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Subject [lucenenet] branch sisve-debugging-build created (now e34ff2a)
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2019 21:01:30 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

sisve pushed a change to branch sisve-debugging-build
in repository

      at e34ff2a  Debugging; what dotnet.exe did we find?

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new f3c48e9  Added initial directories for
     new ff4072b  Lucene.NET project.
     new b92ed87  Lucene.NET project.
     new 14928df  Lucene.Net project.
     new 7ea1415  Lucene.Net project.
     new b484534  Lucene.Net project.
     new cc6c66b  Lucene.Net project.
     new 1d5cf1b  Lucene.Net project.
     new 170190c  Lucene.Net project.
     new b24f92f  Lucene.Net project.
     new a56eb47  Lucene.Net project.
     new ab16808  Lucene.Net project.
     new 27b91f6  Lucene.Net project.
     new 872f435  Lucene.Net project.
     new dcdb80b  Lucene.Net project.
     new 537b650  Lucene.Net project.
     new db16049  Lucene.Net Snowball.Net project.
     new f684e38  Lucene.Net Snowball.Net project.
     new 89d75c5  VS.Net settings clean-up.
     new dfc73ee  VS.Net settings clean-up.
     new 4fd38dc  VS.Net settings clean-up.
     new 7081300  Test
     new 1172a15  Test
     new af3181a  First release of Lucene.Net 1.9 Build 003 on SVN
     new 25f9b9b  Lucene.Net 1.9 Build 004
     new c2b3607  Lucene.Net 1.9 Build 005
     new 6758051  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new a5c2a82  Lucene.Net 1.9 Build 005
     new 494bca9  Lucene.Net 1.9 Build 005
     new 4f16f72  Lucene.Net 1.9 Build 005
     new af6a303  1) Changed obtain() to Obtain() 2) Don't call SetData(null) on the thread.
     new 28f4d47  Replaced "[TestFixtureSetUp]" to "[SetUp]" and "[FixtureTearDown]" to "[TearDown]"
     new 41d3ee0  Was returning the wrong data member
     new c1db859  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 7559e1c  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new c6d655f  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 3ab010e  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 68f3d95  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 757349e  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 143a27f  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new e79c292  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 62508bc  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new b649f69  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new f0912e7  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 80d628a  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new ec948a5  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new b45bfd4  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new dca94ff  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 0743826  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 93bf190  Lucene.Net 1.9.1 build 001
     new 21ab7ce  Lucene.Net 1.9.1 build 001
     new ecf3d90  Lucene.Net 1.9.1 build 001
     new ed4ea0b  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 5f58d53  Lucene.Net 1.9.1 build 001
     new 3d7c6ac  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 8dbb6b3  Lucene.Net 2.0 "Alpha"
     new 4bda81c  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 57b70b5  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 51a2bc7  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new e056adf  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new c3113ea  Ticks in Java is based on "1970, 1, 1"; the C# ticks must be adjusted to match.
     new 682bef7  Must move elements in Hashtable to ArrayList before passing the collection to the Idf() function.
     new b8ff75c  Before adding a new element to the Hastable, check that it doesn't already exists.
     new cd78168  We don't need Clone().
     new 2d087be  Don't need Clone().
     new 73d710e  Unlike Java ArrayList.GetHashCode() won't do.  In C#, we must iterate over elements in the array to sum-up the hash-code.
     new f7a4276  Initial creation of the DistributedSearch sub-project under /contrib
     new 566150e  Initial creation of Lucene.Net.Distributed library
     new d3137b0  Initial creation of LuceneMonitor service application
     new 315d56b  Fixed memory leak.  Was caused due to unused finalizer in SegmentReader and TermInfosReader.
     new 6899900  Lucene.Net.Index.Compression.SharpZipLibAdapter -- provide full name-space to ICompressionAdapter Lucene.Net.Store.FSDirectory.RenameFile() -- added a missing while loop Lucene.Net.Store.MultiSearcher.CreateWeight() -- wasn't iterating over the term keys correctly Lucene.Net.Search.Query.Combine() -- wasn't checking for the right key before adding
     new 1aa6d69  Changed function name from Ldf to Idf
     new faed2ac  Do not cast to System.Object
     new 13b32c1  Release of Lucene.Net.2.0 build 002 "Beta"
     new c96070a  Highlighter.Net 2.0.0 project.  Port from Java to C#
     new 143cbd6  Release of Lucene.Net.2.0 build 003 "Final".
     new 33552a2  Deleted no longer used NUnit files.
     new a22649b  Release of Highlighter.Net.2.0 build 001 "final".
     new 7103190  Release of Snowball.Net-2.0.0 build 1 final.
     new 1933bef  Release of Snowball.Net-2.0.0 build 1 final.
     new d6c8901  SpellChecker.Net 2.0.0 build 1 release.
     new 92e5556  Fixed spelling.
     new 5b5b2da  WordNet.Net 2.0.0 build 001 release
     new bd4e74f  Added "DistributedSearch" to the list.
     new 29b9eec  Updated correct legal files.
     new 2342932  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 46e5454  Updated correct legal files.
     new 65f5d53  Updated correct legal files.
     new 3457334  Updated correct legal files.
     new 534e684  Added disclaimer file.
     new 8d867b6  Some text clean-up in preparation for release after PMC review.
     new 2194ff8  Updated license header files to new license header.
     new 822f877  AssemblyInfo.cs clean-up
     new 903d21e  Fixed Sleep() value.
     new 9e83ab7  Fixed a number of JIRA issues: LUCENENET-36, LUCENENET-35, LUCENENET-33, LUCENENET-32, LUCENENET-31, and LUCENENET-30.
     new 2a10861  Avoid boxing/un-boxing variable when storing in a map.
     new 2c76b38  Release of Apache Lucene.Net.2.0 build 004 "final".
     new d4619ec  Added Similarity.Net
     new 151aa32  Fixed typo
     new 2e8e14c  Fixed LUCENENET-37 "Exception while search in Lucene.Net and Index prepared by Lucene Java"
     new 888d4c9  Fixed LUCENENET-37 "Exception while search in Lucene.Net and Index prepared by Lucene Java"
     new bac6449  Apache Lucene.Net 2.1 build 001 "early-Alpha" release.
     new 2528b18  Fixed Lucene.Net.Index.SegmentInfos.Clone().  This was breaking optimization.
     new 8fc814a  Beta release of Lucene.Net 2.1 build 2.  Change set includes: - Release:  Apache Lucene.Net.2.1 build 002 "Beta" - Port: Ported the "Test" code from Java to C# - Fix: LUCENENET-47: "Make up for Constansts.cs" - Fix: LUCENENET-48 "Clone method of SegmentInfos.cs does'nt copy local fields/variables." - Fix: LUCENENET-50 "Improvement for FSDirectory." - Fix: LUCENENET-52 "IndexFileDeleter in svn trunk" - Fix: LUCENENET-53 "SegmentsInfos.GetCurrentSegmentGeneration works inc [...]
     new ecc1bca  Some test methods had the wrong signature so they weren't running.
     new 0286527  Removed "t" from the list of stop-words.
     new fc8e064  Fix: LUCENENET-55: "Documents.DateTools has issue creating a Date in StringToDate()"
     new b5c662d  Fix: LUCENENET-56 Incorrect file in TestLockFactory.RmDir()
     new 09b4497  Fix: LUCENENET-57 "DocHelper in Tests not creating UTF8 Cleanly"
     new 64c27cb  Fix: LUCENENET-58 "Issue in CheckHits c# doesn't perform an Assert against a hashtable"
     new 8666b97  Fix: LUCENENET-61 "Issue testing Backwards Compatibility"
     new ed83d02  Re-Fix: LUCENENET-61 Issue testing Backwards Compatibility
     new 36c6a05  Fix: LUCENENET-64 "TestDateFilter incorrectly gets total milliseconds"
     new ab453e9  Fix: LUCENENET-65 "Test case "TestSerializable" uses the stream after closing"
     new caaefd7  Fix: LUCENENET-66 "TestMergeAfterCopy fails in IndexFileDeleter"
     new 33aefed  Fix: LUCENENET-67 "Bug in TestIndexWriter.TestAddIndexOnDiskFull"
     new 6d637e1  Fix: LUCENENET-68 "Bug in TestIndexWriterDelete.TestOperationsOnDiskFull"
     new 24788a2  Fix: LUCENENET-69 "FSIndexInput.isFDValid() not ported correctly"
     new a71998b  Fix: LUCENENET-70 "TestParallelReader.TestDocument fails because of bug in "ParallelReader.Document(int n, FieldSelector fieldSelector)" method"
     new b1deede  Fix: LUCENENET-71 "TestParallelTermEnum.Test1 fails because of bug in "ParallelReader.Next" method"
     new fa8e5c5  Fix: LUCENENET-72 "TestIndexReader bugs"
     new df7e1f5  Fix: LUCENENET-73 "TestDoc.cs --> access to a closed stream"
     new bca7a1b  Fix: LUCENENET-74 "SimpleFSLockFactory can not obtain lock correctly."
     new 3154971  Fix: LUCENENET-75 "FSDirectory does not correctly handle directory cache "DIRECTORIES""
     new 085a6a9  Fix: LUCENENET-76 "DisjunctionMaxQuery has unnecessary clone which causes it to fail unit tests"
     new 9b1fb3c  Fix: LUCENENET-77 "Bug in TestBinaryDocument.cs"
     new 4fba373  Fix: LUCENENET-81 "TestTermVectorsWriter.cs bug"
     new da258e4  Fix: LUCENENET-62 "IndexReader.IndexExists() Fails if directory doesn't exists."
     new dcf9629  Fix: LUCENENET-82 "NUnite test for TestSimpleExplanations"
     new 80c757d  Fix: LUCENENET-83 "NUnite test for TestComplexExplanations"
     new df35285  Fix: LUCENENET-84 "Nunit test for TestMultiFieldQueryParser"
     new bacd494  Fix: LUCENENET-63 "FieldCacheImpl tries to parse a float in f format"
     new 25646b3  Fix: LUCENENET-59 "QueryUtils has some invalid Asserts"
     new 32a707b  Fix: LUCENENET-85 "SupportClass.Parse and System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator"
     new 5601eed  Removed JLCA leftover UPGRADE_* comments
     new b571122  Fixed TestNativeFSLockFactory() test case
     new 10dd7e8  Fix: LUCENENET-87 "NUnite test for TestQueryParser"
     new 222811c  Fix: LUCENENET-88 "NUnit test for TestQueryParser -2"
     new 2c8f09c  Fix: LUCENENET-89 "NUnit test for TestQueryParser -3"
     new 7bf2fe8  Re-Fix: LUCENENET-88 "NUnit test for TestQueryParser -2"
     new 0206796  Removed 3 depreciated source files: DocTest.cs, MockInputStream.cs and TermInfosTest.cs
     new 329faf7  Fix: LUCENENET-86 "Nunit test for TestSort."
     new 34e62e5  Fix: LUCENENET-90 "Nunit test for TestIndexModifier.TestIndex"
     new 879c735  Fix: LUCENENET-91 "NUnit test for TestQueryParser.TestStarParsing"
     new 9bf8e54  Fix: LUCENENET-92 "NUnite test for QueryParser.TestMultiAnalyzer."
     new c9f7ad5  Re-fix: LUCENENET-92 "NUnite test for QueryParser.TestMultiAnalyzer."
     new 657fe51  Fix: LUCENENET-93 "NUnite test for Search.TestRemoteSearchable"
     new 7b836b9  Fix: LUCENENET-94 "NUnit test for Search.TestSort (RemoteSearchable issues)" (only TestSort.patch applied)
     new 17823aa  Renamed remove() to Remove()
     new 96bae28  1) Renamed testMultiAnalyzerWithSubclassOfQueryParser() to TestMultiAnalyzerWithSubclassOfQueryParser() 2) Removed left over debug code (didn't exist in the Java version)
     new 091bdab  Fix: LUCENENET-96 "NUnit test for Lucene.Net.Store.TestLockFactory.TestLockClassProperty"
     new 81f7112  Fix: LUCENENET-101 "Using incorrect base when opening index"
     new 2cd2c57  Fix: LUCENENET-100 "Problem with remoting of IComparable[] in FieldDoc.cs"
     new 34faab2  Use "StringComparison.Ordina" for String.StartsWith() (on .NET 2.0) to match prefix based on culture setting.
     new ab856b7  Fix: LUCENENET-104 "Name of first index segment is empty string"
     new ee86458  Release:  Apache Lucene.Net.2.1 build 003 "Release Candidate"
     new a2b59d9  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 915b5b1  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 0a82a8c  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new d7e1e78  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 47cebf9  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 31ae3e6  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new e58e959  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 92ec6a1  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new a862a6f  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 4444d5f  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 6b39cf2  Release: Apache Lucene.Net.2.3.1 build 001 "Alpha"
     new f52c59c  Lucene.Net 2.3.1 build 002 "beta" release 1) Port of Test code 2) Some fixes to Lucene.Net core code
     new c76cd18  MultiReader.GetSubReaders() must be public
     new 7acd2a3  LUCENENET-122: Bug in function "SupportClass.Number.ToString(long number)"
     new 252b829  LUCENENET-117: Bug in Lucene.Net.Index.DocumentsWriter.AppendPostings when compiled in release-mode
     new 842309b  LUCENENET-121: StopFilter  tries to access the i'th item of a hashtable as item[i] where i is not a key.
     new ebcb019  LUCENENET-116: Ambiguous name "text" in term class when in VB.NET
     new a88ea4f  LUCENENET-126 "Nunit test: Index/TestConcurrentMergeScheduler/TestFlushExceptions"
     new 8fedd35  Fix: LUCENENET-106 Lucene.NET (Revision: 603121) is leaking memory
     new 506f8a7  LUCENENET-129 "Test case TestDateSort.TestReverseDateSort fails"
     new 90a98ed  LUCENENET-130 "bug in unit test helper class Lucene.Net.Search.CheckHits"
     new f1e5cb6  LUCENENET-131 "bugs in TestIndexWriter test cases"
     new 8626aa6  LUCENENET-132 "bug in DocumentsWriter.BalanceRAM()"
     new 1558ef5  LUCENENET-133 "bug in IndexWriter.RegisterMerge()"
     new 3bf9102  LUCENENET-138 "IndexReader.IndexExists() always returns false"
     new 059ec4f  LUCENENET-134 "broken test cases in unit test class TestIndexWriterDelete.cs"
     new 03b6912  Removed depreciated files.
     new eec467d  Removed depreciated files.
     new 7cbbfbf  LUCENENET-128: 2 bugs in BooleanScorer2
     new 2ca03b5  LUCENENET-139 "Bugs in test codes (remote searching) stemming from opening the same port twice or registering an already registered http channel"
     new 5035d11  LUCENENET-140 "System.Single.Parse --> SupportClass.Single.Parse"
     new cec04df  Removed wrongly placed [Test] from: private void  TestOperationsOnDiskFull(bool updates)
     new 409095c  Made the class non abstract and added a dummy test so NUnit doesn't complain.
     new b6b1daf  Made the class non abstract and added a dummy test so NUnit doesn't complain.
     new 4a015c8  LUCENENET-141: compile errors due to removed method
     new d26a867  Test
     new 5142077  LUCENENET-135 Race condition in DocumentsWriter.UpdateDocument
     new 92a5e35  DocumentsWriter.patch in LUCENENET-145 (Bug in documentswriter.cs). Includes also LUCENENET-142 (NUnit test for Index/TestIndexWriter/TestDiverseDoc).
     new c8f427e  FieldsReader.patch of LUCENENET-143 (NUnit test for Index/TestStressIndexing2)
     new 5750aee  LUCENENET-146 (BUG in segmenttermpositionvector.cs (similar to LUCENENET-145))
     new 8c30a7c  LUCENENET-151 (Bug in Lucene.Net.Search.MultiPhraseQuery.ExtractTerms(System.Collections.Hashtable terms))
     new 05ad9ee  LUCENENET-152 (Nunit test for TestStressIndexAndSearching & TestStressLocks)
     new ca76f9d  LUCENENET-154 (Lucene.Net.Index.TestIndexWriterLockRelease: Unit test fails in tear down if directory does not exist)
     new 71e2656  LUCENENET-155 (SetUp bug in 3 unit tests)
     new 9ab0824  LUCENENET-157 (SegmentMerger.AddIndexed expects *Reader.GetFieldNames to return a 1-dimensional ICollection)
     new cb9f4f0  LUCENENET-158 (TestSpanNearOrdered02 - TestSpanNearOrdered05 fail)
     new ca8a602  LUCENENET-159 (Lucene.Net.Search.Spans.SpanOrQuery)
     new f35bed5  TestStressIndexing2.patch of LUCENENET-143 (NUnit test for Index/TestStressIndexing2)
     new a9cb4f6  Version increment:
     new 8f24536  LUCENENET-163 (Platform dependent path handling)
     new cb5bc5e  LUCENENET-160 (A small performance improvement in ExtendedFieldCacheImpl)
     new 63268a0  LUCENENET-150 (DocumentsWriter.ReusableStringReader does not implement some methods of StringReader)
     new 79dd72f  LUCENENET-106 (Lucene.NET is leaking memory)
     new b454497  LUCENENET-106 (Lucene.NET is leaking memory)
     new a12f65e  Port of Highlighter.Net from 2.0 to 2.3.2
     new 9d36847  Moved the new class "WeakHashTable" from the namespace "Lucene.Net.Util" to "SupportClass".
     new 6d10b86  LUCENENET-106 SupportClass.patch in
     new b264536  ROLLBACK. Since some tests fail. :-(
     new 9d3c674  LUCENENET-170 (BooleanClause serialization fails owing to issues with serializing Occur object)
     new ef2ba4e  LUCENENET-106 SupportClass.patch in
     new b8609e7  LUCENENET-106 TestWeakHashTable.cs in + fixes for Test_Weak_2 and Test_Work_ForEach:
     new aa55e85  TestWeakHashTable.cs added to project file Test.csproj
     new 939a432  LUCENENET-174 RAMDirectory Not Correctly Serializing
     new 8838e5c  Unused "SegmentReade-2r.cs" removed
     new 389011d  LUCENENET-168 Sporadic failures in TestRemoteSearchable.cs
     new 59f8fb1  AssemblyInfo files
     new 8fe4628  HISTORY.txt
     new 3a1f66f  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new f1772b1  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 96a92e3  LUCENENET-164 upgrade from version 2.3.1. to 2.3.2 (Lucene.Net Core)
     new d49bff1  LUCENENET-164 upgrade from version 2.3.1. to 2.3.2 (Lucene.Net Test + a small TestIndexModifier patch)
     new 6bd03ac  Test/AssemblyInfo.cs 2.3.1 --> 2.3.2
     new 45f30ca  Lucene.Net/AssemblyInfo.cs 2.3.1 --> 2.3.2
     new 1414c21  2.3.1 project files removed
     new 7889d3b  LUCENENET-175 Add FIPS compliance to lucene.Net
     new 852b3aa  LUCENENET-175 Add FIPS compliance to
     new 54811f4  LUCENENET-182 - Public fields of StringIndex class should have C# like names
     new c138be2  LUCENENET-183 SegmentTermVector IndexOf method always fails
     new 2dd032e  LUCENENET-169 Changes to make Lucene.NET compatible with ASP.NET Medium Trust Level, in hosting environments (like GoDaddy...)
     new 9c868b0  LUCENENET-169 Changes to make Lucene.NET compatible with ASP.NET Medium Trust Level, in hosting environments (like GoDaddy...) "Allow unsafe code" unchecked.
     new f3e14cd  LUCENENET-156 Contrib -> getBestTextFraments error
     new 02b806d  Undo of previous Highlighter.cs patch
     new 07164da  LUCENENET-184 Port of to C# - analyser, stemfilter and stemmer
     new b7f99ec  LUCENENET-184 Unintentionally-added Analyzers.rar removed
     new fe235e5  Initial Lucene 2.4.0 conversion
     new 03d4c6c  Implemented Java version of CRC32 in SupportClass, tested in new test and updated CheckSumIndexInput/Output
     new a16d946  Adding Lucene.Net.Search.TimeLimitedCollector.cs and Lucene.Net.Search.TestTimeLimitedCollector.cs
     new a36af1f  LUCENENET-182 patch for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 8cc56c6  LUCENENET-106 WeakhashTable Test for 2.4.0
     new 336b737  LUCENENET-106 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new c517dfc  LUCENENET-159 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 0855260  LUCENENET-160 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 4694484  LUCENENET-163 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 51a1be9  LUCENENET-169 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 54f31a9  LUCENENET-170 & LUCENENET-174 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new f349d75  LUCENENET-175 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 3311e99  LUCENENET-183 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new df059dd  LUCENENET-168 for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 0eca378  LUCENENET-187  Search/TestSort/TestTypedSort - Error while parsing double
     new e1e81cf  Patch for SupportClass.ThreadClass.Sleep - LUCENENET-186(Lucene.Net.Search.TestTimeLimitedCollector)
     new 2bac72e  New Implementation of CloseableThreadLocal (LUCENENET-186)
     new 62ab6c4  A small patch for TestStressIndexing2.IndexingThread.Run
     new 2c1a163  LUCENENET-189 Occasional failures in TestIndexWriter/TestAddIndexesWithCloseNoWait
     new 39a8869  LUCENENET-188 Index/TestIndexInput/TestRead fails - (invalid UTF8 sequence).
     new 9fb7024  LUCENENET-150 patch for Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new cda643f  LUCENENET-190 SimpleLRUCache.patch
     new d466426  LUCENENET-190 TestSimpleLRUCache
     new ac57020  LUCENENET-190 SupportClass
     new c9392f1  LUCENENET-190 TermInfosReader
     new 95b298f  New Version
     new 7c74a7a  New Version
     new e9bb547  Rename TestLRUCache2 to TestLRUCache_LUCENENET_190
     new a57ef96  A Not Implemented NIOFSDirectory is added
     new 9a52fdc  A Not Implemented NIOFSDirectory is added
     new 0f9d75e  FlushFileBuffers (used in FSDirectory.Sync) added to SupportClass (Commented)
     new 4297214  FSDirectory changed to use SupportClass.FileStream.Sync (commented)
     new bba4cb1  adding a simple FileStream.Flush for Java's file.getFD().sync().
     new 9924789  adding a simple FileStream.Flush for Java's file.getFD().sync().
     new e5892d2  LUCENENET-194 Bug in Lucene.Net.Document.Document.cs GetFieldables method. Document.cs updated for 2.3.1, 2.3.2 and 2.4.0(trunk)
     new 678007e  Fixed up AssemblyInfo.cs's, release notes, read-me files, etc. reflect that this is a 2.4.1 release.
     new c193416  Fixed up AssemblyInfo.cs's, release notes, read-me files, etc. reflect that this is a 2.4.1 release.
     new e2dd794  MSDN style documentation for Apache Lucene.Net 2.4.1
     new 2b5e1fc  Fixed up AssemblyInfo.cs's, release notes, read-me files, etc. reflect that this is a 2.4.1 release.
     new bac05c3  Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new e506c72  Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 2b9caa6  Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new acfde8d  Lucene.Net 2.4.0NDoc for Apache Lucene.Net 2.4.0
     new 926009e  Apache Lucene.Net 2.9.0 build 001 "Alpha"
     new 8c40601  Renamed Search\Payload to Search\Payloads
     new 9c916b5  Removed depreciated "Payload"; it's now "Payloads"
     new 5513c30  Apache Lucene.Net 2.9.0 build 001 "Alpha" (with Test code port)
     new 46b0718  Apache Lucene.Net 2.9.0 build 001 "Alpha" (with Test code port)
     new 06dbdc0  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestAnalyzers.cs
     new 1093956  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestCachingTokenFilter.cs
     new d2c5dcd  LUCENENET-201 Bug in Demo for Lucene.Net 2.9.0
     new c0020b4  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestCharArraySet.cs
     new 5cfe4bf  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestKeywordAnalyzer.cs
     new 3c48354  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestMappingCharFilter.cs
     new 5bed589  Take 2: Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestMappingCharFilter.cs
     new c05ce56  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestNumericTokenStream.cs
     new 8a05d26  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestStopFilter.cs
     new db8853c  LUCENENET-204, LUCENENET-205, LUCENENET-206 (2.9.0)
     new 2dd9865  LUCENENET-207 (2.9.0)
     new 3259c08  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: LocalizedTestCase.cs
     new 15706a3  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestBitVector.cs
     new a83c994  LUCENENET-209  CloseableThreadLocal bug
     new 3597ec9  Fixed JUnit test-cases for: TestBufferedIndexInput.cs (NIOFSIndexInput)
     new e890ce5  Fixed JUnit test-cases under Store
     new 0feea09  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestRAMDirectory.cs
     new d3f42ec  LUCENENET-213 Lucene.Net/Index/CheckIndex.cs bug
     new aae005e  LUCENENET-211 SupportClass.ThreadClass bug
     new 453adf8  TestSupportClass.cs added to Test.csproj. Some settings may have changed. Sorry.
     new 77e1d81  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestBoostsSimple
     new f3c1e0e  LUCENENET-224 TestBackwardsCompatibility LUCENENET-223 TestAtomicUpdate bug LUCENENET-220 TestAddIndexesNoOptimize
     new 9f77031  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 6889af1  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 978ccef  LUCENENET-228 Index.TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.TestFlushExceptions bug
     new 36bdcc6  LUCENENET-231 System.DateTime.Now.Millisecond bug
     new cccfc00  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestIndexableBinaryStringTools
     new 7bb403f  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestOpenBitSet
     new 0d44e99  Fixed FSDirectory; we now use DirectoryInfo vs. FileInfo
     new 6caf5eb  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestAttributeSource
     new e3ebf62  Remove [Test] attribute from _testTermVecors as this is not a valid test case.
     new 4b223b7  LUCENENET-233   TestDirectoryReader bug
     new 1b3ff3f  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestBoolean2
     new 8108bf9  LUCENENET-235 SegmentMerger.patch
     new ba67045  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestDateTools and TestDateFilter
     new 1df3d31  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestNumericUtils
     new dff25ad  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestPriorityQueue
     new bddf162  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestSortedVIntList
     new 24880af  LUCENENET-235 TestIndexWriter.patch LUCENENET-244 Remaining Tests in Lucene.Net.Store
     new e81e248  Parameterless contructor for TestIndexReader
     new 1687fee  Parameterless constructor for TestIndexReaderCloneNorms
     new 395ef7d  Parameterless constructor for TestFieldsReader
     new 3b75ede  Parameterless constructor for TestDocumentWriter.cs
     new be5b64a  Parameterless constructor for TestFieldInfos.cs
     new 8726986  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestStringIntern
     new afca884  LUCENENET-242 TestWordListLoader fails
     new 68115a8  TestSupportClass: a small correction
     new 83350b7  Reintroduced Lucene exceptions that were remove.
     new 706ffd6  Patch of LUCENENET-245: fixes issues with Queries which is mainly the removal of unnecessary Clone() methods.
     new b058b2a  Patch of LUCENENET-216: FSDirectory.Sync Fix to Ensure Flush to Disk
     new 9588c20  Patch of LUCENENET-197: LongToPrefixCoded in NumericUtils does not work for negitive Numbers 2.9.0
     new f1abc37  LUCENENET-247 Big4.patch
     new a27e159  LUCENENET-252 TestDocBoost, TestElevationComparator, TestFieldCache + RamUsageEstimator
     new 338f17c  LUCENENET-250 estFieldCacheSanityChecker bug
     new f5f46c4  LUCENENET-251 Index.TestDoc
     new 7187f51  LUCENENET-253 TestIndexReaderCloneNorms.TestNormsRefCounting
     new 7e28647  LUCENENET-258  Bug in src\Test\Index\TestTransactionRollback.cs
     new 5d7b8cc  LUCENENET-259 Bug in src\Test\Index\TestTermVectorsReader.cs
     new ef37763  LUCENENET-261 src\Test\Index\TestSegmentTermDocs.cs
     new 5ca1fb2  LUCENENET-262 Lucene.Net.Index.TestSegmentReader + Lucene.Net.Index.TestNorms + Lucene.Net.Index.TestMultiReader
     new f656103  LUCENENET-263 TestPositionBasedTermVectorMapper+TestSegmentMerger patch
     new 08f82ef  LUCENENET-264 Test/index/TestPayloads
     new 86ab9ce  LUCENENET-265 Remove [TestFixture] attribute where it should not be
     new 8017636  LUCENENET-254 TestIndexWriter.TestAddIndexOnDiskFull
     new 7c72ec6  Apache Lucene.Net 2.9.1 build 001 "Beta" (port of Java Lucene 2.9.1 to Lucene.Net)
     new dbae373  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestOrdValues
     new 760d492  LUCENENET-255 TestIndexWriter's failing tests
     new cfc1fdc  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestComplexExplanations
     new 339e1b0  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestFieldCacheRangeFilter
     new 88c518a  Patch for LUCENENET-170 (BooleanClause serialization fails owing to issues with serializing Occur object) lost with v2.9.x applied.
     new 65ffff0  In v2.9.x, Missing patch for LUCENENET-174 (RAMDirectory Not Correctly Serilizing)  applied.
     new ec55503  LUCENENET-273 Unnecessary Constructor Removal
     new 3bff640  LUCENENET-271 TestMulitSearcher - TestParallelMultiSearcher
     new 0bedda0  LUCENENET-270 TestFilteredSearch & TestMultiPhraseQuery
     new ed1b194  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestPhrasePrefixQuery & TestPositionIncrement
     new 111af51  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestTokenStreamBWComp
     new 37f3a6f  LUCENENET-276 BoostingTermQuery + TestBoostingTermQuery
     new 600b5a9  Minor code clean up.
     new f1f4000  Minor fix to test attribute; changed [Test] to [SetUp]
     new e7b79e6  Minor cleanup, removed improper constructor and added missing test fixture.
     new 3f6ea1b  Minor cleanup, removed improper constructor and added missing test fixture, and test setup fixtures.
     new edf5d6d  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestPrefixInBooleanQuery
     new 3a7eb23  Minor cleanup, removed improper constructor for TestSort test case
     new 1e85204  Minor fix to TestFieldCacheSanityChecker.cs, was using the wrong test fixture.
     new 57c1ad8  LUCENENET-279 TestIndexWriter.TestExceptionOnMergeInit hangs
     new c58a753  LUCENENET-257 TestCheckIndex.TestDeletedDocs
     new d5951ee  LUCENENET-280 TestProtectedCtors test on TestQueryParser fails
     new 1955613  LUCENENET-282 Handle potential overflow in LogByteSizeMergePolicy.SetMaxMergeMB
     new a1f2881  LUCENENET-281 TestCJK on TestQueryParser fails
     new d146f47  LUCENENET-274 included in Lucene.Net.csproj without actual Class Diagram
     new fafa566  LUCENENET-256 Patch for src/Util/Constants.cs and src\Test\Index\TestCheckIndex.cs
     new b9a1828  LUCENENET-278 Instances of DateField class cannot be created.
     new ae93f0d  LUCENENET-275 TestTokenStreamBWComp issue with 2.9.1 new patch committed
     new 6d1310f  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: TestIndexWriter
     new d4a4c54  LUCENENET-285 Problem with "CurrentCulture"
     new 6bfdcc2  Patch of LUCENENET-284: java vs .Net GetHashCode and Equals for ArrayList
     new dad23aa  Minor fix to TestPayloadSpans.cs, eliminated a not needed constructor.
     new 3e54c88  Fixed NUnit test-cases for: Function.TestCustomScoreQuery
     new ea260dd  LUCENENET-293 Improper casing on PhraseQuery.Add overload
     new e0fb07a  LUCENENET-283 TestDateRange and TestLegacyDateRange fail.
     new 6aed373  LUCENENET-291 Search.Spans Tests
     new 545f490  LUCENENET-296 TestTopDocsCollector Setup
     new 764e3e5  Patch of LUCENENET-297: IndexReader.IndexExists does not work
     new 53b1d1e  LUCENENET-298: TestComplexExplanations.Test1 fails when running together with TestBoolean2.TestQueries01
     new 84d4405  Minor fix for test case: Lucene.Net.Search.TestTopScoreDocCollector.TestOutOfOrderCollection:
     new 8f0f207  LUCENENET-301: Tests on TestTimeLimitedCollector fail
     new 9971eb7  LUCENENET-292: Optimization of EquatableList<T>
     new dbeb8e7  LUCENENET-300: Optimizing Equals method on EquitableList<T>
     new 2acb63c  LUCENENET-294: BooleanQuery
     new 8ee611a  LUCENENET-295: DisjunctionMaxQuery. Back to the origin
     new 233a5ec  LUCENENET-304 TestErrorAfterApplyDeletes in TestIndexWriterDelete fails.
     new 553bdd0  LUCENENET-305 TestSubclassConcurrentMergeScheduler in TestMergeSchedulerExternal fails.
     new 88db9ae  LUCENENET-299: Fix for TestStressSort
     new 139692d  LUCENENET-302 TestSort.TestInternationalMultiSearcherSort and TestInternationalSort fails
     new 8460774  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 2e17687  LUCENENET-307 TestSort.TestTypedSort fails. (patch for "double")
     new 4f23dab  LUCENENET-309 TestSort.TestTypedSort fails (2).
     new a308446  LUCENENET-311 TestNRTReaderWithThreads.TestIndexing + LUCENENET-287 TestIndexWriterReader.TestUpdateDocument
     new da6cd89  Patch to TestTimeLimitingCollector  as in LUCENENET-301 (TestTimeLimitedCollector.patch)
     new fba2803  Fixed output directory for release build.
     new fac0b4f  LUCENENET-312 TestDateSort.TestReverseDateSort
     new 1309ecf  patch for TestFieldCacheSanityChecker.TestInsanity1 & TestFieldCacheSanityChecker.TestInsanity2 Since too simple, I'll commit the patch directly.
     new 8e95501  LUCENENET-303 Running TestComplexExplanations.TestMA3 after TestBoolean2.TestQueries01 fails.
     new 3ea754e  LUCENENET-260 src\Test\Index\TestStressIndexing2.cs
     new 688ff13  LUCENENET-313 SharpZipLib dependency
     new ecc4e71  Lucene.Net.csproj to reflect the deletion of SharpZipLibAdapter
     new a3e6ae3  LUCENENET-314 Excluded files from project
     new 2659b48  Analysis/TeeSinkTokenTest.cs removed
     new 8fe3a61  LUCENENET-315 SimpleLRUCache Implementation
     new f335438  LUCENENET-202 Compile warnings trying to build source code, svn revision 829945
     new a11faba  LUCENENET-316 Unncesary TestFixture Attribute on LocalizedTestCase
     new e4646c4  LUCENENET-317 The release configuration in the Lucene.Net project file is not configured correctly
     new 1a14379  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 7d22c3a  LUCENENET-308 TestIndexWriter.TestThreadInterruptDeadlock
     new 15b2145  port of org.apache.lucene.messages
     new 989f0ed  LUCENENET-321 Compression support via reflection
     new 2d90ced  LUCENENET-318 TestDisjunctionMaxQuery.TestBooleanOptionalWithTiebreaker failure
     new 57c8881  LUCENENET-322 3 failing tests of TestIndexWriter
     new 0c1ef53  Small bug fixes to get TempPath.
     new d101a64  Changed "SupportClassTestCases.Count"  from "Fail" to "Ignore"
     new e4e23d9  Some Corrections to TestWeakHashTable.B_TestOutOfMemory
     new a5414ab  Since SimpleLRUCache is not a direct port from Lucene.Java, I add another test case which I used in testing LUCENENET-190.
     new 2edec97  To avoid loosing the old (Lucene.Net specific) patches when a new port is done, I added 2 new test cases.
     new 309409a  Test for ReusableStringReader related with LUCENENET-150
     new b6931dd  A new test case for LUCENENET-100 + patches
     new 6c0a411  Rename some tests
     new 7ff8991  Test.csproj
     new c609858  LUCENENET-323 Test cases of Messages
     new edba1d7  LUCENENET-324 System.TypeInitializationException on linux
     new 178a498  Removed the "public modifier" from AnonymousClassByteParser, AnonymousClassShortParser, AnonymousClassIntParser, AnonymousClassFloatParser, AnonymousClassLongParser, AnonymousClassDoubleParser, AnonymousClassIntParser1, AnonymousClassFloatParser1, AnonymousClassLongParser1, AnonymousClassDoubleParser1, AnonymousClassScoreDocComparator, AnonymousClassScoreDocComparator1 (They were visible in Lucene.Net.Search namespace)
     new e9e99de  unbalanced <b> tag
     new affb3a2  [1] Added Obsolete attribute to deprecated methods/classes of Lucene.Java 2.9.1
     new 415cfb3  LUCENENET-325 public fields starting with lowercase letter( TopDocs.totalHits and TopDocs.scoreDocs )
     new da110b8  Version changed from to to differentiate the current code from 2.9.0. beta
     new bf09f5d  Spatial.Net
     new cae5d39  Spatial.Net
     new beb1103  Spatial.Net
     new 508c5e1  removed Spatial.Net.suo
     new bc681a5  undo for TopDocs.totalHits and TopDocs.scoreDocs LUCENENET-325
     new 7ab87d8  Patch to Spatial.Net for TopDocs.totalHits and TopDocs.scoreDocs
     new ad90a91  [2] Added Obsolete attribute to deprecated methods/classes of Lucene.Java 2.9.1
     new 89c40b0  [3] Added Obsolete attribute to deprecated methods/classes of Lucene.Java 2.9.1
     new 7ba0dca  [4] Added Obsolete attribute to deprecated methods/classes of Lucene.Java 2.9.1
     new 6da70ae  [5] Added Obsolete attribute to deprecated methods/classes of Lucene.Java 2.9.1
     new cb99566  [6] Added Obsolete attribute to deprecated methods/classes of Lucene.Java 2.9.1
     new 8336a54  [7] Added Obsolete attribute to deprecated methods/classes of Lucene.Java 2.9.1
     new d9cb0ba  <p> tag creates problem with xml documentation(in Intellisense help). Replaced with <p/>
     new 56dc017  Some XML documentation clean up
     new bdd403c  Some more XML documentation clean up
     new 635f538  [8] Added Obsolete attribute to methods that override the obsolete methods and not marked as "deprecated" in Lucene.Java.
     new 8bcca53  List of XML and HTML character entity references ( Following replacements are made: &nbsp;     &#160; &middot;   &#183; &sum;      &#8721; &frac12;   &#189; &ndash;	   &#8211; &agrave;   &#192;
     new 39894f0  Some more XML documentation clean up
     new 35bf6b4  LUCENENET-329 Support for junit.framework.TestCase.getName()
     new 8f2851b  One char change in TestSort <p> -->  <p/>
     new 2deb92b  Some XML documentation Clean up
     new 05b2246  Some XML documentation Clean up
     new 7198f86  LUCENENET-326 Bug in TestSort.TestParallelMultiSort
     new a8ee761  LUCENENET-326 Bug in TestSort.TestParallelMultiSort
     new a20dfe0  Move Lucene.NET out of incubation
     new f6987d7  trunk/C#/contrib/Spatial.Net/Tests/Properties/_svn removed
     new edb228a  LUCENENET-338 Serialized queries function unreliably
     new 886a896  LUCENENET-338 Serialized queries function unreliably
     new ffd93cb  Lost patch of LUCENENET-100
     new 0b7be9d  LUCENENET-336 Shortcut for Lucene.NET 2.9.1 --> 2.9.2
     new dc658b2  BUILD.txt & CHANGES.txt
     new e9c6ca6  LUCENENET-339 : Fix for exception thrown by FilterCleaner
     new a02a5e3  Improperly marked test attribute on a helper method (part of LUCENENET-336)
     new 2d16968  LUCENENET-340 Fieldable.ReaderValue should return TextReader not StreamReader
     new 2cfe123  Another Fix for 2.9.2 (rev: 911552) --> LUCENE-2770: fix query normalization when boosts of all clauses==0
     new ec9826d  LUCENENET-341 Fix "Compiler warnings to worry about"
     new 889d246  Changes for "LUCENE-2190: Added a new class CustomScoreProvider to function package that can be subclassed to provide custom scoring to CustomScoreQuery"
     new 2c638ae  Changes for "LUCENE-2271: Fix javadocs of TopScoreDocCollector"
     new 6411ef0  HISTORY.txt & CHANGES.txt
     new 6288700  LUCENENET-342 FastVectorHighlighter.Net
     new 0acc421  LUCENE-2278 FastVectorHighlighter: highlighted term is out of alignment in multi-valued NOT_ANALYZED field.
     new 695cf89  LUCENENET-343 Use TextReader instead of StreamReader in Field ctor Andy Pook's TextReader-2.9.2.patch
     new 5ffa925  "FastVectorHighlighter.Net" added to README.txt
     new 6e38dee  LUCENENET-347 [Contrib] Port of Queries (Initial Port)
     new 8ec84b9  BooleanFilter & TermsFilter added to Queries.Net
     new 5ec81c8  C#/contrib/README.txt
     new 4063209  README.txt for Queries.Net
     new 71fd02a  LUCENENET-345 : new project for the contrib section containing Lucene.Net specific items that were not ported from the Java contrib section.
     new f250b46  Analysis.Ext
     new 1da15a7  New csproj files for Contrib.Net
     new d78d64c  LUCENENET-348 Avoidable compiler warning
     new 894b3bc  Update to solution file to allow for opening from Windows Explorer
     new 0765b9c  LUCENENET-349 FieldMatch not working in FastVectorHighlighter
     new 1f1603e  LUCENENET-351 spellcheck can fail (contrib)
     new fce4a7f  LUCENENET-353 IndexReader.LastModified giving invalid date?
     new 3512947  LUCENENET-350 Performance enhancement in FastVectorHighlighter (contrib)
     new ecdfc9f  NIOFSDirectory is not implemented in Lucene.Net. So returning NIOFSDirectory as default directory on mono is wrong.
