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From Jason Gerlowski <>
Subject Re: Move SOLR from cloudera HDFS to SOLR on Docker
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2019 13:13:18 GMT
Hi Wael,

Getting configs and data out of Cloudera's HDP is about the same as
moving data between any 2 Solr clusters.

Moving configs is going to be the easy part.

If you're currently using Solr in SolrCloud mode, then your configs
all live in ZooKeeper.  Recent versions of Solr have a utility for
downloading and uploading collection configs from ZooKeeper: run
"bin/solr zk" for more details.  Without checking, I'm not sure
whether this tool is available as far back as 4.10.3.  But the way
that the tool works, I believe the current version would work against
an older SolrCloud install, so you can download a more recent version
and use the tool to extract and reupload your configs where you need

If you're _not_ using SolrCloud, your collection configs will be on
disk, and moving them between installs is as simple as moving them on

Much more complicated is getting your index data into your new
install.  If you stay on the same Solr version, you should be able to
re-use your existing index files.  That said, recent releases have
seen Solr make strides in becoming cloud/docker aware, or at least
tolerant.  8.3.1 or 7.7.2 will likely be easier to manage on docker
than 4.10.3.  Additionally, 4.10.3 no longer receives any security
backports from the community, and hasn't for some time.  It's worth
considering whether that offers enough benefits to be worth the pain
of reindexing.



On Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 9:26 AM Wael Kader <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to move data from my SOLR setup on Cloudera Hadoop to a docker SOLR
> container.
> I don't need to run all the hadoop services in my setup as I am only
> currently using SOLR from the cloudera HDP.
> My concern now is to know what's the best way to move the data and schema
> to Docker container.
> I don't mind moving data to an older version of SOLR Container to match the
> 4.10.3 SOLR Version I have on Cloudera.
> Much help is appreciated.
> --
> Regards,
> Wael

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