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From Thomas Aglassinger <>
Subject Re: Inconsistent debugQuery score with multiplicative boost
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2019 17:25:51 GMT
On 04.01.19, 09:11, "Thomas Aglassinger" <> wrote:

>  When debugging a query using multiplicative boost based on the product() function I
noticed that the score computed in the explain section is correct while the score in the actual
result is wrong.
We digged into this further and seem to have found the culprit. 

The last working version is Solr 7.2.1. Using git bisect we found out that the issue got introduced
with LUCENE-8099 (a refactoring). There's two changes that break the scoring in different

    LUCENE-8099: Deprecate CustomScoreQuery, BoostedQuery, BoostingQuery
    LUCENE-8099: Replace BoostQParserPlugin.boostQuery() with FunctionScoreQuery.boostByValue()

Reverting parts of these changes to the previous version based on a deprecated class (which
LUCENE-8099 clean up) seems to fix the issue.

We created a Solr issue to document our current findings and changes:

It contains a patch for our experimental fix (which currently is in a rough state) and a test
case that can reproduce the issue starting with Solr 7.3 up to the current master.

A proper fix of course would not revert to deprecated classes again but fix whatever went
wrong during LUCENE-8099. 

Hopefully someone with a deeper understand of the mechanics behind can take a look into this.

Best regards, Thomas.

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