     new bf3afda  LUCENENET-355  [LUCENE-2387] IndexWriter retains references to Readers used in Fields (memory leak)
     new b39728e  LUCENENET-357 Mostly won't work on shared hosts / Mosso cloud etc due to 'Trust' levels
     new 7845a8f  LUCENENET-360 Spellchecker method misnamed "accuraty" SetAccuraty --> SetAccuracy
     new 2f6fa92  LUCENENET-359 Spellchecker accuracy gets overwritten
     new 5df3f71  LUCENENET-363 Compatibility fix for Mono
     new 78f8976  LUCENENET-362 Java to C# "lost in translation" issue in Test/Search/TestFieldCache.cs
     new 5f977d9  LUCENENET-364 Workaround for a Mono float/Single parsing issue
     new 4100a3d  LUCENENET-365 Significant performance improvement for CompressionTools
     new 8e7dfa7  Lost patch after 2.4.0 for LUCENENET-183 (SegmentTermVector IndexOf method always fails)
     new 2af6ea4  Test case for LUCENENET-183 (SegmentTermVector IndexOf method always fails)
     new a77b77f  Commented out LOCK_DIR in  FSDirectory which is obsolete and not used anywhere. It also creates problem in "Medium Trust"
     new ee21334  LUCENENET-357 Lucene.Net in Medium Trust (Mostly won't work on shared hosts / Mosso cloud etc due to 'Trust' levels) (Constants.patch)
     new fc78c28  LUCENENET-358 CloseableThreadLocal memory leak in LocalDataStoreSlot (with workaround)
     new 70dd26e   LUCENENET-358 CloseableThreadLocal memory leak in LocalDataStoreSlot (with workaround)
     new 81fecbf  LUCENENET-368 Similarity.Net doesn't compile with Lucene trunk
     new 319a272  AssemblyInfos. Just to differentiate (whether LUCENENET-358 is applied or not?)
     new 96f6712  LUCENENET-366 Spellchecker issues (SpellChecker 2.9.2)
     new b220fd7  SpellChecker.Net/HISTORY.txt
     new 88e04a3  [LUCENENET-375] (trunk) Getting assert in SegmentReader.cs (Lucene.net_2_9_2)
     new 5f361ed  [LUCENENET-376] (trunk) Ver.2.9.2 SpanOrQuery.ToString() bug
     new 8bed921  LUCENENET-388 ("SystemException"  can not be caught by MultiSearcherThread expecting "IOException")
     new 0ce4750  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 29e6377  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new b08a2b9  Rearrangement of contrib/Analyzers + Arabic Analyzer for 2.9.2 tag and trunk
     new dd4cc28  [LUCENENET-399] (trunk) 2.9.3 change LUCENE-2422: don't reuse byte[] for String IO in IndexInput/Output
     new afe4b87  Updated Change log to include LUCENENET-355 original [LUCENE 2387]
     new e5396ab  [LUCENENET-399] (trunk) 2.9.3 - change LUCENE 2283: use shared byte[] pool to buffer pending stored fields & term vectors during indexing; fixes excessive memory usage for mixed tiny & big docs with many threads
     new 4d44e8c  LUCENENET-399 Core: Lucene.Net.Analysis + Lucene.Net.Index + Lucene.Net.Search + Lucene.Net.Store + Lucene.Net.Util Test: Lucene.Net.Analysis + ucene.Net.Search + Lucene.Net.Util
     new e8563f8  [LUCENENET-399] Fixed PerDocBuffer.NewBuffer to overload RamFile.NewBuffer.
     new a3a707d  LUCENENET-399 Remaining test cases. Only 5 new test files(added in v2.9.3 or v2.9.4) are left.
     new 70c8078  [LUCENENET-399] Fixed Assert Exceptions where used memory was higher then allocated
     new 2d96083  [LUCENENET-399] forgotten override's
     new d00edfd  [LUCENENET-399] TestCorruptionAfterDiskFullDuringMerge bug.
     new 543c16a  [LUCENENET-399] againg "override" + type cast exceptions in TestCrash
     new 48ea18b  [LUCENENET-399]
     new f153843  LUCENENET 372 - BR, CJK, CN, CZ, DE, FR, NL, RU Analyzers - Tests Missing
     new 147ffc0  Shouldn't have been committed..
     new e319714  [LUCENENET-399] changed the visibility of IndexWriter.Merge
     new 22f5066  [LUCENENET-399] Fix for TestIndexReaderReopen.TestReopenOnCommit
     new 8447052  [LUCENENET-399] Added TestCachingSpanFilter.cs to project file
     new 038d365  [LUCENENET-399] Fix for TestIndexWriterReader.TestDeleteFromIndexWriter & TestIndexWriterReader.TestUpdateDocument
     new fd14ec4  [LUCENENET-399] move TestSnapshotDeletionPolicy to index and add a new test case. (not included in proj. file yet) Remaining files for 2.9.4 * Index/TestIsCurrent --added * Index/TestNewestSegment --added * Index/TestRollback --added
     new 017bed3  [LUCENENET-399] Index/TestIsCurrent. (not included in proj. file yet) Remaining files for 2.9.4 * Index/TestNewestSegment * Index/TestRollback
     new 56ed2fe  [LUCENENET-399] All core files + test cases have been ported for 2.9.4
     new d0a8ba0  [LUCENENET-399] updated Test.csproj for new files.
     new edf0d5e  [LUCENENET-399] Final make ups
     new 1fa76bb  [LUCENENET-399]
     new cbcd163  [LUCENENET-399] AssemblyInfo  files
     new 9f99138  [LUCENENET-399] TestNumericUtils.TestLongExtremeValues + visibility of IndexWriter.GetNextMerge + TopDocs.TotalHits, TopDocs.ScoreDocs, TopDocs.MaxScore
     new f9fa5b4  [LUCENENET-399] The sole case failing is TestIndexWriterReader.TestDuringAddIndexes
     new 47e9372  [LUCENENET-399] bug not caught by any test case.
     new c362ef5  [LUCENENET-399] Some cleanup
     new 499364e  [LUCENENET-399] Some changes to DirectoryReader. TestIndexWriterReader.TestDuringAddIndexes still fails.
     new 5202171  Some changes to IndexWriter.TestIndexWriterReader.TestDuringAddIndexes still fails :(
     new 1b984d7  [LUCENENET-399] [LUCENENET-374] Test_IndexReader_IsCurrent added.
     new ed6f741  [LUCENENET-399] [LUCENENET-378] Added IDisposable for IndexWriter,IndexReader,Searcher,Directory and other subclasses of them.
     new 7461949  [LUCENENET-399] An new test case added. Similar to TestDuringAddIndexes.
     new 4ee12f2  [LUCENENET-399] Some lost "synchronized"s. TestIndexWriterReader.TestDuringAddIndexes still fails.
     new cd2dede  [LUCENENET-408] [LUCENENET-399] Mark assembly as CLS compliant; make AlreadyClosedException serializable
     new 44f24e3  [LUCENENET-399]  2009's replaced with 2011
     new f3fbf67  [LUCENENET-399] Unused  AnonymousClassFindSegmentsFile1 removed.
     new 47d3111  [LUCENENET-409] Invalid Base exception in DateField.StringToTime()
     new ed5f2f0  New directory layout, new solution files (vs2010 compatible only), updated copyright dates in assemblyinfo files, fixed project naming and some output file naming (but not all).
     new e1f9c6c  New relative paths for index files
     new 62b1375  bug fix for TestSupportClass.Test_Search_FieldDoc
     new 5f2ec7d  adding .gitignore file for those developing with git or git-svn
     new 645abd1  [LUCENENET-413] Medium trust security issue
     new e5aa1b1  Removing old directory structure.
     new a170ed4  TestIndexWriterReader.TestDuringAddIndexes
     new 5c21e43  LUCENENET-361 Workaround for a Mono C# compiler issue (trunk update)
     new cdc61d4  LUCENENET-330 Search.Regex minimal port (in Trunk)
     new af8fe94  LUCENENET-371 Unit test for Search.Regex port (trunk)
     new eac10ba  small fixes for FVH
     new 9d5abd8  Changed the assembly name from "Lucene.Net.Contrib.FastVectorHighlighter.dll" to "Lucene.Net.FastVectorHighlighter.dll"
     new d605ea5  [LUCENENET-405] contrib/Analysis.NGram
     new 1d4a88f  [LUCENENET-415] SimpleFacetedSearch
     new 58ecc5f  [LUCENENET-415] SimpleFacetedSearch
     new 0b32786  Sorry for changing target fw to 2.0
     new e57b89e  [LUCENENET-415] SFS
     new e0e8c36  [LUCENENET-415] SFS
     new eba9f4e  [LUCENENET-422] Custom tokenizers may fail when indexing due to ReusableStringReader not implement some method of TextReader
     new b2777d7  [LUCENENET-426] Mark BaseFragmentsBuilder methods as virtual
     new 7fecfee  [LUCENENET-426] protected -> protected virtual
     new 9447f9e  [LUCENENET-427] Provide limit on phrase analysis in FastVectorHighlighter (Lucene.Net 2.9.4)
     new 65e0594  [LUCENENET-432] Concurrency issues in SegmentInfo.Files()
     new 20bde9d  [LUCENENET-437] Initial port of Contrib.Shingle/Contrib.Miscellaneous and tests (also includes some helpers)
     new 3f0e207  [LUCENENET-437] Updated ShingleMatrixFilter to use SupportClass.EquatableList, removed ListComparer, and added unit tests for EquatableList displaying various issues.
     new 847fe1e  General Cleanup: Added functionality from FloatHelper to SupportClass.Single, updated usages, and removed FloatHelper
     new 015879a  [LUCENENET-404] Adding new logo artifacts, submitted by Stack Exchange, created by David Larsen
     new 14964bc  LUCENENET-407 added build scripts and gallio to run ncover for CI. added a .snk to the required assemblies for strong naming.  Tests past under TestDriven.Net and Resharper, but not under the nunit runner. will have to dig into that to figure out what is going on there.
     new 653c694  [LUCENENET-358] MemoryLeaks See and
     new 15cc122  [LUCENENET-442] ParallelMultiSearcher threads don't handle all exceptions
     new ac823d7  [LUCENENET-414] The definition of CharArraySet is dangerously confusing and leads to bugs when used.
     new c909deb  [LUCENENET-414] The definition of CharArraySet is dangerously confusing and leads to bugs when used. Forgot to add the type casting  in previous patch
     new 420dde1  [LUCENENET-444]
     new f019593  LICENSE.txt's  under Contrib/Snowball
     new b103b55  LUCENENET-443 removing close from finalizer. Giving into DIGY's peer pressure and implemented IDisposable for spellchecker. Dispose needs to be called directly to release managed resources.
     new b4a0a31  back ported path enhancements for Lucene.Net.Tests assembly to fix failing tests under TestBackwardsComptability for indexes.                                                                                            TestEquatableList/System_String_GetHashCode_Exhibits_Inconsistent_Inequality_For_Some_strings fails when it runs under a 64 bit process. It passes when it runs under x86 which is the default for nunit runners.                                                  [...]
     new ea88d5c  currently omitting this test while running in a 64bit process, will open a ticket.
     new 754b4e6  changed "public Token jj_nt" to "private Token jj_nt"
     new 7d84503  refactoring build scripts to allow granular control. see for the options.  there are failing tests for the contrib projects in trunk when running in nunit or gallio, these will need to be resolved
     new 1d78966  adding nuget.exe to project for build tools/packaging. this is the first pass at creating the nupkg for lucene core.
     new 22acba8  first draft of nuget packages for contrib and everything
     new 15b10bd  adding license apache license to nuspec files.
     new 7cedbbb  adding apache license to posh script for detecting installs for tool chain
     new 068aca3  fixing up the validate tool chain script, this should let people who are setting up a build server or env, download and install software that requires to run its full build. Also handy for new dev boxes, however you are responsible for your own licenses and the script makes its clear for that.
     new efa4330  The main package was choking on the '&' because it was not escaped.  The dot-net-tools targets can now copy the html generated docs to ~/trunk/bin/docs/site folder when a release is generated by a nighty build. The 'coverage' command now generates the xml & html test reports from gallio along with the ncover reports. We no longer have to run tests twice which is a time suck when the tests for core take 40 minutes to run just a single pass.
     new feef720  Thanks to Robert Jordan's help, the test cases for Contrib.Highlighter.Test are now green.
     new 2ce01cb  4 tests fail when running the tests in release mode and using gallio to run nunit.  I've placed [Ignore] attributes for those tests when they are in release mode for the short term in order to get a full build going. this probably needs to go into jira.
     new ddcf746  must exclude .svn folders from clean
     new 2cf68b8  coverage command for build script needed to use space as a delimiter for test assembly names.
     new 05bc5e0  coverage command for build script needed to use space as a delimiter for test assembly names.
     new 8b38ef9  defining GALLIO constant for tests, passing the constant externally
     new 517be7e  added constant to <Msbuild /> task so that it passes on the property to the specified projects
     new 5ff884d  in order to get around having to wait for hudkins to be rebooted to get the shfb path variable, we attempt a best guess of the default install.
     new 6c00807  replace double with single quote in cons.shfproj
     new b2fed88  fixing program files location for docs.shfbproj
     new 2347cec  fixing up the scripts that they can run test reports
     new 324ad95  regressing on building documentation till shfb is upgraded.
     new 460177c  Lucenenet-450
     new ba8e632  LUCENENET-451
     new ad62f75  [LUCENENET-451] .sln files were not valid after last commit, due to misplacement of license header
     new 6437913  Removing old documentation (new documentation being commit shortly)
     new 7205985  new documentation
     new ed02e19  [LUCENENET-454] added checks in build.targets to make sure ArtifactPaths isn't empty, causing the wrong files to be wiped (critical!) fixed build.cmd files to set proper environment variables
     new d24ac59  fixed some small typos preventing documentation from building via msbuild
     new 92d6a90  [LUCENENET-438] Converted remaining javadoc notation comments to .net xml comments.  (core and contrib code files)
     new 34ff9a2  LUCENENET-431 Spatial.Net fix
     new 2e50de2  [LUCENENET-433] AttributeSource can have an invalid computed state
     new 3424e4b  [LUCENENET-453] Applying patch from Stefan for svn:eol-style line feeds
     new 6366f69  [LUCENENET-453] fixed mime-type on test/contrib/Core/Analysis/Ext/Analysis.Ext.Test.cs
     new 447a947  License to contrib/SpellChecker/Contrib.SpellChecker.Test.nunit
     new 6a04cad  Updating build.cmd line ending
     new 8d6ba4b  updating README.txt
     new c61fe84  [LUCENENET-455] Updated Demo release build profile to create release sub folder, similar to contrib and core
     new 7e39165  [LUCENENET-464] Removed code from FastVectorHighlighter/Support.cs, originally for backwards compatibility, it's now caused errors.
     new 2e83a8d  Merged 3.0.3 branch into trunk
     new 60abbab  fix line-ends.  LUCENENET-473
     new 8375d83  more line-ends.  LUCENENET-473
     new ae613d8  line-ends in src tree.  LUCENENET-473
     new a4f3779  More work on [LUCENENET-467].  Only about 40 more warnings from FXCop on CA1024 (use properties).
     new caf7021  [LUCENENET-474] - Added patch to add license headers from files where it was missing [LUCENENET-467] - Fixed solutions in Contrib with recent changes to core assembly (Properties)
     new 2c89eb1  SVN mauled that last commit for this file.  So many extra unicode characters.
     new e2d1a9b  Fixing the build.  Missed a few files on the last commit.
     new 2fac36c  Fixed the build after breaking the build thinking it was fixing the build. Converted some methods to properties in TermDocs.cs
     new 2e40f9f  [LUCENENET-467] - additional work on properties.  Added some and reverted some.  Still need to look through others to make sure they're acting as data.
     new cbf8262  [LUCENENET-477] - Added patch for NullReferenceException when util/ThreadLocal is compiled for .NET 2.0
     new 90cd53c  [LUCENENET-478] - Scrapped old QueryParser and ported java's 3.0.3 parser from scratch [LUCENENET-423] - As part of fixing [LUCENENET-478], it's now trying to parse dates as the current culture's short date format, as is Java's code [LUCENENET-479] - Fixed with [LUCENENET-478]
     new 50ccb94  [LUCENENET-466] - added a DIN-5007-2 stemmer to GermanAnalyzer, as well as new constructors to specify its use if desired.  TestGermanStemFilter's TestStemming is now renamed to TestDin1Stemming, and TestDin2Stemming has been added for GermanStemmerDIN2
     new c47366b  [LUCENENET-466] - Renamed GermanStemmerDIN2 to GermanDIN2Stemmer.  I think it sounds better.
     new 8875ff8  Had accidentally changed IndexReader.NumDocs() to IndexReader.GetNumDocs().  This commit changes it back.
     new 4f14d4c  [LUCENENET-472] - Added check for null on all operators and equals
     new b5e3726  [LUCENENET-463] - Started porting Highlighter.  Will also require a port of MemoryIndex, which if I call correctly was a huge pain.  Not sure if this will make it into 3.0.3
     new 0d868f7  Adding MemoryIndex to contrib - not even close to compiling, but it's a start.
     new 0107416  [LUCENENET-466] - Fixed German DIN2 stemmer corrupting word roots.
     new 00d4d1e  [LUCENENET-466] - Added XML comments for new constructors
     new 3731f21  [LUCENENET-481] Ported Contrib.MemoryIndex and Contrib.MemoryIndex.Test.  Can probably optimize some of the classes better, but it should work well now as a direct port [LUCENENET-463] Ported Contrib.Highlighter and Contrib.Highlighter.Test.
     new c821d5c  Removed old MemoryIndex -- I hadn't even seen it before I started on the new port, otherwise I would have used it as a starting point!
     new 3f02920  Added Memory project to build scripts and nuget configurations
     new 639b8a1  [LUCENENET-467] - Changed a few properties back to methods
     new 96c8b52  Renamed Attribute Interfaces to start with I, per .NET code naming standards
     new 28b7feb  [LUCENENET-484] - Fixed TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.TestFlushExceptions to no longer intermittently fail.
     new e92dd14  Missing file from last commit
     new 8f6e5e3  [LUCENENET-435] - Changed code to use Assert.Throws<T> instead of Try..Catch and Assert.Fail
     new 19c3ba2  [LUCENENET-485] - Porting error in FrenchStemmer, caused IndexOutOfRange exception in some cases
     new 3919666  LUCENENET-487 - Removing several obsolete methods
     new e447827  Fixed a few issues with test projects not building due to a previous commit Fixed the default namespace, the output name, and output directory for Contrib.Memory.Test
     new a2efd7a  Merge branch 'trunk' of
     new 7f0f95d  Cleaning up
     new 8158d61  line-ends
     new eddb216  even more line-ends
     new 2e4b577  license police
     new bd33e7e  this file really seems to be binary
     new 5a02a2b  [LUCENENET-484] - Applied patch that fixes WeakDictionary and Lucene.Net.Util.FieldCache tests (TestInsanity#) Applied patch that fixes possible race condition with WeakDictionary and GCing Replaced Debug.Fail messages in MMapDirectory class with NotImplementedExceptions.
     new 2101aad  UTF16 => UTF8
     new 67207ed  Support for stemming using hunspell dictionaries.
     new 36b8262  Updated namespaces to match the packages names in java (analysis vs analyzers)
     new 9de4f29  Added license headers to Snowball and Spatial solutions in /vs2010/test
     new b6e063f  [LUCENENET-487] - Remove obsolete attributes from FieldCache
     new cfdece8  [LUCENENET-467] - Applied patch from Luc Vanlerberghe, regarding TopFieldCollector.Create method with lowercase name
     new a887b7e  [LUCENENET-494] - Port error in FieldcacheRangeFilter.  Changed comparison of sbyte
     new ed58cab  Minor
     new 311123b  Updating spatial4n
     new 1918378  Allow for opening FSDirectory with a string
     new 6ed93b9  LUCENENET-490, call Support.Single.Parse for culture insensitivity
     new ad944bf  [LUCENENET-495] - Replaced several instances of DateTime.Now with DateTime.UtcNow.  Improves performance by ~31%
     new 50196fc  [LUCENENET-484] - Added patch from Luc Vanlerberghe fixing interittent failures in TestSort.TestParallelMultiSort
     new 2dee3cb  [LUCENENET-493] - Fixed issues with TestDateTools failing under arabic cultures.  Added a test to the LocalizedTestCase base class, that will call all or some of the test methods under all installed cultures
     new d763b83  Removing redundant code
     new 384a388  Code cleanup
     new 62e6e51  LUCENENET-456 Partial Build script updates to output in apache release format we use - more work needed
     new f8523f2  LUCENENET-470 - Changed Term() in TermEnum to be a property instead of a method.
     new 3f3cbc4  [LUCENENET-484] - Missed a patch from Luc Vanlerberghe for NativeFSLockFactory
     new 1775224  LUCENENET-493 culture sensitivity
     new 9908a92  [LUCENENET-480] - Updated projects, solutions and build script to output both 4.0 and 3.5 libraries.
     new 017d119  [LUCENENET-480] Fixed the build after multi-framework support was added.  Had to create a build target for each project so that the (wildcard) ItemGroups could be populated *after* the build files were output.
     new 55afcc7  [LUCENENET-467]  Finished converting the last few methods to properties. Removed Similarity project from solutions, build scripts and repo.  Had been merged into contrib.Queries
     new 22415a5  termAtt.Term() was breaking compilation for SynLookup and SynExpand, switching over to property syntax.
     new 05a49db  [LUCENENET-446] - Fixed many CLS compliance issues (renaming most variables to internalXXX, because _ is not CLS compliant) - Removed declared but unused variables - Removed several try/catch functions that simply re threw the exception - Lucene.Net.Index.LogMergePolicy.internalCalibrateSizeByDeletes is default to true - per the TODO 3.0 note above it (I left the note in)
     new c5865b2  Remove file:// prefix before calling Path.GetDirectoryName.
     new a44bc0b  Cleanup work
     new 99e2578  Throw the appropriate exceptions
     new 8af5bc6  Cleanup work
     new b5a4d74  Fixed build broken due to file path issues.
     new 629f3e3  Added VS2012 solution files and made sure all VS2010 solutions can open in C# 2010 Express edition
     new dd33d5b  [LUCENENET-484] - Copy paste isn't so good.  A change from an earlier commit could cause a NullReferenceException on catching a UnauthorizedAccessException.
     new cef5d11  Using Term property instead of Term() in demo/IndexHtml
     new 2a073f1  [LUCENENET-500] - Fixed medium trust issue.  Removed WeakReference wrapper.
     new 081ac26  Adding BBox stuff (minus BBoxStrategy still incomplete)
     new 2d7531c  Catching up on Spatial contrib (minor)
     new cbb54d4  Catching up the spatial module (core, not tests yet)
     new 7003273  Minor
     new bffe53a  Adding TermsFilter (untested)
     new 7c0f1b4  LUCENE-4175 - adding bbox strategy
     new 71381f1  LUCENE-4167 - migrate Spatial4n.Core.Query to Lucene spatial
     new 42679e7  Cleanup
     new a4996b0  LUCENE-4157
     new bb21e8d  LUCENE-4099 remove SpatialFieldInfo (and corresponding generics) and put fieldName into Strategy instead of methods. Thus an instance of SpatialStrategy is now a per-field object, not per-fieldType
     new 13989b9  LUCENE-4197 SpatialArgs.toString() shouldn't be overloaded with a ctx – not needed for its purpose.
     new 37348d5  LUCENE-4188 remove field storage from createField
     new 44461b3  LUCENE-4197 remove 3 unused classes in the spatial module
     new 0c948fd  LUCENE-4192 remove spatial isPolyField and createField
     new 36714b7  LUCENE-4197 rename CachedDistanceValueSource
     new 921d924  Rely on base class to hold fieldName
     new 41dc18e  LUCENE-3925 RecursivePrefixTree spatial strategy should not store doc freq or pos
     new d1d65d1  Minor
     new 81f2048  GetArea is expecting a Context
     new e8bed0d  Last fixes
     new 74ccbd3  BBoxStrategy
     new b042909  Minor
     new d9a77dc  Catching up tests
     new 2541000  Fixing TermsFilter cachability
     new 4032f13  Fixing tests
     new a5ace20  Properly copying FixedBitSet
     new be14520  More tests
     new b4f7b50  Make sure allParameters is never null.
     new ee0dbd27 Don't try playing smart!!!!
     new 1f51749  Fixing a possible NRE which can be thrown during a race condition on accessing allParameters
     new e2dc4b5  Completely fixing race condition with Occur
     new 71dff29  Updated Spatial4n with NTS and 3.5 versions
     new 083434d  Properly name the NTS-enabled spatial contrib assembly
     new fef578a  Better bitset iterators
     new 1d83ed3  Updating spatial4n binaries
     new 2eda5b2  Trying to sort out 3.5 compilation
     new 4cd6059  Minor
     new 49f3b94  Avoid returning duplicate words in suggestions
     new 6dfea5f  Changes to demo-files (IDisposable, documentation, etc.)
     new cc98fd7  LUCENENET-504 Support for PrefixQuery in FastVectorHighlighter LUCENE-3332 Support for MultiPhraseQuery (and others) in FastVectorHighlighter
     new f0a4a86  LUCENE-4197 SpatialArgs- remove unused min and max params
     new 5075aba  LUCENE-4343: clear up more Tokenizer.setReader/TokenStream.reset issues
     new ad09f27  Adding failing test
     new 4e90b1f  Updating to a bugfixed S4N version
     new bd35d92  Fixing precision display
     new d2efe0d  Fixing precision display "fix"
     new 7a86ebb  Fixed compilation error resulting for previous change to demo code.
     new a85134d  Moving as part of INFRA-5246
     new 44ef738  Moving as part of INFRA-5246
     new 0862b11  Fixed paths to spatial test csproj file in solutions
     new d5e3038  Fixed BooleanClause.ToString().  Extension method has lower priority over instance method on Occur.
     new 52fd789  Fixing some results being skipped
     new 425dfd8  Updating to Spatial4n v0.3 + additional fixes
     new 8bcb1ca  LUCENE-4186 distErrPct upgrade
     new 4510770  Updating solution files (again) to have the NTS projects
     new 68cf938  LUCENE-4197 spatial: removed unused PrefixCellsTokenizer
     new 68b970f  Updating test
     new 7058cbc  LUCENE-4375 Fix use of BBoxWithin BBoxIntersects and IsWithin
     new 8e0c67b  LUCENE-4173 remove ignoreIncompatibleGeometry, fail unless given the exact shape needed
     new 0980390  Fixing incorrect ArgumentException
     new bb44a46  LUCENE-4208 makeQuery return ConstantScoreQuery, standardize makeDistanceValueSource behavior
     new cffce74  LUCENE-4389 Support dateline and circles for TwoDoublesStrategy
     new 2a00af9  Couple more updates
     new 6ed45f8  Tests catch-up
     new 1fd5ee8  Implementing RFF's GetHashCode
     new 6077513  Minor
     new 3560f66  Make sure to purge all caches in the spatial module between tests
     new eaf8ee8  SOLR-3864 maxDetailDist -> maxDistErr and make units='degrees' mandatory
     new 3523c71  LUCENE-4413 Standardize on throwing UnsupportedOperationException for a shape the strategy doesn't support
     new e7d6c21  LUCENE-4374 Rename TwoDoubles to PointVector
     new 6bcb249  Merging trunk changes into 3.0.3
     new 76fe1af  Updating Contrib.All.Test.sln to remove Contrib.Spatial.NTS.Test.csproj
     new 6869de0  Merge in changes from 3.0.3 branch, that were missing from 3.0.3 trunk changes Updated build scripts to output assemblies with correct names and packages
     new 8bca8fc  Reverted change made to the build.targets file
     new 4f90702  Renaming old doc to 2.9.4 to better represent what docs they are
     new 339bf4b  Moving 2.9.4 docs folder out of the trunk and into the docs folder
     new d04a689  Creating new 3.0.3 Branch
     new b3849e6  Updating nuspecs, also creating dedicated nuget package for spatial contrib
     new 1bd6a0c  Removing redundant Spatial.NTS.Tests project
     new 2285c1b  3.0.3 RAT -- Added licenses to all .sln files and a few .cs source files where it was missing -- Updated text in CHANGES.txt and README.txt -- Removed unnecessary files that were used to track the porting process
     new 2dc3595  Fixed a lot of XML comment errors and inconsistencies
     new 64b2d6f  removing .user file
     new 88fb67b  new 3.0.3 branch
     new cf842a6  updating build scripts for easier output of apache release files
     new 341a013  LUCENENET-512: IndexOutOfRangeException in GermanDIN2Stemmer for words starting with 'e'
     new 0f7ca67  Partial port of LUCENE-4444 , plus one passing test of using LineString
     new 5dbf0c4  Fixing bad merge
     new c8211a5  LUCENENET-513
     new 283e9b5  LUCENENET-515 "bring back TokenStream.GetAttribute(Type)" Some cleanup of AttributeSource.cs
     new 855782f  LUCENENET-515: Bring back AttributeSource.GetAttribute(Type)
     new 770649b  generate public HTML documentation for 3.0.3 release
     new 02b2430  LUCENENET-500 - Fixes for running in medium trust
     new c7f9cab  LUCENENET-518 - Changed exceptions to be serializable and added unit tests to verify Contributor: Simon Fenton <>
     new 1d08bae  LUCENENET-517 - Fixed SnowballProgram to match java version Contributor: David E. Narvaez <>
     new 62f018a  Mass convert mixed tabs to spaces
     new 6cfc95a  Fixing error message for IAttribute binding
     new ea1dc3c  Adding Version for v4
     new 1a18965  PORTED KStemmer and KStemFilter
     new b568cb5  LUCENENET-529 AOORE in Lucene.Net.Spatial.Util.FixedBitSet
     new 4743359  Refactoring from Task to Parallel class for the sake of scalability
     new e3beba7  LUCENENET-533 StringValue of NumberField is localized
     new 1866114  updating readme to direct people to current work
     new d7a8976  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6edefdd  Merge remote-tracking branch 'semihokur/master'
     new 6953376  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.0.3'
     new 4d41407  Fixing demo app, closes #8 on github
     new 906f3d6  gitignore
     new 7d50143  Dummy commit to close #11 on github
     new ac8c9fa  Fixed performance issue with IOException in FastCharStream.
     new 41ebbc2  We can't remove the IOException catch blocks completely
     new af2b5b2  LUCENENET-542: Case sensitivity in true value's ToString
     new 46032f2  LUCENENET-543 - Snowball TestApp.cs - NullReferenceException
     new c7aa99c  Adding passing test
     new fb51230  Actually running the analyzer in the test
     new a850994  Adding test artifact
     new 1da1cb5  Cleaning up and getting ready to development towards v4.8
     new 61a5c2c  REAMDE
     new 49b3be5  Fix tests compilation
     new adaf46e  BytesRefIterator
     new 77ecd48  Better hintpath
     new 2d8a963  Proper singleton
     new b6b784f  Blocking Terms Codec - nearly finished
     new 8010160  Fixing singleton + cleanup
     new 8db47fa  Fixed reflectWith and made TestAttributes pass
     new 8d49ec7  Made tests deterministic
     new 78e4bb7  Some progress
     new 273b9fd  Namespace rename Lucene.Net.Document -> Documents
     new fd0a081  FST API .NETification
     new 4986b22  Remove silly extension method
     new f69360e  Cleanup
     new fd5e63c  Fixes TestOpenBitSet
     new 2603ae8  Fixed TestOpenBitSet.TestSmall
     new be80c4e  Fixed TestSloppyMath.TestHaversin
     new 28e2750  Fixed TestSmallFloat.TestFloatToByte
     new b71aa76  Fixed BaseDocIdSetTestCase.TestAgainstBitSet
     new 9b2187e  Fixed TestLongBitSet.TestPrevSetBit
     new a3b7505  Revert "Fixed TestLongBitSet.TestPrevSetBit"
     new e232ed4  Fixed TestLongBitSet.TestPrevBitSet
     new e5d7b15  Fixed TestLongBitSet.TestSmall
     new b0601f2  Lucuene.Net.Codecs BlockTerms converted from java to C#
     new 17db2ac  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 02f232e  Clean up Appending, Bloom and DiskDV code
     new 6e90056  Updating Lucene.Net.Codes/Pulsing
     new 0fffb73  Fixing Get / Set Other
     new caa463f  Correctly translated sorting tests
     new 0ebac72  Porting Lucene.Net.Suggest (still not compiling)
     new 895be41  Commenting this out for now to fix compilation
     new 882f487  Skeleton porting of Lucene.Net.Queries
     new 674f0cb  Skeleton porting of Lucene.Net.Misc
     new 531b4af  Skeleton port of Lucene.Net.Memory
     new f8ab0de  Merge remote-tracking branch 'pradn/fixing-tests'
     new b764030  Fixed VirtualMethod.TestGeneral and VirtualMethod.TestExceptions
     new e2f44e8  .NETification
     new 95cd6c2  Fixed TestSetOnce tests
     new 8452d30  Clean up
     new 9b9b4a2  Fixed TestDoubleBarrelLRUCache.TestThreadCorrectness
     new 021236d  Fixed TestIOUtils.TestSuppressedExceptions
     new 99262d7  Fixed BaseDocIdSetTestCase.TestAgainstBitSet
     new 4c2aa1c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'pradn/fixing-tests'
     new 7b2da40  Minor
     new 2b55e53  Moving ValueSource -> ValueSources to avoid name conflicts
     new ba0f3c7  More work on Lucene.Net.Queries
     new 433a340  Cleanup
     new ddec100  Sorting the mess with FieldCache and FieldCache_Fields
     new a853887  More Lucene.Net.Queries work
     new 68c7f0c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new cf1df6b  Cleanup of codes, mostly SimpleText in this commit
     new 5506faf  More work on Lucene.Net.Queries
     new 07150be  Most of Lucene.Net.Codecs/SimpleText ported - still a little bit of work around DecimalFormat conversion
     new 3b226e8  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d852d5b  Lucene.Net.Codes/Sep fully ported, work done on SimpleText and Memory as well
     new af4d125  Lucene.Net.Codecs/Memory porting part 1
     new b5afe76  More compilation fixes to Lucene.Net.Queries
     new a3f23a7  Fix html syntax in XML comments
     new a4e8a7a  NRE on file without extension
     new 76fa486  Remove static in setup/teardown methods
     new bf7317d  Various fixes
     new 051b0ef  Some files cleanup
     new 42bbbba  Lucene.NET to target .NET 4.5.1
     new a37fd38  Various
     new e07d113  Start bringing in BCL bits to reuse available bits
     new f52cf1a  More compilation fixes to Lucene.Net.Queries
     new 4c20661  More compilation fixes
     new f6387ca  Cannot reference "this" in ctor redirects
     new e27e761  Restructure classes
     new dc90e16  Fixing compilation
     new 3ec43cb  Add Lucene.Net.Queries to main solution
     new dd02516  Apparently we do need to have Boost virtual
     new 638d77b  No need for double generic definition
     new 40ac413  Work on Lucene.Net.Suggest
     new 709445e  Lucene.Net.Suggest to target .NET 4.5.1
     new 6d26b3c  Some more work on Lucene.Net.Suggest
     new b8454a3  Changing naming to make porting of more stuff easier
     new 9971717  Raw porting of Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common
     new ce4970c  Revert "Updating Lucene.Net.Codes/Pulsing"
     new 6d9a6ff  Revert "Revert "Updating Lucene.Net.Codes/Pulsing""
     new 0cc0e7e  Updating Memory Codec
     new bcff24d  close apache/ - long ago fixed
     new a7d71c2  Merge pull request #1 from apache/master
     new ca463d3  fix Equals for Query object
     new 931d42e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e4e81d0  fix build
     new 6f6f938  More porting fixes
     new cd3ee13  More Analysis porting fixes
     new a159335  More fixes
     new 139ad81  Getting rid of most sbyte usage in public API
     new ee57533  Bring ByteSequencesWriter back in
     new 4f1399f  Helper method for sbyte[]->byte[] conversion
     new 982eaf6  first commit of facet porting, failing tests will be fixed in next commits.
     new e01bbc0  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 70e1c54  fix old sbyte
     new f9ee124  dot-netify (change to upper case functions and properties)
     new f1262cd  fix double range facet count test
     new eabf7f2  fix test TestMergeStability
     new ec71eac  More work into Number helper class
     new 65825c1  Renaming back to slop
     new f173e12  Merge remote-tracking branch 'mdissel/master'
     new 58ccdea  Fixing compilation
     new 712ea2e  More explicit Equals
     new 31a6e4f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'eladmarg/master'
     new b7d27c2  Clean up irrelevant files
     new 1bcfe34  Updating README
     new 0735c94  Closes #21
     new a33ca52  More updates to IntBlock and SimpleText codecs
     new eea269f  Move facets into src folder
     new 74f5622  Issue with git mv, remove old csproj
     new 5912eab  fix for dictionary getter (assume nulls in results)
     new 0a5ecb0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'paul/move-facets'
     new 2200e79  Various test framework fixes
     new eec73d5  Merge remote-tracking branch 'paul/master'
     new df4afdc  finished conversion of Lucene.Net.Codes.Intblock
     new 2d7533d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new aba955c  port of lucene-solr/lucene/classification w/o tests
     new 583627a  fixes based on feedback (rename classes, fix indents, remove 'this.')
     new c0c1019  Bring Query.Equals() to be back in par with the Java impl
     new 78d60e3  classification tests and fixes
     new 3134b63  add Util\DataSplitter and corresponding tests
     new b5568a3  formatting
     new 26fd3f3  Cleanup
     new b7cf135  Fixes issues with AddAttribute in several places
     new 2221c6e  Avoid KeyNotFoundException
     new c9caf7c  Query equals check for null, dictionary usage fixes
     new b688fb3  looks like a remnant of sbyte to byte fixes
     new 6b16956  change implementation so that Read overrides behave as expected
     new 959ceb9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/MockReaderWrapper_fixes'
     new ff4ef28  return -1 if reader returns 0 or less
     new 1191717  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/MockTokenizer_fixes'
     new 6cfc4fe  different approach to recasing test strings
     new febdd0f  Fixing possible NRE
     new 6a5ab75  Fixing path access denied error on MMappedDir
     new cb4bbe0  Cleanup
     new a57d720  throw a more informative exception to track down TeamCity test failures
     new 6f88e8a  fixes for several dictionary lookups
     new 2bf2084  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/dictionary_fixes'
     new aa1f8b4  fix path lookup
     new 0a03242  use GetTryValue for dictionary lookups
     new 80e1f92  make sure to use offset / length when comparing uft8 buffer
     new 645b21d  fixes for handling surrogate chars properly
     new 644f101  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/dictionary_fixes'
     new 971b6a3  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/unicode_issues'
     new 3c3b8f6  uncomment out incorrect default codec setting, fixes for read return values
     new b47de89  open and access memory mapped file in read mode
     new 68aa972  Moving Lucene.Net.Facet tests to their appropriate place
     new 56049f9  Adding Lucene.Net.Classification to the sln
     new b0e9276  Make some test failures easier to catch and understand
     new 48c00db  Fixing test by removing bad cast
     new 7bcff53  Remove faulty ConcurrentList implementation from Support classes
     new 0675408  use BitArray SafeSet extension to mimic Java behavior
     new 355f09d  removed unused namespace
     new f3a5a56  Rename
     new 4128ced  Cleanup
     new f81d543  Semi-fixed the test, now throws UnauthorizedAccessException
     new 5155ef8  Some more work on Analysis.Common
     new e86fa73  More remnants of the sbyte->byte conversion
     new d7bf8bd  enable assumetrue/false
     new 1b3a521  undo accidental change that was checked in
     new b890707  Project dependencies order
     new ab8a943  More sbyte->byte conversion remnants
     new 14c44d5  Try to avoid confusion between branches
     new 35e882e  use set equality check
     new fbf7f12  Adding helper method for easier porting of tests
     new 67f47ad  Finish porting CommonGrams support
     new 39ae8f9  remove unnecessary byte buffer
     new 7b8256c  fsync for directories on windows does not make sense
     new ee7ef24  Bring in basic support for Nightly / Weekly / AwaitsFix
     new b18ae0a  More Nightlys
     new 6b0841c  We can use the CLR's Delete recursive
     new 7a5aa5c  Minor cleanups
     new 26de7b8  Cleanup temporary files after test run
     new 4560053  Strengthening tests and adding TODO
     new 4b6eafe3 Fix more sbyte -> byte conversion remnants, making more tests green
     new 36582a3  Remove debugging code
     new c7473a5  Nicer failures
     new cb2dfdc  Clean redundant Dir delete
     new 8a999e1  Fix NativeFSLock, round 1
     new ca7e09b  Some more work on tests
     new d71f714  Better NativeFSLock, phase 2
     new dae38d4  Tests
     new b0bbd9e  Fix possible endless recursive call
     new fbabfe9  NativeFSLocks in Java are de facto singletons
     new 3b37fac  Cleanup
     new 309ebc7  Lets catch more failing tests
     new 1c1fc88  ignore fsync for directory completely
     new c299699  Merge into IOUtils_fix
     new a098c0b  Fixing test
     new f09cd68  TODOs
     new f7cc217  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/IOUtils_fix'
     new 45133b2  Some tests just take longer to run...
