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From Louis <>
Subject Three questions about huge tlog problem and CDCR
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2019 05:53:34 GMT
* Environment: Solr Cloud 7.7.0, 3 nodes / CDCR bidirectional / CDCR buffer

Hello All,

I have some problem with tlog. They are getting bigger and bigger...

They don't seem to be deleted at all even after hard commit, so now the
total size of tlog files is more than 21GB..

Actually I see multiple tlog folders like,

 2.5GB tlog/
 6.7GB tlog.20190815170021077/ 
 6.7GB tlog.20190316225613751/

Are they all necessary for recovery? what is the tlog.2019XXXX folders?

Based on my understanding, tlog files are for recovery when graceful
shutdown failed.. 

1) As long as I stop entire nodes gracefully, is it safe to delete tlog
files manually by using rm -rf ./tlogs?

2) I think that the reason why tlog files are not deleted is because of CDCR
not working properly.. So tlogs just stay forever until being synchronized..
And synchronization never happened and tlogs keep increasing.. Does my
theory make sense? 

3) Actually, we set up our replicator element's schdule to 1 hour and
updatelogsynchronizer element to 1 hour as well. Could this be the reason
for why CDCR is not working because of the interval is too long?

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