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From Andy Jolly <>
Subject SolrCloud 7.2.1 - UnsupportedOperationException thrown after query on specific environments
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2018 21:26:01 GMT
We are receiving an UnsupportedOperationException after making certain
requests.  The requests themselves do not seem to be causing the issue as
when we run the job that makes these requests locally against the same
SolrCloud cluster where the errors are being thrown, there are no errors. 
These errors only occur when we run this job from our remote job server.  

In the log snippet are the last few requests made before the error is

This error started happening after we did an upgrade from solr 6.3.0 to Solr
7.2.1.  We believe the line causing the issue in Solr's is
/collectionsList.add(collectionName);/ in the getRemotCoreUrl method as
collectionsList is immutable (perhaps because it is set to
Collections.emptyList() in the resolveCollectionListOrAlias method).

We are not completely confident this is a bug in Solr, but are unsure what
could be causing this issue on our end.  Does anyone have any insights as to
what could cause this error?

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