     new e3558b8  Better failure description
     new f79148c  Another confirmed long running test
     new c9426e7  Fixing some more tests by asserting on the right things
     new a958569  Minor
     new e6f76bb  Remove endless iterations, Repeat(10) should be enough
     new bd5a842  fix sbyte cast breaking comparison logic
     new da202bd  closes #44
     new 78c524d  Another long running test
     new 39ec9d8  More porting work on Analysis.Common
     new f4ccfb9  Some more work on Codecs
     new b4d51ea  More work on Codecs
     new 7970bb6  use appropriate precision digits
     new 08fd199  second param is number of items not max range
     new da67eb0  use UnmodifiedList as a reference to children array
     new 6aef0b0  without using UnmodifiableList
     new b46c67c  Use List.AsReadOnly() when possible
     new 6c65307  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/FieldCacheSanitychecker_CompositeReaderContext_fixes'
     new cd4e2e1  use reference instead of value type to match Lucene's logic
     new 9c2d161  remove unnecessary comment
     new 7854027  Remove Test attribute from facet helper methods
     new 00d3d5f  Remove another invalid Test attribute
     new 3ecdbb1  handle null DocValuesType appropriately
     new bf30302  Fix bitset tests
     new af14fbc  Fix previous commit, was using wrong operator
     new 5eeb322  Cleanup
     new ab58fa2  fix ReverseByteReader Position setter
     new 9b7cd19  change from long to long? in FST to match Lucene logic
     new 580df44  use Equals instead of cast to object
     new dd5e572  correct Debug.Assert comparisson
     new a836989  more Equals comparisson fixes
     new 2d850fd  Update for SimpleText Codec from changed to Lucene.Net Core, and updates to Memory codec
     new eb4de4d  Go back to using .NET natives
     new eef0386  More .NET alignment
     new 97f2fdb  More .NETization
     new 40b5ade  Remove now unused (and redundant) ConcurrentHashMap
     new 9d9e50f  closes apache/lucenenet#9  *Out of date*
     new 5de15ec  Moved Codecs Tests to their rightful place + folder uppercasing
     new cf5ebe1  fix enumerator port to use appropriate logic
     new 1379b38  Minor
     new 547b69f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/MissingOrdRemapper_fixes'
     new 2cc5573  adding project reference rather than static reference to help the build server.
     new 2b48ed0  Fixing tests in Lucene.Net.Tests.Classificaton too.
     new c2cd0e1  fixing the Facet tests so that they use the right assembly name and default namespace.
     new 593231b  fix overflow resulting in negative values
     new a6aa4e2  Some treatment to exceptions thrown from Field
     new d0ec50f  We should be treating this value as an sbyte
     new 1b806eb  Various
     new 4edb41b  match Lucene logic for merging values
     new 9776c70  merge with upstream/head, fix conflicts
     new 56bfeaa  More porting work
     new 8520cba  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/merge_logic_fixes'
     new 3ce9d4c  values iterator should not be used here
     new 07c8f1c  use only LogDocMergePolicy while fixing LogByteSizeMergePolicy
     new 7e9e309  add comment explaining why it is commented out
     new e3c1ef7  Adding
     new a9e8fe7  (1) Increased the timeout of one test. It required more time to complete.
     new 4b9f3eb  Minor
     new b5be9c0  Closes #61
     new 4513c52  Various
     new 67af7e4  We don't need a lock here
     new 25405e3  Fix compilation
     new 280b775  (1) Fixed the Fsync method. The using instruction was being used improperly.
     new 0fae0c4  Closes #62
     new 69f2911  More porting work
     new b6c1b5d  Adding Expressions with some failing tests
     new fe96530  Normalizing to NUnit 2.6.3
     new 2c56658  fix LogMergePolicy IsMerged logic
     new 2fcf7d2  Expressions: better error message on parse errors
     new d463487  Fix a KeyNotFound exception
     new 26ebf9e  fix enumerators to use appropriate logic
     new f300a4d  support negative numbers
     new 3fb54ee  More sbyte->byte fixes, cleanup
     new bef6b9d  More cleanup
     new 7e134f1  Fixing compilation
     new 394e328  Fixing some more tests
     new 518b676  Marking TODO
     new 554d1ec  Fix NRE
     new faef466  Marking a few things long running. (+1 squashed commits)
     new e64da2c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'wwwb/long-running-test-attribute'
     new 621c9dc  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.MemoryPostingsFormat.cs cleaned up
     new 5a3a2e1  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.FSTOrdTermsReader.cs cleaned up
     new 5f1455b  Refactoring / cleaing up Memory/DirectPostingsFormat.cs
     new f32e349  Final clean up for Memory/DirectPostingsFormat.cs
     new d52d7b6  Finalizing Memory Codecs
     new f09f07e  Refactoring to accomodate changes from long to long?
     new 107238d  fix empty if statement
     new 0275b4d  use OrderedDictionary to preserve insertion order
     new 692b43c  The checks in the stack trace to decide where the error was from were using the wrong variables to get the type of the object the method in the stack was calling from. Changed frame.GetType().Name to method.DeclaringType.Name and fixed some casing problems in the constants.
     new 511507f  Missing the IndexWriterConfig was missing SetCheckIntegrityAtMerge method.
     new 8d48818  pulling out nightly attributes and pulling in LongRunningTest attributes.
     new 16f2d8d  Protect from null values as keys
     new a4e60e3  Cleanup
     new 086ef2e  .NET doesn't support removing an iterm while iterating a collection
     new 903d885  Another LongRunningTest backed by a shorter one
     new 5e9250f  Fixing another reflection test
     new 74deb0d  preserve exception type
     new 77160d7  set lock factory directly and not through setter
     new 01e3465  removing unnecessary bindingredirects causing Facet tests to be unrunnable.
     new 37e7601  also needed to fix Classification tests
     new 4d5b501  adding long running test flag to TestRandomUnicodeStrings (+4 squashed commit)
     new 3bbcce2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'wwwb/facet-test-fix2'
     new dd89c8b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'wwwb/long-running-test-marking'
     new e6b5b5e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'wwwb/long-running-tests2'
     new 6fc96d5  Fix for TestSegmentsChecksumError()
     new dbeeb6c  Remove the debug statement I accidentally left in.
     new 31422d4  closes #77
     new 645497a  pass parameter types to avoid ambigious match exception
     new 48dfdc4  use set equality check
     new e2f872d  Expressions test cases fixed
     new b15f241  A thread wasn't closing files.
     new 302bc35  (guidotag via laimis) this closes #84
     new 513d91f  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/ms_store_3'
     new b7108d4  Cleanup
     new b8ec924  Random() needs to be initialized once per test
     new af785e2  initialize doc before each test run
     new 830932a  match Lucene logic and mark IncrementToken as sealed
     new 150651b  mark as sealed
     new c9f901b  Moving the 3.0 spatial module to serve as a basis to Lucene.Net.Spatial
     new d7e43df  more marked as sealed
     new d5f61fd  Adding Lucene.Net.Tests.Queries
     new 4ab09e4  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/index_fixes_2'
     new a99c15c  Fixing ToString tests
     new 3cf4277  More sealing
     new 0471466  More Lucene.Net.Queries tests
     new 7187496  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/Chand5'
     new 36f11ea  Using the proper Equals
     new a947b92  Minor.
     new 111884d  Sealing.
     new 1661839  Found one more missing sealed
     new 92a69f0  Merge remote-tracking branch 'prescott/Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory'
     new 5a8c736  Cleanup and fixes to L.N.Codecs
     new 5e17a27  Renaming enum
     new 51eb5d7  TODOs
     new b84ad8c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guido/Chand5'
     new 9c38dec  Added maxSize >= 0 check.
     new 5361c00  Changed a variable name. Changed and added comments.
     new aeb5e03  Added PQ tests.
     new 84e29b5  Removed old tests.
     new 707647d  Added one more test.
     new 3c85fc8  TestStress is now a real stress test. The benchmarks were moved to a special function. Added persistance test.
     new 0494549  Typo.
     new 460692d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/ms_pq_fixes'
     new 0548f76  GetAndIncrement should return one less the final value of the synchronized variable, after incrementing it. It was generating a race condition because a few threads could read the same value.
     new ad8ca53  Cast the float to a double before converting to a string to get extra precision. This helps keep all the digits for comparison later.
     new 1058ff7  There was a race condition triggered by TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.TestStressDeleteQueue. The value of Next changed after the Node original = Next; statement. This would cause the function to return false and end up corrupting the linked list. Comparing with cmp (the value passed in) ensures that we properly return false if there is a change in Next.
     new f1a2b50  Proper way to compare sets
     new bc17a24  Interlocked pattern fixes.
     new ff91e96  Fix Term.CompareTo() to use Ordinal for the field name. This matches what Java does as a default.
     new 9248546  Comment out assert.
     new 02c0a0a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/FixTermCompareTo'
     new 4b24d4c  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/RemoveUnnecessaryAssert'
     new f26f764  Various cleanups and API .NETification
     new ffb1cd5  Closes #95
     new ecdbcbb  Fix for TestIndexableField.TestArbitraryFields - In java, the byte class is signed and in C# it is unsigned. Changed the unit test to cast to a (byte) insetad of an (sbyte).
     new 44ecc42  Moving to a separate branch for independent PR.
     new abce0d5  Added resizing functionality to the PQ. This is needed to support usages in which the maximum size cannot be predefined. Discarded a test which checked correct overflow. Added a test to check resizing.
     new bf98bca  Added ToArray method to the PQ. Added more tests to check resizing.
     new 9428451  Changed the only reference to Support's PQ. Changed the corresponding method calls.
     new eb8a962  Added ToArray method to the PQ.
     new 2e5ba2b  Changed the only reference to Support's PQ. Changed the corresponding method calls.
     new a3220b5  Quickly fixing compilation by specifying arbitrary default value
     new 5294167  Removing ugly method (still a few left to go)
     new 0b794bb  more sealed increment token
     new 5f3998b  Using proper method of comparing sets, removing noisy method
     new 2611584  Fixing NRE
     new 1581746  make sure base is not appended as char
     new 051427b  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/FixParCompCompReader'
     new ee021b6  The queue is resizable only when constructed with no parameters.
     new 1ac986d  API .NETification
     new a559648  Excluding obsolete classes - may bring them back when porting is done
     new 3533077  Rename to LuceneVersion to aboid conflicting with System.Version
     new f77e83e  More porting work on Analysis.Common
     new 5401ade  don't convert to sbyte
     new ac8fa48  Some more porting work
     new 9769e6d  Fix for TestThreadInterruptDeadlock
     new 9b57fca  Fix for TestDirectoryReaderReopen.TestThreadSafety
     new 9ad837f  Fix for TestIndexReaderClose.TestCloseUnderException
     new 3a025d9  Closes #113
     new e3c58c3  Add LUCENENET TODO Make sure we do not forget about tracking the dropped exceptions.
     new 62c02b3  initialize test doc on each test run
     new 781e1c2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/testsegmentreader_fix'
     new bdf4ec7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/ms_pq_references'
     new 3d09260  Merge remote-tracking branch 'guidotag/TestThreadSafety2'
     new 9ff4903  Moving some unused stuff around
     new 979403c  Fixing NRE
     new 3c73a17  Making it easier to debug an exception + various cleanups
     new aabf15f  Marking test as explicit
     new 9e1e797  mark long running test, ignore test we are not ready to use
     new 01bac7d  initialize snapshots on each test run
     new 82f9015  add SetUp attribute
     new 02d2bef  initialize docs on each test run
     new 0da1fe3  don't use instance variables, clean up test
     new 141f838  Temporart cleanup failure should not fail the test
     new dd7dba7  use regex as logic expects
     new 326d856  Marking more LongRunningTests
     new aea4304  fix string format to match what Lucene is doing
     new 925c280  decimal values were appended when intention was to append chars
     new 6729188  seal IncrementToken
     new b9237de  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/regexp_fixes'
     new 9a920eb  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/querybuilder_fix'
     new 80bcdfa  make sure ids start with 0 and not 1
     new 6bbe71f  output deleted ids for easier debugging
     new 0a1964e  ignore known failing test, same as in Lucene
     new 52b13ba  fix number formatting
     new 8223d54  fix Bits2words logic
     new dc71f60  Some code fixes to Spatial, merging in before re-porting from 4.8.0
     new 464fd50  Removing GetCanonicalPath to match Lucene logic of not creating the directory first
     new ea7cfe6  Bringing code to be inline with the Java version
     new 626bb65  Marking some more long running tests
     new 4436360  Minor code cleanup
     new 31a43f0  Fixing tests by catching the right exception
     new 07648a3  init bytesref on each iteration
     new 5091a1d  Cleanup
     new c83d8e8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/binarydocvalueswriter_fixes'
     new e670c1e  Various fixes
     new 8d7a54f  TextReader.Read actually returns 0
     new b4eaf2f  More porting work
     new b61e2b9  make sure to init new instance of bytresref when enumerating
     new 8b9ae9c  fix reverse byte reader
     new c0aa821  More porting work
     new dedfe73  detect NaN and return appropriate value
     new c7b1490  match expected order in Lucene
     new d021a52  change how TopTermsRewrite instance of is checked
     new fdda205  mark interface as internal
     new 3813937  make sure to invoke appropriate CompareValues via FieldComparator
     new b692fc0  use CompareOrdinal vs CompareTo
     new 465f7b9  fix skip bytes implementation
     new 27be98a  fix assert logic
     new 19f506c  open with read/write sharing instead of read
     new ff6f242  put back the test to match what Lucene is doing
     new ef7a7ad  use appropriate filestream share mode
     new 3d6fb12  use GetSafe instead of Get to simulate java behavior
     new 7a1f331  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/docidbitsetfix'
     new df753f9  Fixing test failures relating to folders existence checks
     new ab7e932  use SafeGet and SafeSet for bitarray to match Lucene behavior
     new 9f5fa01  make sure offsetGap is nullable int
     new 569f302  bring back the tests to match Lucene
     new 784eba7  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/mockanalyzer_fix'
     new 1454e2b  check for appropriate exception
     new b22388e  use proper
     new 792dbad  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/nextrand_fix'
     new 66917a6  don't wrap exceptions
     new 95f358e  add Test attribute
     new e7381c0  don't perform logic in Debug.Assert
     new 4eab349  fix spelling mistake
     new 40ea94e  check tokenstream implementation outside of debug.assert
     new 185e3e1  run testpoint outside of debug.assert
     new 085519a  remove indexwriter debug.assert side effects
     new 37c4003  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/stallcontrol_fix'
     new 88645fa  use setup/teardown instead of fixture setup/teardown
     new 2473bbf  couple more sealed IncrementToken changes
     new 4e804cd  set platform target to AnyCPU for Release builds
     new f963b1d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/incrementtoken_fixes'
     new ee1635f  use Environment.TickCount instead DateTime.Now.Millisecond
     new 6133cf8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into timing_fixes
     new e3833d6  put back commented out code
     new d00a426  use nullable int to matche Lucene
     new ae1fc2a  synchronize access to underlying file stream for NIOFSDirectory
     new cd0a14a  synchronize access to underlying file stream for NIOFSDirectory
     new 40684b8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/niofsdirectory_synchronization'
     new f47779a  More work on Analysis.Common
     new cbdf72e  Use DateTime.UtcNow.Ticks instead of Environment.TickCount
     new 26758e6  fix the same issue in teardown
     new c11e368  use reduced precision float base class
     new 70ba377  Merge remote-tracking branch 'laimis/controlfp_s'
     new 9611865  Completed the BoostingQueryTest class
     new 7b4987f  Ported the ChainedFilterTest class.
     new 2808ec7  Finished testing Lucene.Net.Queries
     new ecd2860  Merge pull request #1 from jpsullivan/queries-test-coverage
     new bd772f0  Ported over the first batch of items from the Join project
     new 47f20b9  Completed the implementation port of the Join project
     new dff959f  Introduced tests for Lucene.Net.Join
     new 1213ca7  All ToChildBlockJoinQuery tests passing
     new 0213f53  Implemented the last of the Lucene.Net.Join tests
     new 4820f23  Lucene.Net.Join tests now passing
     new 812e1c5  Revert Random() seed
     new c64856a  adding converted analysis common tests
     new 092aab4  add project
     new 8cef92b  Tests for character utils
     new be39dfd  closes apache/lucenenet#157
     new 4dcbcd1  port of CharTokenizer and other code it depends on, and corresponding unit tests
     new 5efaf75  Added Sort and BinarySearch methods
     new 2906807  Create AbstractDistinctValuesCollector.cs
     new c6d7bec  Create TermDistinctValuesCollector.cs
     new c05507a  Use a single Any CPU build configuration.
     new 7b86647  Refactored NamedSPILoader and Codec class tests.
     new e218ff6  LUCENET-555 Removing dependency on external zip library.
     new c41b390  Remove use of C# 6 features
     new bc720e2  Remove use of C# 6 features
     new 9206d95  Merge remote-tracking branch 'EMaher/master'
     new ffc9a39  Merge remote-tracking branch 'joz/feature/spiloader_tests'
     new c3ac8b9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'joz/fix/build_anycpu'
     new c006314  Really removing SharpZipLib from deps
     new 4674916  replace InstanceNotFoundException with the base Exception class to allow building on Mono and Linux
     new 6c62d64  Removing Apache.NMS dependency.
     new 8e144a0  More work on Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common
     new 9a60677  fix build on mono/linux where files names are case senstive
     new e0e42f4  use InvalidOperationException as suggest by Itamar to pass build on mono
     new 72ec63a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'emaher/emaher/removeApacheNMS'
     new a5e8c8b  Revert "Removing Apache.NMS dependency."
     new 69592a6  Removing Apache.NMS dependency.
     new c78bc2e  Close #168
     new b6c703d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'devheroo/master'
     new 176d2c0  .NETification of SearcherManager
     new 47aed08  Error handling
     new 046bebe  Fixes the Nuget Nunit reference for Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions
     new 3277316  Merge remote-tracking branch 'Shazwazza/fixNunitRef'
     new 4db724f  Fixing docs
     new 6533b77  Fixing naming error in test project.
     new 9185b0a  Adding NUnit project GUIDs to test projects (automatically added by VS)
     new 17515ff  Adding IMergeScheduler and IConcurrentMergeScheduler
     new 473b792  Adding MergeScheduler that uses Tasks
     new 653d8a3  Adding tests for TaskMergeScheduler
     new df83f07  Adding TaskMergeScheduler as a case where it can randomly be set as MergeScheduler
     new 53f4897  Adding LUCENENET specific to Lucene.NET only changes
     new 447e2ce  WIP
     new 8a85971  Removing compiler preprocessors
     new 2c8e4a9  Moving license to top of file and combings usings into one location
     new 0af102e  Removing duplicated Verbose method and passing it in MergeThread.ctor
     new 3aa0c5e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'conniey/conniey/addTaskScheduler' into analysis-work
     new 93acfd9  Changing static variables to static readonly
     new 30804e0  Clean unused references
     new 46be1f1  Clean unused references
     new 1d8582f  Fixing compilation
     new 655fa1a  Changing OLD_FORMAT_IMPERSONATION_IS_ACTIVE to non-static property
     new 2561993  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into analysis-work
     new 0c794a3  Fixing test failures
     new ae41663  Changing ClassEnvRule to non-static
     new 4b52ddf  Fixing test errors with teardown/setup
     new d7e15dc  Adding a static LuceneTestCase.NewIndexWriterConfig method
     new ab57fd1  Modifying RandomIndexWriter ctors to take Similarity and Timezone
     new 6f3e807  Fixing build errors from adding extra params to RandomIndexWriter
     new 6614015  Making one LuceneTestCase.NewIndexWriterConfig non-static
     new 8be2a54  Adding parameters to static NewSearcher
     new c499981  Making LuceneTestCase.NewField/NewTextField non-static
     new ef7f1dd  Adding another overload for LuceneTestCase.NewSearcher
     new 9591b70  Fixing RandomIndexWriter build errors in BaseTokenStreamTestCase
     new 72840c6  Fixing NewField build errors in ThreadingIndexingAndSearching
     new 9067582  Fixing NewSearcher errors in QueryUtils
     new 659d952  Fixing RandomIndexWriter ctor error in SearchEquivalentTestBase
     new 3c2c4f4  Changed IndexableField.Name() to IndexableField.Name (method into a property) for API consistency.
     new b83de2c  Changed IndexableField.FieldType() to IndexableField.FieldType (method into a property) for API consistency.
     new 87aa424  Changed IndexableField.GetBoost() to IndexableField.Boost (method into a property) for API consistency.
     new cf2396b  Changed IndexableField.BinaryValue() to IndexableField.BinaryValue (method into a property) for API consistency.
     new 9ecd633  Added QueryParser project and ported all of the Classic namespace files.
     new f3bc6a3  Ported tests for the QueryParser.Classic namespace and refactored QueryParserTestBase so the test runner will run all of the tests.
     new a696ce2  Refactoring to ensure that the abstract members are available in the context of the base class test (otherwise many of the tests get a NotImplementedException on the QueryParserTestBase).
     new 44f59f1  Changed QueryParserTokenManager line back to the way it was in Lucene.Net 3.0.3, although it differs than the Java version, this appears to be correct in .NET.
     new ea7c7ca  Marked all IncrementToken() methods sealed in test TokenFilter classes.
     new f21ddf2  Fixed issue with attributes not being set at the class level in MockCJKSynonymFilter.
     new 30e2532  Fixed test name casing.
     new 4a39a91  Fixed long/ulong casting issues in QueryParserTokenManager.
     new fc3501d  Fixed Substring bugs because of the difference between the Java and .NET Substring function.
     new 3013048  Fixed bug in Lucene.Net.Util.ToStringUtils that was causing issues with the QueryParser tests. Rolled the Boost(float) method back to the Lucene.Net 3.0.3 state.
     new db3b79b  Added QueryParser.Analyzing namespace + tests.
     new 3d7dc6d  Ported QueryParser.ComplexPhrase namespace + tests.
     new a4f15f5  Ported QueryParser.Ext namespace + tests.
     new 95bd05b  Fixing non-static calls from private classes using OuterInstance
     new 3930ae4  Exposing external getters for ClassEnvRule.TimeZone and Similarity
     new c15ab48  Changing methods that do not have to be static to non-static. (ie. TestFixture TearDown/Setup)
     new b9bb484  Adding TestWriterMethods so that it does not rely on external static call
     new f772f19  Injecting OLD_FORMAT_IMPERSONATION_IS_ACTIVE into Codecs so that they do not reference static value
     new c8e1eae  Passing Similarity and TimeZone into RandomIndexWriter ctors.
     new a2df5d1  Ported QueryParser.Simple namespace + tests.
     new 7337acd  Ported QueryParser.Surround namespace + tests.
     new 2f63706  Updated comments.
     new be673c2  Moved Lucene.Net.QueryParser and Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser projects into src\ directory.
     new ebfd196  Fixed accessibility of classes and members to match that of Java.
     new 0f40417  Added missing guard clause to SimpleQueryParser.DefaultOperator.
     new 9e652a0  Added missing documentation to SpanNearClauseFactory
     new 0267b9c  Removed unnecessary usings.
     new 32ecd80  Implemented IsReadOnly property and removed C# 6 features because the project doesn't compile with VS 2012.
     new 58e4bd8  Ported WordlistLoader + tests.
     new 09bcbbc  Ported StopFilter + tests (except those that depend on StopAnalyzer).
     new b97c804  Stop filter cleanup
     new 1dd68c3  Ported Analysis.Core.StopAnalzer + tests.
     new 2aad154  Fixed infinite recursion issue and several other bugs with CharArrayMap and CharArraySet.
     new 0bea87f  Fixed bug in Core.Util.SPIClassIterator - it was ignoring types that have constructor parameters, but the AnalysisSPILoader uses parameters.
     new c8aefca  Added TestStandardFactories and all dependencies so the tests pass.
     new 6b42627  Ported URLEmailTokenizer classes and tests.
     new 52f3b5e  Reset all packed chars to Lucene 4.8.0 state to be 100% sure that no errors were made.
     new 3deb0bd  Ported backward compatibility for StandardTokenizer.
     new f0d32c3  Ported the ClassicAnalyzer to complete the Analysis.Standard namespace.
     new 3facf5e  Added the LongRunnintTest attribute to TestSegmentingTokenizerBase.TestRandomStrings() and TestRollingCharBuffer.Test().
     new 35ebd54  Added Analysis.Core.StopFilterFactory + tests. Fixed some bugs in the ClasspathResourceLoader and CharArraySet in the process.
     new 4114f55  Core.Util.NamedSPILoader bug fix: Added logic to check for a default constructor before attempting to instantiate (previously removed from Core.Util.NamedSPIIterator to fix another bug).
     new 14a8bce  Ported TestAnalyzers.
     new 6d122a6  Ported TestClassicAnalyzer
     new 03610c9  Ported TestStandardAnalyzer and fixed a bug in StandardTokenizerImpl40
     new 4838ea4  Ported TestFactories and fixed bugs in MockTokenizer
     new fdb922c  Ported TestUAX29URLEmailAnalyzer and TestUAX29URLEmailTokenizer and added extensions to assist with reading embedded resources in test projects.
     new 81c7f72  Ported TestKeywordAnalyzer
     new 96b9f94  Ported TestDuelingAnalyzers
     new bd6dc63  Ported TypeTokenFilter and TypeTokenFilterFactory + tests.
     new 76c4a53  Trying to fix tests
     new 81b8fe8  Fixed ugly string formatting in the ToStringUtils.Boost code that was carried over from Luene.Net 3.0.3. Added a test to ensure that the functionality is identical.
     new c6f1a19  Fixed ToStringUtils.Boost() for when the number to the left of the decimal is 0.
     new 73f6094  Updated IndexableField references in Lucene.Net.Suggest\Suggest\DocumentDictionary
     new 4d0877f  Ported Core.Codecs.Perfield.TestPerFieldPostingsFormat2 tests and removed [Test] attribute from 2 non-tests.
     new 11edb46  Fixed both the CharArrayMap and the test to make the TestCharArrayMap test pass. Both made the assumption that the return value of Put is the current value, when it is actually the prior value before setting it.
     new 560aad7  Revert "Trying to fix tests" - already mostly completed
     new 03b4639  Merge branch 'analysis-work-stale' into analysis-work
     new f8bbf12  Fixed bug in Core.Support.Character.IsLetter(). Char.ConvertFromUtf32() throws an exception for characters from 0x00d800 to 0x00dfff inclusive, so there is no way to check if they are a letter. Passing the char directly to Char.GetUnicodeCategory() resolves several test failures including TestCrossPlatformNormalization (& 2), TestLetterUnicode, and TestLetterUnicodeHuge.
     new 7d5c11d  Moved the TestToStringUtils class to the Lucene.Net.Core.Support namespace.
     new 58db5a3  Cleanup comments.
     new 4a4278c  Changed WordlistLoader to automatically close TextReaders as was done in the original.
     new c4c6219  Fixed TextReader bug in RollingCharBuffer
     new 7b6285f  Refactored AnalysisSPILoader to remove the redundant type (both as a generic type and a Type argument).
     new 663b443  Cleanup comments.
     new 6b3c169  Corrected accessibility on FilteringTokenFilter.IncrementToken().
     new 894bd01  Cleanup code and comments in CharTokenizer.
     new b0227d3  Removed unused using.
     new 5922bb6  Moved CharacterIterator to Core.Support. Refactored to appropriate properties/methods and removed unnecessary ICharacterIterator interface.
     new 1863bb8  Fixing bug where class rather than local variable was used
     new be84fe2  Adding LUCENENET specific documentation
     new 22caeb0  Fixing bug where incorrect searcher variable was used
     new 990e859  Removed LongRunningTest attiribute from TestSegmentingTokenizerBase.TestRandomStrings() and TestRollingCharBuffer.Test() because these tests only take a long time if verbose is true.
     new 13fadeb  Adding LUCENENET specific comments to APIs that changed
     new a1d4a61  Fixed bug in BaseTokenStreamTestCase that caused one test's failure to pollute other tests with false negatives by not properly disposing the token stream.
     new a0b6d18  Removed unused CharacterIterator class (was previously moved to Core.Support).
     new ff20482  Updated comments for Lucene.NET specific code with keyword LUCENENET.
     new a9a189c  Fixed bug with using char.ToLower() on surrogate pairs. Changed to Character.ToLowerCase(), which works on regular chars and surrogate pairs as well.
     new 9e84366  Merge remote-tracking branch 'conniey/notRemovingCtors'
     new 8ce8e81  Merge remote-tracking branch '888/core-tests'
     new cd97487  Ported Analysis.CharFilter namespace + tests.
     new 4351a92  Ported Analysis.Reverse namespace + tests.
     new 80604c8  Ported Analysis.CommonGrams namespace + tests.
     new 0934650  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.WordDelimiter*, Analysis.Cz + tests.
     new c617210  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.TestASCIIFoldingFilter
     new a11cb6d  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.TestEmptyTokenStream
     new 0cbdba1  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.TestHyphenatedWordsFilter
     new 3f291ae  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.TestKeywordMarkerFilter and Analysis.Miscellaneous.PatternKeywordMarkerFilter
     new 11fd397  Ported TestLimitTokenCountAnalyzer
     new 31f6963  Ported TestLimitTokenCountFilter
     new 0d49be3  Ported TestLucene47WordDelimiterFilter
     new 1e41db0  Ported TestPerFieldAnalyzerWrapper
     new 99a020d  Ported TestPrefixAndSuffixAwareTokenFilter
     new dcd3b1a  Ported TestPrefixAwareTokenFilter
     new 5933b6d  Ported CapitalizationFilter, CapitalizationFilterFactory + tests
     new a6b3e49  Ported CodepointCountFilter, CodepointCountFilterFactory + tests
     new e80d7ed  Ported Analysis.En + tests
     new f491cd5  Ported HyphenatedWordsFilterFactory, KeywordMarkerFilterFactory, KeywordRepeatFilterFactory + tests
     new d542cf8  Ported TestLengthFilter, TestLengthFilterFactory + tests
     new fa00686  Fix for correcting offsets - we don't want to override that functionality in BufferedCharFilter.
     new 93cc73c  Enhancement to make ClasspathResourceLoader function with assembly qualified strings.
     new e684a91  Ported Analysis.Shingle namespace + tests.
     new 0bdd85d  Ported LimitTokenCountFilterFactory, LimitTokenPositionFilterFactory + tests
     new 9825d92  Ported Analysis.Pattern namespace + tests
     new 9e07a35  Ported Analysis.Ngram + tests
     new 1b15982  Ported Analysis.Synonym namespace + tests.
     new 12d19e4  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.TestLimitTokenPositionFilter
     new 84ff073  Ported RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilter, RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilterFactory + tests
     new b3a1551  Ported ScandinavianFoldingFilter, ScandinavianNormalizationFilter + factories + tests
     new 7e7e915  Ported StemmerOverrideFilter, TrimFilter, TruncateTokenFilter + factories + tests
     new 1843e7e  Ported KeepWordFilter + factory + tests
     new 98cde1b  Ported Analysis.Position namespace + tests
     new d1faddc  Ported Analysis.Path namespace + tests
     new 0ed5b3c  Ported Analysis.Payloads + tests
     new 610c10d  Ported Analysis.Query namespace + tests. Fixed Query namespace collisions in test framework.
     new 30129b9  Ported Analysis.Sinks namespace + tests
     new 5a9a18e  Ported Analysis.Wikipedia namespace + tests
     new 71aee63  Ported Analysis.Core.TestBugInSomething
     new f300ad5  Merge branch 'master' into analysis-work-2
     new fe05db2  Fixed malformed XML in Lucene.Net.TestFramework.csproj
     new 80c9e8c  Merge remote-tracking branch '888/lucenenet-indexablefield-api'
     new 0bdfc82  Merge branch 'master' into analysis-work-2
     new f1af4ec  Ported Analysis.Snowball, Analysis.Tr, and Tartarus.Snowball namespaces + tests.
     new 984b015  Ported Analysis.Fr namespace, Analysis.Util.ElisionFilter + factory + tests
     new ff61d31  Ported Analysis.De namespace + tests
     new 6dd8f5f  Ported Analysis.Cn namespace + tests
     new 134d7b4  Ported Analysis.Es namespace + tests
     new f5af459  Ported FilesystemResourceLoader + tests.
     new 15bab9c  Fix casing of tests for TestFilesystemResourceLoader.
     new 9c21920  Ported Analysis.Ru namespace + tests
     new cefd4c2  Ported Analysis.Bg + tests
     new a3608e8  Ported Analysis.Br namespace + tests
     new ca8e585  Ported Analysis.Ca namespace + tests
     new 99840ad  Ported Analysis.Cjk namespace + tests
     new 5f004ec  Ported Analysis.Ckb namespace + tests
     new 04c556a  Ported Analysis.Da namespace + tests
     new 2b380a0  Ported Analysis.El + tests
     new 0df39b2  Ported Analysis.Eu + tests
     new 8de2bd9  Ported Analysis.Ar and Analysis.Fa + tests
     new 1c3464a  Ported Analysis.Fi + tests
     new 3e4fc96  Ported Analysis.Th + tests
     new 0cb9551  Ported Analysis.Ga, Analysis.Gl, Analysis.Pt + tests for each
     new e9e61d7  Ported Analysis.Hi, Analysis.Hu, Analysis.Hy, Analysis.Id, and Analysis.In namespaces + tests
     new 1300fc4  Ported Analysis.It, Analysis.Lv, Analysis.Nl, Analysis.No, Analysis.Ro, and Analysis.Sv + tests
     new 294f1c2  Fixed bug in ArabicStemmer - the automatic Java converter removed the jagged array initializers.
     new 572ad69  Added missing Core.Util.OfflineSorter members (+ tests) required by Hunspell.
     new d9fb43e  Added missing overloads on the Core.Analysis.Tokenattributes.ICharTermAttribute to append ICharSequence.
     new e4d9f44  Ported Analysis.Hunspell + tests
     new 87c185d  Fixed bugs in KStemmer that were causing tests TestKStemmer.TestVocabulary and TestKStemmer.TestRandomStrings to fail.
     new dae551f  Bug (memory leak): Dispose() should cascade to Dispose() to other objects and release its own resources.
     new a153b02  Cleanup commented code in SynonymFilter and SynonymMap
     new 828819d  Removed test attribute from Queries.BooleanFilterTest.TstFilterCard() and Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.TestDirectoryTaxonomyWriter.TouchTaxo(), which are clearly not tests.
     new 406f88a  Implemented missing Lucene41WithOrds class which was causing some random codec tests to fail sporadically.
     new 22663d7  Fixed some "key not found" bugs in the Join.TestJoinUtil class.
     new 1fa4ed9  Added missing call to Queries.Function.ValueSources.TermFreqValueSource.Reset(), which was causing the Queries.Function.TestValueSources.TestTermFreq() test to fail.
     new 5b48b11  Fixed "key not found" bug in Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.NameIntCacheLRU
     new 3612a6e  Implemented missing Join.TermsCollector.AcceptsDocsOutOfOrder() method.
     new 8b210c0  Fixed "key not found" bug in Join.TestJoinUtil
     new 694676c  Added reminder to change AcceptsDocsOutOfOrder to a property.
     new 1727c1b  Fixed bugs in TestOpenIfChangedMergedSegment() and  TestOpenIfChangedNoChangesButSegmentMerges() in Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.TestDirectoryTaxonomyReader that caused them to throw null reference exceptions and fail.
     new 11cf1b8  Fixed missing Reset() call that caused Queries.Function.ValueSources.TFValueSource.TestTF() to fail.
     new 0f9f0ce  Fixed "key not found" bug in Join.TestJoinUtil
     new 5502415  Fixed NotImplementedException in Join.TermsWithScoreCollector.Mv.AcceptsDocsOutOfOrder()
     new 5b9b2fe  Fixed bugs in the Join.TestJoinUtil that were causing the TestSingleValueRandomJoin() test to fail.
     new 0fd8d34  Fixed "out of range" and "key not found" bugs in Facet.Taxonomy.TestTaxonomyFacetSumValueSource.TestRandom()
     new 9313ff9  Changed Join.TermsIncluingScoreQuery.SVInOrderScorer.outerInstance variable to protected so its subclass can access it (fixes Join.TestJoinUtil.TestMultiValueRandomJoin())
     new 132da59  Fixed "index out of range" and "key not found" bugs in Facet.Taxonomy.TestTaxonomyFacetCounts
     new 9124e03  Bug (memory leak): Dispose() should cascade to Dispose() to other objects and release its own resources.
     new bb59767  Increased timeout values of long running tests so they will have ample time to complete.
     new 87c1d60  Ported Analysis.Compound namespace + tests
     new efa13ff  Ported TestAllDictionaries and TestAllDictionaries2 for Analysis.Hunspell
     new 4011a39  Fixed bugs with encoding and ensured most dictionaries will load.
     new f5d76c0  Merge branch 'analysis-hunspell-dic' into analysis-work-2
     new 4d7b23c  Merge branch 'master' into analysis-work-2
     new b04aca6  Reset the debug flag in TestFramework
     new 56cdc04  Fixed math bugs in the Analysis.De.GermanStemmer class that were causing Analysis.De.TestGermanAnalyzer.TestGermanSpecials() and Analysis.De.TestGermanStemFilter.TestStemming() tests to fail
     new c36a0bd  Added test to demonstrate a problem with making the CharTokenizer.IsTokenChar() parameter a char rather than an int.
     new 053d3ef  Fix for CharTokenizer.IsTokenChar() to revert the parameter back to int as was intended. A char cannot represent a surrogate pair, which makes it impossible to use IsTokenChar() with surrogate pairs.
     new 1995da2  Added a CompareToOrdinal method to StringSupport to fix string comparison bugs introduced by using string.CompareTo (which isn't similar to Java's String.compareTo method).
     new 4deebe8f Fixed bug in Hunspell with the word order validation due to use of CompareTo, which is using different sorting rules than Java.
     new d4dd1d6  Ported UpperCaseFilterFactory (there are no tests)
     new 85789c0  Fixed issues that were causing the project not to compile in VS2012.
     new e3bbea4  Fixed problems with the Analysis.Core.TestBugInSomething.TestWrapping() test that were causing it to fail.
     new 753dd0b  Fixed inconsistences between namepaces and license headers in Analysis.Util.
     new 0549bf1  Ported Analysis.Util.TestAnalysisSPILoader and fixed a bug in AnalysisSPILoader.
     new 65f1c5f  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.TestSingleTokenTokenFilter
     new ab40446  Fixed casing of tests
     new edde0fb  Fixed several bugs that were causing most of the Analysis.Th tests to fail.
     new ddd93cb  Fixed casing of method names in SynonymFilter
     new 63e3e22  Wrapped ICU4NET BreakIterator with a new class named ThaiWordBreaker to fix the broken behavior of not splitting non-Thai and Thai characters into separate words.
     new 196ce64  Updated TestSynonymMap formatting to make them easier to read.
     new 91f0608  Fixed bug in HTMLStripCharFilter that was not allowing null characters to pass from the reader to the business logic, which was causing the Analysis.CharFilters.HTMLStripCharFilterTest.TestRandom() and Analysis.CharFilters.HTMLStripCharFilterTest.TestRandomHugeStrings() tests to fail.
     new 4e9fd4f  Fixed formatting bug in BaseTokenStreamTestCase that was causing the input characters to be excluded from the output message.
     new 0a5198e  Ported Analysis.Core.TestRandomChains and moved the CheckThatYouDidntReadAnythingReaderWrapper back into that class from TestBugInSomething.
     new 9ed5b8f  Ported Analysis.Core.TestAllAnalyzersHaveFactories.
     new defcabe  Fixed bug in Analysis.Hunspell and Core.Util.OfflineSorter where different threads have problems competing for temp file usage.
     new bc48844  Fixed 2 bugs in Analysis.PatternCaptureGroupTokenFilter that were causing Analysis.TestPatternCaptureGroupTokenFilter.TestRandom() to fail.
     new 3664f1d  Fixed a bug in the Analysis.Tr.TurkishLowerCaseFilter that caused the Analysis.Tr.TestTurkishLowerCaseFilter_.TestTurkishLowerCaseFilter() test to fail.
     new 8a05b16  Fixed some minor code differences in Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation
     new 7f877fd  Ported Analysis.Miscellaneous.PatternAnalyzer + tests
     new 625707c  Fixing test failures by adding default ctor in Codec classes
     new a43d4e2  Making MockCodecs private so they are not loaded in SPIClassIterator
     new e8c4963  Only loading non-Microsoft Assemblies to search for public types
     new f66eeb6  Only loading non-Microsoft Assemblies to search for public types
     new a4d0c41  Fixed bug in Core.Util.SPIClassIterator - it was ignoring types that have constructor parameters, but the AnalysisSPILoader uses parameters.
     new 859d37d  Changing SPIClassIterator to only accept classes with default ctor or IDict<string,string> parameter
     new ca1a374  Added QueryParser project and ported all of the Classic namespace files.
     new 6d71156  Ported tests for the QueryParser.Classic namespace and refactored QueryParserTestBase so the test runner will run all of the tests.
     new d5c4372  Refactoring to ensure that the abstract members are available in the context of the base class test (otherwise many of the tests get a NotImplementedException on the QueryParserTestBase).
     new c9b96c8  Changed QueryParserTokenManager line back to the way it was in Lucene.Net 3.0.3, although it differs than the Java version, this appears to be correct in .NET.
     new 544c6d4  Marked all IncrementToken() methods sealed in test TokenFilter classes.
     new cfacfbf  Fixed issue with attributes not being set at the class level in MockCJKSynonymFilter.
     new de9d52b  Fixed test name casing.
     new 4e04b59  Fixed long/ulong casting issues in QueryParserTokenManager.
     new 11ecedc  Fixed Substring bugs because of the difference between the Java and .NET Substring function.
     new 1937dda  Fixed bug in Lucene.Net.Util.ToStringUtils that was causing issues with the QueryParser tests. Rolled the Boost(float) method back to the Lucene.Net 3.0.3 state.
     new 11d7449  Added QueryParser.Analyzing namespace + tests.
     new 071b60c  Ported QueryParser.ComplexPhrase namespace + tests.
     new e45f328  Ported QueryParser.Ext namespace + tests.
     new 6224f3e  Ported QueryParser.Simple namespace + tests.
     new 1e7576a  Ported QueryParser.Surround namespace + tests.
     new 0f10c9f  Updated comments.
     new 679ad24  Moved Lucene.Net.QueryParser and Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser projects into src\ directory.
     new 387d985  Fixed accessibility of classes and members to match that of Java.
     new 7b7b634  Added missing guard clause to SimpleQueryParser.DefaultOperator.
     new 2efd9b4  Added missing documentation to SpanNearClauseFactory
     new 5706931  Removed unnecessary usings.
     new 66ab301  Fixed ugly string formatting in the ToStringUtils.Boost code that was carried over from Luene.Net 3.0.3. Added a test to ensure that the functionality is identical.
     new 34284ee  Fixed ToStringUtils.Boost() for when the number to the left of the decimal is 0.
     new 2f07fa2  Moved the TestToStringUtils class to the Lucene.Net.Core.Support namespace.
