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From Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
Subject Re: weird error for accessing solr
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2018 18:45:28 GMT
Then you are either seeing different instances or your browser is
hard-caching the Admin pages. Trying shift-reload or anonymous mode to
get a full-refresh of HTML/Javascript. Or even a command line request.


On 18 September 2018 at 14:43, Gu, Steve (CDC/OD/OADS) (CTR)
<> wrote:
> No the solr was not restarted as SolrCloud.  We see solr from one computer and all cores
are available for query, but from another computer, it shows the admin page as solrcloud with
errors on the page.  All the links on the left nav  do not work either.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alexandre Rafalovitch <>
> Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 2:39 PM
> To: solr-user <>
> Subject: Re: weird error for accessing solr
> Sounds like your Solr was restarted as a SolrCloud, maybe by an automated script or an
init service?
> If you created a core in a standalone mode and then restart the same configuration in
a SolrCloud mode, it would know that you have those collections/cores, but will not be able
to find any configuration files (because it will expect them in ZooKeeper, not on disk). So,
that would explain the error.
> I would focus on the restart point, maybe check the logs (in
> server/logs) and see if there are hints there.
> Regards,
>    Alex.
> P.s. Unless you are able to see the SolrCloud from one computer and Solr from another
at the same time/back-and-forth. That would indicate some sort of proxy/routing and then I
would look at the Overview page system variables to confirm the directories/options. But that's
kind of a distant second possibility.
> On 18 September 2018 at 14:23, Gu, Steve (CDC/OD/OADS) (CTR) <> wrote:
>> I have set up my solr as a standalone service and the its url is http://solr.server:8983/solr.
 I opened 8983 on  solr.server to anyone, and solr can be accessed from laptops/desktops.
 But when I tried to access the solr from some servers, I got the error of SolrCore Initialization
Failures.  The left nav on the page is shown but indicates that the solr is set up as SolrCloud,
which is not.
>> I am really confused about this and have no idea how to tackle this problem.  Has
anyone ever had a similar issue?  Or any idea why this is happening?
>> Thanks
>> Steve

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