false
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:13:59 GMT
Changing schema will not do anything by itself. After changes are applied (core reloaded if
not used API to update schema) it will use new schema to index new documents. What matters
is what you had in index before schema updates. So if you had defined Field_one as string
or you had it as number but never used that field, deleting it and letting dynamic field handle
from that moment should be fine. Similar goes with adding new field - if you are adding new
definition for Field_100 before you used it, it will be ok.

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> On 13 Feb 2018, at 11:03, mganeshs <> wrote:
> Hi,
> If I have set following in the schema
> <dynamicField name="Fields_*"  type="string"  indexed="false" 
> stored="false" docValues="true"/>
> What will be the impact of deleting a single field, "Fields_one" field or
> what's the impact of adding a new field "Fields_100" ?
> Will the whole document will re-indexed again, or only this field alone will
> be deleted and added correspondingly.
> Idea here is we are trying to avoid complete re-indexing of document ( as
> document would be very huge one and number of documents are also in huge,
> and we have a situation, where we may need to add one new dynamic field to
> all the documents or to remove a dynamic from all the documents ).
> Early responses are really appreciated !
> Regards,
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