     new 10dc873  Fixed RandomIndexWriter call because the overload that is supposed to be used was removed.
     new bd78179  Fixed bug in Surround.QueryParser caused by mistranslation from Java of break <label> and continue <label>.
     new 193c348  Fixed bug in Classic.QueryParser caused by mistranslation from Java of break <label> and continue <label>.
     new bf63501  Fixed string formatting bugs in QueryParser.Analyzing.AnalyzingQueryParser
     new 927b5a2  Cleaned up QueryParser.Surround.Parser.QueryParser comments
     new 36dc55f  Fixed OfflineSorter to create output file if it doesn't exist. Resolves Core.Util.TestOfflineSorter.TestEmpty, Core.Util.TestOfflineSorter.TestIntermediateMerges and Core.Util.TestOfflineSorter.TestSmallRandom tests.
     new c67366f  Setup InternalsVisibleTo Lucene.Net.Core <- Lucene.Net.Tests for testing.
     new b56ebc2  Setup InternalsVisibleTo Lucene.Net.TestFramework <- Lucene.Net.Tests for testing.
     new 243ada7  Fixed bugs in FST that were causing test failures and Debug.Assert failures in Misc.Util.Fst.
     new 9a56220  Ported Core.Util.Fst.TestBytesStore
     new 297f926  .NETify FST: Public member names should be PascalCase.
     new 3da18fb  Ported Core.Util.Fst.TestFSTs
     new 5effb00  Ported Core.Util.Packed.TestPackedInts
     new 510413c  .NETify FST: Changed Final, Last, Compiled, and Reversed() to IsFinal, IsLast, IsCompiled, and IsReversed to make it clear that they are boolean states.
     new dfa2310  Removed duplicate (hidden) class definitions in FST.
     new b8db797  .NETify FST: Private/protected fields should be camelCase.
     new 18f8443  .NETify FST: Interfaces should start with "I"
     new 3994051  Moved BytesRefFSTEnum<T>.InputOutput<T> and IntsRefFSTEnum<T>.InputOutput<T> classes into non-generic classes with the same name so we don't need to specify the generic type twice.
     new 0ccb5b6  Normalized FST license headers
     new 01e903b  Refactored FST class to disallow the verbose and confusing FST<T>.Arc<T> syntax, favoring FST.Arc<T>.
     new 8617aa9  Fixed infinite recursion issue and key not found bugs in the FSTTester
     new d807eeb  Core.Util.Fst.TestFSTs: Fixed infinite recursion bug in TestRealTerms(). Use Environment.TickCount rather than DateTime.Now.Millisecond when doing time sensitive testing.
     new 32e2105  TestFSTs: Added LongRunningTest and Ignore attributes for applicable tests.
     new ef889ce  Fixed issue with SortedSet not being emptied in Core.Util.Fst.Util, and added thread safety, since SortedSet doesn't have the necessary atomic operations.
     new ab5c059  Fixed merge conflict
     new b1203e6  Ported StressRamUsageEstimator & TestRamUsageEstimator + fixed bugs in RamUsageEstimator
     new 878080d  Added timeout to long running test (~45 sec) in Core.Util.Packed.TestPackedInts
     new 0c2f5ae  Ported Core.Util.TestIdentityHashSet + fixed bugs in RamUsageEstimator.IdentityHashSet.
     new 3b18a74  Ported Core.Util.TestWeakIdentityMap (partially)
     new e659c99  Fixed String.Format bug in Core.Util.NamedThreadFactory
     new e9e4425  Ported Core.TestDemo
     new 2c3dbc6  Ported Core.TestSearch
     new 0e77936  Ported Core.TestSearchForDuplicates
     new f4819a3  Ported Core.TestExternalCodes + fixed bugs that were preventing it from running.
     new 4b4485b  Moved tests from namespace Lucene.Net.Document to Lucene.Net.Documents so we don't have conflicts with the Document type and cleaned up headers.
     new c031b60  Ported Core.TestMergeSchedulerExternal
     new 202c068  Finished implementing ignored Classification.SimpleNaiveBayesClassifierTest.TestNGramUsage()
     new c344d0d  Finished implementing ignored Core.Index.TestAddIndexes.TestAddIndexMissingCodec()
     new 72ef185  Enabled ignored Core.Search.TestMultiTermConstantScore.TestBasics()
     new 0146b47  Enabled ignored Lucene.Net.Index.TestBinaryTerms.TestBinary()
     new 9530d75  Enabled ignored tests in Core.Index.Test2BDocs + fixed temp dir creation bug in LuceneTestCase
     new c7e8c86  Updated ignore flag on Index.Test2BBinaryDocValues with the message from the Java version that it takes 45 minutes.
     new abfe82c  Updated ignore flag on Index.Test2BSortedDocValues with the message from the Java version that it is very slow.
     new 2ebff94  Enabled ignored Core.Util.TestWAH8DocIdSet + fixed bugs in tests
     new e42f400  Updated ignore attribute on Index.Test2BNumericDocValues with the message from Java that indicates it takes ~30 minutes
     new 74ee08c  Enabled ignored Index.TestStressIndexing2.TestRandom()
     new 35bf447  Enabled ignored Search.TestPhraseQuery.TestRandomPhrases()
     new 751db38  Enabled ignored Search.TestBoolean2.TestRandomQueries()
     new a10dc0e  Enabled ignored Core.Util.TestBroadWord.TestRank1()
     new 1946bf8  Merge remote-tracking branch '888/queryparser'
     new b9ba938  Removed commented code block from TestFramework.Util.Fst.FSTTester.
     new 979f4e9  Moved common code from Core.Util.Fst.FST and TestFramework.Util.Fst.FSTTester into the support namespace.
     new 44a5cb5  Ported part of AtomicReferenceArray from Java for testing.
     new e8b44e7  Finished implementation of Core.Util.TestWeakIdenityMap and fixed some bugs with the enumerator logic of WeakIdenityMap (test still failing).
     new c7cf589  Removed commented code from Core.Util.Fst.NodeHash
     new 3f86e8c  Changed default namespace of QueryParser to QueryParsers to avoid namespace/class name collisions.
     new 95e2e5d  Fixed all compiler warnings in QueryParser
     new d4b005c  Fixed string comparison bug in QueryParser.Surround.Query.SimpleTerm
     new 5daf702  Fixed bug in QueryParser.Surround.Parser.QueryParserTokenManager that caused all of the Surround QueryParser tests to fail.
     new 834d91e  Fixed bug in the Core.Search.Query class. We cannot set the Boost property in the constructor, since subclasses can override it and throw exceptions.
     new f4f9453  Fixed bug in QueryParser.Surround.Query.DistanceQuery.DistanceSubQueryNotAllowed() that was causing a null reference exception when the type of query does not implement IDistanceSubQuery.
     new 1757a60  Fixed bugs in the QueryParser.Simple.TestSimpleQueryParser tests that were inverting the logic and testing for enabled rather than disabled option states.
     new dee8fb4  Finished implementation of QueryParser.Surround.Query.SrndTruncQuery
     new 97bd582  Added missing QueryParser.Analyzing.AnalyzingQueryParser.GetPrefixQuery override that was causing the TestAnalyzingQueryParser.TestPrefixQuery() test to fail.
     new 195bbfc  Changed all "String" references to "string" in QueryParser
     new 630ddf4  Optimized QueryParser.Surround.Query.SrndTruncQuery to fail fast if the Regex doesn't match the entire string.
     new e6012b5  Merge remote-tracking branch '888/core-fst'
     new 58985b4  Merge remote-tracking branch '888/queryparser-bugz'
     new 0d21a57  Added CodePointCount as an extension to the string type to make it easier to use.
     new 7f45feb  Added OffsetByCodePoints extension method to make it easier to use.
     new ffe1e4a  Ported Misc.Index.Sorter + tests
     new 6d62700  Fixed bug with shuffle in SorterTestBase - lists do not shuffle in place with LINQ.
     new deaf1f9  Fixed KeyNotFoundException in SortingMergePolicy
     new f040988  Workaround for the Misc.Index.Sorter tests that depend on multiple forms of test input.
     new f258193  Fixed bug in the RandomFrom generator that sporadically causes IndexOutOfRange exceptions.
     new 27666aa  Ported BlockJoinComparatorSourcce + test
     new 735fa70  Fixed physical directory location of Lucene.Net.Tests.Misc
     new d6c3965  Ported Misc.Index.CompoundFileExtractor
     new 6de7e02  Setup InternalsVisibleTo Lucene.Net.Core <- Lucene.Net.Misc for testing.
     new e17a4e2  Ported Misc.Index.IndexSplitter + test
     new f342e66  Ported Misc.Index.TestMultiPassIndexSplitter + tests
     new dd35cb4  Ported Misc.Index.PKIndexSplitter + tests
     new c92bb47  Ported Misc.Document.LazyDocument + tests
     new db12bca  Ported Lucene.Net.Misc namespace + tests
     new 97f966b  Changed version number of Lucene.Net.Misc and Lucene.Net.Tests.Misc to 4.8.0
     new 72a7d35  Setup InternalsVisibleTo Lucene.Net.TestFramework <- Lucene.Net.Tests.Misc for testing.
     new 8aab0af  Ported Misc.Util.Fst + tests
     new 034d288  Added ReverseOrder method to the Support.Collections class to get instances of a reverse comparer.
     new 032da4b  Added the CodePointAt method as an extension method to string to make it easier to use.
     new 787038a  Fixed Substring bug in Support.StringCharSequenceWrapper
     new 7aee88c  Added note to rename the interface BytesRefIterator
     new 7334f0a  Ported Suggest + tests (minus Search.Spell.WordBreakSpellChecker, TestWordBreakSpellChecker and 2 other incomplete tests).
     new 9e87568  Created testing solution for when we test IEnumerable.ToString() to make its default value act like Java. This is just to ensure that when we have lists, arrays, and collections that they can be tested reliably using toString() (camel case). However, the ToString() behavior doesn't change on the public API.
     new c154f24  Fixed bug in the Suggest.InputArrayIterator (in Lucene.Net.Tests.Suggest) that was causing the cursor to skip the first item it was iterating through.
     new 2c400be  Fixed bugs in Suggest.Analyzing.FreeTextSuggester that were causing the temp directory not to be created & attributes not to be created.
     new d1c0e88  Fixed string formatting issue that was causing several tests to fail.
     new 7840827  Fixed file locking issue with OfflineSorter.BinaryReaderDataInput so multiple instances can open simultaneously.
     new 7959df1  Fixed string format of Suggest.Fst.FSTCompletion.ToString().
     new 56c5783  Fixed timing issue in OfflineSorter
     new 88ca8bd  Substring: showing the math makes it easier to see it was already checked against Java.
     new cc1e9d0  Fixed StringBuilder.Reverse() bug in JaspellTernarySearchTrie.
     new 1b76c47  Fixed initialization bug that was causing the Suggest.SortedInputIterator.tieBreakByCostComparator to be null during the Sort() operation.
     new 8496aa5  Fixed timing issues with OfflineSorter
     new bf2b1cc  Simplified call to Encoding.GetString() in Store.DataInput to make it more .NET-like.
     new 221b193  Fixed short/ushort casting issues - Lucene works only with ushort type, but short is required for the public API.
     new 3afc2ec  Fixed short/ushort casting issues for DataInput and DataOutput
     new f23de78  Fixed Core.Util.OfflineSorter and Core.Support.FileSupport to create files with NO BOM the same way that Java does (verified in Java directly).
     new cf3e7f7  Removed unnecessary byte[] cast in Core.Store.ByteArrayDataInput and Core.Store.ByteArrayDataOutput.
     new 65712cd  Fixed string formatting of Core.Util.OfflineSorter.ToString()
     new 4320421  short/ushort ByteArrayDataInput
     new 93f494d  Fixed calculation bug in FreeTextSuggester that sometimes results in the result value (weight) being negative.
     new 69277e2  Fixed reversing bug in Suggest.Fst.FSTCompletion that was causing the weights to sort in the wrong order.
     new 846c90c  Modified Core.Support.PriorityQueue to work with either IComparable<T> or IComparer<T>, similar to the one in Java. Also, made the members virtual so it can be inherited.
     new 1153dc1  Ported Suggest.Spell.WordBreakSpellChecker + tests
     new d897e71  Cleaned up Suggest test code
     new 98458d6  Renamed InputIterator interface IInputIterator
     new 4898450  Finished porting TestFreeTextSuggester (NOTE: missing test data file so the test can't be run, but the test was ignored anyway).
     new e539eee  Completed port of Suggest.Analyzing.AnalyzingInfixSuggesterTest.TestRandomNRT()
     new c7ed8cc  Completed port of Suggest.Spell.TestSpellChecker.TestConcurrentAccess()
     new f7106d5  Fixed bug in SortedInputIterator where the sorting was using the wrong comparator instance, which caused exceptions when trying to decode the files.
     new a62a664  Patched bug in Suggest.SortedInputIterator where the context set was being read back in reverse, however the underlying cause is still a mystery.
     new 0f5cc74  Added an exception in the toString() extension method because string implements IEnumerable but we just want it to be returned unchanged.
     new 42166eb  Added missing StringBuilder.append extension missing overloads because char was being added to the StringBuilder as long - this could be a problem with other data types as well.
     new 83bfcbe  Fixed bugs in the Suggest.Analyzing.TestFreeTextSuggester.TestRandom() test
     new e5f884d  Fixed more ushort usage issues and left some documentation comments as a reminder to always cast the ReadShort() return value to ushort to ensure it is positive.
     new e3a9a20  Fixed some issues with Suggest.AnalyzingSuggesterTest.
     new 006d805  Fixed string comparison in SuggestWordScoreComparator to match that of Java.
     new 75ac55f  Visual Studio 2015 keeps adding this XML element to the QueryParser.csproj file automatically - no downside to keeping it.
     new 537d886  Renamed SizeInBytes() to GetSizeInBytes() (with a verb) because this action can be intensive and thus should not be a property or have a noun for a name.
     new d77e632  Wrapped Suggest.Spell.TestSpellChecker disposable components into using blocks to prevent bogus error messages from appearing in test results upon failure.
     new fab36bc  Fixed bugs in Suggest.Spell.TestSpellChecker.TestConcurrentAccess that caused it to fail.
     new 31d6f35  Fixed issue in Suggest.Search.TestSpellChecker with ConcurrentBag list being built in the reverse order than the items are added.
     new 08bc7d4  Fixed infinite recursion bug in Suggest.Jaspell.JaspellTernarySearchTrie.TSTNote.GetSizeInBytes()
     new 106a905  Suggest.Analyzing.AnalyzingSuggester: No need to convert key to a string if it already is.
     new 9a6f973  Updated Suggest documentation links to code elements and made corrections.
     new 2a23271  Normalized Suggest license headers.
     new 319fb52  Updated Suggest member accessibility to match that of Java.
     new acce365  Refactored culture on Suggest.Jaspell.JaspellTernarySearchTrie to make it work better with .NET. In this case it is better to load the culture when the object is created since a dictionary (which is also loaded in the constructor) is generally only for 1 culture and all following method calls will pertain to that culture.
     new cbf66f7  Removed TODO about ToLower() culture in Suggest.Spell.DirectSpellChecker. In this case it is best to get the culture from the current thread so the user can override if necessary.
     new da1b0ef  Suggest.Spell.WordBreakSpellChecker: Made enums into optional parameters so the defaults that were used in Java can be respected without making them nullable.
     new e5132a4  Suggest: general housekeeping
     new 183ae70  Suggest: Return List<T> rather than IList<T> from methods to prevent having to do too many O(n) list operations. Namely, the Sort() method doesn't exist on IList<T>. But accept IList<T> as input where possible.
     new 432dec9  Suggest.Spell.SpellChecker: Per MSDN, calling Dispose() multiple times should be a safe operation, so fixed the behavior to allow it and changed the test.
     new f143395  Suggest: Fixed all compiler warnings.
     new de597e0  Lucene.Net.Misc: Fixed all compiler warnings.
     new b86a504  Added missing IComparer<int> interface to the Misc.Index.Sorter.Sorter.DocComparator class.
     new b87b60c  Lucene.Net.Misc: General housekeeping
     new c9adcae  Updated Lucene.Net.Misc documentation
     new d47b608  Ported Lucene.Net.Memory + tests
     new da2ae4c  Fixed most compiler warnings in Analysis (a few lingering issues).
     new bd00a5f  Fixed TestFramework toString() extension method so it will print the word "null" when it encounters a null value, similar to Java.
     new 3fa9a78  Added non-random test to help with debugging Suggest.Analyzing.AnalyzingSuggesterTest.TestRandom()
     new e0146cb  Fixed bug in TestFramework.Analysis.MockUTF16TermAttributeImpl that was causing the attribute to be initialized with a set of bytes representing the encoding name rather than bytes representing the value of the attribute.
     new 6a61cfb  Updated comment with a TODO, since this assertion should be passing, but is not.
     new c76e010  Fixed equality checks in Core.Util.Fst.FST to account for generics. Updated some of the commented debug code to be .NETified in case it is required again.
     new 0ab847b  .NETify Suggest: Added a SuggesterOptions flags enum to specify the AnalyzingSuggester and FuzzySuggester options using Intellisense.
     new bf7c2b4  Fixed Regex bugs in the Analysis.Synonym.TestSynonymMapFilter that were causing 14 failing tests.
     new 7da43ad  Fixed bugs in the Analysis.Synonym.SlowSynonymFilter that were causing 3 tests to fail by not polling the correct buffer.
     new d85d19b  Fixed bug in Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation.PatternParser that didn't call the EndElement method on empty elements.
     new 01fb360  Fixed bug in the Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation.TernaryTree.Iterator that was causing it to populate one the 'k' array incorrectly. Refactored the Iterator to act more like a .NET IEnumerator (that is, to have an initial pointer state that is before the sequence it is enumerating).
     new 220e0fb  Completed implementation of Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation.TernaryTree.PrintStats()
     new 67cf947  Fixed bug in Analysis.Util.TestCharTokenizers.TestReadSupplementaryChars() that caused the test to fail randomly. Array elements caused by doubled space characters were not being properly excluded by the string.Split() function.
     new 87d0512  Fixed several CharArraySet/CharArrayMap bugs that were causing tests to fail, and re-enabled those tests. Refactored both classes to be more .NET-like.
     new 1ca08df  Fixed Facet.Taxonomy.LRUHashMap implementation to correctly remove the eldest item from the cache when an item is added (test passing).
     new bcbfad5  Fixed bug in Facet.Taxonomy.SearcherTaxonomyManager - wrong exception being thrown.
     new 861aa73  Finished implementation of Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.TestCharBlockArray test and fixed the implementation of CharBlockArray and CompactLabelToOrdinal to make the test pass.
     new 08dfc1b  Finished port of Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.TestCompactLabelToOrdinal and fixed bugs with FacetLabel hash code, CategoryPathUtils.EqualsToSerialized(), CharBlockArray.SubSequence() and CompactLabelToOrdinal.Open() to make the tests pass. Added an extra non-random test to make debugging easier.
     new 602bbcc  Added reminder to .NETify the Size property.
     new abf096e  Facet.FacetResult & Facet.LabelAndValue: Fixed string format bugs by adding extra constructors to track the underlying data type of return value and formatting accordingly in ToString().
     new 4b87de0  Fixed wrong exception thrown from Facet.SortedSet.SortedSetDocValuesFacetCounts as well as the wrong expected exception in its test.
     new 44f7d9c  Fixed sorting bugs in Facet.FacetTestCase. Need to sort the list that was passed into the method, not create a new one.
     new e9302a8  Fixed Facet.FacetTestCase.SortTies() to include a sort length rather than end index.
     new 2b718fb  Fixed bug in Facet.Taxonomy.TestTaxonomyFacetCounts.TestBasic() where the output wasn't being written to because of a missing StreamWriter.
     new de9e8ce  Fixed assert bug in Facet.TestDrillSideways.VerifyEquals() that caused random failures.
     new c40662a  Fixed cache cleanup bug in Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.NameIntCacheLRU.
     new ae225b9  Facet: Normalized code formatting, license headers, and usings.
     new 2e5bae0  .NETify Facet: Interfaces should begin with an "I"
     new 9604c0f  .NETify Facet: Method names should be PascalCase
     new e0a73b4  .NETify Facet: Field names should be camelCase. Fields should not be public (changed to properties with PascalCase names).
     new e72d3cb  .NETify Facet: Renamed method from entryIterator() to GetEnumerator()
     new e4b7e0b  Fixed bug in Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyWriter.MemoryOrdinalMap - setting size has no effect on the size of the array.
     new 8d23d13  Fixed Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.TaxonomyIndexArrays _renamed variable names.
     new e76ee90  Fixed string CompareTo to match Java
     new 9912999  Facet: Changed accessibility of class members to match Java Lucene.
     new f50f913  Facets: Return List<T> rather than IList<T> to prevent having to do too many O(n) operations on the results.
     new 0bc3130  Facet.Taxononmy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyWriter.IOrdinalMap: Renamed Size back to the original SetSize() because it changes the internal state of the object.
     new 67b29ee  Changed Facet.Taxonomy.ParallelTaxonomyArrays methods Parents, Children, and Siblings to be properties.
     new 56bf502  Renamed Facet.Taxononmy.WriterCache.ITaxonomyWriterCache.Full back to its original name IsFull to indicate it is a boolean state.
     new cb8d47f  Renamed Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CompactLabelToOrdinal.MemoryUsage, Cl2oTaxonomyWriterCache.MemoryUsage and CollisionMap.MemoryUsage back to their original name (GetMemoryUsage()) because these are intensive operations.
     new e0d070b  Changed Size() and Capacity() methods of Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CollisionMap to Count and Capacity properties.
     new c083a05  Changed Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CompactLabelsToOrdinal.SizeOfMap to a property
     new 03d05b3  Changed Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.LabelToOrdinal.NextOrdinal back to a method (GetNextOrdinal()) because it is not deterministic.
     new fd13e8e  Changed Facet.FacetsCollector.GetMatchingDocs back to a method (non-deterministic), modified it to return a List<T> instead of IList<T> and modified related members OriginalMatchingDocs and CreateSampledDocs() similarly.
     new 66e3932  Renamed Facet.Taxonomy.TaxonomyReader.Size to Count (.NETified)
     new 4319c5d  Changed Facet.Taxonomy.LRUHashMap Size and MaxSize methods to Count and Capacity properties (.NETified)
     new bcb5d13  Renamed Facet.SortedSet.SortedSetDocValuesReaderState.Size to be Count (.NETified)
     new 6475006  Renamed Facet.Taxonomy.ITaxonomyWriter.Size to Count (.NETified)
     new 007b217  In Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.NameIntCacheLRU, renamed Size and MaxSize to Count and Capacity (.NETified)
     new 8cbc492  Fixed all Facet compiler warnings
     new 4495810  Facet: Updated documentation
     new 49e2503  Changed Close() to IDisposable.Dispose() in Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.ITaxonomyWriterCache.
     new d866888  Fixed "identityHashCode" call in Facet.Taxonomy.TaxonomyFacetSumValueSource.
     new 36cde06  Added CSharpTest.Net.Collections.LurchTable to our Support namespace and modified the DirectoryTaxonomyReader and NameIntCacheLRU to utilize it.
     new ddfb46c  Fixed QueryParser project merge conflict.
     new bd32e5a  Changed casing of String to string.
     new 71ff7ee  Fixed bug in Core.Index.TestDuelingCodecs - was using wrong codec for testing, it should be SimpleText, not Lucene41.
     new e596a4d  Fixed bug in Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextDocValuesWriter - changed to long?.GetValueOrDefault() to match Java Lucene.
     new 93f8fa1  fix copyright year
     new a57e720  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e9f1d92  Fixed bug in Core.Store.NativeFSLockFactory - Dispose() override missing.
     new 4ec42c4  Fixed bug in Core.Index.IndexWriter - shouldn't be calling WriteLock.Release() here.
     new 9a1fa37  Fixed bug in Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextStoredFieldsWriter.Dispose(): if disposing, should dispose, not return.
     new 12a8118  Fixed bugs with Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextUtil checksum formatting.
     new 2fa691b  Fixed Regex bug in Core.Index.TestDuelingCodecs
     new 166ef1e  Fixed several bugs that were causing the Codecs.SimpleText tests to fail.
     new 450e647  Made all test methods in BaseDocValuesFormatTestCase and BaseStoredFieldsFormatTestCase virtual so they can be overridden and used in the correct context. For now, leaving the [Test] attributes in place.
     new f5cebaf  Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextStoredFieldsWriter: Fixed formatting bugs that were causing loss of precision on float/double types when converting to string.
     new 31d6632  Fixed bugs that were causing the Codecs.SimpleText.TestSimpleTextTermVectorsFormat tests to fail.
     new cef4d0d  Added the Codecs.SimpleText tests to the project
     new 2a4a921  Core.Store.FSDirectory: Added check to ensure deleted file was really deleted (similar to the way it works in Java).
     new 868616b  Codecs: Fixed more inverted disposing logic.
     new 92c3a07  Added Codecs.DiskDv tests to the project
     new 731a4cb  Fixed cloning behavior of Core.Store.DataInput to match Java Lucene.
     new 824ee5e  Core.Store.CompoundFileDirectory: Fixed issue where magic byte was not correctly represented as negative (secondByte is always negative and represents the Lucene version).
     new c4bd905  Fixed missing call to AddBinaryField that caused many Codecs.DiskDv tests to fail.
     new 4524df4  Added Codecs.BlockTerms tests to the project
     new aff260f  Fixed comparison bug in Codecs.BlockTerms.BlockTermsReader
     new c5d44a5  Added Codecs.Bloom tests + mocks to the project
     new b5259f4  Added Codecs.Sep tests to the project
     new 4137444  Reverted Codecs.IntBlock API back to its original form
     new 8e1656b  Added Codecs.IntBlock tests + mocks to the project
     new d5d18d0  Added Codecs.Pulsing tests + mocks to the project
     new a84f173  Fixed bugs in Codecs.Pulsing (wrong disposing logic and key not found exception).
     new b00ad49  Marked the Core.Index.MergePolicy.MergeException class serializable.
     new d7dca52  Added Codecs.Memory tests to the project
     new c574b75  Fixed several bugs in Codecs.Memory that were causing tests not to pass.
     new 6d50af1  Fixed infinite recursion bug in TestFramework.Index.BaseTermVectorsTestCase.RandomDocument.
     new e77e6a1  Fixed bug in Index.Test2BDocs that was causing the temp directory to be deleted before both tests were finished using it (which only failed when both tests were run at the same time).
     new e72a7f8  Increased timeouts on tests that were failing because of the 20 second limit imposed on all core tests.
     new bd64873  Made BaseDocIdSetTestCase test methods virtual.
     new 964fca6  Made Core.Util.BaseSortTestCase test methods virtual.
     new 43fa4e5  Removed Ignore attribute for Core.Index.TestSnapshotDeletionPolicy.TestSnapshotDeletionPolicy_Mem().
     new 2de5494  Removed Ignore attribute on Core.Util.TestVirtualMethod classes that caused all of the tests to be ignored.
     new 70ae196  Refactored TestFramework.Util.VirtualMethod and Core.Util.TestVirtualMethod to avoid having to deal with subclasses of test classes (that mess up test context).
     new b4bbbef  Reverted test method stubs on Misc.Index.Sorter.SorterTestBase-derived test classes so this state can be returned to later when swapping test frameworks to xUnit.
     new 2a79ede  HACK: Added stubs for all tests subclasses of abstract test classes (with [Test] attributes) and commented the [Test] attributes in the abstract classes to keep the tests from running in the wrong context.
     new 2aaf3b5  Not sensible to make Core.Util.TestPriorityQueue.Benchmarks() fail when verbosity is turned off. Added AssumeTrue to skip the test when verbosity is not set and run it when it is (note this test doesn't exist in Java Lucene).
     new eb6fd3a  Marked Core.Util.TestPagedBytes.TestOverflow() Ignored because it was ignored in Java (and throws an OOM exception most of the time).
     new fbc171b  Fixed missing using clause and invalid attempt to decrement countdown below 0 (for some reason 2 doesn't work, but checking the count before decrementing does).
     new 7d1915a  Codecs.SimpleText: Fixed several bugs due to string parsing/formatting without invariant culture, missing CompareTo() calls, and missing null checks.
     new 686b751  Merge branch 'codecs-bugz'
     new 1a2b6ef  Added .NETified array indexer to the ICharSequence type and all types that implement it. Also added a TODO to remove the Java-ish CharAt() method.
     new c71b2fe  Added a LuceneNetSpecific NUnit category attribute to flag and filter all tests that are Lucene.Net specific.
     new b5aa380  Finished Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes.TestCharTermAttributeImpl tests. Where appropriate, added .NET overloads to emulate what was happening in Java. Also added ICharSequence to ICharTermAttribute for better compatibility with other types in Lucene (that is the way it was in Java).
     new 198e4ed  Added missing codecs in Core.Index.TestAddIndexes.CustomPerFieldCodec.
     new 8ca8934  Added Core.Index.TestBackwardCompatibility to the project and fixed several bugs.
     new 59e7327  Fixed ignore attributes on Core.Index.Test2B*
     new 5907822  Change error message in Core.Store.CompoundFileDirectory so the sequence is printed out as a string (to make debugging easier).
     new e1361cb  Added Core.Index.TestBackwardsCompatibility3x to the project (note tests are currently failing because codecs are unaware of the live changes to the OLD_FORMAT_IMPERSONATION_IS_ACTIVE flag, which is no longer static).
     new 07c3055  Added missing verbosity from Core.Index.TestCheckIndex.TestDeletedDocs()
     new 90d956b  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Tests.Core.Index.TestBinarydocValuesUpdates.TestUpdateOldSegments_OldFormatNotActive()
     new 4dff7fc  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.Index.TestCodecHoldsOpenFiles.TestExposeUnclosedFiles()
     new f1fd16d  Added missing test Core.Index.TestCodecs.TestSepPositionAfterMerge()
     new 7632691  Removed the [Ignore] attribute from Core.Index.TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.TestFlushExceptions(). Added an assert to fail early because the test appears to be infinitely recursive.
     new 72072d0  Added missing test Core.Index.TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.TestPartiallyAppliedGlobalSlice()
     new 431b0e8  Added missing test Core.Index.TestFlushByRamOrCountsPolicy
     new 9e40604  Added missing random iterations loop to Core.Index.TestIndexReaderClose
     new 19d84b2  Removed [Ignore] from Core.Index.TestIndexWriter.TestWickedLongTerm() and added assert to fail fast because the test has infinite recursion.
     new 810837c  Added missing test Core.Index.TestIndexWriterConfig.TestToString()
     new 61dd33c  Removed [Ignore] attribute from Core.Index.TestIndexWriterUnicode.TestInvalidUTF16() and added assert that it is infinitely recursive.
     new ae7bc95  Added missing test Core.Index.TestIndexWriterOnJRECrash to the project, and commented it because it isn't applicable. But it makes sense to hold on to the file as proof we did our due diligence and so it doesn't get flagged on future upgrades as something that is missing.
     new c6a1e4e  Added missing test Core.Index.TestNoDeletionPolicy.TestFinalSingleton()
     new 1a6cf7b  Added missing test Core.Index.TestNoMergePolicy.TestFinalSingleton()
     new a4d9705  Added missing test Core.Index.TestNoMergeScheduler.TestFinalSingleton()
     new b725f67  Uncommented codec code block in Core.Index.TestRollingUpdates.TestRollingUpdates_Mem()
     new 50e33f8  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.Index.TestTieredMergePolicy.TestIndexWriterDirtSimple()
     new e38cdd5  Added missing test Core.Index.TestUniqueTermCount
     new e4f3044  Fixed compile error new protected member in sealed class in Core.Search.Spans.JustCompileSearchSpans
     new 359d69b  Made protected constructors internal in sealed classes (compiler warning) in Core.Search.JustCompileSearch
     new bd7a9ef  Added missing tests Core.Search.TestBooleanQuery.TestDeMorgan() and Core.Search.TestBooleanQuery.TestBS2DisjunctionNextVsAdvance()
     new e497909  Added missing test Core.Search.TestControlledRealTimeReopenThread
     new 1530faf  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.SearchTestDateFilter.Test()
     new 06d13a7  Added missing test Core.Search.TestFieldCache
     new 74de6a0  Added LimitedConcurrencyLevelTaskScheduler from example on MSDN to Core.Support so we can limit the number of simultaneous tasks in tests.
     new 269a950  Added missing test Core.Search.TestIndexSearcher.TestHugeN()
     new d9a9f57  Added missing test Core.Search.TestNumericRangeQuery32.TestRightOpenRange_2bit()
     new ac07633  Eliminated hiding of the VERBOSE setting in Core.Search.TestPositionIncrement (unreachable code warning)
     new e340a91  Added missing test Core.Search.TestSearcherManager.TestIntermediateClose()
     new 3535c7d  Added 3 missing tests in Core.Search.TestSort
     new 21b507e  Added missing test Core.Search.TestTimeLimitingCollector
     new fd7939b  Added missing test Core.Store.TestBufferedIndexInput.TestReadByte()
     new de2f30a  Fixed temp directory setup in Core.Store.TestDirectory tests
     new bec7acd  Removed LongRunningTest attribute from Core.Store.TestLockFactory tests that were only taking a few seconds to complete.
     new 8a4f520  Removed [Repeat] attribute and unnecessary byte[] cast from Core.Store.TestMockDirectoryWrapper.TestDiskFull()
     new 747386a  Added missing tests Core.Store.TestMultiMMap (that were swallowed by an invalid Assume statement)
     new 4af8ace  Removed TODO about investigating Core.Store.TestNRTCachingDirectory.TestNoDir(), since the test is now passing even when repeated 100 times.
     new dc89895  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.Support.TestToStringUtils.TestBoost()
     new aae723f  Added tests for Support.LurchTable
     new 9e40515  Setup InternalsVisibileTo Lucene.Net <- Lucene.Net.TestFramework
     new 3acdd26  Added missing test Core.Util.Automaton.TestDeterminism.TestAgainstSimple() + fixed some bugs
     new 7f80460  Removed [Ignore] from test Core.Util.Automaton.TestMinimize
     new d992e66  Removed LongRunningTest attribute from Core.Util.Automaton.TestDeterminism.TestRegexps() because it only takes a few milliseconds
     new 325851d  Removed LongRunningTest attribute from Core.Util.Automaton.TestUTF32ToUTF8.TestRandomRegexes() because it only takes a few seconds
     new a404553  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.Util.Packed.TestEliasFanoSequence.TestMonotoneSequencesLonger() and Core.Util.Packed.TestEliasFanoSequence.TestStrictMonotoneSequencesLonger()
     new 9ed5ba4  Added original Ignore message to Core.Util.Packed.TestPackedInts.TestIntOverflow()
     new 2fdd960  Added original Ignore message to Core.Util.Test2BPagedBytes
     new f916632  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.Util.TestFixedBitSet.TestClearSmall() and Core.Util.TestFixedBitSet.TestClearLarge()
     new 4b7b267  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.Util.TestLongBitSet.TestClearSmall() and Core.Util.TestLongBitSet.TestClearLarge()
     new aff0579  Added missing test Core.Util.TestMathUtil
     new 5c4cffd  Added missing asserts in Core.Util.TestNumericUtils.TestLongConversionAndOrdering() and Core.Util.TestNumericUtils.TestIntConversionAndOrdering()
     new 335c1a8  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Core.Util.TestOpenBitSet.TestClearSmall() and Core.Util.TestOpenBitSet.TestClearLarge()
     new bff0161  Added missing tests to Core.Util.TestPriorityQueue + marked most existing tests with the LuceneNetSpecific attribute.
     new 7517a73  Added missing asserts to Core.Util.TestVersion.TestDeprecations()
     new fc40147  Added missing test Core.TestWorstCaseBehavior
     new 4c54ef2  Added parameter to [SuppressCodecs] attribute and added the attribute to all applicable classes in Lucene.Net.Tests
     new 1e1a500  Added missing random task scheduler to LuceneTestCase.NewSearcher()
     new 6441534  Fixed bug in Core.Index.TestIndexWriter.TestWickedLongTerm() that caused the test not to complete.
     new 575630d  Fixed bug in Core.Index.TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.TestFlushExceptions() that caused it not to finish.
     new f958911  Removed fail assertion in Core.Index.TestIndexWriterUnicode because the test now finishes.
     new a696d70  Fixed bugs in Core.Util.Automaton where HashSets were being used within Dictionaries and are expected to be compared by contained values rather than by reference.
     new 8cd8a60  Fixed bugs in Core.Search.FieldCache and Core.Search.TestFieldCache that were causing the TestFieldCache tests to fail.
     new 78614ee  Added missing random TaskScheduler overload call to TestFramework.Index.ThreadedIndexingAndSearchingTestCase.
     new 35bc499  Removed unnecessary byte[] cast from Core.Store.SimpleFSDirectory.ReadInternal()
     new fac1be2  Fixed parsing bug in Core.Search.FieldCache. Also changed IFieldCache.InfoStream from StreamWriter to TextWriter to allow more flexibility in usage (can use a StringWriter rather than writing to a stream).
     new d7bbc4a  Fixed accessibility/initial size bugs when opening Core.Store.MMapDirectory.
     new 2fc1ad2  Removed unnecessary cast from Core.Store.NIOFSDirectory
     new d235115  Ported the tests for ByteBuffer from Java and refactored ByteBuffer. Also ported LongBuffer + tests (required by Core.Util.TestPackedInts.TestEncodeDecode()).
     new cd60689  Fixed bug in Core.Search.TestFieldCache (number of threads not specified on the Barrier)
     new 302c7ad  Fixed bugs with keeping track of the current position in Core.Support.MemoryMappedFileByteBuffer
     new 3318a4d  Fixed bugs in Core.Store.MMapDirectory that were causing false access denied exceptions when reaching the end of the file.
     new d13c060  Added longer timeouts to TestMultiMMap and TestControlledRealTimeReopenThread tests
     new 92de8d7  Revert "HACK: Added stubs for all tests subclasses of abstract test classes (with [Test] attributes) and commented the [Test] attributes in the abstract classes to keep the tests from running in the wrong context."
     new 3979bbf  Fixed bug in Core.Search.FieldCacheImpl where value to be cached was being overwritten by TryGetValue.
     new 6a2d485  Removed unnecessary array declaration in Core.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker.CheckSubreaders() - in .NET all that will do is take up more RAM for no reason.
     new d4d462e  Reworked QueryParserTestBase to once again be abstract. Added virtual keyword to tests to match that of Java. This is prep work for fixing test context in QueryParser.
     new d3c07f6  Fixed bug in QueryParser.Ext.ExtendableQueryParser constructor that was causing extension not to be initialized correctly.
     new 77d1948  Completed implementation of QueryParser.Util.QueryParserTestBase.TestDateRange()
     new 4a8a6f1  Fixed issues with tests polluting each other's state by setting FieldCache.InfoStream in the setup of the FieldCache specific tests and tearing them down properly rather than leaving the state around for other tests.
     new 1fe048c  Fixed number conversion bug in Queries.Function.TestDocValuesFieldSources
     new 8c20d3f  Fixed hash code value and ToString() bug in Queries.CommonTermsQuery
     new 4dbc359  HACK: Added stubs for all tests subclasses of abstract test classes (with [Test] attributes) and commented the [Test] attributes in the abstract classes to keep the tests from running in the wrong context.
     new 2952508  Ported Analysis.Stempel + tests (closes #190)
     new dec6610  Ported tests for Support.DataInputStream and Support.DataOutputStream from Java and fixed bugs.
     new 0844f41  Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to Support.DataInputStream and Support.DataOutputStream tests
     new 5f19852  Added TreeSet and TreeDictionary from C5 to the Support namespace
     new a0f684d  Core.Support.TreeSet: Implemented ISet<T>, since it was missing from the original C5 implementation
     new dc8a4b8  Added unit tests for Core.Support.HashMap
     new 63fa4ca  Added object overrides to Core.Support.HashMap so it can be used as a dictionary key based on values within the dictionary rather than by reference equality.
     new 7723e26  Added Core.Support.LinkedHashMap + tests for supporting guaranteed insertion order enumeration of an IDictionary structure.
     new d67ed2b  Revert "HACK: Added stubs for all tests subclasses of abstract test classes (with [Test] attributes) and commented the [Test] attributes in the abstract classes to keep the tests from running in the wrong context."
     new a209d71  HACK: (3rd) Added stubs for all tests subclasses of abstract test classes (with [Test] attributes) and commented the [Test] attributes in the abstract classes to keep the tests from running in the wrong context.
     new 8cc1a3f  Added TODO to rename the Core.Search.CachingCollector.Cached property to IsCached.
     new 8af1037  Fixed bug in Core.Util.Mutable.MutableValue - default value of Exists property was not being set to true.
     new 081ce8c  Added StringBuilder.AppendCodePoint() extension method to Core.Support.StringBuilderExtensions + added unit tests. Fixed buggy StringBuilder.Reverse() method to account for Unicode.
     new c3abdc7  Fixed bug in TestFramework.Util.TestUtil.RandomRealisticUnicodeString() method that wasn't converting the code points into characters (so we were just getting random sequences of numbers instead of Unicode).
     new 9d72bcb  WIP on Grouping
     new b689479  Fixed namespace issue in Join.ToParentBlockJoinCollector
     new a8f7f42  Completed implementation of the Grouping.AbstractGroupFacetCollector using the TreeSet.
     new 0a137be  Added interfaces to GroupDocs, SearchGroup, and TopGroups to apply covariance so they act more like the wildcard generics that were used in Java.
     new 28cd391  Ported Grouping.GroupingSearchTest and fixed several bugs.
     new 7c2c581  Fixed compile issues with Join.TestBlockJoin after applying IGroupDocs in place of GroupDocs on TopGroups.
     new f08a0e8  Added CopyTo implementation in LinkedHashMap.KeyCollection and ValueCollection
     new fa5f440  Implemented IComparable in Core.Util.Mutable.MutableValue, IComparable<T> does not automatically bring it along.
