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From Nehemia Litterat <>
Subject MoreLikeThis does not work
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2019 12:40:20 GMT
Any help will be appreciated

Using solr 8.2

I created a core using

./solr create -c

imported example docs using

* curl 'http://localhost:32576/solr/playground/update?commit=true
<http://localhost:32576/solr/playground/update?commit=true>' --data-binary
@/home/vagrant/books.csv -H 'Content-type:application/csv'*

the data is the sample data coming with solr

I did not change anything else in the configuration

trying to add *mlt=true&mlt.fl=name* to my query did not yield any result


I always get

"moreLikeThis":{ "0553573403":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[] }}

in the end of my results

this is the full result

"responseHeader":{ "status":0, "QTime":3, "params":{ "q":"*:*", "mlt":"true",
"mlt.fl":"name", "_":"1577018250160"}}, "response":{"numFound":10,"start":0
,"docs":[ { "id":"0553573403", "cat":["book"], "name":["A Game of Thrones"],
"price":[7.99], "inStock":[true], "author":["George R.R. Martin"], "series_t
":"A Song of Ice and Fire", "sequence_i":1, "genre_s":"fantasy", "_version_
":1653437692236529664}, { "id":"0553579908", "cat":["book"], "name":["A
Clash of Kings"], "price":[7.99], "inStock":[true], "author":["George R.R.
Martin"], "series_t":"A Song of Ice and Fire", "sequence_i":2, "genre_s":
"fantasy", "_version_":1653437692242821120}, { "id":"055357342X", "cat":[
"book"], "name":["A Storm of Swords"], "price":[7.99], "inStock":[true], "
author":["George R.R. Martin"], "series_t":"A Song of Ice and Fire", "
sequence_i":3, "genre_s":"fantasy", "_version_":1653437692243869696}, { "id
":"0553293354", "cat":["book"], "name":["Foundation"], "price":[7.99], "
inStock":[true], "author":["Isaac Asimov"], "series_t":"Foundation Novels",
"sequence_i":1, "genre_s":"scifi", "_version_":1653437692244918272}, { "id":
"0812521390", "cat":["book"], "name":["The Black Company"], "price":[6.99],
"inStock":[false], "author":["Glen Cook"], "series_t":"The Chronicles of
The Black Company", "sequence_i":1, "genre_s":"fantasy", "_version_":
1653437692244918273}, { "id":"0812550706", "cat":["book"], "name":["Ender's
Game"], "price":[6.99], "inStock":[true], "author":["Orson Scott Card"], "
series_t":"Ender", "sequence_i":1, "genre_s":"scifi", "_version_":
1653437692245966848}, { "id":"0441385532", "cat":["book"], "name":["Jhereg"],
"price":[7.95], "inStock":[false], "author":["Steven Brust"], "series_t":"Vlad
Taltos", "sequence_i":1, "genre_s":"fantasy", "_version_":
1653437692245966849}, { "id":"0380014300", "cat":["book"], "name":["Nine
Princes In Amber"], "price":[6.99], "inStock":[true], "author":["Roger
Zelazny"], "series_t":"the Chronicles of Amber", "sequence_i":1, "genre_s":
"fantasy", "_version_":1653437692247015424}, { "id":"0805080481", "cat":[
"book"], "name":["The Book of Three"], "price":[5.99], "inStock":[true], "
author":["Lloyd Alexander"], "series_t":"The Chronicles of Prydain", "
sequence_i":1, "genre_s":"fantasy", "_version_":1653437692248064000}, { "id
":"080508049X", "cat":["book"], "name":["The Black Cauldron"], "price":[5.99
], "inStock":[true], "author":["Lloyd Alexander"], "series_t":"The
Chronicles of Prydain", "sequence_i":2, "genre_s":"fantasy", "_version_":
1653437692248064001}] }, "moreLikeThis":{ "0553573403":{"numFound":0,"start
":0,"docs":[] }, "0553579908":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "
055357342X":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "0553293354":{"numFound":0
,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "0812521390":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "
0812550706":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "0441385532":{"numFound":0
,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "0380014300":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "
0805080481":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[] }, "080508049X":{"numFound":0
,"start":0,"docs":[] }}}

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