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From Tim <>
Subject Re: [CDCR]Unable to locate core
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:42:08 GMT
So it looks like I'm having an issue with this fix:

So I've messed around with this for a while and every time the leader to
leader replica portion works fine. But the Recovery portion (implemented as
part of the fix above) fails. 

I've run a few tests and every time the recovery portion kicks off, it sends
the recovery command to the node which has the leader for a given replica
instead of the follower. 
I've recreated the collection several times so that replicas are on
different nodes with the same results each time. It seems to be assumed that
the follower is on the same solr node as the leader. 
For example, if s3r10 (shard 3, replica 10) is the leader and is on node1,
while the follower s3r8 is on node2, then the core recovery command meant
for s3r8 is being sent to node1 instead of node2.

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