     new 44c29eb  Ported Grouping.DistinctValuesCollectorTest
     new 4b914b7  Ported Grouping.TestGrouping
     new 7c01e88  Fixed random bug in SearchGroup - replaced SortedSet with TreeSet
     new 840c67b  Fixed several string comparison bugs in Grouping tests
     new 95bb669  Renamed AbstractGroupHead to AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector_GroupHead so it is similar to its original name, AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.GroupHead. Due to conflicts with other classes named GroupHead in derived classes of AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector, the original name could not be used.
     new 41b9732  Removed superfluous IGroupCount interface. Created non-generic AbstractDistinctValuesCollector class to nest IGroupCount and GroupCount so the syntax is similar to Lucene.
     new dd24cf3  Grouping: Removed commented code.
     new 5c9a388  Added missing fail() in Grouping.TestGrouping test
     new 3881180  Cleaned up usings in Grouping.
     new d0838cc  Grouping: Test code cleanup to verify API
     new a0a61e2  Grouping: Fixed up documentation comments and license headers
     new 049718c  Lucene.Net.Grouping: Fixed test failures due to sorting using the wrong algorithm. TimSort doesn't call the IComparer<T>.Compare() method unless the values differ. If it is called when they are the same, the TestGrouping.TestRandom() and AllGroupHeadsCollectorTest.TestRandom() tests fail. Added TODO about differences in sorting APIs.
     new 04f4013  Grouping refactor: AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector.GetCollectedGroupHeads() -> CollectedGroupHeads (property)
     new 987a985  Grouping: Renamed _other parameter to other
     new 96d38ef  Grouping: Updated member accessibility to be the same as Java Lucene.
     new ae1f6fd  Updating test projects to NUnit 3.5.0
     new 8889dd6  Replacing obsolete [TestFixtureSetUp] with [OneTimeSetUp]
     new 0171a22  Replacing obsolete [TestFixtureTearDown] with [OneTimeTearDown]
     new d2a2679  Replacing [ExpectedException(T)] with Assert.Throws<T>
     new 9be007b  Adding Skip reason for [Ignore] tests
     new 3bcd980  Migrating assets to .NET Core
     new eeecaf7  Changing Lucene.Net.Portable project.json to use NETstandard1.5 compatible Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyModel
     new a210ed1  Replace Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture with CultureInfo.CurrentCulture since gets the culture per thread, too
     new b475c16  Lucene.Net.Core: Fixing merge errors
     new 4b6e649  Fixing errors when using ToString or Equals with InvariantCulture
     new 877faee  Using compiler preprocessors for ICloneable
     new 5c2fbcd  Changing ICU4NET usage to Icu
     new f31e59c  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Adding NETSTANDARD compiler preprocessor because DesignerSerializationVisibility and Browsable are not supported
     new 361cbf7  Lucenen.Net.Analysis.Common: Close -> Dispose()
     new ec6b478  Using compiler preprocessors for [Serializable]
     new e0c6a83  Analysis.Common: Removing ToString(InvariantCulture) for methods where it does not change behaviour
     new 6b20421  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Adding compiler preprocessor FEATURE_DTD_PROCESSING
     new 543918b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Fixing ToUpper/ToLower(CultureInfo) issues
     new 5af2e3e  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Fixing Reflection errors with GetTypeInfo
     new b063832  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Fixing GetUnicodeCategory issues with CharUnicodeInfo
     new 22a4408  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: TimeZone -> TimeZoneInfo
     new d7705db  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Switching from [Timeout] to [MaxTime]
     new 019ae0f  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: [Serializable] using .netstandard compiler preprocessor
     new 31678b4  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Fixing merge conflicts
     new 4568404  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Changing from StreamReader to StringReader
     new 7e61f7c  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Changing to use GetTypeInfo()
     new 39b4b58  Lucene.Net.Tests: Changing from NUnit's Timeout to MaxTime
     new 9d8ef4f  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing build failures from merge
     new 4148072  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing #NETCORE -> NETSTANDARD
     new 4b70634  Lucene.Net.Tests: Adding NETSTANDARD compiler preprocessor
     new 4d4fc4e  Lucene.Net.Tests: Using PInvoke to fetch all cultures
     new 137c808  Lucene.Net.Tests: Small merge fixes
     new 68b67d4  Reverting all projects to netstandard1.5
     new 3422854  Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet: Using NETSTANDARD compiler preprocessor
     new 83093e3  Fixing test project.jsons to use netcoreapp1.0
     new 9bf9a2c  Update Test csproj to NetCoreApp1.0
     new d7c1022  Lucene.Net.Tests.Codecs: Fixing merge errors
     new f761d08  Moving to use xproj and project.json
     new d2e1054  Removing old .NET Core portable class libraries and old project.jsons
     new 30d7eb0  Fixing Lucene.Net solution to use xproj
     new e599839  Adding compiler directives for CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture and CultureInfo.CurrentCulture
     new be6cd92  Lucene.Net.Core: Fixing project.json to compile for both
     new 4e12fe0  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Fixing build issues
     new 190aa66  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Adding stopwords as EmbeddedResource and the ability to load them
     new 344006b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Fixing Activator.CreateInstance to use .NET Core compatible ctor
     new 62ca040  Lucene.Net.Classification: Fixing project.json
     new 47c7354  Lucene.Net.Queries: Fixing project.json
     new d538421  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Fixing project.json
     new 28aa83d  Lucene.Net.Expressions: Fixing project.json
     new d173c95  Lucene.Net.Join: Fixing project.json
     new c76cd15  Lucene.Net.Grouping: Fixing project.json
     new d29df84  Lucene.Net.Facet: Fixing project.json
     new c00aa69  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Fixing project.json
     new 2bf75bc  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Fixing VirtualMethods for .NET Core
     new 9ddcc5c  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing project.json
     new 281a3ae  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing InvalidOperationException during test
     new 58938a0  Lucene.Net.Tests: Changing ValueSource parameter to static readonly
     new 268f2bc  Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet: Fixing project.json
     new 969e32f  Lucene.Net.Tests.Join: Fixing project.json
     new 5c922b5  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Fixing project.json
     new e912829  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Replacing Close() with Dispose(bool isDisposing)
     new 728ec73  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Using Type.GetTypeInfo() to get Type properties
     new e778ebf  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Replacing Close() with Dispose()
     new 4af6e96  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Replace string.ToLower with CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.TextInfo.ToLower
     new 0c50b28  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Fix to use new EmbeddedResource name method
     new b0bc478  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Using .NET Core compatible overload of Activator.CreateInstance
     new 895089f  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: TestFilesystemResourceLoader loads using path based on Assembly.Location instead of relative
     new d7ddd1d  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Adding DtdProcessingTestAttribute because DtdProcessing.Parse is not currently supported
     new 4f32ac8  Lucene.Net.Tests.Classification: Fixing project.json
     new b02dbfd  Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions: Fixing project.json
     new 06f63a5  Lucene.Net.Tests.Queries: Fixing project.json
     new 57da8fe  Lucene.Net.Tests.Codecs: Fixing project.json
     new 20c53c0  Lucene.Net HACK: Forcing Lucene.Net.TestFramework to be loaded first so the tests will pass because NamedSPILoader only adds the first item it sees.
     new 4a5b795  Adding service to test projects so they show up in VS Test Explorer
     new b2733cd  Forcing NuGet references to be copied because of native dependencies.
     new fad821f  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: HACK - Changing from netcoreapp1.0 -> net451 because native dependencies (icudt, icuin, icuuc) are not copied to output folder on build. So we test using .NET 4.5.1.
     new 20443e4  Adding xproj/project.json for missing projects
     new 0578b48  Adding new projects to Lucene.Net.Portable.sln
     new 01ecb26  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Fixing build errors
     new 35fd703  Lucene.Net.Memory: Fixing build errors
     new 4d78ae1  Lucene.Net.Misc: Updating project.json to build
     new 99d5f42  Lucene.Net.Suggest: Fixing migration errors
     new b1f5e8c  Lucene.Net.Tests.Memory: Fixing project.json
     new 23534e7  Lucene.Net.Tests.Misc: Fixing project.json
     new b395b91  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser: Migrating project
     new f7b9e4b  Lucene.Net.Tests.Suggest: Migrate to .NET Core
     new b291cc9  Adding Configuration parser for *.settings files
     new ad3cb44  Lucene.Net.Expressions: Fixing ability to get Settings from *.settings file
     new 6c9ec4f  Lucene.Net.Core: Using FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE
     new 3f913e4  Lucene.Net.Core: Using FEATURE_CLONEABLE for ICloneable
     new 95b6441  Lucene.Net.Core: Replacing MethodImplOptions.Synchronized with lock
     new 1d59b03  Lucene.Net.Core: Adding FEATURE_THREADPOOL_UNSAFEQUEUEWORKITEM for ThreadPool.UnsafeQueueUserWorkItem
     new 2a368d6  Lucene.Net.Core: Adding compiler defines for net451
     new b4068d4  Lucene.Net.Facet: Adding FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE for [Serializable]
     new 398e20d  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Using FEATURE_CLONEABLE for ICloneable
     new 4968e46  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Using FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE for [Serializable]
     new 8f0de7c  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Adding FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE for [Serializable]
     new 1e32cb4  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser: Fixing build issues
     new 2e4cda7  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing build issues
     new e7d3923  Lucene.Net.Tests: Properly embedding new assets
     new a8973d3  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Fixing FEATURE_DTD_PROCESSING usage
     new 5a73cdd  Lucene.Net.sln: Adding appropriate preprocessor directives to old projects
     new 9a3cd45  Changing NuGet.config to use v2 feeds for VS2012 support
     new 4ecc49f  Lucene.Net.sln: Upgrade old projects to use NUnit 3.5.0
     new a972e6a  Lucene.NET.Core: Adding [Serializable] attribute back to class
     new 210eed7  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing test failures
     new 3018bb9  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing build errors. Adding FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE for [Serializable]
     new b018886  Lucene.Net.Core: Adding FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE for [Serializable]
     new a209b66  Lucene.Net.Grouping: Adding reference to Lucene.Net.Queries
     new a9d4f35  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Adding GetTypeInfo()
     new 7ed5634  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Update icu version to use package that can build both x64 and x86
     new 6746b63  Lucene.Net.Tests.Queries: Undoing unnecessary changes to limit diffs
     new 46f0d28  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser: Undoing uncessary changes
     new 54fd74d  Lucene.Net.Tests.Suggest: Adding FEATURE_THREAD_PRIORITY for Thread.Priority
     new dcafd80  Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet: Adding FEATURE_THREAD_PRIORITY
     new 42dbc1b  Undoing unnecessary project changes
     new 4a485ee  Ported over Lucene.Net.Spatial
     new 9e566a8  Some tidy up
     new 6c7cc79  Fixing namespace issues
     new d554792  Updated Lucene.Net.Spatial to use Spatial4n 0.4.1
     new 415cd5c  Changed namespace Lucene.Net.Query -> Lucene.Net.Queries to avoid naming conflicts with the Query class.
     new bd9e92d  Setup InternalsVisibleTo Lucene.Net.Spatial <- Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial
     new d8c7353  Added missing Spatial classes, ported Spatial tests, and fixed several bugs
     new df3f64d  Repaired several issues that were causing tests to fail. Refactored some of the API, added some missing documentation, and set member accessibility on some members.
     new a0b447f  Fixed bug in assert statement that was causing it to incorrectly fail
     new 553851c  Spatial: Removed and sorted usings
     new d21093a  Spatial: Normalized license headers
     new aa35405  Spatial: Removed commented code that helped with the port
     new 9f8a509  Updating ICU package to 54.0.8-alpha
     new 8857806  Fixing errors with 54.0.8-alpha
     new be0b06c  Lucene.Net.Tests.Grouping: Update to NUnit 3.5.0
     new e9f4175  Adding build script
     new 8ed149d  Cleaned up collation classes. Still need to port Collation classes.
     new 1c79778  Swapped out instanced of Locale with CultureInfo in the Collation namespace
     new 9e996ec  Updated CreateFromLocale in CollationKeyFilterFactory
     new cba39ef  Added NUnit 3 test result XML file to .gitignore
     new 04e861a  Deleted Collator stub and integrated with icu-dotnet. Cleaned up namespaces and made the implementation more complete.
     new ad70ad8  Spatial: Modified member accessibility to match Lucene + fixed issues that were causing compile warnings
     new b680810  Spatial: Refactor API members
     new 8219d87  Spatial: Updated documentation comments
     new e8735ed  Spatial: Updated to use the Spatial4n 0.4.1-beta NuGet package (closes #174)
     new 7d73da3  Update to dotnet-test-nunit 3.4.0-beta-3
     new 15fa451  Remove net451 framework from Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common so it loads in VS
     new ebcbfd2  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel: Migrate to .NET Core
     new 29e62fc  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Stempel: Migrate to .NET Core
     new 076e237  Lucene.Net.Tests.Grouping: Migrate to .NET Core
     new 8dfa645  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Adding [LongRunningTest] because NUnit does not have [Timeout]
     new 3a81e9e  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing test failures
     new b91a6af  Lucene.Net.Tests.Suggest.csproj: Fixing mismatched PropertyGroup
     new 7dd7bc1  Lucene.Net.sln works in VS2015
     new 518cd52  Delete packages.config because they are no longer used
     new a3cc443  Adding [HasTimeout] attribute because NUnit on .NET Core does not have [Timeout]
     new 3d54bd3  Update Build.ps1 so that it excludes [HasTimeout[
     new c83be6b  WIP on QueryParsers.Flexible
     new 94f22c1  Fixed infinite recursion bug in SpansQueryTreeBuilder
     new fbf3515  Lucene.Net.Tests: Fixing unhandled exception in tests causing test runner to crash
     new c636cfe  Build.ps1: Update script to allow running select test projects
     new 7ecb752  Renamed hyphenation to Hyphenation to fix build and run on case sensitive file systems
     new 01233db  Getting TestNumericQueryParser closer to compiling
     new 97a0905  QueryParser.Flexible Refactor: Made QueryParserHelper, QueryTreeBuilder, IQueryBuilder generic to avoid casting and duplicate Builder.Build() definitions during usage (that weren't necessary in Java)
     new 8076b1e  QueryParser.Flexible Refactor: Set member accessibility to the same as Lucene
     new 0aa30ca  QueryParser.Flexible Refactor: Properties
     new 67cd448  QueryParser.Flexible Refactor: Nested Operator enum within StandardQueryConfigHandler
     new 91a85ab  Merge pull request #25 from NightOwl888/netcoremigration-collation
     new 3480650  Compiling and running on linux (#26)
     new fbc1d8d  Fix error in DotNetFrameworkFilter where it would return incorrect information if PublicKeyToken is null
     new 6e7a733  QueryParser.Flexible: Fixed all TestNumericQueryParser tests.
     new c6ee3d5  QueryParser.Flexible: Fixed support for localized messages to make all TestNLS tests pass
     new 2ad30fb  QueryParser.Flexible: Fixed bug that caused TestQPHelper.TestMatchAllDocs() to fail
     new e2b7290  QueryParser: Fixed casing of test names > Test
     new 19d323c  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Changed IUniqueFieldAttribute to use a property instead of getter and setter. Changed accessiblity to match Java (since this is a demo).
     new 8e1931b  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Formatting, removed commented code, changed some properties
     new 3587073  QueryParser.Flexible: Remove and sort usings
     new c5c54ab  QueryParser.Flexible: License headers
     new 330d027  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Made QueryTreeBuilder abstract class so the static QUERY_TREE_BUILDER_TAGID can be used without referencing the QueryTreeBuilder<T>'s generic closing type
     new 4de4c9a  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Changed casing of String to string
     new 1d4a685  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Changed PathQueryNode.PathElements to property
     new 70725ed  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Inherited IRangeQueryNode<IFieldableNode> from IAbstractRangeQueryNode
     new 0700747  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Made TimeZone into a public property of NumberDateFormat rather than a constructor parameter
     new c6696fe  QueryParser.Flexible: Documentation comments
     new 4c85b79  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Added dependency injection point (IResourceManagerFactory) that can be used to either change the convention used to locate embedded resources or to retrieve them from an external source.
     new 43ec320  QueryParser.Flexible: Fixed all compiler warnings.
     new 3e2eb28  QueryParser.Flexible refactor: Camel case method names in StandardSyntaxParser and StandardSyntaxParserTokenManager
     new 98a37e1  QueryParser.Classic + QueryParser.Surround refactor: Changed ICharStream.Backup() to ICharStream.BackUp()
     new 0b3c372  Build.ps1: Add --no-build for testing and packing so it does not recheck if packages have to be built
     new ced03f5  QueryParser: Fixed documentation comments
     new ee83c39  Revert "HACK: (3rd) Added stubs for all tests subclasses of abstract test classes (with [Test] attributes) and commented the [Test] attributes in the abstract classes to keep the tests from running in the wrong context."
     new 701b9ed  HACK: (4th) Added stubs for all tests subclasses of abstract test classes (with [Test] attributes) and commented the [Test] attributes in the abstract classes to keep the tests from running in the wrong context.
     new 531d7d6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into netcoremigration
     new e4ad1bd  Fixing build errors by removing internal modifiers (closes #197)
     new 5a4837f  Removed C#6 features from QueryParser.Flexible (closes #198)
     new e87e98a  Lucene.Net.Core: Fix build errors from merge
     new ea787ba  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Add PInvoke to support CultureInfo.GetCultures() in .NET Core
     new 66e768d  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Adding FEATURE_CLONEABLE to fix build errors
     new d2e3717  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Adding FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE to fix build issues
     new 3395a8b  Ported enough of Sandbox to support QueryParser.Xml
     new 567c46c  Added TODOs for Lucene.Net.Core API changes
     new 2ae0b1b  Ported QueryParser.Xml + tests
     new 6ef84c3  QueryParser.Xml refactor: Member accessibility
     new 7f6df91  Changed member accessibility of NumberDateFormat.GetDateFormat() to public and added documentation.
     new bec42a4  Changed flags in SimpleQueryParser to a [Flags] enum
     new 0062bb7  Adding NuGet.config from netcoremigration branch.
     new cf6997f  Added spatial4n MyGet package URL to NuGet.config
     new a6a0279  Merge branch 'spatial'
     new 87245e3  Corrected physical directory locations of Lucene.Net.Sandbox and Lucene.Net.Tests.Sandbox
     new e75dbf6  Merge branch 'queryparser-xml'
     new 7f7afac  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Use .GetTypeInfo()
     new 3e34e48  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Replace string.ToLower(locale) with locale.TextInfo.ToLower()
     new f4d2ed1  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Fix Resource bundle fetching; use foreach to dispose iterator
     new 87aad0c  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Adding to Lucene.Net.Portable.sln
     new 94ad62a  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Adding FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE
     new 7823257  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Replace ApplicationException with class-specific exceptions
     new c17873d  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Replace string.ToUpper() with CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.TextInfo.ToUpper()
     new 3aba69a  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Replace ReadOnlyCollectionBuilder<T> with new ReadOnlyCollection<T>
     new 2dfc5e9  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial: Adding project to Lucene.Net.Portable solution
     new 6761041  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial: Throw TypeLoadException for NTSPolygonTest because Spatial4n.Core.NTS is not supported
     new 7246578  Lucene.Net.sln: Fixing desktop solution to build
     new 1b10ae0  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial: Use type.GetTypeInfo()
     new 3c09e07  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial: Add SpatialTestException to replace ApplicationException
     new 4932944  Update ICU package
     new 826b122  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Update collation tests with new APIs
     new 2cd73d9  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser: Fix ToShortDateTime -> ToString(d)
     new aa78d17  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into netcoremigration
     new 256bf29  FIXUP Update ICU version
     new d1f009c  Lucene.Net.Sandbox: Adding project and tests
     new cab42af  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser: Replace [TestFixtureSetUp] and [TestFixtureTearDown] with OneTimeSetUp/TearDown
     new e7d1a60  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Exclude QueryTemplateManager when building .NET Core because XSLT is not supported
     new 7d333e5  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Adding FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE
     new 08453c1  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Update ThaiTokenizer to use 'th' locale
     new f6dc0c7  Lucene.Net.Tests.Sandbox: Fix test failure
     new e95d9e7  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Add [LuceneNetSpecific]
     new 2296303  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Update ThaiTokenizer when breaking non-Thai and Thai letters
     new 7214c8a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'devmk/master'
     new 5fea5af  Updating test projects to NUnit 3.5.0
     new 28f2f79  Replacing obsolete [TestFixtureSetUp] with [OneTimeSetUp]
     new fd7aeba  Replacing obsolete [TestFixtureTearDown] with [OneTimeTearDown]
     new 761c334  Replacing [ExpectedException(T)] with Assert.Throws<T>
     new eaaab34  Adding Skip reason for [Ignore] tests
     new f6d14a6  Merge remote-tracking branch 'conniey/updateNUnit3'
     new b85ce24  Merge remote-tracking branch 'conniey/updateNUnit3'
     new 7c86e4c  Fixed 14 Failing Tests (#27)
     new d50d877  Revert "Updating test projects to NUnit 3.5.0"
     new 1a36bec  Revert "Replacing obsolete [TestFixtureSetUp] with [OneTimeSetUp]"
     new 10efe5b  Revert "Replacing obsolete [TestFixtureTearDown] with [OneTimeTearDown]"
     new 2005d01  Revert "Replacing [ExpectedException(T)] with Assert.Throws<T>"
     new 0ff42e3  Revert "Adding Skip reason for [Ignore] tests"
     new 608fbe7  updating assemblyinfo files for nuget package metadata.
     new 44430e2  Merge remote-tracking branch 'wwwb/fix-descriptions'
     new f69653a  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into netcoremigration
     new 40cac52  Fix compile errors because of NUnit 3.5.
     new ffeeaf1  Lucene.Net.Highlighter: initialized project, ported first 5 files
     new b2adcf6  Lucene.Net.Highlighter: translated all the files from Highlight folder
     new a22ec10  Fixed formatting bug in Support.Number.ToString() - in Java, when a float is formatted as string, it has a minimum of 1 an a maximum of 7 decimal places. The only way to mimic this behavior is to round to 7 places followed by the round-trip formatting option.
     new 229efdf  Fixed bug in PhraseQuery.GetHashCode() - in Java, the hash code is based on the values of lists. So, created a ValueList that overrides Equals and GetHashCode to provide this functionality.
     new 61fedde  Added TODOs for needed API changes.
     new b842fd1  WIP on highlighter
     new 59885cf  Changed Lucene.Net.Support.PriorityQueue to be like the original JDK implementation because there were issues with ordering that were otherwise difficult to resolve.
     new 6247efe  Added IcuBreakIterator and fixed bugs
     new 6640421  Removed IComparer<T> implementation from Highlighter.PostingsHighlight.Passage, since it was only added for the PriorityQueue constraint, which has been removed.
     new 0dbc8d5  Highlighter: Removed commented code, usings, set member accessibility, refactored setters and getters into properties.
     new a95616a  Highlighter: Documentation comments
     new 4a79481  Highlighter: Fixed compiler warnings
     new be41ba2  Highlighter: Added FEATURE_CLONEABLE for .NET Core
     new f101199  Reverted BreakIterator class back to its original behavior (except for the Text property, which originally returned CharacterIterator rather than string)
     new 75dd3ff  Highlighter: Updated json files and embedded resources for .NET Core
     new 6e32a64  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: member accessibility.
     new 0520400  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: Rename Tokenattributes namespace to TokenAttributes
     new a6a715d  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: Remove CharAt(int) from ICharTermAttribute and replace with this[int] to .NETify.
     new 97e0c4d  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: Renamed IKeywordAttribute.Keyword > IKeywordAttribute.IsKeyword
     new 3918dfa  BUG: Fixed sorting issue with AnalyzingSuggesterTest and FuzzySuggesterTest
     new eed9400  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: Renamed IOffsetAttribute members: StartOffset() > StartOffset, EndOffset() > EndOffset
     new f5808e6  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: Changed ITermAttribute members - TermLength() & SetTermLength() > TermLength (property)
     new 152eead  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: Changed Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents.Reader > Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents.SetReader(TextReader)
     new 28328ae  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor: NumericTokenStream - removed InstanceFieldsInitialized variable (constructors can only be called once)
     new 80227e5  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis refactor - NumericTokenStream: renamed private fields to camelCase.
     new 2c037df  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.ReusableStringReader refactor: Changed Value (set) to SetValue(string)
     new b0ec148  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.ReusableStringReader: Renamed private members to camelCase
     new f1bdc49  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.Tokenizer refactor: Changed Reader (set) to SetReader(TextReader)
     new 9fcc04f  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenStreamToAutomaton refactor: Added property get for PreservePositionIncrements and UnicodeArcs (per MSDN properties should always have one).
     new a849f7a  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis: Usings and license headers.
     new f92eadf  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs refactor: member accessibility
     new b20a63a  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs refactor: Changed public fields into properties
     new 6ab8531  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Codec: Changed all Formats from methods to properties.
     new a8c671d  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsReader refactor: Changed FieldsReader.IntersectEnum.Frame.State property to SetState and GetState
     new 1380e71  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermDocs refactor: Changed Doc() and Freq() to properties
     new 939d09f  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermEnum refactor: Made DocFreq(), FreqPointer(), and ProxPointer() into properties.
     new f402a3c  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.TermInfosReaderIndex refactor: Changed Length() to property
     new 813767b  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermDocs: Changed Close() to Dispose()
     new 3042047  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegementTermPositions: Renamed PayloadAvailable > IsPayloadAvailable
     new f8057e3  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.TermInfosReader: Made GetThreadResources (property) into a method
     new 6306ebd  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.BitVector refactor: Removed Size() because Length is exactly the same value. Changed RecomputedCount to GetRecomputedCount(). Renamed Sparse > IsSparse.
     new f6f4859  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45DocValuesProducer.CompressedBinaryDocValues.TermsEnum - changed to GetTermsEnum()
     new 5212a70  Added TODO for more API changes
     new 24fe33f  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs refactor: Changed Subs property to GetSubs() method in MappingMultiDocsAndPositionsEnum and MappingMultiDocsEnum - per MSDN properties should not return an array.
     new dfe8389  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.MultiLevelSkipListReader.LastSkipData - changed to SetLastSkipData(int)
     new 75f4749  Added TODO about nullable enum property
     new dbdfdc4  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs: License headers and usings
     new 3c1cea4  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.DateTools: changed String > string
     new ff3e07a  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Field: Added TODOs for required API changes
     new 67bc3d5  Lucene.Net.Core.Document refactor: member accessibility
     new ec8d65d  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Field refactor: renamed fields (camel case and CLS compliant)
     new d17a865  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Field: Refactored properties with only setters back into methods (per MSDN). Renamed methods to follow .NET conventions (SetInt64Value rather than SetLongValue, etc).
     new 572c2ae  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.FieldType refactor: Renamed Indexed, Stored, Tokenized > IsIndexed, IsStored, IsTokenized. De-nested NumericType enum to avoid naming collision with NumericType property.
     new 7973062  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.DocumentStoredFieldVisitor refactor: Renamed IntField, LongField, and FloatField > Int32Field, Int64Field, and SingleField to follow .NET conventions.
     new 48ac7f7  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents: usings and license headers
     new 2339323  Lucene.Net.Core.Index refactor: Member accessibility (Types starting with A-D)
     new 5896550  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Changed to use direct call to IndexWriterConfig.SetIndexerThreadPool() rather than using Reflection.
     new 996a981  Lucene.Net.Core.Index refactor: Member accessibility (Types starting with E - K)
     new 091cd40  Lucene.Net.Core.Index refactor: Member accessibility (Types starting with J - O)
     new d80a4e3  Removed superfluous InstanceFieldsInitialized variables (constructors can only be called once).
     new d650c56  Lucene.Net.Core.Index refactor: Member accessibility (Types starting with L - Z)
     new 9c7f195  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.AtomicReaderContext refactor: Changed fields Ord and DocBase to public properties.
     new 5d2b95c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.AutomatonTermsEnum: Made Linear property into SetLinear (too complex to be a property and no getter)
     new 0269bde  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BufferedUpdatesStream refactor: Changed NextGen to GetNextGen(), BytesUsed() to BytesUsed (prop), NumTerms() to NumTerms (prop), ApplyDeletesResult (changed AnyDeletes, Gen, AllDeleted from fields to properties)
     new c07db75  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ByteSliceReader refactor: Changed BufferOffset and EndIndex from fields to properties. Renamed all private fields to camelCase.
     new 418af0c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.CheckIndex refactor: Changed all public fields to properties. Reverted InfoStream setter back to a method.
     new fa5bb40  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ConcurrentMergeScheduler refactor: Change setter for MergeThreadPriority back to a method SetMergeThreadPriority (complexity)
     new 0085c51  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DirectoryReader refactor: Made Directory() into property. Renamed Current to IsCurrent to better indicate a boolean state.
     new bea7219  Lucene.Net.Core.DocsAndPositionsEnum refactor: Changed StartOffset() and EndOffset() to properties
     new d51b56b  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocsEnum refactor: Changed Freq() to Freq (property)
     new 4e00d14  Lucene.Net.Core.Index refactor: TermsEnum.Attributes() and DocsEnum.Attributes() - changed to properties
     new 36d8ac4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocTermOrds refactor: Changed all protected fields to camelCase.
     new 5cf16cd  Lucene.Net.Core.Index refactor: Renamed all protected/private fields to camelCase (AtomicReader, CheckIndex, CompositeReader, CompositeReaderContext)
     new d75737c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DirectoryReader refactor: renamed protected fields to camelCase
     new f177e47  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocValuesUpdate refactor: renamed internal fields camelCase.
     new c471bc6  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FieldInfo refactor: renamed private fields camelCase, changed public fields to properties.
     new ae106eb  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FieldInvertState refactor: Added internal setters, made fields private, and renamed them camelCase
     new 9d542d4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FilteredTermsEnum refactor: renamed fields to camelCase
     new 479873a  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexReader refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2881ec8  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexReaderContext refactor: changed public fields to properties
     new fc55f31  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexUpgrader refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new bbd16d3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: renamed all fields camelCase
     new 7ab9ade  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriterConfig refactor: changed constants to static readonly (so they aren't compiled into clients)
     new 6b0349c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.LiveIndexWriterConfig refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new fb5c1b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergeState refactor - made public fields into properties (except arrays). De-nested CheckAbort class from MergeState to work-around naming conflict. Made HasDeletions into property.
     new 39ff9c1  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiBits.SubResult refactor - made public fields into properties
     new 75d5041  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MulitiDocValues refactor - renamed fields to camelCase, made public fields into properties.
     new bde5778  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiTermsEnum refactor: Changed public/internal fields into properties.
     new a715b86  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.OrdTermState refactor - changed ord field to public property.
     new e94c1bc  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ParallelAtomicReader refactor - renamed fields to camelCase
     new 1ceb48b  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ParallelCompositeReader refactor: changed fields to camelCase
     new bf14d59  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.PersistentSnapshotDeletionPolicy refactor: renamed fields to camelCase
     new b03323c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ReadersAndUpdates refactor: made Info into property, renamed fields camelCase
     new bb718af  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ReaderSlice refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 5bd9043  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentCommitInfo refactor: made Info into property, renamed fields camelCase
     new 690d218  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfo refactor: made Name and Dir into properties, renamed fields camelCase, changed Attributes() to property
     new d57f080  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfos refactor: Made public fields into properties, renamed private fields camelCase
     new 2c2e0c0  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentReader refactor: Renamed fields camelCase, made all fields private,and changed SegmentCoreReaders to use the public properties.
     new 203210c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentReadState refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 16585d0  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentWriteState refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 1e59f81  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermContext refactor - made TopReaderContext field into a property
     new 6ae81fa  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.Terms refactor - made fields camelCase
     new ec4812e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermsEnum refactor: made fields camelCase
     new cab7848  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TieredMergePolicy refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new f9d6b4f  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TwoStoredFieldsConsumers refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new a15ba0e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ConcurrentMergeScheduler refactor: Changed Verbose() method to IsVerbose property
     new ffd1d71  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ConcurrentMergeScheduler refactor: changed ThreadPriority (setter) to SetThreadPriority()
     new 8005536  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocTermOrds refactor: Changed NumTerms() to a property, renamed Empty to IsEmpty
     new 231af1b  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriter refactor: Changed CurrentDeleteSession() to property, renamed Config to IndexWriterConfig, changed EventQueue() to property
     new 35a2e1d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterDeleteQueue refactor: Renamed Empty to IsEmpty, changed NumGlobalTermDeletes to property, changed BytesUsed to property
     new 464e81d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterFlushControl refactor: FlushPending > SetFlushPending(), ActiveBytes() > ActiveBytes, FlushBytes() (confusing) > FlushBytes, NetBytes() > NetBytes, StallLimitBytes() > StallLimitBytes, NumFlushingDWPT() >NumFlushingDWPT, AndResetApplyAllDeletes (non-deterministic) > GetAndResetApplyAllDeletes(), NumActiveDWPT() > NumActiveDWPT, FullFlush > IsFullFlush, NumQueuedFlushes() >NumQueuedFlushes, NumBlockedFlushes() > NumBlockedFlushes
     new 08335a3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterFlushQueue refactor: HasTickets() > HasTickets, CanPublish() > CanPublish, Segment (setter) > SetSegment()
     new a6df762  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterPerThread refactor: NumDeleteTerms() > NumDeleteTerms, PendingFilesToDelete() > PendingFilesToDelete, BytesUsed() > BytesUsed, IntBlock > GetIntBlock (returns array and non-deterministic)
     new 823ea0e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterPerThreadPool refactor: made fields camelCase, Active > IsActive, Initialized > IsInitialized, FlushPending > IsFlushPending, ActiveThreadState > NumThreadStatesActive
     new 42d1fed  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentWriterStallControl refactor > HasBlocked() > HasBlocked, Healthy > IsHealthy, WasStalled() > WasStalled
     new cb543b0  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocValuesFieldUpdates refactor > Renamed Iterator > IIterator (.NET convention), changed Doc() > Doc, Value() > Value
     new 5c30ee6  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocValuesFieldUpdates refactor > Renamed Type_e > Type
     new bbf818a  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FieldInfo refactor: De-nested IndexOptions and DocValuesType enums from FieldInfo to prevent naming conflicts.
     new 42ddf54  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FieldInfo refactor: Renamed DocValuesType_e > DocValuesType
     new 766b0e4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FieldInfo refactor: Changed OmitsNorms() > OmitsNorms, HasNorms() > HasNorms, Indexed > IsIndexed, HasPayloads() > HasPayloads, HasVectors() > HasVectors, Attributes() > Attributes, HasDocValues() > HasDocValues
     new f4ffbce  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FieldInfos refactor: HasFreq() > HasFreq, HasProx() > HasProx, HasPayloads() > HasPayloads, HasOffsets() > HasOffsets, HasVectors() > HasVectors, HasNorms() > HasNorms, HasDocValues() > HasDocValues, Size() > Size
     new c94b0c4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FilteredTermsEnum refactor > InitialSeekTerm (setter only) > SetInitialSeekTerm()
     new 07f1987  Removed TODO about IsCurrent (already done)
     new e12f59a  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FlushByRamOrCountsPolicy refactor: FlushOnDocCount() > FlushOnDocCount, FlushOnDeleteTerms() > FlushOnDeleteTerms, FlushOnRAM() > FlushOnRAM
     new d177223  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FreqProxTermsWriterPerField refactor: IndexOptions (setter only) > SetIndexOptions()
     new 05dba07  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexableField refactor: Renamed IIndexableField (.NET convention)
     new f40502f  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexableFieldType refactor: Renamed IIndexableFieldType (.NET convention)
     new 156a39d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexCommit refactor: Renamed Deleted > IsDeleted
     new 458a6ed  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexFileDeleter refactor: Renamed Locked() > IsLocked
     new 76ec6fb  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexReader refactor: Renamed ReaderClosedListener > IReaderClosedListener (.NET convention)
     new d57ee7b  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: HasDeletions() > HasDeletions
     new 37477c4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: NextMerge > GetNextMerge() (non-deterministic)
     new ce7a030  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: made HasPendingMerges() HasPendingMerges property
     new 42d61b1  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: HasUncommittedChanges() > HasUncommittedChanges, _mergeInit() > MergeInitImpl(), Closed > IsClosed, Event > IEvent (.NET convention)
     new 7905af9  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriterConfig refactor: de-nested OpenMode enum from IndexWriterConfig class to prevent naming conflict (and renamed from OpenMode_e)
     new ff82538  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriterConfig refactor: renamed DelPolicy > IndexDeletionPolicy
     new c852172  BUG: infinite recursion issue due to wrong casing of field making property call itself.
     new a8b16f0  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergePolicy refactor: Made EstimatedMergeBytes, Segments, and TotalDocCount fields into properties. Made MergeReaders property into GetMergeReaders() (there is a conversion), renamed Aborted > IsAborted, Pause > IsPaused + SetPause(bool), made TotalBytessSize(), TotalNumDocs(), and Merges (field) into properties.
     new 3c1fa8e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergePolicy refactor: IndexWriter (setter only) > SetIndexWriter(IndexWriter)
     new 68a45a8  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergeScheduler refactor: implemented disposable pattern
     new 322bea3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiDocsAndPositionsEnum and MultiDocsEnum refactor: Changed Subs property into GetSubs() (per MSDN properties shouldn't be used for arrays).
     new f2187c7  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiDocsAndPositionsEnum and MultiDocsEnum refactor: Made DocsEnum, DocsAndPositionsEnum, and Slice fields into properties.
     new fac1369  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiTermsEnum refactor: Changed MatchArray to GetMatchArray() (properties shouldn't return array)
     new 4f241ac  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.NormsConsumerPerField refactor: Renamed Empty > IsEmpty
     new c36ff2d  Remove TODO about BytesPerPosting() - this could be non-deterministic or expensive, not to mention, it is internal anyway
     new 95f9533  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ReadersAndUpdates refactor: ReadOnlyLiveDocs > GetReadOnlyLiveDocs() (getter sets a variable causing a side-effect)
     new 0d97d44  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentCommitInfo refactor: Removed setter from BufferedDeletesGen and made it SetBufferedDeletesGen() because it has a side-effect.
     new 647b8cb  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentCommitInfo refactor: Changed HasDeletions() > HasDeletions, HasFieldUpdates() > HasFieldUpdates
     new 564836c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfo refactor: Changed Files property to GetFiles() and SetFiles() because the getter throws exceptions and makes a conversion on the result returned.
     new a7f19e8  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfos refactor: Changed SegmentsFileName > GetSegmentsFileName(), NextSegmentFileName > GetNextSegmentFileName() (they both make a conversion of values and the latter is non-deterministic)
     new f5e7689  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfos refactor: Changed Size() > Size
     new baa874e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentReader refactor: Changed GenInfos > GetGenInfos() (there is a conversion)
     new 50d585f  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentReader refactor: Changed Directory() to Directory
     new ba28438  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentReader refactor: renamed CoreClosedListener > ICoreClosedListener
     new 772a74d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SnapshotDeletionPolicy refactor: Snapshots > GetSnapshots() (there is a conversion)
     new bc886c5  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SortedSetDocValues refactor: changed Document (setter only) to SetDocument(int)
     new 406e9ac  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TaskMergeScheduler refactor: changed Verbose() > Verbose
     new ca95f8d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermContext refactor: Changed TotalTermFreq() > TotalTermFreq
     new 04d4ab2  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.Terms refactor: changed Size() > Size, HasFreqs() > HasFreqs, HasOffsets() > HasOffsets, HasPositions() > HasPositions, HasPayloads() > HasPayloads
     new be4b5c6  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermsEnum refactor: Changed Term() > Term
     new 32abc65  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TrackingINdexWriter refactor: changed AndIncrementGeneration > GetAndIncrementGeneration() (non-deterministic)
     new 52f22b0  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TwoPhaseCommit refactor: renamed ITwoPhaseCommit (.NET convention)
     new 5910966  BUG: Fixed TestFilterAtomicReader to take into account that Attributes is now a property when checking with Reflection.
     new 82a4701  Lucene.Net.Index: License headers and usings
     new e42c3a1  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Payloads.PayloadTermQuery refactor: changed PayloadScore > GetPayloadScore(), SpanScore > GetSpanScore() (complexity + exception)
     new 96b7a85  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Payloads: Member accessibility
     new 50cb5a2  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Payloads: License headers and usings
     new 6137f00  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities: Member accessibility
     new f856509  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities: License headers and usings
     new afafc51  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans: Member accessibility
     new b5bb6df  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans: License headers and usings
     new c29fb11  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes.ICharTermAttribute: left TODO about changing Buffer() to GetBuffer() to make it clear that it returns something, not does something.
     new cac6266  Lucene.Net.Core.Search: Member accessibility (Types starting with A - G)
     new b5c410a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search: Member accessibility (Types starting with H - Z)
     new 96a77eb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search: License headers and usings
     new 926d401  Misc TODOs
     new e28d7b6  Removed TODO - already done
     new c65c684  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.AutomatonQuery refactor: Renamed protected members using old convention prefixed m_ and camel case to prevent naming conflicts.
