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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Error casting to PointField
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2018 09:59:25 GMT
On 9/11/2018 10:15 PM, Zahra Aminolroaya wrote:
> Thanks Erick. We used to use TrieLongField for our unique id and in the
> document it is said that all Trie* fieldtypes are casting to
> *pointfieldtypes. What would be the alternative solution?

I've never heard of Trie casting to Point.

Point is the recommended replacement for *similar* but not *identical* 
functionality to what Trie provides.

Point fields are excellent at range queries (as an example, field:[500 
TO 1000]) ... but they are terrible for single value lookups (such as 
id:75224575).  They do not work for the uniqueKey.  I suspect that the 
aspect that makes them terrible at single-value lookups is the same 
aspect that prevents their use as uniqueKey, but I'm not familiar enough 
with the low level details to be able to say for certain.

Trie is also excellent for range queries, but not as good as Point.  It 
is very fast at single-value lookups, and can be used as uniqueKey.

Using a string type (class solr.StrField) is one workaround for the 
uniqueKey problem.  It allows fast single-value lookups, but you lose 
the ability to do numeric range queries.  The string type sorts 
alphanumerically, not numerically.

You can keep using Trie for all 7.x versions, but that type will be gone 
in 8.0.  Hopefully by that release the limitations in Point types will 
be removed.  You'll probably have to reindex if that happens, especially 
if the problem is fixed by adding a new set of field types instead of 
altering the existing Point types.


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