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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Trying to Restore older indexes in Solr7.2.1
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2018 12:28:25 GMT
On 4/3/2018 3:22 AM, Mugdha Varadkar wrote:
>     is the collection using the compositeId router?
> Yes collection used of both the versions are using compositeId router, 
> PFA screenshot of the same.

If you attached a screenshot, it was lost.  The mailing list does not 
allow most attachments through.

>     You would need to look at the information in zookeeper for both
>     versions
> Any specific information I can check / look into: shall I check for 
> uploaded configs for the collection or any specific set of properties 
> in solrconfig.xml?

It's not in solrconfig.xml.  I think you'll find the hash ranges for 
your shards in the '/collections/NAME/state.json' file for the 
collection, in zookeeper.  I'm not 100% sure that this is the correct 
location, but I *think* it is.

> The difference between schema of solr-5.5.5 and schema that is there 
> for solr-7.2.1 is that, we are adding docValues on required fields to 
> improvise indexing of required fields.
> Hence before upgrading from solr-5.5.5, I took a backup of documents 
> using restore-api and then upgraded solr from 5.5.5 to 7.2.1 and tried 
> to restore the backed-up data by converting the documents to the newer 
> format using the index-upgrader tool.

IndexUpgrader is a Lucene tool.  The schema is a Solr invention.  
IndexUpgrader does not know anything about the schema.  It only knows 
about what's actually in the index.

If you try to use a different schema to access your index than the 
schema it was created with, you run the risk that you won't be able to 
access your data.  Most schema changes require rebuilding the index from 
scratch.  Adding docValues is a change that requires this.  Running 
indexUpgrader is *NOT* a reindex.

> And, issue I got after restoring the documents of older version was : 
> all the documents that were there in collection that was created for 
> solr-7.2.1 were not available at all.

Are you getting any errors when you query the index?  Look in solr.log.


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