     new 4f479da  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BitsFilteredDocIdSet refactor: Renamed member variable camelCase
     new 42ab561 refactor: de-nested Occur enum from BooleanClause, renamed Occur_ property to Occur, changed Prohibited > IsProhibited, Required > IsRequired
     new e2fec90  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BooleanQuery refactor: changed Clauses > GetClauses() (returns array, makes conversion), Clauses >GetClauses(), renamed protected fields with m_ prefix to prevent naming conflicts
     new fe5d003  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BooleanScorer refactor: camelCased private fields, changed internal fields to properties, changed Size() > Size (property)
     new 798ff8a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BooleanScorer2 refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 6e946e6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BoostAttribute & IBoostAttribute: rearranged back into their original files (will help with future porting efforts)
     new f8af130  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Collector refactor: changed Scorer (setter only) to SetScorer(Scorer)
     new 31514a6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Collector refactor: Changed NextReader (setter only) to SetNextReader(AtomicReaderContext) - not a good candidate for a property
     new 06eaa35  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Collector refactor: Changed AcceptsDocsOutOfOrder() > AcceptsDocsOutOfOrder (property)
     new fcbe7e6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldComparator refactor: Changed Bottom (setter only) to SetBottom(int) - not a good candidate for a property
     new f8abdba  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldComparator refactor: changed TopValue (setter only) to SetTopValue(object) - not a good candidate for a property
     new d8463b4  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TermCollectingRewrite refactor: Changed NextEnum (setter only) to SetNextEnum(TermsEnum termsEnum)
     new 86b8c03  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans refactor: Doc() > Doc, Start() > Start, End() > End, PayloadAvailable >IsPayloadAvailable
     new 48084ba  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarity + Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Weight refactor: ValueForNormalization > GetValueForNormalization() - not a good candidate for a property because it is calculated from other values
     new c1f3036  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.NumericRangeFilter + NumericRangeQuery refactor: IncludesMin() > IncludesMin, IncludesMax() > IncludesMax
     new fe9117a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.CachingCollector refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed SegStart public fields to properties, changed Cached > IsCached
     new 6f795aa  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.CachingWrapperFilter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new f394d09  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.CollectionStatistics refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed Field() > Field, DocCount() > DocCount, SumTotalTermFreq() > SumTotalTermFreq, SumDocFreq() > SumDocFreq
     new eedd220  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ConjunctionScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed DocsAndFreqs internal fields to properties
     new 1075c9e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TermCollectingRewrite refactor: changed TopLevelQuery (getter) > GetTopLevelQuery() - not a good candidate for a property because it returns a new instance
     new 06d005f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ConstantScoreAutoRewrite refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 3d79f0a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ConstantScoreQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected fields beginning with m_)
     new d8bf27a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldComparator refactor: Changed Scorer (setter only) > SetScorer(Scorer)
     new 492d2eb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Scorer.ChildScorer refactor - changed public fields into properties
     new afc3fc0  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ScoreDoc refactor - changed public fields into properties
     new 1dedc3b  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DocTermOrdsRangeFilter + TermRangeFilter + TermRangeQuery refactor: IncludesUpper() > IncludesUpper, IncludesLower() > IncludesLower
     new 7ebd4ec  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ExactPhraseScorer.ChunkState refactor: changed fields into properties.
     new 5520eab  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCache.CreationPlaceholder refactor: Changed field into property
     new 4fa63c1  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheImpl.GrowableWriterAndMinValue refactor: changed public fields to properties
     new 203bd26  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueFilter refactor: Field() > Field, Negate() > Negate
     new c7dc3fb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueHitQueue refactor: Changed ScoreDoc.Slot from field to property, renamed protected fields with m_ prefix to prevent naming collisions
     new a7fcaee  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.IndexSearcher.LeafSlice refactor: Changed field to property
     new c166de8  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiPhraseQuery refactor: Size() > Size
     new 47fbd77  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SearcherLifetimeManager.SearchTracker refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 147aa0e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.BM25Similarity.BM25Stats refactor: changed public fields into properties
     new 4df850a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.TFIDFSimilarity.IDFStats refactor: changed fields into properties
     new 00c43a6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SloppyPhraseScorer refactor: SloppyFreq() > SloppyFreq
     new 0aeb27d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Sort + SortField + Lucene.Net.Expressions.ExpressionSortField + ExpressionValueSource refactor: NeedsScores() > NeedsScores
     new cc489af  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.NearSpansUnordered.SpansCell refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed Min() > Min, AtMatch() > AtMatch
     new 04d26a7  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanScorer refactor: SloppyFreq() >SloppyFreq
     new 381a1e7  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TermStatistics refactor: Term() > Term, DocFreq() > DocFreq, TotalTermFreq() > TotalTermFreq, renamed fields camelCase
     new ebdffc8  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocs refactor: Made TotalHits, ShardRef.ShardIndex, ShardRef.HitIndex into properties, renamed other fields camelCase
     new 85b4982  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocsCollector refactor: TopDocsSize() > TopDocsSize
     new 1743f12  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocsCollector refactor: TopDocsSize() > TopDocsSize
     new 8502778  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopTermsRewrite.ScoreTerm refactor: made pubic fields into properties
     new 39e28c2  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Weight refactor: ScoresDocsOutOfOrder() > ScoresDocsOutOfOrder
     new 637853d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiTermQuery + Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanMultiTermQueryWrapper refactor: changed GetRewriteMethod() and SetRewriteMethod() to MultiTermRewriteMethod property (for consistency with QueryParserBase and to prevent a naming conflict with RewriteMethod class)
     new ec83a3d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DisjunctionMaxQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected with m_ prefix)
     new be82c47  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ControlledRealTimeReopenThread refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new ac0f8d7  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DisjunctionMaxScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new e2baf6c  Lucene.Net.Core.DisjunctionScorer refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase with prefix m_
     new fe5be8c  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DisjunctionSumScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase, protected with prefix m_
     new 3e5130b  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DocIdSet refactor: Cacheable > IsCacheable
     new 5bc926e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DocIdSetIterator refactor: DocID() > DocID
     new 60ea62c  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DocTermOrdsRangeFilter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 701b88d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DocTermOrdsRewriteMethod refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 63b8330  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ExactPhraseScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 0b7dad9  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Explanation refactor: Summary > GetSummary() (makes a conversion)
     new f9ef6da  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Explanation refactor: changed Details > GetDetails() (makes a conversion, returns an array)
     new 92ae7d0  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheDocIdSet refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed by m_)
     new 399d1cf  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheRewriteMethod refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new abe3dfc  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheTermsFilter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 1d074d2  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldComparator refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 3f186c4  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueFilter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 7f2267e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FilteredDocIdSet refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 04cf1b4  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FilteredDocIdSetIterator refactor: renamed _innerIter > m_innerIter (not CLS compliant), Doc > doc
     new 5002bbe  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FilteredQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 9d007ae  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FuzzyQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new a333d9a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FuzzyTermsEnum refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 63f1830  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FuzzyTermsEnum refactor: Enum (setter only) > SetEnum(TermsEnum)
     new 02a80ea  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.IndexSearcher refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed by m_)
     new c085a6d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.LiveFieldValues refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new a522fb2  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MatchAllDocsQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new f20d43d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MaxNonCompetitiveBoostAttribute refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 370c5a2  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MinShouldMatchSumScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 6d9caeb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiCollector refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new b4a07b6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiPhraseQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 1f17aec  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiTermQueryWrapperFilter refactor: renamed protected field Query > m_query
     new 34d3a0f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.NumericRangeQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 7b3db61  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.PhrasePositions refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2a67c62  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.PhraseQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2609d31  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.PositiveScoresOnlyCollector refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new f15b117  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.PrefixTermsEnum refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new c85e385  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.QueryRescorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new edd793c  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.QueryWrapperFilter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 0e99e1a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ReferenceManager refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed current to a private volatile field with a protected property, since protected volatile fields are not CLS compliant, renamed RefreshListener > IRefreshListener
     new cee0c3e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ReqExclScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2848efc  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ReqOptSumScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 4585017  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ScoreCachingWrappingScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2c4706e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Scorer refactor: renamed weight > m_weight (CLS compliance)
     new f8a5bac  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ScoringRewrite refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 5714708  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SearcherLifetimeManager refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed Pruner > IPruner
     new 24c91ac  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SearcherManager refactor: Renamed fields camelCase, changed SearcherCurrent > IsSearcherCurrent() (complexity), removed commented code
     new 460beeb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.BasicStats refactor: renamed protected members camelCase prefixed with m_
     new cca48b5  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.DefaultSimilarity refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase  prefixed with m_
     new 0a8eecc  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.DFRSimilarity refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 17cd2e3  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.IBSimilarity refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 76a79dd  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.LMDirichletSimilarity refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new bf6229d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.LMJelinekMercerSimilarity refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 10d7405  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.LMSimilarity refactor: Name > GetName() (makes conversion)
     new 23ca063  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.LMSimilarity refactor: renamed fields camelCase, renamed CollectionModel > ICollectionModel
     new f2f542d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.MultiSimilarity refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 258f393  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SloppyPhraseScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new e5db765  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SortField refactor: de-nested Type_e and renamed to SortFieldType to prevent naming collisions with Type property and System.Type
     new 2b5bfe4  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SortField refactor: changed MissingValue (setter only) to SetMissingValue(object)
     new ce5ba48  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanNearPayloadCheckQuery refactor: renamed protected field camelCase prefixed with m_
     new ac58770  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanNearQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 38bf93e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanNearQuery refactor: renamed InOrder > IsInOrder
     new 2a071ef  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanNotQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new fdf820e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanPayloadCheckQuery refactor: renamed protected field camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 6dcc4bb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanPositionCheckQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 464066d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanPositionRangeQuery refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new b6f2071  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanScorer refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 2c82cea  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanTermQuery refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 5ab4749  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanWeight refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 90adb84  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.TermSpans refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 1dbbeec  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.TermCollectingRewrite.TermCollector refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new b7c3964  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.TermQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 10bcc22  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.TermRangeQuery refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2315c5d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TermRangeTermsEnum refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new ef7fde0  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TermScorer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new a40a44d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TimeLimitingCollector refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new c04e2c3  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocsCollector refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 592004b  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopFieldCollector refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 8ab2d7c  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopScoreDocCollector refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new c8e1bcc  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopTermsRewrite refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 8068a69  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TotalHitCountCollector refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 14c7e62  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Weight refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new cefce52  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.LiveFieldValues refactor: changed Size() > Size
     new 0391ece  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.Similarity refactor: changed DoSimScorer() to GetSimScorer()
     new 423e939  Lucene.Net.Search.TimeLimitingCollector refactor: BaseLine (setter only) > SetBaseLine(long)
     new fb29e21  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TimeLimitingCollector refactor: Greedy > IsGreedy
     new aa674d0  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TimeLimitingCollector refactor: Collector (setter only) > SetCollector(Collector)
     new 852ab04  Removing TODOs about TimeLimitingCollector properties - these are deterministic, so properties are acceptable
     new 35e6fb8  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheImpl refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 96e3f34  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCache (interface) refactor: changed CacheEntries > GetCacheEntries() (returns generated array, not a good candidate for a property)
     new 5b28841  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SortField refactor: Reverse > IsReverse
     new 808a4e6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SortField refactor: renamed field camelCase
     new 898c626  Lucene.Net.Core.Store: Member accessibility (Types starting with A - K)
     new b55f830  Lucene.Net.Core.Store: Member accessibility (Types starting with L - Z)
     new 5002760  Lucene.Net.Core.Store: License headers and usings
     new ade6caf  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.BaseDirectory refactor: renamed _lockFactory > m_lockFactory (CLS compliance)
     new b3cc157  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.BufferedChecksum refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new f354101  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.BufferedChecksumIndexInput refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new a0d8006  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.ByteArrayDataInput refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed Length() > Length, Eof() > Eof
     new 16fdb2a  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.CompoundFileDirectory refator: renamed fields camelCase, changed FileEntry.Offset and FileEntry.Length into properties
     new 7cbe16c  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.ByteBufferIndexIntput refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 42fd819  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.CompoundFileWriter refactor: renamed fields camelCase, made FileEntry fields into properties, removed superfluous Output property
     new a8404a2  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.DataInput refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new f2c5181  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.DataOutput refactor: renamed fields camelCase, removed superfluous Write() method
     new 2dbe9a0  Lucene.Net.Core.Directory refactor: moved isOpen field and wrapper property to its original home, BaseDirectory. Removed implementation of EnsureOpen() (as in the original source).
     new 9453c87  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Directory refactor: changed LockFactory setter to SetLockFactory() - not a good candidate for a property (complexity)
     new a7a59d9  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Directory refactor: LockID > GetLockID() - not a good candidate for a property (makes conversion)
     new a16f81b  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Directory refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 8fa514b  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FileSwitchDirectory refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 006f1c2  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FilterDirectory refactor: renamed @in > m_input
     new 4d4efb1  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FlushInfo refactor: changed public fields to properties
     new d2a9eea  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSDirectory refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 6e373c4  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IndexInput refactor: Changed Length() > Length
     new fc56443  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IOContext refactor: made public fields into properties, renamed READONCE > READ_ONCE to work around naming collision
     new d59cd5d  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Lock refactor: Locked > IsLocked
     new 6461b7b  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.LockFactory refactor: changed protected field to camelCase prefixed by m_
     new bf1fc72  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NIOFSDirectory refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 0695abb  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NoLockFactory refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 487b67e  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.LockVerifyServer refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 0287079  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.MergeInfo refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 7f56564  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.MMapDirectory refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new e6133b0  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NativeFSLockFactory refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2674bc1  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NoLockFactory refactor: DoNoLockFactory > GetNoLockFactory() - changed back to original name because of naming collision (and lack of clarity on workaround)
     new 5c25a05  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NRTCachingDirectory refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new dbed4a3  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMDirectory refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 6fc8a09  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMFile refctor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 72d047b  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMInputStream refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new b5637d1  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMOutputStream refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 878b52d  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RateLimitedIndexOutput refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 17fa1b2  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RateLimiter refator: renamed fields camelCase
     new 9209117  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.SimpleFSDirectory refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_), changed public fields to properties
     new 13a4565  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.SimpleFSLockFactory refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 8f9f24b  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.SingleInstanceLockFactory: renamed fields camelCase
     new 072306a  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.TrackingDirectoryWrapper: renamed fields camelCase
     new e6157fd  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.VerifyingLockFactory: renamed fields camelCase
     new 3ad7944  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSLockFactory refactor: renamed protected field camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 206a2fd  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NativeFSLockFactory: removed duplicate close calls
     new e7de036  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RateLimiter refactor: changed MbPerSec (setter) to SetMbPerSec(double) because it has a side-effect
     new d06d4bd  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton refactor: Member accessibility
     new 62f03da  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton: License headers and usings
     new 8d1ec2c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst: Member accessibility
     new 5750c6b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst: License headers and usings
     new 17457bd  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Mutable: Member accessibility
     new cc26642  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Mutable: License headers and usings
     new 7898b51  FST usings (fixup)
     new 9f7faef  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed: Member accessibility
     new 17658b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed: License headers and usings
     new b9e3fee  Lucene.Net.Core.Util refactor: Member accessibility (types beginning with A - J)
     new ce68854  Lucene.Net.Core.Util refactor: Member accessibility (types beginning with L - Z)
     new 9e99248  Lucene.Net.Core.Util refactor: License headers and usings
     new a944874  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Accountable refactor: renamed IAccountable
     new 7898a8b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.AttributeSource refactor: attributeFactory > GetAttributeFactory() (name collision), AttributeClasesIterator > GetAttributeClassesEnumerator(), AttributeImplsIterator > GetAttributeImplsEnumerator(), HasAttributes() > HasAttributes, CurrentState > GetCurrentState()
     new 8a4ceff  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Bits refactor: renamed IBits, changed BitsHelpers class to Bits, renamed Bits_MatchAllBits and Bits_MatchNoBits to their original names and nested in the Bits class.
     new 59a927d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Bits refactor: Length() > Length
     new c5446b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BitUtil refactor: Pop_array > Pop_Array, Pop_intersect > Pop_Intersect, Pop_union > Pop_Union, Pop_andnot > Pop_AndNot, Pop_xor > Pop_Xor
     new e776ee0  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ByteBlockPool refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_), made public fields into properties
     new 890247b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.UnicodeUtil refactor: Fixed UTF16toUTF8 methods to match those in Lucene (with char[] and ICharSequence). Added an overload for string, since in .NET string does not implement ICharSequence or similar.
     new 5e33a17  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRef refactor: Changed constructor overload to use ICharSequence instead of CharsRef (as in the original), changed string constructor overload to use the string overload of UTF16toUTF8. Added a test to verify the ICharSequence functionality.
     new 9a1279e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRef refactor: Valid > IsValid()  (throws exceptions)
     new f0512ad  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRefArray + BytesRefHash refactor: Changed Size() > Size
     new 6351e83  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRefArray refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 2fac0db  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRefHash refactor: implemented IDisposable to take advantage of the using statement, renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 9e1262d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRefIterator refactor: renamed IBytesRefIterator. Created class named BytesRefIterator to nest the EmptyBytesRefIterator and static EMPTY instance to make the syntax for using it the same as Lucene.
     new d1943fe  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.CharsRef + IntsRef + LongsRef refactor: Valid > IsValid() (throws exceptions)
     new ecd637a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.DisposableThreadLocal refactor: renamed IDisposableThreadLocal > DisposableThreadLocal
     new 38d860f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.DoubleBarrelLRUCache refactor: removed duplicate ClonableKey class and made DoubleBarrelLRUCache<TKey, TValue> subclass DoubleBarrelLRUCache.
     new e98fca3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker refactor: Added constructor overload so we wouldn't need a SetRamUsageEstimator(bool) method, changed CacheEntries > GetCacheEntries() (array), renamed fields camelCase
     new 710684c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.GrowableByteArrayDataOutput refactor: changed Length from field to property
     new 9faa1cd  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.IntBlockPool refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_), made public properties into fields (except arrays)
     new 4ab18c2  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.IntroSorter refactor: Pivot (setter only) > SetPivot(int), refactored implementations to account for the same behavior of Get() in Java.
     new 70f32b1  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.IntsRef + LongsRef refactor: made public fields into properties (except arrays)
     new 0cb48b5  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.LongBitSet refactor: Length() > Length
     new 94495dc  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.LuceneVersion: Renamed file Version (to assist with future porting), reverted back to a similar Regex scheme as Lucene for the ParseLeniently function, renamed LuceneVersionHelpers > LuceneVersionExtensions
     new cdec165  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.MapOfSets refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed from <K, V> to <TKey, TValue>
     new 09f5f2a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.MergedIterator refactor: renamed fields camelCase, changed SubIterator fields to properties
     new d4ae8c2  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Mutable refactor: MutableValueXXX - changed Value from a field to a property
     new d2c3c28  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.MutableBits refactor: renamed IMutableBits
     new 35d85b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.NamedSPILoader refactor: renamed NamedSPI > INamedSPI, moved to new class named NamedSPILoader so it can be declared without a generic closing type (like in Lucene)
     new 00d3b01  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.NamedThreadFactory refactor: commented out class (and Support.ThreadFactory) because this is Java-specific.
     new e60f742  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.OfflineSorter refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 882431d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.OpenBitSet refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_)
     new 4426eff  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.OpenBitSet refactor: Capacity() > Capacity, Size() > Size
     new 28608b5  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.DocIdBitSet refactor: changed GetBits() > Bits (GetBits() is already being used for an array in some implementations)
     new 350e372  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PagedBytes refactor: renamed fields camelCase, Position (setter) > SetPosition(long) (has side-effect), DataInput > GetDataInput(), DataOutput > GetDataOutput()
     new 27fe1eb  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PrintStreamInfoStream refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_, changed SystemStream > IsSystemStream
     new 23a75b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PriorityQueue refactor: SentinelObject > GetSentinelObject() (returns new instance), Top() > Top, Size() > Size, HeapArray > GetHeapArray() (returns array), changed return type of GetHeapArray() from object[] to T[]
     new 6393bb5  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RamUsageEstimator refactor: changed Size() > Size, removed Empty (can use !Any()), made public fields into properties (except arrays), renamed fields camelCase
     new b0dd8de  Renamed ReaderWriterLockSlimExtensions and moved from Core.Util to Core.Support namespace
     new 1cb96fb  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ByteBlockPool refactor: ByteBlock > GetByteBlock() (returns array)
     new 9efb42e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RecyclingByteBlockAllocator + RecyclingIntBlockAllocator refactor: NumBufferedBlocks() > NumBufferedBlocks, BytesUsed() > BytesUsed, MaxBufferedBlocks() > MaxBufferedBlocks, renamed fields camelCase
     new c3243f9  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RefCount refactor: renamed protected field camelCase prefixed with m_, changed GetRefCount > GetRefCount() (RefCount would cause a naming conflict)
     new 3d6f6ae  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.TestRollingBuffer refactor: Renamed Resettable > IResettable, renamed fields camelCase
     new 6588e3f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.SentinelIntSet refactor: made public fields into properties, changed Size() > Size
     new fa7602d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.WeakIdentityMap refactor: changed Size() > Size, Empty > IsEmpty, renamed fields camelCase
     new f8ae061  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton refactor: Minimization (setter only) > SetMinimization(int), MinimizeAlways (setter only) > SetMinimizeAlways(bool), removed setter for AllowMutate, InitialState > GetInitialState(), Deterministic > IsDeterministic, NumberedStates > GetNumberedStates() + SetNumberedStates(State[]), AcceptStates > GetAcceptStates(), StartPoints > GetStartPoints(), LiveStates > GetLiveStates(), SortedTransitions > GetSortedTransitions(), NumberOfStates > GetN [...]
     new 0581aa9  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.AutomatonProvider > renamed IAutomatonProvider
     new 9168038  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.Automaton refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 109d10a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.CompiledAutomaton refactor: changed public fields into properties
     new 9923f55  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.DaciukMihovAutomatonBuilder refactor: HasChildren() > HasChildren
     new 4aee13f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.LevenshteinAutomata refactor: Size() > Size
     new bdc4333  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.MinimizationOperations refactor: made fields into properties
     new 0a3ca02  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RegExp refactor: Identifiers > GetIdentifiers() (makes a conversion)
     new f43e4ab  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RunAutomaton refactor: CharIntervals > GetCharIntervals()
     new e92c57a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton refactor: Removed NotImplementedException that could be causing Equals() not to function
     new a2ac585  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.State refactor: Removed setter for Number property (already have internal variable), changed NumTranstions() > NumTransitions
     new ac5d2fb  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.State refactor: changed Transitions to GetTransitions() and SetTransitions()
     new 458c743  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.UTF32ToUTF8.UTF8Byte refactor: made fields into properties
     new c2cfec2  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.Builder refactor: made a non-generic Builder type and moved all nested classes into it so they can be referred to without specifying the generic closing type of Builder<T>
     new 838e044  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.Builder refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 477167b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.BytesRefFSTEnum refactor: Current() > Current
     new 3a1d019  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.BytesRefFSTEnum refactor: made public fields into properties
     new a40f061  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.BytesStore refactor: ForwardReader > GetForwardReader(), ReverseReader > GetReverseReader(), renamed fields camelCase
     new 7d692ec  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.FST refactor: made public fields into properties, BytesReader > GetBytesReader(), moved DEFAULT_MAX_BLOCK_BITS into non-generic FST class
     new 00fdefa  Lucene.Net.Core.Fst.IntsRefFSTEnum refactor: Current() > Current, made public fields into properties
     new ef5ee9b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.PairOutputs.Pair refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 4895c95  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.Util refactor: made public fields into properties
     new eb53d64  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractAppendingLongBuffer refactor: PageSize() > PageSize, Size() > Size
     new 22536de  Adding fail statements to tests known to cause NUnit to crash so they can be analyzed later.
     new bcb7405  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractAppendingLongBuffer refactor: HasNext() > HasNext
     new 1370896  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractPagedMutable refactor: PageSize() > PageSize, Size() > Size
     new bb4ce61  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.BulkOperation refactor: ByteValueCount() > ByteValueCount, ByteBlockCount() > ByteBlockCount, LongValueCount() > LongValueCount, LongBlockCount() > LongBlockCount
     new 7143f34  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.EliasFanoDecoder refactor: NumEncoded() > NumEncoded. Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.EliasFanoEncoder refactor: Decoder > GetDecoder(), LowerBits > GetLowerBits(), UpperBits > GetUpperBits(), IndexBits > GetIndexBits()
     new fefac35  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.MonotonicBlockPackedReader refactor: Size() > Size
     new 627e914  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedInts refactor: renamed Decoder > IDecoder, Encoder > IEncoder, ReaderIterator > IReaderIterator, ReaderIteratorImpl > ReaderIterator
     new ebcbe34  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedInts.Reader refactor: Size() > Size, Array > GetArray(), HasArray() > HasArray
     new f0907da  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedInts.ReaderIterator refactor: Size() > Size, renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 5eb303c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedInts refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_), Format.GetId() > Format.Id
     new 8bc839d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util refactor: moved Attribute implementation to AttributeImpl.cs file (and removed implementation there). Moved IAttribute implementation to the Attribute.cs file, and deleted the IAttribute.cs file.
     new 5dc928f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Collector refactor: Changed from abstract class to interface and renamed ICollector (this will eliminate a lot of casting for Grouping because of covariance and the fact that classes do not support it and interfaces do).
     new 5c097a0  BUG: Fixed Lucene.Net.Join.ToParentBlockJoinCollector.SetScorer() - scorer wasn't being set because missing this qualifier.
     new 78af810  Lucene.Net.Grouping refactor: inherited ICollector from covariant specialized collector interfaces and eliminated unnecessary casting from tests
     new 2bc00fb  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Attribute refactor: Changed parameter of CopyTo from Attribute to IAttribute so casting is not necessary from interface variables.
     new 634ac11  Lucene.Net.Core.Util refactor: moved StringInterner and SimpleStringInterner to Support namespace
     new 27a006f  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocValuesFieldUpdates.Container refactor: Size() > Size
     new 89d882f  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xTermVectorsReader refactor: Size() > Size
     new 56bb070  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.TermInfosReader refactor: Size() > Size
     new 826e54a  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40StoredFieldsReader refactor: Size() > Size
     new 5cda7f6  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40TermVectorsReader refactor: Size() > Size
     new 0184161  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Util.OpenStringBuilder: Added TODOs about API.
     new ed487d5  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueHitQueue refactor: Fields > GetFields() (array)
     new cc57c52  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes.ICharTermAttribute refactor: Buffer() > GetBuffer() (confusing name because it could be interpreted as a verb).
     new 59127d1  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ConcurrentMergeScheduler refactor: renamed fields camelCase (protected prefixed with m_), MergeThreadCount() > MergeThreadCount
     new d39c5b8  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterDeleteQueue refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 82d8288  Removed unnecessary TODOs
     new 6be30ff  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfo refactor: HasSeparateNorms() > HasSeparateNorms
     new 301e4a4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfos refactor: TotalDocCount() > TotalDocCount
     new c49bc03  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentMerger refactor: ShouldMerge() > ShouldMerge
     new 7308a37  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TaskMergeScheduler refactor: MergeThreadCount() > MergeThreadCount
     new c7e0428  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermsEnum refactor: Ord() > Ord, DocFreq() > DocFreq, TotalTermFreq() > TotalTermFreq, TermState() > GetTermState()
     new 41ea676  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractBlockPackedWriter + BlockPackedReaderIterator + PackedInts refactor: Ord() > Ord
     new 86f48c2  Removed Lucene.Net.Core.StringHelperClass
     new 6664502  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.OpenBitSet refactor: Empty > IsEmpty
     new 08ae364  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.PhraseQuery refactor: Terms > GetTerms(), Positions > GetPositions()
     new 7e23b2b  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Scorer refactor: Children > GetChildren()
     new 3247a6b  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DocIdSetIterator refactor: Empty() > GetEmpty() (clarification)
     new d7ea8d1  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestNoMergePolicy.TestMethodsOverridden() + TestNoMergeScheduler.TestMethodsOverridden() - ignore methods that are not virtual
     new c2351ca  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestDocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.TestPartiallyAppliedGlobalSlice() - fixed reflection code to get value of private field
     new 940a81d  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Store.TestFilterDirectory.TestOverrides() - changed comparison to use string rather than MethodInfo because MethodInfo returns a different hash code depending on declaring type even if the method signature is the same.
     new 4768275  Lucene.Net.Core/TestFramework: Added tests to check for API consistency
     new 86fb046  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractBlockPackedWriter refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new ad2127c  Fixed API consistency so it only shows types in the current class
     new 054cdf8  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.FSTEnum refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 9ed29c0  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RunAutomaton refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new fcca52d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BooleanQuery refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 0091863  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.CachingCollector refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 733981a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ConjunctionScorer refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 39ceda0  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanMultiTermQueryWrapper refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 5ba9e5a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Payloads.PayloadNearQuery refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new f1a46d1  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocTermOrds refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new c0f8f21  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FlushPolicy refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 853dd92  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.LogMergePolicy refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 0b89c86  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Payloads.PayloadTermQuery refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new b76b2fd  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.UpgradeIndexMergePolicy refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 7df0ce0  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.FilterCodec refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new bbca58c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FilterAtomicReader refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 672a780  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.Payloads.PayloadTermQuery refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 07b1a20  LuceneTestCase: Allow private fields to begin with _ (at least for now)
     new 6b4d169  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ArrayInPlaceMergeSorter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new b88fd4f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ArrayIntroSorter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 0eb450b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ArrayTimSorter refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 147d66b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.AttributeSource refactor: renamed fields camelCase
     new 87df7d2  LuceneTestCase: setup API checks to ignore auto-implemented property fields
     new 81fc246  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.DisposableThreadLocal refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 47d9711  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FilterIterator refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 89dfb7f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.LongBitSet refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 2f63d6b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.NamedSPILoader refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 2aca1ca  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.NamedSPILoader refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new cf1a20e  LuceneTestCase: Setup API checking to give field counts and to include internal fields with the private field checks
     new bf67392  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FixedBitSet refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new c0f9d9f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.OpenBitSetIterator refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new d5a08a0  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PForDeltaDocIdSet refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 11b5853  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.QueryBuilder refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 93719de  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.SetOnce refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new a23a376  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.TimSorter refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 2b7f47f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.WAH8DocIdSet refactor: renamed private fields camelCase
     new 535f4a1  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractAppendingLongBuffer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 93ad14c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractPagedMutable refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 7a8ec77  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AppendingDeltaPackedLongBuffer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 384d303  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.BlockPackedReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 920cfb8  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.BlockPackedReaderIterator refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 6d44bdc  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.BulkOperationPacked refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 529093d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.BulkOperationPackedSingleBlock refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new daf0632  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.Direct16 refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 35f757a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.Direct32 + Direct64 + Direct8 refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0f485d3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.DirectPacked64SingleBlockReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new fd900e7  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.DirectPackedReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new b9df3ea  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.EliasFanoDecoder refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new d4b4ced  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.EliasFanoDocIdSet refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 76ebbdb  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.EliasFanoEncoder refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 9ef25c4  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.GrowableWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 4c73ca6  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.MonotonicAppendingLongBuffer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new d99091f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.MonotonicBlockPackedReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 08c52b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.Packed16ThreeBlocks refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new fffdd5d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.Packed64 refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 7efc85b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.Packed64SingleBlock refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new b63a27c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.Packed8ThreeBlocks refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 9c699cb  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedDataInput refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 285a8ef  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedDataOutput refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 6c6d90e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedReaderIterator refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 4c0aeaa  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 17095b1  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PagedGrowableWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 55073fe  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PagedMutable refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 9088ea2  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.DaciukMihovAutomatonBuilder refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 47a207b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.ParametricDescription refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 4dce89e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RegExp refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new fbe2987  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.SortedIntSet refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 5dfc651  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.State refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0cd04ca  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.Transition refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase, renamed static fields UPPER_CASE
     new 2252117  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.UTF32ToUTF8 refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new d994f62  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.AttributeImplItem refactor: changed internal fields to public properties
     new b743421  LuceneTestCase: modified API scan to ignore events
     new b5e2ae6  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.BufferedChecksumIndexInput refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new e341775  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.BufferedIndexOutput refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new cdb7d10  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.ByteArrayDataOutput refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 0f4b52f  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NearSpansOrdered refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 6415495  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NearSpansUnordered refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new ec774c4  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarity.BM25Similarity refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new f1640c3  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarity.SimilarityBase refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new befa9a0  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.AutomatonTermsEnum refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 98eda5e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BaseCompositeReader refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 8175d51  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BinaryDocValuesFieldUpdates refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new b215504  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BinaryDocValuesWriter refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new e19e438  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BitsSlice refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 2812737  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BufferedUpdates refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase, made constructor internal (since the class is supposed to be internal)
     new e990f3d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BufferedUpdatesStream refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new bcb81c3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ByteSliceWriter refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new a2a00f3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.CoalescedUpdates refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new d5916d2  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocFieldProcessor refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new d2599e8  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocFieldProcessorPerField refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 7226510  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocInverter refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new f66e9b6  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocInverterPerField refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new e656a5e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocsEnum refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 42c5baf  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriter refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 9b039e4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterFlushControl refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new f4bcced  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterFlushQueue refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new cc3655d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterPerThread refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new eca6e7d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterStallControl refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 976c0ba  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.AbstractDocValuesFieldUpdates refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 4fbc428  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocValuesProcessor refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new ebf1cbd  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FreqProxTermsWriterPerField refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 9a70d23  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FrozenBufferedUpdates refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 614a01e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexFileDeleter refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 988c841  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.LiveIndexWriterConfig refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 56121d4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ParallelPostingsArray refactor: renamed private/protected fields camelCase
     new 466c688  Fixed bugs in Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.Automaton (using field rather than property)
     new cc648fb  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterPerThread refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new cd381b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.PrefixCodedTerms refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new df8021d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentCoreReaders refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new f2c716f  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentDocValues refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 567ca13  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentMerger refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 649c185  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SortedDocValuesTermsEnum refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 5e9fbed  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SortedDocValuesWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new c056a09  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SortedSetDocValuesWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 8ae9d40  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.StandardDirectoryReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new dd3beb8  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.StoredFieldsProcessor refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new fc036ad  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TaskMergeScheduler refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new afad46c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermsHash refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 4ecc156  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermsHashPerField refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0d89b92  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentCoreReaders refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new d727900  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermsHashPerField refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new ad1e72f  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermVectorsConsumer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 03ac762  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermVectorsConsumerPerField refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 7b1be46  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ThreadAffinityDocumentsWriterThreadPool refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new c838338  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.DocumentStoredFieldVisitor refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 03cb2e5  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.FieldType refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 036f0c4  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 4c83b39  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 97a83f2  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.DocValuesFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new e4c5beb  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.MappingMultiDocsAndPositionsEnum refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 687fd6c  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.MappingMultiDocsEnum refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 47bff31  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TermVectorsConsumer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 6d314be  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 55befec  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bc9ce8a  LuceneTestCase: Changed protected field scan to include protected internal fields
     new 27f3d28  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.MultiLevelSkipListReader refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new f1e0e97  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.MultiLevelSkipListWriter refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new aef45cf  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene42DocValuesFormat refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 86a6f33  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40PostingsFormat refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 1efd65c  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermDocs refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 37e0389  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenFilter refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new ae4af11  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.Tokenizer refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 4b60651  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.LevenshteinAutomata.ParametricDescription refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 9f67f28  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Payloads.PayloadNearQuery.PayloadNearSpanScorer refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 7cbe9b0  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.Documents.DocumentsWriterFlushQueue.FlushTicket refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new fec4272  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FilterAtomicReader refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 3ed4cff  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SnapshotDeletionPolicy refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 2490cd9  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.LMSimilarity refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 5dc077a  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DirectoryReader refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 454a75d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FilterAtomicReader refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new bd66e6e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FilterDirectoryReader refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 11b7928  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergePolicy refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new b074cd5  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.Field refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 70cf649  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40PostingsReader refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 2008e47  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.Analyzer refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 855f7d4  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.MultiLevelScipListReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 3e76144  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.TermsConsumer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 55f49de  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene46.Lucene46Codec refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 008c93c  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene46.Lucene46FieldInfosFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bd88af8  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene46.Lucene46SegmentInfoFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new a7b4e17  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45Codec refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new f1d557c  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45DocValuesConsumer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 5982bd3  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45DocValuesProducer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 1806e26  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene42.Lucene42Codec refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new eb629f3  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene42.Lucene42DocValuesProducer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 21a922d  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene42.Lucene42FieldInfosFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bf85b34  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene42.Lucene42NormsConsumer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 7016984  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene42.Lucene42NormsFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 3dd3fa0  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.ForUtil refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new da93cc3  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41Codec refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 34da68c  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41PostingsFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 546dea6  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41PostingsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 8488d44  BUG: Fixed all TestMethodsOverridden() methods to check that the method is both not sealed and virtual.
     new 5046ea6  BUG: StringSupport.CodePointCount() was not setup correctly to be 1 less than the endIndex (as was done in Java). Changed implementation to match JDK and verified correct usage throughout application.
     new ced8663  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.StringSupport refactor: renamed StringExtensions
     new e44a1d7  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41PostingsWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0729f32  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41SkipReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new e04d389  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41SkipWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 1b431a9  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.BitVector refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 687db7b  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40Codec refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 6633417  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40DocValuesReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new dc538e7  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40FieldInfosFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 8132628  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40PostingsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0251ddd  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40SegmentInfoFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 527e7eb  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40SkipListReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 4136fb0  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40StoredFieldsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0ceaa21  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40StoredFieldsWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 01b73df  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40TermVectorsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 257f5b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40TermVectorsWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 5706d9e  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xCodec refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new c6f31af  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xFieldInfosFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0a2850a  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xFields refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bee66d1  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xNormsProducer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 25f93f9  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xSegmentInfoFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bb0edf4  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xSkipListReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 652fdea  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xStoredFieldsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 351f891  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xTermVectorsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bab5a27  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermDocs refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 8cd209e  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermEnum refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new d5cdc45  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermPositions refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 7cc7901  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.TermBuffer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new c693a28  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.TermInfosReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bb2125a  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.TermInfosReaderIndex refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 11aff9d  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.MultiLevelSkipListWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new b8afe0f  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingStoredFieldsFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 13f4189  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingStoredFieldsIndexReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 95790c6  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingStoredFieldsIndexWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 81d09a9  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingStoredFieldsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new c8eaeb2  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingStoredFieldsWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 5c475b0  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingTermVectorsFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 791bc91  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingTermVectorsWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 2c19012  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.Analyzer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 56ce9d9  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.CachingTokenFilter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new bfe3a7d  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes.CharTermAttribute refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 43d7912  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes.TermToBytesRefAttribute refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase and commented class because it didn't exist in Java
     new 956ecf0  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.AttributeSource refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 36a07f6  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.CollectionUtil refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new aca3935  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Counter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 98e709a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.DocIdBitSet refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new f7beea0  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FixedBitSet refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new a07f85e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.IndexableBinaryStringTools refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 13285db  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.OfflineSorter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 770291e  LuceneTestCase: Modified field scan to test field name for < to identify auto-implemented properties.
     new a8a716a  Lucene.Net.Util.Fst.FST.ArcAndState refactor: changed internal fields to properties
     new 62428a0  Lucene.Net.Util.Fst.Util refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 847e484  Lucene.Net.Util.Automaton.BasicOperations refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 5742215  Lucene.Net.Store.CompoundFileDirectory refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 56fa68b  Lucene.Net.Store.CompoundFileWriter refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 42404dc  Lucene.Net.Store.FSDirectory refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 79dca6e  Lucene.Net.Store.Lock refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 002c01c  Lucene.Net.Search.BooleanQuery refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 226473f  Lucene.Net.Search.BooleanScorer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 6097448  Lucene.Net.Search.BooleanScorer2 refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new f208331  Lucene.Net.Search.ConjunctionScorer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new b340368  Lucene.Net.Search.ConstantScoreAutoRewrite refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new cbae07a  Lucene.Net.Search.SortRescorer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new e3a0c3d  Lucene.Net.Search.Spans.SpanOrQuery refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new ab3570c  Lucene.Net.Index.ConcurrentMergeScheduler refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 553959d  Lucene.Net.Index.DocTermOrds refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0bc588f  Lucene.Net.Index.DocValues refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 135de26  Lucene.Net.Index.MultiDocValues refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new d15d9c7  Lucene.Net.Index.PrefixCodedTerms refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 1bfcb5c  Lucene.Net.Documents.Field refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 0adb11b  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.DocValuesConsumer refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 9af294d  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.PerField.PerFieldDocValuesFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 633163b  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.PerField.PerFieldPostingsFormat refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 94587f2  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingTermVectorsReader refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 5c22e22  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressionMode refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 256b870  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.LZ4 refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new f349156  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanMultiTermQueryWrapper refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 10be513  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Payloads.PayloadTermQuery refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new d21ba4e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergeState refactor: renamed private/internal fields camelCase
     new 79d432b  Moved API consistency checking code to a new TestFramework abstract class named ApiScanTestBase
     new ec18263  Added timeouts for long running tests
     new cf75220  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiTermQuery refactor: added getters for overridden properties (for API checks)
     new 864fc3e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentCommitInfo refactor: GenUpdatesFiles (setter only) > SetGenUpdatesFiles()
     new 798eb0e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.SortedIntSet refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new 2f38434  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.ThreadClass refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET conventions
     new 97e3f84  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.AtomicInteger refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new fe6be77  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.AtomicLong refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new 4fb0929  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTermState refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new ba3ffb7  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41PostingsReader refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new 767a2c3  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.Lucene41PostingsWriter refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new 0a84138  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40PostingsReader refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new 9ff9aee  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45DocValuesProducer refactor: changed parameter names to follow .NET API rules
     new 554ca3d  TestFramework.Util.ApiScanBase: modified scan to include Support namespace but exclude auto-generated methods
     new 4dee587  Removed TODO about renaming Lucene.Net.Search.FieldCacheImpl - cannot rename to FieldCache because of naming collision. FieldCacheImpl is internal anyway.
     new 7625177  Lucene.Net.Search.Spans (SpanNearQuery + SpanOrQuery) refactor: Clauses > GetClauses
     new 3ba442f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans (NearSpansOrdered + NearSpansUnordered) refactor: SubSpans > GetSubSpans() (array), Spans: Payload > GetPayload() (conversion)
     new 43afdb9  Added SafeTextWriterWrapper to all InfoStream properties so a call to Dispose() outside of the workflow (such as a using block) doesn't cause exceptions.
