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From Ashish Bisht <>
Subject Re: Solr relevancy score different on replicated nodes
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2019 09:51:32 GMT
Hi Erick,

To test this scenario I added replica again and from few days have been
monitoring metrics like Num Docs, Max Doc, Deleted Docs from *Overview*
section of core.Checked *Segments Info* section too.Everything looks in


If in future they go out of sync,just wanted to confirm if this is a bug
although you mentioned as

*bq. Shouldn't both replica and leader come to same state 
after this much long period. 

No. After that long, the docs will be the same, all the docs 
present on one replica will be present and searchable on 
the other. However, they will be in different segments so the 
"stats skew" will remain. *

We need these score,so as a temporary solution if we monitor these metrics
for any issues and take action (either optimize or delete-add replica)
accordingly.Does it make sense?

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