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From AshB <>
Subject Solr relevancy score different on replicated nodes
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2019 11:40:48 GMT
Version Solr 7.4.0 zookeeper 3.4.11 Achitecture Two boxes Machine-1,Machine-2
holding single instances of solr

We are having a collection which was single shard and single replica i.e s=1
and rf=1

Few days back we tried to add replica to it.But the score for same query is
coming different from different replicas.



whereas on another machine(replica)



The maxScore is different.

Relevancy gets affected due to sharding but replication was not expected as
same documents get copied to other node. score explaination gives issue with
docCount and docFreq uneven.

idf, computed as log(1 + (docCount - docFreq + 0.5) / (docFreq + 0.5)) from:
1.050635000 docCount :*10020.000000000* docFreq :*3504.0000000*

idf, computed as log(1 + (docCount - docFreq + 0.5) / (docFreq + 0.5)) from:

docCount :*10291.000000000* docFreq :*3534.0000000*

Is this expected?What could be wrong here?Please suggest

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