     new 1c870e1  Lucene.Net.Core (SortedDocValues + SortedSetDocValues) refactor: TermsEnum() > GetTermsEnum()
     new a4eafde  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.AbstractAppendingLongBuffer - reverted back to the original virtual rather than abstract implementation
     new 1a0d327  Luene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRefArray refactor: Iterator() > GetIterator()
     new 44d88f7  Refactor: Renamed Size() and Size to Count and/or Length (depending on type of data strucuture) solution-wide
     new 904d6f2  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.LogMergePolicy refactor: Verbose() > IsVerbose
     new 80b5f0d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueHitQueue refactor: Comparators > GetComparators(), ReverseMul > GetReverseMul() (arrays)
     new d42a042  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiPhraseQuery refactor: TermArrays > GetTermArrays(), Positions > GetPositions() (conversion)
     new f53cc4a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanOrQuery refactor: Top() > Top
     new 62b6ebb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocsCollector refactor: TopDocsSize > TopDocsCount
     new 4201381  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocsCollector refactor: TopDocs() > GetTopDocs()
     new b63c480  Lucene.Net.Search.Weight refactor: Scorer() > GetScorer(), BulkScorer() > GetBulkScorer()
     new 91cc093  TestFramework: Added test to check for public members with names containing the word "Comparator", which need to be changed to "Comparer" for consistency with .NET.
     new 974d998  Solution-wide: Renamed Comparator > Comparer
     new 7b201c6  Solution-wide: Renamed comparator > comparer
     new 1d69449  Solution-wide: COMPARATOR > COMPARER
     new 5a7fead  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldDoc: removed TODOs about encapsulating public field (maybe need a better approach)
     new 7138cfb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Scorer refactor: Score() > GetScore() (clarity)
     new e339d6f  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.FrozenBufferedUpdates refactor: TermsIterable() > GetTermsEnumerable(), QueriesIterable() > GetQueriesEnumerable()
     new 6f60a0b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.WeakIdentityMap refactor: ValueIterator() > GetValueEnumerator()
     new 2233667  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst: Removed TODOs about renaming Singleton property GetSingleton() - nothing wrong with this
     new c15b5cc  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.LongBitSet refactor: Bits > GetBits() (array)
     new b24ad7b  Lucene.Net.Tests.Highlighter.Highlight.HighlighterTest: removed TODO about finishing implementation (already done)
     new 5b36236  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DocIdSetIterator refactor: Cost() > GetCost()
     new b72cc09  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.Spans refactor: Cost() > GetCost()
     new 7fa7ea7  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.ByteBufferIndexInput refactor: Buffers > SetBuffers() (array)
     new adc4933  Lucene.Net.Core.ArrayUtil refactor: naturalComparer() > NaturalComparer(), removed NaturalComparer type and replaced with Comparer<T>.Default
     new b5337de  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Field: Added some missing constructor documentation
     new 0906a13  Reverted Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PriorityQueue back to its original state and fixed Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopTermsRewrite so it uses the Support.PriorityQueue rather than the Util.PriorityQueue
     new 0fcd080  Lucene.Net.Core.Search: cleaned up documentation comments for ICollector and copied to other collector implementations that have abstract members (because we made ICollector an interface instead of an abstract class).
     new 67c446f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities: Fixed string formatting bugs.
     new 15ac39c  Removed TODO about TextReaderWrapper in Analyzer (isn't present in original)
     new c8b1dfc  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanNearQuery: Changed ToString() method to append more efficiently
     new 749b058  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.RandomAccessOrds: Removed TODO about converting Cardinality() to a property - not a good candidate (makes a conversion most of the time).
     new a20cddb  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: NumDocs() > NumDocs.
     new e481572  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSource refactor: Description > GetDescription() (makes a conversion)
     new 5866ea1  Lucene.Net.Queries.Mlt.MoreLikeThisQuery refactor: changed datatype of StopWords property HashSet > ISet
     new 11beacd  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Suggest.Lookup refactor: Results > GetResults() (array, conversion)
     new 692e47d  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Messages refactor: renamed MessageImpl > Message
     new b6a455e  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Core.Parser refactor: Changed enum from EscapeQuerySyntax.Type to EscapeQuerySyntaxType, renamed Standard.Parser.EscapeQuerySyntaxImpl > Standard.Parser.EscapeQuerySyntax
     new 9587648  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser.Flexible.Spans refactor: renamed UniqueFieldAttributeImpl > UniqueFieldAttribute
     new 1366952 refactor: renamed QueryNodeProcessorImpl > QueryNodeProcessor
     new 5d84300  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Core.Nodes refactor: renamed QueryNodeImpl > QueryNode
     new 91d3639  Lucene.Net.Core.Support refactor: renamed AttributeImplItem > AttributeItem
     new 536aa7a  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Pulsing.PulsingPostingsReader: added TODO about making IPulsingEnumAttribute.Enums() into a property
     new 7fac783  Globally changed query.Clauses vs query.GetClauses() based on original implementation.
     new 86ed2ce  Added WritableArrayAttribute to Support namespace
     new 1809edd  Updated TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase to make exceptions for array properties that were meant to be writable. We define these using the WritableArray attribute.
     new d8c7b6a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRef refactor: Added backing field for Bytes, and enforced "cannot be set to null" rule. Added WriteableArray attribute.
     new d54d323  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.CharsRef refactor: Added backing field for Chars, and enforced "cannot be set to null" rule. Added WritableArray attribute.
     new bb34d5d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Builder refactor: Added WritableArray attribute to UncompiledNode.Arcs property.
     new 0a19e65 refactor: Changed buffers and Buffer to public properties with private backing field and decorated with WritableArray attribute.
     new 42b6b10  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.GrowableByteArrayDataOutput refactor: Changed Bytes field to public Bytes property backed by private bytes field and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new eb4d754  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.IntBlockPool refactor: Changed Buffers and Buffer fields to public properties backed by private fields and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new c32c176  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.IntsRef refactor: Changed Ints field to Ints property backed by ints private field and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new a9d2c62  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.LongsRef refactor: Changed Longs field into Longs property backed by private longs field and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new c269e77  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.SentinelIntSet refactor: Changed Keys field to Keys property backed by keys private field and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new 9af1555  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.CompiledAutomaton refactor: Changed SortedTransitions field to SortedTransitions public property backed by sortedTransitions private field and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new 734280f  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.State refactor: Changed TransitionsArray field to TransitionsArray property backed by transitionsArray private field and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new 6b9ce0b  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldDoc refactor: Changed Fields field to Fields public property backed by fields private field and added WritableArray attribute.
     new 509f10b  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SortField refactor: Changed public field missingValue to public property MissingValue, moved logic from SetMissingValue() into the setter, and backed by protected field m_missingValue
     new 4092dd5  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocs refactor: Changed public ScoreDocs field into property and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new 9808d6f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopFieldDocs refactor: Changed Fields public field to property and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new a55908c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergeState refactor: Changed DocMaps, DocBase and MatchingSegmentReaders public fields into properties and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new 465f49e  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.SegmentTermEnum refactor: Changed accessibility of public field indexInterval to internal, since the class is internal anyway (and we don't want public fields)
     new 87670a3  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.TermInfo refactor: Changed public fields into properties
     new 07104ed  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.CharFilter refactor: Changed accessibility of input field from public to protected internal and renamed m_input
     new 39dc345  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RamUsageEstimator.ClassCache refactor: Changed ReferenceFields from public field to property and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new 999f465  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RamUsageEstimator.IdentityHashSet refactor: Changed Keys from public field to property backed with keys private field and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new 3ba5407  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheImpl refactor: Changed docsWithField field from public to internal (nested within internal class anyway and we don't want public fields)
     new 483fc1d  TestFramework: Updated GetInvalidPublicFields to filter out anonymous functions.
     new df2530f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TermCollectingRewrite.TermCollector refactor: Changed public field Attributes to public property backed by private field attributes.
     new 508b5dd  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergePolicy.OneMerge refactor: Changed public field maxNumSegments into public property backed by private field.
     new bb1c735  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiDocValues.MultiSortedSetDocValues refactor: Changed DocStarts and Values public fields to public properties backed by private fields and decorated with WritableArray attribute
     new cb28cbe  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiDocValues.MultiSortedDocValues refactor: Changed DocStarts and Values public fields into public properties backed by private fields and decorated with WritableArray attribute. Also changed Mapping property from auto-implemented to being backed by private field (in both MultiSortedDocValues and MultiSortedSetDocValues)
     new 2e9f013  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsReader.Stats refactor: Changed BlockCountByPrefixLen public field to public property backed by private field and decorated with WritableArray attribute.
     new 48fb85c  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsReader.FieldReader.IntersectEnum.Frame refactor: Changed longs and bytes public fields into properties backed by private fields and decorated with WritableArray attribute.
     new d7695c5  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsReader.FieldReader.SegmentTermsEnum.Frame refactor: Changed longs and bytes public fields into properties backed by private fields and decorated with WritableArray attribute.
     new 0824ae6  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.BlockTreeTermsWriter.FieldMetaData refactor: Changed public fields into properties
     new 71fc95f  Changed WritableArrayAttribute so it can be applied to methods as well as properties.
     new 1e652bf  TestFramework.Core.TestApiConsistency: Added test for methods that return array fields - in this case, arrays can be written to, so these can be good candidates for array properties.
     new 6f84f91  TestFramework.Util.ApiScanBase - update GetMethodsThatReturnWritableArray (fixup)
     new 3e28962  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker.Insanity refactor: GetCacheEntries() > CacheEntries (writable array)
     new c4cdb18  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes.ICharTermAttribute refactor: GetBuffer() > Buffer (writable array). Added WriteableArray attribute to CharTermattribute.Buffer.
     new 4588be4  Lucene.Net.Core.Util (FixedBitSet + LongBitSet + OpenBitSet) refactor: Added WritableArray attribute to GetBits() method
     new cd412fa  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.EliasFanoEncoder refactor: GetLowerBits() > LowerBits, GetUpperBits() > UpperBits, GetIndexBits() > IndexBits. Added WritableArray attribute to each.
     new 64f7439  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Sort.GetSort(): Added WritableArray attribute (making this a property would cause a naming collision).
     new 63f45b1  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans (NearSpansOrdered + NearSpansUnordered) refactor: GetSubSpans() > SubSpans. Added WritableArray attribute.
     new 03314fe  Lucene.Net.Core (Codecs.MappingMultiDocsAndPositionsEnum + Codecs.MappingMultiDocsEnum + Index.MultiDocsAndPositionsEnum + Index.MultiDocsEnum) refactor: GetSubs() > Subs. Added WritableArray attribute.
     new 4e976c1  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MultiTermsEnum refactor: GetMatchArray() > MatchArray. Added WritableArray attribute.
     new a793fd9  TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Added test for property/method names containing non-.NET numeric conventions (Int rather than Int32, Float rather than Short, etc.)
     new 54760bf  TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Added test to check for property or methods named "Size" - we want to change these to "Count" or "Length" in .NET.
     new 986166b  TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Added test for nullable enum parameters, methods, properties, and fields that are publicly visible.
     new caa9f2b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.OpenStringBuilder: Added WritableArray attribute to Array property
     new b1d9ed1  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Spell.CombineSuggestion: Added WritableArray attribute to OriginalTermIndexes property
     new 17c22f0  Lucene.Net.Join.TermsWithScoreCollector: Added WritableArray attribute to ScoresPerTerm property
     new c10a6bf  TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Added tests for interface and class naming conventions.
     new 7905751  Lucene.Net.Core: Added exceptions for class naming rule
     new a8ae158  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentReader refactor: IDisposableThreadLocalAnonymousInnerClassHelper > DisposableThreadLocalAnonymousInnerClassHelper, IDisposableThreadLocalAnonymousInnerClassHelper2 > DisposableThreadLocalAnonymousInnerClassHelper2
     new 29b84d0  Lucene.Net.Core.Support refactor: IDisposableThreadLocalProfiler > DisposableThreadLocalProfiler, IDictionaryExtensions > DictionaryExtensions
     new f709ffd  Lucene.Net.Support: Renamed IgnoreNetNumericConventionAttribute >ExceptionToNetNumericConventionAttribute
     new eccc8fa  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Added exception to "Intro" for NonNetNumeric test
     new bc829c2  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xFields: Changed const DEBUG_SURROGATES to static to eliminate unreachable code warnings
     new 4e0343d  Added #pragma to disable warnings for unused exception variables (keeping them because they are helpful for debugging)
     new a7a46d4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BufferedUpdates: changed const VERBOSE_DELETES to static to eliminate compiler warning about unreachable code
     new 4b89f37  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.SortedIntSet: removed NotImplementedException that was causing unreachable code
     new a5894e9  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter: commented Debug.Assert because enum cannot be null in .NET
     new 912cccb  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.CompiledAutomaton: refactored GetHashCode() because enum cannot be null in .NET
     new 1eba5b1  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.CachingCollector: Removed new keyword from cachedScorer field because it is not required
     new 1fbd5fc  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.MMapDirectory: added Obsolete attribute to OpenFullSlice() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 8d66405  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xFields: added Obsolete attribute to UniqueTermCount because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 2c97c18  Lucene.Net.Core.Store (FSDirectory + BufferedIndexOutput): added Obsolete attribute to Seek() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 8f43d30  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSDirectory: added Obsolete attribute to FileExists() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 0bb47a1  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Directory: added Obsolete attribute to OpenFullSlice() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 066a69a  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.CompoundFileWriter.DirectCFSIndexOutput: added Obsolete attribute to Seek() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 6c263dc  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.CompoundFileDirectory: added Obsolete attribute to FileExists() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 0711dbd  Lucene.Net.Core.NIOFSDirectory: added Obsolete attribute to OpenFullSlice() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new fc06651  Lucene.Net.Core.SimpleFSDirectory: added Obsolete attribute to OpenFullSlice() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 7ace4e0  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMOutputStream: added Obsolete attribute to Seek() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new bcf45d3  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RateLimitedIndexOutput: added Obsolete attribute to Seek() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new fe49683  Lucene.Net.Core.Store: on all Directory subclasses, added Obsolete attribute to FileExists() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 58709c1  Lucene.Net.Core: Suppressed obsolete warnings
     new 3f1e70e  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NRTCachingDirectory: changed const VERBOSE to static to prevent unreachable execution warning
     new 618dd48  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.LZ4: commented unused labels
     new 006e660  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.TimSorter: commented unused label
     new 0d3736f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MinShouldMatchSumScorer: removed duplicate using directive
     new 71bccc5  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.NumericDocValuesFieldUpdates: removed new keyword on Iterator because it is not required.
     new 6e330bc  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.TreeSet: commented explicit warning statements
     new 2df9134  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.NumberFormat: commented unused private variables
     new e34baa5  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Arrays.GetHashCode(): removed unused prime const
     new f9ebb68  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.MemoryMappedFileByteBuffer: added missing constructor to set the offset field
     new f621cdd  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xFields: Commented unused cfsReader variable
     new 7bd5002  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.SPIClassIterator: Changed generic closing type from S to T to prevent collision with enclosing generic type
     new b306f0d  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.LookaheadTokenFilter: changed const DEBUG to readonly static to prevent unreachable execution path warning
     new 5049a1c  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: suppressed unused exception variables using #pragma
     new 8b8f529  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.English: Changed long declarations from 'l' to 'L' to prevent compiler warnings about confusion
     new ac9b43e  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.TestRuleSetupAndRestoreClassEnv: commented unused fields
     new 158d2d9  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Added Obsolete attribute to methods that override IndexOutput.Seek() because it is obsolete
     new 79b7e87  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Store.MockDirectoryWrapper.IndexInputSlicerAnonymousInnerClassHelper: Added Obsolete attribute to OpenFullSlice() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 32c580e  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Store.MockDirectoryWrapper: Added Obsolete attribute to FileExists() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 9c90de4  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Codecs.Asserting.AssertingPostingsFormat.AssertingFieldsProducer: Added Obsolete attribute to UniqueTermCount because it overrides an obsolete member
     new db9b626  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Suppressed obsolete warnings
     new e1ad17a  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.BasePostingsFormatTestCase: added new keyword to TestThread class because a base class has a method with the same name
     new 80df5a0  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Disabled/commented unused variables
     new 895513d  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.MockRandomLookaheadTokenFilter: TermAtt was not being initialized
     new d8d5c18  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Codecs.RamOnly.RAMOnlyPostingsFormat: suppressed warning about overriding Equals but not GetHashCode
     new 7a9be36  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.MockTokenizer: used new keyword on State enum since a base class has a nested class with the same name. Added override keyword to SetReaderTestPoint().
     new 35f1a4d  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.MockGraphTokenFilter: added new keyword to DEBUG field because of conflict with inherited field.
     new 62edcef  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.LookaheadTokenFilter: renamed End > end because of naming conflict with method
     new d46c001  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.CannedBinaryTokenStream: added new keyword to IBinaryTermAttribute.BytesRef to hide inherited member
     new a1408dd  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.BaseTermVectorsFormatTestCase: added new keyword to static Equals method
     new 096a317  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Support (TestByteBuffer + TestLongBuffer): commented unused v variables
     new 86686bf  Lucene.Net.Tests: suppressed warnings about unused variables on caught exceptions
     new 15efa51  Lucene.Net.Tests: suppressed obsolete warnings
     new a781c2c  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core (Index.TestFieldsReader.FaultyFSDirectory + Store.TestBufferedIndexInput.MockFSDirectory): added Obsolete attribute to FileExists() because it overrides an obsolete member
     new 6ef3807  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Support.C5.HashBag: commented explicit compiler warnings
     new 8902ace  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestIndexWriterWithThreads: removed duplicate using statement
     new 99119dd  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestCompoundFile: Changed explicit long declaration from 'l' to 'L' "for clarity"
     new 974fd48  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestNRTThreads: added override keyword to SetUp method
     new 5e39a91  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Analysis.TrivialLookaheadFilter: added new keyword on private variables because they conflict with protected variables of base class.
     new bde76bf  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Util.TestPriorityQueue: added new keyword to Less and Greater classes because they conflict with members of the NUnit Assert class
     new 295c9e5  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Search.Payloads.TestPayloadTermQuery: Similarity not being set right in CheckHits.CheckHitCollector() because it was using the local field with the same name. Changed field name to camelCase to fix.
     new fa79353  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Search.Spans.TestPayloadSpans: renamed Similarity camelCase to prevent naming conflict with property of the same name.
     new e682342  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Search.Payloads.TestPayloadNearQuery: renamed Similarity camelCase to prevent naming conflict with property of the same name.
     new 1e11611  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestIndexWriterExceptions: added new keyword to DoFail because it conflicts with a field of the same name in the base class
     new c1c68dc  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestIndexConcurrentMergeScheduler.FailOnlyOnFlush: added new keyword to DoFail because it conflicts with a field of the same name in the base class
     new 9f3fa7a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.TestConcurrentMergeScheduler.ConcurrentMergeSchedulerAnonymousInnerClassHelper: renamed MaxMergeCount camelCase because of a conflict with a property with the same name
     new c19abfe  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Codecs.Lucene41.TestBlockPostingsFormat3: Added new keyword to RandomBits class because it hides a class in LuceneTestCase with the same name
     new 3bd0c90  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.BinaryTokenStream.IByteTermAttribute: Added new keyword to BytesRef property because it hides a property with the same name in the base interface
     new 9aab47d  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Support (TestByteBuffer + TestLongBuffer): Removed x != x and y != y comparisons (nonsense in .NET)
     new 9c9cba2  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestTransactionRollback: Made RollbackDeletionPolicy, DeleteLastCommitPolicy, and KeepAllDeletionPolicy classes non-generic as they were in Lucene. The generic closing type name was colliding with the name used on their methods.
     new c0c42f9  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core (Index.TestLongPostings + Search.TestMultiPhraseQuery): suppressed warnings due to unreachable execution paths. A boolean variable is being used as a switch to test one condition vs another, but the compiler complains because the boolean is hard-coded true.
     new 5f25653  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestDirectoryReaderReopen.KeepAllCommits: made non-generic (as it was originally) to prevent collisions with the generic closing type of its methods.
     new 49fa531  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestTransactions: Class qualifier missing on DoFail variable in RandomFailure class was causing the failure not to happen. Test is now (correctly) failing because of an unhandled exception somewhere.
     new f55556a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.Index.TestTermVectorsReader.TestPositionReader(): commented unused terms variable
     new aaff582  Lucene.Net.Classification.Utils.DataSplitterTest: suppressed warning about unused exception variable
     new 0326cc9  Lucene.Net.Tests.Grouping.DistinctValuesCollectorTest: Commented unused fields (that were also unused in Lucene)
     new b022d30  Lucene.Net.Tests.Highlighter.VectorHighlight.FastVectorHighlighterTest.AnalyzerWrapperAnonymousHelper: suppressed obsolete warning for constructor, removed TODO about building the same class
     new 9aa8d66  Lucene.Net.Tests.Join.TestJoinUtil.CollectorAnonymousInnerClassHelper6: removed unused context variable and constructor parameter
     new aa9e48a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Queries: Suppressed unused variable warnings about exception variables and obsolete warnings
     new 75eeb85  Lucene.Net.Tests.Queries.TestCustomScoreQuery.CustomScoreProviderAnonymousInnerClassHelper: Removed unnecessary context variable (using the one in the base class)
     new ff89b05  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial.Prefix.SpatialOpRecursivePrefixTreeTest: Disabled warning about unused variable indexedAtLeastOneShapePair
     new 3980448  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial: suppressed warnings about unused exception variables
     new 994233c  Lucene.Net.Queries.CommonTermsQuery: Removed check for null on highFreqOccur and lowFreqOccur, since enumerations cannot be null in .NET
     new c56db65  BUG: Lucene.Net.Memory.MemoryIndex.AddField(): changed throw statement to throw Exception rather than the original IOException
     new 883d941  Lucene.Net.Expressions.JS (JavascriptLexer + JavascriptParser): removed unreachable break statements and commented unreferenced labels
     new baa865a  Lucene.Net.Expressions.JS.JavascriptParser: commented unused variables
     new dcb41d8  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.DirectPostingsFormat: Commented unreferenced labels
     new 0df5a83  Lucene.Net.Codecs: suppressed obsolete warnings
     new aabeb67  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.DirectDocValuesProducer: suppressed warnings about unassigned fields
     new adf7c15  Lucene.Net.Classification.Utils.DatasetSplitter: suppressed obsolete warnings about LUCENE_CURRENT
     new c6b5c8e  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.CharFilter.HTMLStripCharFilter: added override keyword to Dispose() method
     new 84c5f09  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Th.ThaiWordBreaker: removed unused variable WordBoundaries
     new eee04c4  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.AbstractAnalysisFactory: commented code in AssureMatchVersion() because luceneMatchVersion can never be null in .NET
     new 5d8d81a  Removed references to NUnit 2.6.3 (they were causing conflicts). Updated Ignore attribute with a reason in TestWorstCaseTestBehavior.
     new 2315d0d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRef: Removed validation on setting Bytes property to non-null because some tests actually set it to null
     new 933ae78  Setup API consistency tests on Analysis.Common
     new 1ebaad0  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Hunspell.ISO8859_14Decoder: Added ExceptionToClassNameConvention attribute
     new fa62828 (IOContext + RateLimitedDirectoryWrapper): Made UsageContext enum non-nullable
     new 3649847  TestFramework: Updated error description of TestProtectedFieldNames and TestPrivateFieldNames to instruct how to fix the problem.
     new 715372a  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.Terms refactor: Renamed Iterator() > GetIterator()
     new 53ab671  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldComparer refactor: Changed Value(int) to this[int]
     new 2b21b3e  Lucene.Net.Classification: member accessibility
     new 70f2e79  Lucene.Net.Classification: usings and license headers
     new 726c43f  Lucene.Net.Classification: documentation comments
     new 332b24c  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Core.Processors.QueryNodeProcessor: Added TODO about changing NullReferenceException to ArgumentException
     new 0d5490e  Lucene.Net.Expressions: member accessibility
     new fa4ab1b  Lucene.Net.Expressions: usings and license headers
     new 8ade0b4  Lucene.Net.Expressions: documentation comments
     new c79c9eb  Lucene.Net.Expressions.Expression refactor: Changed sourceText and variables to properties and renamed PascalCase. Added WritableArray attribute to Variables.
     new f88120c  Lucene.Net.Expressions.JS.JavascriptParser refactor: Logical_or() > Logical_Or(), Logical_and() > Logical_And(), Bitwise_or() > Bitwise_Or(), Bitwise_xor() > Bitwise_XOr(), Bitwise_and() > Bitwise_And(), Unary_operator() > Unary_Operator()
     new 8d6b6c9  Lucene.Net.Expressions BUG: Reverted to public constructors on Bindings and Expression because they rely on something (probably Reflection) to instantiate them
     new dbe66cc  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IOContext: BUG - changed position of DEFAULT label in UsageContext enum to the top because it had the same value as MERGE when set explicitly
     new 57d0d27  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RateLimitedDirectoryWrapper: Commented check for null UsageContext, since the value is non-nullable
     new 90d6473  Lucene.Net.Expressions.ScoreValueSource.GetHashCode(): Corrected implementation to use RuntimeHelpers.GetHashCode(this), the .NET equivalent of Java's System.identityHashCode(this).
     new 8174a11  Lucene.Net.Expressions.ScoreFunctionValues: Added try catch block from original implementation because it could potentially fix issues
     new 1d0bf14  Lucene.Net.Join: Member accessibility
     new e86b09e  Lucene.Net.Join: usings and license headers
     new 7f474fd  Lucene.Net.Tests.Join: Added API consistency tests
     new 720fe70  Lucene.Net.Join: Renamed fields from PascalCase to camelCase
     new e24cb49  Lucene.Net.Join..TermsIncludingScoreQuery.SVInOrderScorer: Renamed outerInstance > m_outerInstance (protected field convention)
     new 9f6b2c3  Lucene.Net.Join.TermsWithScoreCollector refactor: InitialArraySize > INITIAL_ARRAY_SIZE, Sv > SV, Mv > MV
     new 88fb289  Lucene.Net.Join.ToChildBlockJoinQuery refactor: InvalidQueryMessage > INVALID_QUERY_MESSAGE
     new e41541f  Lucene.Net.Join.ToParentBlockJoinCollector refactor: sortQueue() > SortQueue()
     new 96a10db  Lucene.Net.Join.TermsQuery: Added missing Equals() and GetHashCode() implementations
     new 057b654  Lucene.Net.Join (TermsIncludingScoreQuery + ToChildBlockJoinQuery + ToParentBlockJoinQuery): reverted Equals() implementation to the same as Lucene
     new f8681b2  Lucene.Net.Join.ToParentBlockJoinCollector refactor: Changed return type of GetTopGroups(), AccumulateGroups() and GetTopGroupsWithAllChildDocs() from TopGroups<T> to ITopGroups<T>
     new 4025eb2  Lucene.Net.Join: documentation comments
     new 9c8e8fb  SWEEP: Added CLSCompliant(true) attribute to all sub-projects (but not tests or test framework)
     new fc457f5  Lucene.Net.Queries: member accessibility
     new 89171dc  Lucene.Net.Queries: usings and license headers
     new f94ecf7  Lucene.Net.Queries.ChainedFilter refactor: doChain() > DoChain()
     new 5fd4150  Lucene.Net.Queries.CommonTermsQuery refactor: CoordDisabled > IsCoordDisabled
     new fd254c8  Lucene.Net.Queries.CustomScoreQuery refactor: Strict > IsStrict
     new a1e8494  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.DocValues.DocTermsIndexDocValues refactor: toTerm() > ToTerm(), NumOrd() > NumOrd (property)
     new dffc898  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.FunctionValues refactor: ValueFiller > GetValueFiller()
     new d0f7e40  Lucene.Net.Grouping.Function.FunctionValues refactor: Renamed class AbstractValueFiller > ValueFiller
     new d11d4da  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.ScaleFloatFunction.ScaleInfo refactor: changed internal fields into auto-implemented properties
     new 5d2ad90  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSourceScorer refactor: CheckDeletes (setter only) > SetCheckDeletes(bool)
     new 34cde53  Lucene.Net.Queries.Mlt.MoreLikeThis refactor: MaxDocFreqPct (setter only) > SetMaxDocFreqPct(int)
     new 62ea103  Lucene.Net.Queries.Mlt.MoreLikeThis refactor: createQueue() > CreateQueue(), describeParams() > DescribeParams()
     new ee734c7  Lucene.Net.Queries.Mlt.MoreLikeThis refactor: Boost >ApplyBoost
     new 2ba3252  Lucene.Net.Tests.Queries: added API consistency tests
     new 0d8a7ed  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.IDFValueSource: added ExceptionToClassNameConvention attribute
     new 99df7a2  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.ReverseOrdFieldSource: Changed public field named "field" to private and added public property Field
     new d60b93d  Lucene.Net.Queries refactor: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 3a686b5  Lucene.Net.Queries refactor: Changed sbyte > byte for CLS compliance
     new dfdeeed  Lucene.Net.Queries: enabled all rules for code analysis
     new 2a6c69e  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: removed references to ICU4Net
     new 4438d23  Lucene.Net.Queries: documentation comments
     new 2860403  Lucene.Net.Queries: added TODO about changing List<T> to IList<T>
     new c602c98  Lucene.Net.Codecs: member accessibility
     new 2060fbb  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms.TermsIndexReaderBase refactor: Changed return type of Seek(BytesRef), Next, and Seek(long) from long? to long to match Lucene
     new 8bdeedc  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms.TermsIndexReaderBase refactor: Next > Next(), RamBytesUsed > RamBytesUsed()
     new 9b5fd73  Lucene.Net.Codecs refactor: renamed all outer instance fields to outerInstance and moved them to the beginning of the constructor parameter list.
     new 20967c4  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Bloom.BloomFilteringPostingsFormat.BloomFilteredTermsEnum refactor: renamed DELEGATE_TERMS_ENUM > delegateTermsEnum, FILTER > filter
     new 7586bb8  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Bloom.FuzzySet.ContainsResult refactor > Maybe > MAYBE, No > NO
     new e17cce9  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.IntIndexInput refactor: Reader() > GetReader(), Index() > GetIndex()
     new c4fad82  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.IntIndexInput refactor: renamed IntIndexInputReader > AbstractReader, IntIndexInputIndex > AbstractIndex and nested both classes within IntIndexInput
     new 0f32196  Lucene.Net.Codecs.IntBlock (FixedIntBlockIndexInput + VariableIntBlockIndexInput) refactor: renamed InputReader > Reader, InputIndex > Index
     new f50b035  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed fields from UPPER_CASE to camelCase
     new 0ad5d6f  Lucene.Net.Core.BlockTerms.FixedGapTermsIndexReader.FieldIndexData.CoreFieldIndex refactor: RamBytesUsed > RamBytesUsed()
     new 13ba9d3  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Bloom.BloomFilteringPostingsFormat.BloomFilteredFieldsProducer.BloomFilteredTermsEnum refactor: Delegate() > Delegate
     new d534f63  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.IntIndexOutput refactor: Renamed IntIndexOutputIndex > AbstractIndex, nested it within IntIndexOutput, and renamed subclasses OutputIndex > Index
     new a5cffba  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep (SepSkipListReader + SepSkipListWriter) refactor: IndexOptions (setter only) > SetIndexOptions(IndexOptions)
     new a1c6d3d  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.SepSkipListWriter refactor: PosOutput (setter only) > SetPosOutput(IntIndexOutput), PayloadOutput (setter only) > SetPayloadOutput(IndexOutput)
     new b0c227e  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.MemoryPostingsFormat refactor: reset() > Reset(), decodeMetaData() > DecodeMetaData()
     new 6998f2f  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.DirectPostingsFormat.HighFreqDocsEnum refactor: canResuse() > CanReuse()
     new 0d3588a  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.DirectPostingsFormat refactor: changed public field skips to public property Skips backed by private field
     new 9fc749d  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.DirectPostingsFormat.DirectField (LowFreqTerm + HighFreqTerm) refactor: Changed public fields into properties backed by private fields
     new 5524a91  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.DirectPostingsFormat.DirectField.DirectIntersectTermsEnum.State: removed TODOs about changing internal fields to properties
     new 87a256e  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Removed unnecessary HashMapHelperClass
     new e106720  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Removed unnecessary HashMapHelperClass
     new fd57852  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Bloom.MurmurHash2 refactor: Changed uint parameter in Hash function to int, added unchecked cast to overflow the constant, and removed unnecessary array cast
     new e65864e  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Pulsing.PulsingPostingsReader.IPulsingEnumAttribute refactor: Changed Enums() > Enums and changed return type from Dictionary<PulsingPostingsReader, DocsEnum> > IDictionary<PulsingPostingsReader, DocsEnum>
     new fcb9891  Lucene.Net.Tests.Codecs: Added API consistency tests
     new f46d372  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed private fields camelCase
     new 7660509  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new c0908b4  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed all parameter names camelCase
     new 5a5c215  Lucene.Net.Codecs refactor: Changed public fields to properties
     new 0159ad2  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed Intblock folder to IntBlock
     new 46743cc  Lucene.Net.Codecs: license headers and usings
     new 96d47ce  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Commented unused variables
     new d229887  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common refactor: Renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new eb2197d  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Changed TestFixtureSetUp > OneTimeSetUp, TestFixtureTearDown > OneTimeTearDown because of obsolete warnings
     new 9ba19a4  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Compound.CompoundWordTokenFilterBase.CompoundToken refactor: Changed public fields to properties backed by private fields
     new 1bcf826  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.CharArrayMap.MapValue refactor: changed public field into property backed by private field
     new 12d57d6  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation.Hyphen refactor: changed public fields into auto-implemented properties
     new f04fe0b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Synonym (SlowSynonymMap + SynonymMap) refactor: changed public fields to properties backed by private fields
     new dd4f145  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Tartarus.Snowball.Among refactor: changed public fields into properties backed by private fields
     new bb50200  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Added WritableArray attribute to public array properties that are backed by a field.
     new a53a3ce  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Query.QueryAutoStopWordAnalyzer refactor: StopWords >GetStopWords()
     new 095a8ea  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Shingle.ShingleFilter refactor: OutputUnigrams (setter only) > SetOutputUnigrams(), OutputUnigramsIfNoShingles (setter only) > SetOutputUnigramsIfNoShingles(),  MaxShingleSize (setter only) > SetMaxShingleSize(), MinShingleSize (setter only) > SetMinShingleSize(), TokenSeparator (setter only) > SetTokenSeparator(), FillerToken (setter only) > SetFillerToken(). Most of these were not good candidates for property (even with a getter) because they [...]
     new 8c134b6  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: fixed GetPropertiesThatReturnArray so it will take into consideration internal/private members
     new 20c06d3  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Nl (DutchStemFilter + DutchStemmer): added property getters to properties per MSDN guidelines.
     new 51cefb4  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Miscellaneous.PrefixAwareTokenFilter refactor: CurrentToken (setter only) > SetCurrentToken(Token) - not a good candidate for a property
     new 9b8e2f5  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis (De.GermanStemFilter + Fr.FrenchStemFilter): added getter to Stemmer property per MSDN guidelines
     new 8579487  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.En.KStemmer refactor: Suffix (setter only) > SetSuffix(string)
     new daebeba  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation.PatternParser: Added getter to Consumer property per MSDN guidelines.
     new 8a0b52b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Sinks.TeeSinkTokenFilter.SinkTokenStream refactor: FinalState (setter only) > SetFinalState(AttributeSourc.State)
     new f8c2d3f  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Added ability to make exceptions to the TestPrivateFieldName test based on a regex
     new 0b660b6  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis refactor: Reverted from IEnumerable<T> to ICollection<T> or IList<T> for parameters and return types to eliminate O(n) operations
     new 0b4b960  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: added tests for 1) members that accept or return IEnumerable<T>  2) members that accept or return List<T> or Dictionary<T>so they can be changed to IList<T> or IDictionary<T>
     new 74b6cda  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation: Changed all members that accept or return List<T> to IList<T>
     new f950f67  Added TODO about consolidating collection support into Support.Compatibility.Collections class
     new 1df1aab  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.ListExtensions: Added extension methods for TimSort and IntroSort
     new 8605dda  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.CollectionsHelper: modified Shuffle() to shuffle the list in place rather than using LINQ, which is much faster and is more like the original implementation.
     new 93e87ea  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Consolidated UnmodifiableMap functionality in Compatibility.Collections
     new 3606648  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Consolidated SingletonMap functionality in Compatibility.Collections
     new ebbfcaa  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Consolidated EmptyMap functionality in Compatibility.Collections and reordered members of Collections alphabetically
     new 413a070  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Consolidated AddAll functionality in Compatibility.Collections
     new c7543fa  Changed all calls from Arrays.BinarySearch and removed from Support.Arrays because System.Array already has this functionality
     new 1a46f41  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Arrays: Copied documentation comments from CollectionHelper.Equals(Array, Array) to Arrays.Equals(T[], T[])
     new f8cdaa2  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Consolidated Swap and Shuffle functionality in Support.Compatibility.Collections
     new cc640b3  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Consolidated Fill functionality in Arrays class
     new 6d85950  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.TestUtil.AssertAttributeReflection(): Changed from CollectionsHelper.DictEquals to CollectionAssert.AreEqual to compare dictionary contents (removing the only call to CollectionsHelper.DictEquals from the project)
     new 2391561  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.DictionaryExtensions: Moved LowerEntry method here from CollectionsUtil and made it into an extension method. Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.MockCharFilter (the one place that calls it) - camelCased all fields
     new 15b94d2  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Consolidated ReverseComparer functionality into the Support.Compaitiblity.Collections class.
     new 33d2afc  Deleted Lucene.Net.Core.Support.CollectionsHelper - this class did not exist in Java, and now that everything has been moved to its appropriate place, it is not necessary
     new e9f9752  Lucene.Net.Core.Util (ArrayUtil + CollectionUtil): Removed generic constraints from TimSort and IntroSort because they are not necessary to use the natural comparer (Comparer<T>.Default) in .NET.
     new 6ece1f3  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Renamed file AttributeImplItem > AttributeItem
     new 484a3fe  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Renamed BitSetSupport > BitArrayExtensions
     new a05b942  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted unused BuildType class
     new 516c107  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted unused Compare class
     new b9cc92d  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted unused Crytpography class
     new 4f2a225  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted unused Double class
     new cc86c7d  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted unused ErrorHandling.cs file containing OnErrorDelegate()
     new 9a657cd  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Renamed HashCodeMerge.cs > HashHelpers.cs to match the contained class
     new fa0a6d5  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted unused Single class
     new 6032fd7  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.StreamUtils: renamed Formatter field camelCase
     new 8bb1cc9  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.StringBuilderExtensions: Reverted Reverse() method to original Java implementation (faster), and added CodePointCount and GetChars() methods
     new 3d57305  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted unused TextSupport class
     new e37f919  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Compatibility.Collections: Changed EmtyList<T> to return Enumerable.Empty<T> rather than ImmutableList<T>.Empty
     new 7d32477  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Compatibility.Collections: Changed Singleton<T> to use the HashSet initializer rather than using ImmutableHashSet
     new 152c37e  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Moved UnmodifiableDictionary to be a nested class of Compatibility.Collections and made it private
     new 7c2e17f  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Compatibility.Collections: Created UnmodifiableSetImpl and UnmodifiableListImpl classes and replaced ImmutableHashSet and ImmutableList, respectively
     new b9707b9  Lucene.Net.Core: Removed System.Collections.Immutable dependency
     new 98fbe56  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.DisjunctionMaxQuery.Disjuncts: Changed return type from List<T> to IList<T>
     new 029d97d  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SloppyPhraseScorer refactor: Changed List<T> > IList<T>, Dictionary<K, V> > IDictionary<K, V>. Added LinkedHashMap in appropriate place, since this implies that natural sort order is important.
     new ffa24c2  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.CompositeReaderContext: Changed children constructor parameters from List<T> to IList<T>. Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfos: Changed return type of Segements property from List<T> to IList<T>.
     new 1908f17  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.ListExtensions: Added Sort() methods that first attempt to use List<T>.Sort(), and fallback to CollectionUtil.TimSort() if the cast won't work. This means we don't need to return or cast to List<T> in order to use Sort().
     new 5b1c8d2  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.CollectionUtil: Updated documenation comments for TimSort and IntroSort
     new 3090f3a  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.Document: Changed Fields property from List<T> to IList<T>
     new cd7fef2  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ByteBlockPool.Allocator: Changed parameter type of RecycleByteBlocks from List<T> to IList<T>
     new 4d8491a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet: Added API consistency tests
     new 368e3f0  BUG: Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyWriter: Fixed KeyNotFound exception
     new 71adfdb  Lucene.Net.Facet refactor: Changed all parameters and return types from List<T> to IList<T>
     new e4da8d2  Lucene.Net.Facet.Range.LongRangeCounter.InclusiveRange refactor: changed public fields to auto-implemented properties
     new e4657fb  Lucene.Net.Facet refactor: Renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new fc2eef3  Lucene.Net.Facet.FacetResult refactor: Renamed parameter _other > other in Equals method
     new c68378f  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyReader: changed CacheSize (setter only) > SetCacheSize(). Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyWriter: changed CacheMissesUntilFill (setter only) > SetCacheMissesUntilFill()
     new 810f47c  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyWriter: Changed Map (array property) > GetMap()
     new 8a0f30b  Added SuppressMessage attribute from code analysis on every property that returns an array that also has [WritableArray] attribute
     new a03ef7c  Lucene.Net.Facet: Added [WritableArray] attribute and SuppressMessage attribute from code analysis to all array properties
     new c74f829  Lucene.Net.Suggest: Added API consistency tests
     new 3a3b0f1  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Spell.WordBreakSpellChecker.SuggestWordArrayWrapper: Added WritableArray and SuppressMessage attribute to SuggestWords property
     new c2e1a01  Lucene.Net.Suggest: Changed all parameters and return types from List<T> to IList<T>
     new e9db285  Lucene.Net.Suggest refactor: renamed all protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new ae51578  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Spell.SpellChecker refactor: SpellIndex (setter only) > SetSpellIndex(). Lucene.Net.Suggest.Suggest.Jaspell.JaspellTernarySearchTrie refactor: Added getters to MatchAlmostDiff and NumReturnValues properties per MSDN guidelines.
