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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Solr 7.4 and log4j2 JSONLayout
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2018 15:58:09 GMT
On 9/6/2018 7:46 AM, Michael Aleythe, Sternwald wrote:
> I'm trying to edit the log4j2 logging configuration for solr. The goal is to get a log
file in json format. I configured the the JSONLayout for this purpose inside the rollingFile
appender in the log4j2.xml. After this solr stops logging entirely. Solr.log file is empty.
Only the solr-8983-console.log file contains 10 lines. The line "2018-09-06 13:22:25.378:INFO:oejs.Server:main:
Started @2814ms" is the last one.
> My first guess was that the jackson-core and jackson-databind jars were missing, but
that did not fix the problem.

As Varun said, jackson is already included in Solr.  You won't need to 
add any jars for that.

> Does anyone know where to find error-messages or exceptions that point me towards whats
going wrong here?

Start Solr in the foreground, with the -f option.  This will cause Solr 
to log to the console.  When Solr is started in the background, it 
suppresses console logging.

I see that you have changed the logfile rollover size to 1MB.  If your 
Solr server sees much traffic, this is going to result in an extremely 
fast rollover, which may mean that you lose access to logged events VERY 
quickly.  This will especially be the case with JSON logging -- each 
event will take up a lot more space.


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