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From THADC <>
Subject SolrQuery Highlight Problem - Not working for text
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2018 17:19:47 GMT
Hi, we recently upgraded from solr 4.7  to solr 7.3. One of the things we had
to change for this was the value of text_general type in schema.xml going
from "text" to "_text_". Most everywhere things are working fine, except
that highlight info is no showing up in our search results performing
searches against text_general type. Here is a sample query:

                                SolrQuery query = new
SolrQuery().setHighlight(true).setParam("hl.simple.pre", highlightPre)
.setParam("", highlightPost).setParam("hl.fl",
.setParam("hl.requireFieldMatch", "true").setParam("hl.snippets", 
"10").setParam("rows", rows)
.setParam("start", start);

The value of hl.fl we have for text_general searches is "_text_" but
highlighted values always return empty for this query in the query response
when calling solr server from CloudSolrClient client. Is there something I
have overlooked in the conversion from 4.7 to 7.3? The query results
themselves are good, its just the highlight details are missing. Maybe in
some solr configuration highlighting still is looking for "text"?

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks!

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