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From Matt Pearce <>
Subject Re: change in White Space when upgrading 6.6 to 7.4
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2019 10:11:21 GMT

sow defaulting to false changed between 6.x and 7.x, which is why the 
problem has appeared for you, and is solved by setting sow=true in your 

With sow=true, I would expect your query to be broken into three parts, 
and then tokenised:
With sow=false, the whole query will be tokenised in one go, so one of 
the query analysers on the fields being searched is behaving differently 
depending on the string passed.

Does the parsed query (in the debugQuery=true output) give any 
indication of the differences between the two versions? What analysis is 
done on the fields being queried?


On 01/02/2019 16:55, Oakley, Craig (NIH/NLM/NCBI) [C] wrote:
> We had a problem when upgrading from Solr 6.6 to Solr 7.4 in that a query ceased to work.
> The query was of the form http://localhost:8983/solr/collection/select?indent=on&q=ABC4856.21%20AND%20-field1:ABC4856.21&wt=json&rows=0
> Basically finding a count of those records where there is some field which has "ABC4856.21",
but where the field field1 does not have that string (in other words, where there is some
field other than field1 which has "ABC4856.21")
> For this particular collection, running the query against Solr 6.6 resulted in "response":{"numFound":0"
(which was correct), but running it against Solr 7.4 resulted in ""response":{"numFound":21322074"
> After some investigation, it seemed to be a problem with the initial "ABC4856.21" being
tokenized as "ABC4856" and "21"
> We found various work-arounds such as putting quotation marks around the string or adding
"*:" after the "q="; but the user wanted the exact same query to work in Solr 7.4 as it had
in Solr 6.6
> Eventually, we found a solution by adding "<str name="sow">true</str>" to
the Select handler in solrconfig.xml (for "Separate On Whitespace").
> This solution seems to be sufficient; but we would like to be sure we understand the
> Looking at it would
seem that the period should not split the string into two tokens.
> Could someone clarify how we can know which Tokenize is used when, and which definition
of White Space is used when?
> Thanks

Matt Pearce
Flax - Open Source Enterprise Search

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