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Subject [Lucene.Net] svn commit: r787247 - /websites/staging/
Date Sat, 19 Mar 2011 23:15:38 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Sat Mar 19 23:15:38 2011
New Revision: 787247

Staging update by buildbot


Modified: websites/staging/
--- websites/staging/ (original)
+++ websites/staging/ Sat Mar 19 23:15:38
@@ -50,18 +50,158 @@
 		<div class="two-column clearfix">
 			<div class="column" style="width:600px;">
-				 <p>Latest Release - Lucene.Net 2.9.2</p>
-<p>These are official releases that are stable and should be relatively free of bugs:
-    Binary
-    Source</p>
-<p>Cutting Edge
-This is the latest and greatest, we do our best to keep it stable, but occasionally 
-it won't build correctly. Newer features will likely not work as intended, 
-and even older features might be broken temporarily</p>
-2.9.1 Source Binary
-2.9.0 Source Binary
-2.4.0 Source Binary</p> 
+				 <h1 id="lucenenet-roadmap">Lucene.Net Roadmap</h1>
+<p>There will be at least four main areas of work to address in the
+upcoming months:</p>
+<li>Project Maintenance</li>
+<li>Catching up with the backlog</li>
+<li>Working on a new porting system</li>
+<li>The Future: New API and Lucene 3.X</li>
+<p>We will be working on these areas simultaneously.</p>
+<h2 id="project-maintenance">Project Maintenance</h2>
+<p>This includes the various aspects of transition from Lucene
+subproject to Incubator Podling, as well as updating the website
+and documenation.</p>
+<li>Website and branding Update (02/28/2011)</li>
+<li>LUCENENET-379 - Clean up Lucene.Net website<ul>
+<li>NOTE: Should probably be split into a few separate issues:</li>
+<li>Update website to be Apache CMS based</li>
+<li>Update website to reflect current status and information</li>
+<li>New site layout</li>
+<li>New logo design</li>
+<p>Documentation Update (03/28/2011)</p>
+<li>LUCENENET-382 - Create a wiki page for Lucene.Net<ul>
+<li>NOTE: This should probably have more detailed tasks defined
+  and separately assigned / managed. This should focus on 2.9.2
+  level code, examples, etc, plus FAQ, Design, and other
+  similar documentation.</li>
+<h2 id="catching-up-with-the-backlog">Catching up with the Backlog</h2>
+<p>This includes finalizing the 2.9.2 release, updating that to
+Lucene 2.9.4 compatibility and applying outstanding patches and
+bug fixes. This will put is slightly out of sync with Java Lucene
+because we'll have additional patches applied that the Java Lucene
+project does not have for our 2.9.4 release.</p>
+<li>Lucene.Net 2.9.2 Binary release (02/28/2011)</li>
+<li>LUCENENET-381 - Official release of Lucene.Net 2.9.2<ul>
+<li>Build from existing tag, no new changes</li>
+<p>Lucene.Net 2.9.4 Source/Binary release (03/28/2011)</p>
+<p><em>EASY STUFF</em>
+  - LUCENENET-389 - Signing the released assembly
+  - LUCENENET-377 - Upgrade solution to VS2010
+  - LUCENENET-361 - Workaround for a Mono C# compiler issue
+  - LUCENENET-266 - Putting support classes in separate files and
+    in a separate directory
+  - LUCENENET-337 - TokenAttribute for Selectively Including Tokens
+    in Length Norm
+  - LUCENENET-330 - Search.Regex minimal port
+  - LUCENENET-371 - Unit test for Search.Regex port
+  - LUCENENET-374 - IndexReader.IsCurrent returning false
+    positive in some cases
+  - LUCENENET-179 - SnowballFilter speed improvment</p>
+<p><em>HARDER STUFF</em>
+  - LUCENENET-??? Rollup changes from Lucene 2.9.3/2.9.4 releases
+  - LUCENENET-372 - NLS pack for Lucene.NET: BR, CJK, CN, CZ, DE,
+    FR, NL, RU analyzers
+    * NOTE: For v1.4 This code could be a starting point for a
+      2.9.2 compatible version
+  - LUCENENET-391 - Luke.Net for Lucene.Net
+    * NOTE: For v1.4 This code could be a starting point for a
+      2.9.2 compatible version
+  - LUCENENET-172 - This patch fixes the unexceptional exceptions
+    ecountered in FastCharStream and SupportClass
+    * NOTE: Evaluate concerns expressed by George A. for this patch
+  - LUCENENET-167 - Compact Framework &amp; Silverlight Support
+    * NOTE: Evaluate required steps and impact this will have on
+      source code. Perhaps create a branch for CF/SilverLight.
+  - LUCENENET-378 - Objects with a Close method should support
+    IDisposable
+    * NOTE: Significant diversion from Java, involves a lot of
+    code-touch. Maybe take some ideas from and/or incorporate
+    changes from various CodeProject forks?</p>
+<h2 id="working-on-a-new-porting-system">Working on a New Porting System</h2>
+<p>We've discussed that we'd like to fully automate this process and
+so far, the most obvious tool to use is Sharpen. This may involve
+forking Sharpen (or contributing back to that project if
+appropriate). We also discussed we'd like a to set up a CI server
+for this work (and other things).</p>
+<li>Evaluate tooling (02/28/2011)</li>
+<li>LUCENENET-380 - Evaluate Sharpen as a port tool<ul>
+<li>NOTE: We should conclusively complete the evaluation and if
+we're ok with Sharpen, close this issue and move on to building
+a production version of the Sharpen code.</li>
+<p>LUCENENET-??? - Evalute CI systems and build a proposal for
+    CI server setup</p>
+<p>Create Production System, 2.9.2 compatible (03/28/2011)</p>
+<li>LUCENENET-??? - Create production version of automated port
+    scripts for 2.9.2 build<ul>
+<li>NOTE: This will allow us to focus on the conversion process,
+  not the Lucene.Net code changes. This will be considered
+  complete when we are able to create a functionally equivalent
+  2.9.2 port using Sharpen. This can be measured using existing
+  unit tests, or by adding new ones as needed to cover
+  additional test cases.</li>
+<p>LUCENENET-??? - Create production CI system and integrate
+    2.9.2 automated port tasks</p>
+<p>Create Production System, 2.9.4 compatible (04/25/2011)</p>
+<li>LUCENENET-??? - Production porting code for 2.9.4<ul>
+<li>NOTE: This will be a good exercise to determine how easy
+  maintaining the porting code is across version changes.</li>
+<li>LUCENENET-??? - CI server: Integrate Sharpen 2.9.4 task</li>
+<h2 id="the-future-new-api-and-lucene-3x">The Future: New API and Lucene 3.X</h2>
+<p>We need to move out of the current 2.X world. This means a number
+of things, including Lucene 3.X compatibility, a new idiomatic .NET
+API, and incorporating changes and ideas presented in the various
+forks of Lucene.Net.</p>
+<li>Discuss and Design (03/28/2011)</li>
+<p>LUCENENET-??? - Community discussion on how to proceed past
+    2.X and to create a plan for implementation</p>
+<p>Implement next generation of Lucene.Net code (05/30/2011)</p>
+<li>LUCENENET-??? - Implement next gen code<ul>
+<li>NOTE: Since design is still TBD, we can't say for sure what
+  we'll be doing here, but whatever it is, we should have a
+  release done by June.</li>
 			<div class="column last" style="width:300px">

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