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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Accessing Solr collections at different ports
Date Fri, 03 May 2019 15:27:08 GMT
On 5/2/2019 11:47 PM, Salmaan Rashid Syed wrote:
> I am using Solr 7.6 in cloud mode with external zookeeper installed at ports 2181, 2182,
2183. Currently we have only one server allocated for Solr. We are planning to move to multiple
servers for better sharing, replication etc in near future.
> Now the issue is that, our organisation has data indexed for different clients as separate
collections. We want to uniquely access, update and index each collection separately so that
each individual client has access to their respective collections at their respective ports.
Eg:— Collection1 at port 8983, Collection2 at port 8984, Collection3 at port 8985 etc.

This is not something you can do with a single instance of Solr.

> I have two options I guess, one is to run Solr in cloud mode with 4 nodes (max as limited
by Solr) at 4 different ports. I don’t know how to go beyond 4 nodes/ports in this case.

There are no limits to the number of nodes.  I know people are running 
SolrCloud clusters with hundreds of nodes.  And there might be some out 
there with thousands ... although if those exist, they're really pushing 
the limits.

> The other option is to run Solr as service and create multiple copies of Solr folder
within the Server folder and access each Solr at different port with its own collection as
shown by <>

If you have multiple Solr nodes in a single cluster, you can access any 
collection from any node.  This will probably present a security problem 
for you.  Even if the receiving node doesn't have any of the 
collection's data, SolrCloud will proxy the connection over to the nodes 
that DO have that data.

If you give each Solr node (instance) a different chroot on its zkHost 
string, then each one would be a completely separate cluster from all 
the others, and you can run them all in one zookeeper ensemble.  Each 
one would have zkHost strings that look something like this:,,,,,,,,

You'll need to find the section in the documentation that talks about 
creating a chroot in ZK.

I think that would give you what you're after.

It's probably easiest to set up each Solr instance in its own directory, 
not try to run multiple services out of one installation directory.  The 
entire extracted archive is less than 200MB ... tiny by modern standards.


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