     new 1647a70  Lucene.Net.Suggest refactor: Changed all public fields to auto-implemented properties
     new a2f173a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial: Added API consistency tests
     new 18f6f7c  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Changed public fields to public properties backed by private fields
     new 22daada  Lucene.Net.Spatial refactor: Renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new dbf661c  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Added getter to properties that only have setters per MSDN guidelines
     new be668b6  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Renamed anonymous helper classes to fit class name conventions
     new 0fc7967  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Changed non-.NET numeric RegEx to exclude "joint" when searching for "int"
     new 439a198  Lucene.Net.Facet.SortedSet.SortedSetDocValuesReaderState refactor: DocValues > GetDocValues()
     new a79fd08  Lucene.Net.Tests.Sandbox: Added API consistency tests
     new 2bf7b0a  Lucene.Net.Sandbox.Queries.SlowFuzzyQuery: renamed protected field term > m_term
     new 03d1387  Lucene.Net.Sandbox.Queries.FuzzyLikeThisQuery.ScoreTerm refactor: made public fields into auto-implemented properties
     new b1efc52  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser: Added API consistency tests
     new 9f9c1a2  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Core.Processors.QueryNodeProcessorPipeline.GetRange() refactor: changed return type from List<T> to IList<T>
     new 48d6cd5  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.ComplexPhrase.ComplexPhraseQueryParser.ComplexPhraseQuery.AddComplexPhraseClause() refactor: changed parameter from List<T> to IList<T>
     new 3321ce0  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Messages.Message.GetArguments() refactor: Changed return to clone the array so it cannot be changed from outside of the class.
     new f09f5ce refactor: changed accessibilty of all members back to internal (including public array properties)
     new b170b54  Lucene.Net.QueryParser refactor: renamed all protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new ad3db5a  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Surround.Query.FieldsQuery refactor: OrOperatorName (field) > orOperatorName
     new 7667d56  Lucene.Net.QueryParser (Classic + Flexible.Standard.Parser + Surround.Parser) TokenMgrError refactor: changed parameter from EOFSeen > eofSeen (convention)
     new 13db3e6  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: changed public fields into properties or marked them private. Added SafeTextWriterWrapper to debugStreams.
     new a007bec  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Standard.StandardQueryParser.DefaultOperator refactor: changed to be non-nullable enum, and set the default value to OR by specifying its value as 0
     new a6168d0  Lucene.Net.Queries.TermsFilter: Changed parameters and return types from List<T> to IList<T>
     new ccbf6b1  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Renamed public constants that start with "_" to make them CLS compliant
     new 681a70f  Lucene.Net.Tests.Misc: Added API consistency tests
     new 754202c  Lucene.Net.Misc.Index.Sorter.SortingMergePolicy.Info: added getter to prevent the test from failing.
     new 81158d8  Lucene.Net.Misc refactor: made public fields into properties
     new 30f9959  Lucene.Net.Misc.Sorter.EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 366eb42  Lucene.Net.Misc.Util.Fst.UpToTwoPositiveIntOutputs refactor: renamed method parameters camelCase
     new 375e3b6  Lucene.Net.Misc.Index.Sorter.SortingAtomicReader refactor: changed IndexOptions enum fields and parameters to be non-nullable
     new a7dae6e  Lucene.Net.Misc.Index.Sorter.SortingMergePolicy: removed TODO about changing mergeTrigger parameter to non-nullable, since we already have a test as a reminder.
     new 9ccf3f0  Lucene.Net.Tests.Memory: added API consistency tests
     new 8ddd86b  Lucene.Net.Memory.MemoryIndex.MemoryIndexReader.Searcher: added getter per MSDN guidelines
     new fcf634f  Lucene.Net.Tests.Highlighter: added API consistency tests
     new 350040c  Lucene.Net.Highlighter refactor: renamed all protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 8706ebb  Lucene.Net.Highlighter.RectangularArrays.ReturnRectangularStringArray():renamed parameters camelCase
     new a755a13  Lucene.Net.Highlighter.VectorHighlight.FieldFragList refactor: changed parameter and return types from List<T> to IList<T>
     new 8667326  Lucene.Net.Tests.Grouping: added API consistency tests
     new 885c960  Lucene.Net.Grouping.AbstractGroupFacetCollector: changed parameter and return types from List<T> to IList<T>
     new d604cab  Lucene.Net.Grouping refactor: renamed all protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new 1dccd77  Lucene.Net.Grouping: added WritableArray and SuppressMessage attribute to public array properties
     new 378f1f1  Lucene.Net.Grouping refactor: Changed all public fields into properties
     new 3a4c23e  Lucene.Net.Grouping.AbstractAllGroupHeadsCollector refactor: renamed GroupHeadsSize > GroupHeadsCount
     new 247f50c  Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions: added API consistency tests
     new b8753ba  Lucene.Net.Expressions: renamed protected fields camelCase prefixed with m_
     new ba13cf4  Lucene.Net.Expressions.JS.JavascriptParser.TokenNames: added WritableArray and SuppressMessage attributes because it is an array property
     new c84e63a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Classification: Added API consistency tests
     new 2eef6df  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Stempel: Added API consistency tests
     new 87f05e9  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel.Egothor.Stemmer.MultiTrie: renamed protected field tries > m_tries
     new 49e5b7a  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel.RectangularArrays: changed parameter names to camelCase
     new a332430  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel.RectangularArrays: renamed ReturnRectangualarIntArray() > ReturnRectangualarInt32Array()
     new f2e63d3  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel.Pl.PolishAnalyzer refactor: renamed GetDefaultStopSet() > DefaultStopSet, GetDefaultTable() > DefaultTable
     new 6a16e80  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Stempel: fix compile issue because of rename of GetDefaultStopSet() > DefaultStopSet
     new 460653e  Lucene.Net.Highlighter.Passage refactor: GetMatchStarts() > MatchStarts, GetMatchEnds() > MatchEnds, GetMatchTerms() > MatchTerms
     new fe8795b  SWEEP: Globally replaced [TestFixtureSetUp] > [OneTimeSetUp], [TestFixtureTearDown] > [OneTimeTearDown]
     new deff177  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: refactored members that accept IEnumerable<T> to IList<T> (per Lucene)
     new 19f2299  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util (CharArrayMap + CharArraySet): Marked overloads of ContainsKey(), Get(), Put(), PutAll() and TryGetValue() that accept ushort, uint, ulong, and sbyte parameters as CLSCompliant(false)
     new fb76758  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Compound.Hyphenation: converted sbyte to byte for CLS compliance
     new b43ac82  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Payloads.IPayloadEncoder refactor: renamed encode() > Encode()
     new 35e6136  Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet.Range.TestRangeFacetCounts.DrillSidewaysAnonymousInnerClassHelper refactor: removed unnecessary config field, since it is already exposed as a protected field.
     new 11a1a1c  Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet.TestDrillSideways.DrillSidewaysAnonymousInnerClassHelper2 refactor: removed unnecessary config field, since it is already exposed as a protected field.
     new 7cd69ab  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Miscellaneous.WordDelimiterIterator refactor: changed parameters and fields from sbyte to byte for CLS compliance
     new 21b3d8b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Collation: For now, adding [CLSCompliant(false)] to CollationAttributeFactory, CollationKeyAnalyzer, CollationKeyFilter, and TokenAttributes.CollatedTermAttributeImpl because they expose types from (which is not marked CLS compliant).
     new 1c87ed5  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes: Deleted unused TermAttribute class (not part of Lucene 4.8.0)
     new 7d12310  Updated .gitignore to exclude NuGetPackages directory
     new fc34ba7  Removed System.Runtime.Remoting namespace from SafeTextWriterWrapper.cs because of compile issues in .NET core
     new 9525d45  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Version: Changed .ToUpper(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) > .ToUpperInvariant() (issue with .NET Core)
     new fd6282e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Constants: Added using statement for System.Runtime.InteropServices because it is required for .NET core
     new ddb054a  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter: Added TODO about renaming GetNextMerge() method to NextMerge()
     new 5d55616  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Miscellaneous: Added missing TestKeywordRepeatFilter tests
     new bed1f16  Fixed several issues that were causing the .NET Core build to fail
     new 5a7cb17  Moved IcuBreakIterator to src\ directory and added it as a linked file to both Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common and Lucene.Net.Highlighter. This seems like a better option than creating a separate DLL to share this dependency or duplicating it.
     new 506f55a  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Reverted ThaiTokenizer, ThaiWordFilter, and SegmentingTokenizerBase back to their original API and used IcuBreakIterator as the backing BreakIterator.
     new fc7b5b5  IcuBreakIterator: Added a setting to enable the hacks on demand. They are not required for Analysis.Common, so they are disabled by default. They are only used for Highlighter.
     new bc485b4  SWEEP: Where used, changed Dictionary/OrderedDictionary back to LinkedHashMap, which is a better match of the LinkedHashMap in Java.
     new 2878664  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ar refactor: accessibility and documentation comments
     new 1b0bca6  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Bg refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 83902e9  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Br refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 5d0d43f  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ca refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 7fdbd66  Lucene.Net.Analysis.CharFilter refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 917b4fd  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Cjk refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 0986545  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ckb refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 3e97f31  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Cn refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 487927c  Lucene.Net.Analysis.CommonGrams refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 6dc3ac1  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Compound refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 695b714  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Core refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 816f0c9  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Cz refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 363ea8e  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Da refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 829f8ee  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: fixes for some documentation comments previously missed
     new 31d8cbd  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: find and replace for document comments - <pre class="prettyprint"> > <code>, </pre> > </code>, <seealso cref=" > <see cref=", org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents > Analyzer.TokenStreamComponents, <see cref="Version"/> > <see cref="LuceneVersion"/>
     new 217f113  Lucene.Net.Analysis.De refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new d2a16d0  Lucene.Net.Analysis.El refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 3d97e6a  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Es refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 98edabe  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Eu refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 2008748  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Fa refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 973147f  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Fi refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new f3eafac  Lucene.Net.Analysis.En refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 3dfc567  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Fr refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new af4700e  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ga refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 4c9c2bc  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: SWEEP: reverted link to <see cref="LuceneVersion"> from matchVersion parameter
     new ed446d2  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Gl refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new ce43351  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Hi refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 50853b4  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Hu refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new da08b94  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Hunspell refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new a4828b1  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Hy refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 3eada00  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Id refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 6d272fe  Lucene.Net.Analysis.In refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 0b3f976  Lucene.Net.Analysis.It refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new e9ed184  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Lv refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 46b02fb  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Miscellaneous refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new d4b9c00  Lucene.Net.Analysis SWEEP: fix for various broken XML comments
     new 269da1e  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ngram refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 31585cf  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Nl refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 100a8c5  Lucene.Net.Analysis.No refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 30f14be  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Path refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new d60de97  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Pattern refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new cdff5aa  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Payloads refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new c2f2f0d  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Position refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 73a3384  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Pt refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new bb9de83  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Query refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 2c92de4  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Reverse refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 3dae672  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ro refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new f1631b1  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ru refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 6ea63fd  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new f3a14db  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Sinks refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 6b01385  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Snowball refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new ab69b43  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new b158f91  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Sv refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 0f3d7fb  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Synonym refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 69bd851  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Th refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 7cf215b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Tr refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new dc21329  Fixed issue with PatternParser not compiling on .NET Core because of a missing overload on StreamReader
     new 47155b3  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util (AbstractAnalysisFactory + AnalysisSPILoader + BufferedCharFilter + CharacterUtils) refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new b19aee5  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util (CharArrayIterator + CharArrayMap + CharArraySet) refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new f934ceb  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util (CharArraySet - WordlistLoader) refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new d390386  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Wikipedia refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new e67f797  Lucene.Net.Collation refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 898a818  Lucene.Net.Analysis: Fixed miscellaneous documentation comment issues
     new 4abfb34  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common/Tartarus refactor: member accessibility and documentation comments
     new 0697c7a  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Miscellaneous.SingleTokenTokenStream refactor: changed Token property to GetToken() and SetToken(Token) (makes a clone each way)
     new de106d9  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Miscellaneous.StemmerOverrideFilter refactor: BytesReader > GetBytesReader() (returns new instance)
     new 3031be6  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Miscellaneous.WordDelimiterIterator refactor: SingleWord > IsSingleWord() (performs conversion)
     new e382d8a  SWEEP: in all LinkedLists that are being used as a queue, ensure we remove the same instance from the queue that we use further on in the process.
     new 01f01ab  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardTokenizerInterface_Fields refactor: renamed StandardTokenizerInterface (after fixing .NET interface name convention, the original name no longer conflicts with the interface)
     new e3efbd0  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.AbstractAnalysisFactory refactor: ClassArg >GetClassArg() (makes conversion)
     new 4e209cd  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.OpenStringBuilder refactor: Removed Count property which was formerly size() - we already have a Length property. And since StringBuilder uses Length, that one is preferred.
     new eedf7d8  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.OpenStringBuilder refactor: Removed CharAt() and SetCharAt() methods because we already have an indexer this[int] that is .NETified
     new 252e30c  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.OpenStringBuilder refactor: Added the original Append() method overloads for ICharSequence (primarily so OpenStringBuilder can work with itself), and for StringBuilder for better compatibility with .NET
     new 230c9f9  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.OpenStringBuilder refactor: added overload to Write() method for StringBuilder
     new b6c0998  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.OpenStringBuilder refactor: Reserve() > EnsureCapacity (to match StringBuilder)
     new f0791db  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.OpenStringBuilder refactor: Removed Flush() method because this seems nonsensical for a .NET StringBuilder
     new 3201465  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ngram - renamed NGram
     new ab81d91  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Ngram - renamed NGram in Git
     new 2ae5a27  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Miscellaneous.KeywordMarkerFilter refactor: IsKeyword > IsKeyword() (makes a conversion)
     new 2e2feda  Lucene.Net.Analaysis.Stempel: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new 9fb8cb1  Lucene.Net.Expressions: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new 638f2a1  Lucene.Net.Facet: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new 1b9fe40  Lucene.Net.Grouping: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new 2721759  Lucene.Net.Highlighter: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new bbac431  Lucene.Net.Join: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new 66d768a  Lucene.Net.Memory: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new b163f89  Lucene.Net.Misc: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new edecf4f  Lucene.Net.Queries: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new e32cb9e  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new a538f19  Lucene.Net.Sandbox: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new c95f6ab  Lucene.Net.Spatial: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new bcc0d17  Lucene.Net.Suggest: fix documentation comment formatting problems
     new 1ace780  Lucene.Net (Index.DocsAndPositionsEnum + Codecs.Lucene3xFields) refactor: Payload > GetPayload() (makes a conversion)
     new e02a213  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: GetNextMerge() > NextMerge() (for consistency with iterators)
     new 8454916  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Number: Removed bogus Signum() overload that was code duplication from sbyte.CompareTo(), long.CompareTo() and int.ComareTo() methods in .NET
     new e62d368  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanOrQuery: fixed ToString() so it doesn't need to remove chars from the StringBuilder
     new 4be4036  Lucene.Net.Core..Search.ConstantScoreQuery refactor: Changed from new List<T>() to Collections.EmptyList<T>()
     new 5dfadfa  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker refactor: using CopyTo instead of ToArray() to move data into pre-initialized array more efficiently
     new e005ed8  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker.ReaderField refactor: Changed to use RuntimeHelpers.GetHashCode(), which is the equivalent of Java's System.identityHashCode() method
     new 11e0de5  Lucene.Net.Core: reviewed and removed some unnecessary TODOs
     new 2154b6f  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45DocValuesConsumer: changed from .ToArray() to .CopyTo() for better efficiency
     new cb3e1ab  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ArrayUtil: Added CLSCompliant(false) attribute to Grow and Shrink overloads that accept jagged arrays. Changed (unused) GetHashCode(sbyte[], int, int) method to GetHashCode(byte[], int, int) to make it CLS compliant.
     new b0ec108  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.IndexableBinaryStringTools: added CLS compliant overloads of GetEncodedLength(), Encode() and Decode() and marked existing overloads CLSCompliant(false)
     new c7f8b91  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RamUsageEstimator: added SizeOf() overload for byte[] and marked the sbyte[] overload CLSCompliant(false)
     new 6287d3c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.NumericUtils: Changed SHIFT_START_INT from sbyte to byte, since it is converted to byte anyway, and stores a positive value.
     new 7321332  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.IMultiTermAwareComponent refactor: Changed MultiTermComponent > GetMultiTermComponent() (this is clearly meant to act like a factory method)
     new ab7b236  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase: Fixed bugs in GetInvalidPrivateFields() that were causing it to skip static fields and not work right when no exception regex is provided.
     new 5756c11  Lucene.Net.Tests.Core.TestApiConsistency: Added an exclusion RegEx for LurchTable and C5-copied classes
     new 387201b  Lucene.Net.Core: Renamed all private static fields (that are not meant to be used as constants) camelCase.
     new a0f3f2b  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.TestApiConsistency: changed exclude regex for private field names to include exceptions to the rule from Standanavian filters and KStemmer
     new 4d15cd1  Renamed Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.SingleFunction > SingularFunction
     new a3e54be  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Added test for types containing non-.NET type names
     new f743217  Lucene.Net.Core: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new c703b7e  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new ee4b881  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 4c08260  Lucene.Net.Expressions: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new ffa0fbf  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyReader refactor: Renamed IntClass > Int32Class, IntItem > Value. Made the Value non-nullable, since it is already wrapped in a reference type. Changed Int32Class and constructor from internal to private, since they are not used outside of the class anyway.
     new bb41cd1  Lucene.Net.Facet: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new ec70857  Lucene.Net.Queries: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 67f5e6c  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 76f687c  Lucene.Net.Highlighter: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new f0cd424  Lucene.Net.Suggest: Renamed all type-derived properties and methods from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 8b7f418  Lucene.Net.Core: Renamed all type-derived classes and interfaces from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 0ff7988  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Renamed all type-derived classes and interfaces from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new d3dfb95  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed all type-derived classes and interfaces from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new c348531  Lucene.Net.Facet: Renamed all type-derived classes and interfaces from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 89e3de6  Lucene.Net.Misc: Renamed all type-derived classes and interfaces from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 883ad7f  Lucene.Net.Queries: Renamed all type-derived classes and interfaces from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 34075f2  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache refactor: Changed constants CharBlockArray.DefaultBlockSize > DEFAULT_BLOCK_SIZE, Cl2oTaxonomyWriterCache.LockTimeOut > LOCK_TIMEOUT
     new 253382f  Added EnableHacks flag to BreakIterator tests
     new 73cb5b2  SWEEP: Renamed constant and enum value names from Short, Int, Long, and Float to match CLR types Int16, Int32, Int64, and Single, respectively.
     new 8ca0267  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.SmallFloat refactor: Renamed sbyte overloads SByte instead of Byte, and added overloads for Byte (for CLS compliance)
     new 546dfe4  Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions: added exceptions for naming of fields in JavascriptLexer
     new 1200b29  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase - changed TestForMembersAcceptingOrReturningListOrDictionary to only scan public members
     new 96dd76c  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.ApiScanTestBase.TestForMembersAcceptingOrReturningListOrDictionary: Added functionality to exclude members based on a regex match
     new e67e0b5  Lucene.Net.Core.Index: Added exceptions to the .NET numeric convention rule for SkippingLongTerm() (which although there isn't any way to confirm, it sounds like they are not referring to the datatype long)
     new aef5205  Lucene.Net.Tartarus.Snowball.Ext: Added exceptions to the .NET numeric convention rule for r_shortv()
     new 45bb813  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Constants refactor: Renamed JAVA_VERSION > RUNTIME_VERSION, JAVA_VENDOR > RUNTIME_VENDOR, JRE_IS_64BIT > RUNTIME_IS_64BIT. Commented unused JVM_ constants. Refactored RUNTIME_VERSION to pull the correct setting from System.Environment.Version in .NET Framework and parsed from RuntimeInformation.FrameworkDescription in .NET Core. Commented unused JVM_INFO_STRING constant in RamUsageEstimator.
     new 4a28508  Re-added System.Reflection namespace to Lucene.Net.Analysis.Util.TypeExtensions
     new 52da783  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.Fields refactor: Renamed Terms() > GetTerms()
     new cfdda33  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes: Removed unused TermToBytesRefAttribute class (wasn't in Lucene 4.8.0 anyway)
     new 414e8eb  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs: Added ICodecFactory interface for use with dependency injection. Added CodecNameAttribute as well as a convention so the Assembly scan can determine the codec name without instantiating it. Refactored Codec classes to utilize the new functionality.
     new 1a5802a  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs: Added IDocValuesFormatFactory interface for use with dependency injection. Refactored DocValuesFormat classes to utilize the new functionality. Added IgnoreDocValuesFormatAttribute so anonymous Java classes that were converted to real .NET classes can be ignored by the scan.
     new e208bdb  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Added xxxName attribute to all implementations of Codec and DocValuesFormat that didn't accept a name argument through the constructor in the original implementation, which makes them act more like they did. Removed xxxName attributes from subclasses because they are no longer required. Removed IgnoreXxx from private subclasses because they are already ignored from the scan by default.
     new 2f66b42  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Added IPostingsFormatFactory interface for use with dependency injection and default implementation DefaultPostingsFormatFactory. Refactored PostingsFormat classes to utilize the new functionality.
     new bbd84bc  Lucene.Net.Core.Util: Commented the NamedSPILoader class because it is no longer in use.
     new a1fb326  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Renamed Perfield namespace to PerField to follow .NET conventions.
     new 9682239  Lucene.Net.Tests: Removed \core directory and put its contents in root directory
     new 77e95cc  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\asserting\ to Codecs\Asserting\
     new 362f0d3  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\compressing\ to Codecs\Compressing\
     new 8304ca8  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\lucene3x\ to Codecs\Lucene3x\
     new c0e9469  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\lucene40\ to Codecs\Lucene40\
     new 9138d1b  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\lucene41\ to Codecs\Lucene41\
     new 9e2f4c5  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\lucene42\ to Codecs\Lucene42\
     new 7c9f572  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\lucene45\ to Codecs\Lucene45\
     new 63b45ce  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed namespace from Codecs.IntBlock to Codecs.MockIntBlock (as per the original)
     new 49a0460  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Codecs\ramonly\ to Codecs\RAMOnly\
     new 6a55c21  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Util\automaton\ to Util\Automaton\
     new 84ad7a3  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Renamed Util\fst\ to Util\Fst\
     new 971b438  BUG: Changed exeption type to ArgumentException for DefaultCodecFactory, DefaultDocValuesFactory, and DefaultPostingsFormatFactory to make the TestAddIndexMissingCodec() test pass.
     new ab626ce  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Removed IllegalStateException and replaced references with System.InvalidOperationException.
     new 3437f3b  Added to .gitignore (these files are created during testing)
     new 4b0fa13  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Refactored LuceneTestCase and test codecs back to their original implementation of using a static variable to determine if impersonation is active.
     new 9616324  Lucene.Net.Tests + Lucene.Net.Codecs: Added LevelOfParallelism attribute at the assembly level to prevent codecs/index related tests from running in parallel (and screwing up the shared static variable for determining whether old format impersonation is active).
     new 7a49400  Changed all BeforeClass() methods to override LuceneTestCase and call the base class (since we now have global setup there).
     new 6a3b1ec  Changed all BeforeClass() methods to override LuceneTestCase and call the base class (since we now have global setup there).
     new d54fe47  Removed NewInt64Range rename TODO
     new 03d03a9  Lucene.Net.Tests.TestAttributeSource.TestInvalidArguments(): Removed TODO and replaced with note that the test is not necessary because of a generic constraint that prevents compilation if the wrong type is used.
     new 3527406  SWEEP: Added missing SuppressCodecs attributes solution-wide
     new 5107574  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Setup TestRuleSetupAndRestoreClassEnv to function similarly to the way it did in JUnit by executing it directly from LuceneTestCase. Completed more of the implementation, including setting the default codec randomly and excluding codecs from SuppressCodecsAttribute.
     new 28efcab  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Implemented MockRandomPostingsFormat
     new 4e4d17c  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Implemented CheapBastardCodec
     new e20befa  Added FEATURE_COLLATION so it can be left out of the compilation (it doesn't work)
     new e70f4c7  BUG: Fixed keynotfound exception in Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfo.GetAttribute()
     new 6de19b9  Fixed all OneTimeSetUp and OneTimeTearDown methods to be named BeforeClass() and AfterClass() and called base classes to ensure correct calling order
     new eef1e45  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestTopDocsMerge: Explicitly failed TestSort_1 and TestSort_2 for now because of a deadlock somewhere that causes NUnit to crash.
     new 84f26aa  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PriorityQueue: Added TODO about making the HeapArray into a writable property
     new b43c69b  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Completed implementation of RandomCodec
     new 56307f1  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.RandomCodec: Removed IgnoreCodec attribute, which makes RandomCodec replace the Lucene46Codec in the tests.
     new 5c3392d  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Util.NamedServiceFactory: Fixed IsServiceType() and GetServiceName() methods to support .NET Core.
     new bfc94fb  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Support.CultureInfoSupport: Refactored .NET Core implementation to use a pool of codecs and load only those supported on the platform into a list. Rather than using a Win32 API, this will work cross-platform and will still test up to ~500 cultures.
     new 9b9cd81  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Randomized.Generators.RandomInts: Fixed bug in RandomFrom so the entire range is used (the upper bound of Random(int, int) is exclusive, so we don't need to subtract 1 from Count).
     new e9ec2ab  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.TestRuleSetupAndRestoreClassEnv: Added randomization of Culture, TimeZone, and InfoStream.
     new 3ad36c4  BUG: Fixed culture issue with parsing numbers from string in Lucene.Net.Expressions.JS.JavascriptCompiler
     new 51e3957  Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions: Fixed namespaces and usings
     new 1d1ff89  Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions: Added license headers
     new 4e105bc  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Standard.Cofig.NumberDateFormat: Fixed potential bug with parsing number without specifying culture by changing it to invariant culture
     new 2ddcc94  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Printing out culture and time zone to console to make debugging easier.
     new a6c6e5d  Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial: Removed double-run of SpatialExample.Test() that was a hack put into JUnit because SpatialExample doesn't follow the conventions that were used to identify it as a test class.
     new 36494af  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.SimilarityBase: Changed sbyte to byte for CLS compliance.
     new 8385761  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Similarities.BM25Similarity: Changed sbyte to byte for CLS compliance.
     new 91c75cd  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCache.Bytes: Changed return type of Get() from sbyte to byte for CLS compliance. Also changed IByteParser to byte.
     new 68f2a98  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocTermOrds: added CLSCompliant(false) to m_tnums field, since it is a jagged array, which cannot be made CLS compliant anyway.
     new 33b65d2  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.Analyzer: Added NewAnonymous method that accepts a delegate function to mimic Java's ability to declare an anonymous Analyzer class.
     new 37c78c2  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis: Cleaned up documentation comments
     new 3ab9eaa  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenAttributes: Deleted unnecessary ITermAttribute interface (doesn't exist in Lucene 4.8.0)
     new a058867  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.FieldType: Removed original DocValuesType() method (it was commented out)
     new 3e43fb2  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.CoalescedUpdates: removed TODOs about whether logic in TermsIterable() and QueriesIterable are correct
     new f2751a4  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SearcherLifetimeManager: Fixed potential keynotfound bug in Acquire() method
     new 9a501d7  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanNearQuery: Changed logic of GetHashCode() to combine the hash codes of all clauses. Changed datatype of m_clauses protected field from IList<SpanQuery> to List<SpanQuery> to ensure the hash code is built this way by all subclasses.
     new dd574f7  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans (SpanFirstQuery + SpanNearPayloadCheckQuery + SpanNearQuery + SpanOrQuery + SpanPayloadCheckQuery + SpanPositionRangeQuery): Changed GetHashCode() implementation to call SingleToRawInt32Bits() rather than SingleToInt32Bits() (as was done in Lucene)
     new beab698  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans (SpanPayloadCheckQuery + SpanNearPayloadChecQuery): Changed GetHashCode() method to call m_payloadToMatch.GetValueHashCode() and Equals() method to call m_payloadToMatch so all contained values are included in the comparison.
     new fc22adb  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanOrQuery: Changed clauses from IList<SpanQuery> to ValueList<SpanQuery> to ensure Equals() and GetHashCode() consider all clauses when comparing.
     new a05dc7f  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.VerifyingLockFactory.Verify() changed parameter from sbyte to byte because it doesn't make any difference in this case.
     new 39b13ba  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.OutputStreamDataOutput.WriteByte(): Removed unnecessary cast
     new 75a891f  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.BufferedChecksum: Removed unnecessary byte[] cast
     new 8e291a6  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.NIOFSDirectory: Removed unnecessary byte[] cast
     new d98c1a7  Lucene.Net.Core.Support (DataInputStream + IDataInput): Renamed ReadByte() > ReadSByte(), ReadUnsignedByte() > ReadByte() (.NET semantics)
     new 6213bd0  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.ListExtensions + Lucene.Net.Core.Util.CollectionUtil: Changed implementation of Swap() to return void, since the swap is in place anyway (which makes it confusing)
     new 8cdfd72  BUG: Fixed Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterPerThread to print out the list of flushed files
     new eaf01d1  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.RandomCodec: Fixed bugs that were causing KeyNotFoundExceptions and fixed ToString() to output the format and DV format dictionaries
     new 8c97a24  Lucene.Net.Codecs/Lucene.Net.Core: Fixed bugs in the GetTerms() method of several codecs that were trying to get a value from a dictionary without first checking whether the key exists. Made the implementations more consistent between codecs.
     new 38e696c  Lucene.Net.Tests.project.json: Added missing tests for .NET Core (Index.TestBackwardCompatibility + Index.TestBackwardCompatibility3x + Index.TestFlushByRamOrCountsPolicy + Search.TestFieldCache + Util.TestMathUtil). Deleted unused Cache.TestSimpleLRUCache test (doesn't exist in Lucene, and no corresponding class to test).
     new a633732  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestPagedBytes: Added timeout for TestDataInputOutput2() method.
     new 82ffd6a  BUG: Lucene.Net.Queries.CustomScoreQuery: strict field wasn't being set by IsStrict property (was auto-implemented)
     new bf68997  BUG: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Payloads.FloatEncoder - parse float using invariant culture, or it won't be consistent
     new b812247  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions.JS.TestJavascriptFunction - Need to build stings using the invariant culture, or a comma may be inserted into a single parameter making it look like 2 parameters to the parser
     new 0036c4d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.StringHelper: Modified GOOD_FAST_HASH_SEED to use environment variable rather than configuration file setting, since the whole operation was only meant to be a rare edge case that only happens in Java and for testing.
     new 5460c80  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Factored out application configuration settings and reverted back to environment variables, since they only apply for testing anyway.
     new ddb0f5d  Moved SystemProperties file from TestFramework.Support to Core.Support and put in permission error suppressing
     new 6109c87  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel: Added environment variables for egothor.stemmer.charset as in the original.
     new 9691da4  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestConstants: Removed dependency on AppSettings and changed it to SystemProperties
     new 0f87ced  Lucene.Net.Support: Removed Configuration namespace and AppSettings - now using environment variables exclusively
     new b5cae3f  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Analyzer refactor: Renamed TokenStream() > GetTokenStream() for consistency
     new b5442fe  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xFieldInfosReader: Removed TODO (not sure why it is here)
     new 048f357  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocumentsWriterDeleteQueue.Node: removed TODO about making Node generic - it is used as a field with a wildcard, so it would be difficult to do that.
     new c45f5cb  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocValuesFieldUpdates: Changed IIterator interface to an abstract class named Iterator (the same as it was in Lucene)
     new 65c483d  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.MemoryDocValuesConsumer.AddNumericField(): was reading the long?.Value before checking to see if the value existed, and was causing the Lucene.Net.Index.TestMixedDocValuesUpdates test to fail. Simplified logic to use long?.GetValueOrDefault() instead.
     new ef912b0  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Codecs: Changed all codecs to use long?.GetValueOrDefault() to simplify the logic
     new 5704f3b  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Codecs: Changed all IndexOptions comparisons to use IndexOptions.GetValueOrDefault() in case the value is null
     new d38efd3  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PriorityQueue refactor: changed GetHeapArray() > HeapArray (writable property)
     new 7c29325  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Miscellaneous (WordDelimiterFilter + Lucene47WordDelimiterFilter) refactor: Changed flags to a [Flags] enum and de-nested them from WordDelimiterFilter (note they are shared with Lucene47WordDelimiterFilter).
     new 07ab669  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Core.TestRandomChains: Added reusable AnonymousProducer class and made new registration for WordDelimiterFlags
     new 994e6cf  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.Analyzer refactor: de-nested TokenStreamComponents and ReuseStrategy classes so they don't need to be qualified when using Analyzer.NewAnonymous()
     new 5fb89cf  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DocValuesFieldUpdates.Type refactor: Renamed DocValuesFieldUpdatesType and de-nested from DocValuesFieldUpdates
     new f0a0754  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.AbstractDocValuesFieldUpdates: Renamed back to the original name DocValuesFieldUpdates
     new 018790f  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TypeAttribute refactor: made the class partial, and renamed TypeAttribute_Fields > TypeAttribute as well. The field is attached to the concrete type (unfortunately), but at least this way the syntax is the same as it was in Lucene and the field is physically in the same file as the interface.
     new f18fd2e  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.AlreadyClosedException: Fixed AlreadyClosedException to subclass InvalidOperationException to ensure it is caught in the right places
     new d4c0d43  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.ByteBufferIndexInput: fixed implementation so it always calls Seek(0L) as the original did and added missing assert
     new aa7ddea  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RollingBuffer: removed TODO about removing constructor overload
     new f1a000d  Lucene.Net.Core: Added TODOs about merging EquatableList<T> with ValueList<T> and fixing GetHashCode of BooleanQuery
     new 115a603  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSDirectory: Corrected implementation to use NIOFSDirectory instead of SimpleFSDirectory (since it is now implemented, contrary to the comment)
     new 5f30b0f  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.Appending.AppendingPostingsFormat: Changed NotImplementedException to NotSupportedException (in Lucene it was UnsupportedOperationException).
     new 2efad4f  SWEEP: Changed all IEnumerable<T> implementations to throw NotSupportedException instead of NotImplementedException for Reset() method.
     new f6c6f8a  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.TestRuleSetupAndRestoreClassEnv: Fixed implementation to swap and restore user.timezone (and setup for other environment variables as well)
     new 9ada11a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BooleanQuery: Changed GetHashCode() logic back to original from Lucene.
     new 99a4b35  SWEEP: Changed ConcurrentMergeSchedulers class to ConcurrentMergeSchedulerFactories (Value an array of Func<IConcurrentMergeScheduler>). In TestTransactions, the merge schedulers are supposed to be created on another thread and creating them too early was causing the test to fail.
     new 3bff810  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextTermVectorsReader: Reworked logic to use the boolean result of MoveNext() instead of relying on exceptions. This was causing Lucene.Net.Core.Tests.Index.TestDuelingCodecs.TestEquals() to intermittently return null for the left parameter.
     new 9fe7346  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextFieldsReader: Changed IndexOptions parameter to nullable, since the default value breaks the logic in the Docs() method (indistinguishable from null)
     new 48fd9c4  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextTermVectorsReader: Fixed logic of SeekCeil() to ensure it doesn't read past the end of the enumerator.
     new 72cdeed  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentCoreReaders: Added TODO about mysterious try-catch block that swallows AccessViolationExceptions that didn't exist in Lucene.
     new 39e3fa2  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestByteSlices.TestBasic(): This test was failing after upgrading to NUnit 3. As it turns out, the test will run the NUnit process out of memory and crash it if VERBOSE is true. So, added a local variable in the test to turn verbosity on manually, and if it is on, decreased the number of iterations by 1/3 to keep it from happening during debugging.
     new 5dd512b  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestFilterIterator.TestUnmodifiable(): Removed because by definition an enumerator is not modifiable in .NET. Changed FilterIterator to support .Reset() by calling the underlying implementation.
     new cbafbfd  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestTopDocsMerge (TestSort_1() + TestSort_2()): Tests cause NUnit to crash with OOM exception with verbosity enabled, so disabling verbosity by default and decreasing number of fields from 1000 to 50 if verbosity is enabled.
     new 22c1d81  BUG: BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestFSTs.TestRandomWords(): Test causes NUnit to crash with OOM exception with verbosity enabled, so disabling verbosity by default and decreasing number of words from 1000 to 500 if verbosity is enabled.
     new eac64ed  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestFieldCacheSanityChecker: Must format the fields using invariant culture (verified they work that way in Java)
     new c1d5328  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Index.CheckIndex: Fixed diagnostics information printout to show the data rather than the IDictionary type it is stored in
     new cce0f08  BUG: Lucene.Net.Expressions.JS.JavascriptCompiler: Fixed KeyNotFoundException in RecursiveCompile()
     new 2a99f9e  Revert "Lucene.Net.Support: Removed Configuration namespace and AppSettings - now using environment variables exclusively"
     new f87315b  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ArrayUtil: Need to call string.CompareOrdinal() from the NaturalComparer in order for it to sort to match Lucene. This fixes the Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestBytesRefArray.TestSort() and Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestBytesRefHash.TestSort()  tests.
     new 0b98392  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.RandomCodec: Added [IgnoreCodec] attribute because in Lucene the test environment doesn't use RandomCodec as the default for Lucene46
     new 72ffc53  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Printing out randomized context data whether verbosity enabled or not, since we need it for debugging, but turning on VERBOSE can cause NUnit to run OOM
     new 59ebea0  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMFile refactor: Changed NumBuffers() > NumBuffers
     new 0a8fa0d  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMInputStream: Reverted Buffer.BlockCopy back to Array.Copy
     new de34f89  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestSearchAfter.TestQueries(): added setting to enable verbosity manually, since the test will run OOM if it is enabled
     new c0105d8  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.DataInput: Changed error message to reflect vInt32 (rather than vInt)
     new c8898cf  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestBinaryDocValuesUpdates.TestTonsOfUpdates(): Increased timeout from 40 seconds to 5 minutes because it sometimes takes 2 minutes or more to finish.
     new 3015c36  Added several TODOs about making constants into [Flags] enums to make it easier to determine the values with intellisense
     new 808a0eb  Lucene.Net.Index.DocsAndPositionsEnum refactor: Converted flags (constants) into [Flags] enum named DocsAndPositionsFlags
     new 418e544  Lucene.Net.Index.DocsEnum refactor: Converted flags (constants) into [Flags] enum named DocsFlags
     new 37bc447  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RegExp refactor: Converted flags (constants) into [Flags] enum named RegExpSyntax
     new 13f16f6  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Cjk.CJKBigramFilter refactor: Converted flags (constants) into [Flags] enum named CJKScript
     new a6d69ac  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.No.NorwegianLightStemmer refactor: Converted flags (constants) into [Flags] enum named NorwegianStandard
     new 8e6439d  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Simple.SimpleQueryParser: de-nested Operator [Flags] enum from the SimpleQueryParser type
     new 3b5b9cc  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Classic.QueryParserBase refactor: de-nested the Operator [Flags] enum from QueryParserBase to make the usage syntax shorter
     new 8f33955  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Search.RandomSimilarityProvider: Fixed ToString() to print out the values of previousMappings
     new 8c1a3f0  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.Automaton.AutomatonTestUtil: Fixed several subtle bugs due to calling properties/methods instead of fields and using NUnit Asserts instead of Debug.Assert
     new d3151a3  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.Transition.ToString(): Corrected implementation to add the code point as text rather than appending the number
     new a9c3df5  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.Automaton.TestMinimize: Added notes about debugging efforts on the TestAgainstBrzozowski() test that is still failing.
     new 819face  Deleted old Spatial4n binaries from lib directory
     new 85ac68c  Updated Spatial4n to
     new 6c707fe  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Analyzing.AnalyzingQueryParser: removed Locale from string.Format because it is not relevant in this case
     new ee04a8c  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Classic.QueryParserBase.HandleBoost(): Changed implementation to use invariant culture to handle the decimal separator for boost since it apparently does that in Java
     new 7cd1179  Lucene.Net.QueryParser: Fixed several issues with the date range parsing 1) Reverted to the behavior of Lucene 3.0.3, which uses strict parsing for Lucene 3x and higher. 2) Changed to use TryParseExact rather than relying on exceptions to be thrown 3) Fixed the default culture on StandardQueryParser. 4) Changed the implementations to append the time zone to the date.
     new e316765  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser.Classic.TestQueryParser.TestFuzzySlopeExtendability() - Fixed the test to parse and format the values using the invariant culture
     new 4a07313  BUG: Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Xml.Builders.NumericRangeQueryBuilder: Fixed numeric parsing to use invariant culture
     new a57c8e6  BUG: Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Xml.Builders.NumericRangeFilterBuilder: Fixed numeric parsing to use invariant culture
     new 7d22b2e  BUG: Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Classic.QueryParserBase: Fixed fuzzy slop parsing to use invariant culture
     new f1c8b48  BUG: Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Xml.DOMUtils: Fixed numeric conversions to use invariant culture
     new 58a7612  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Standard.Processors.NumericRangeQueryNodeProcessor: Added locale to error message to assist with debugging.
     new 79bf063  BUG: Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Standard.Config.NumberDateFormat: Fixed parsing of date to first try the format that is being used to generate the date, and if it fails, then do a DateTime.Parse().
     new 819d87d  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Core.TestRandomChains: Added producers for NorwegianStandard and CJKScript enumerations
     new 2abbd52  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.HitQueue: Corrected accessibility for LessThan() method (sealed)
     new 33950f9  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Standard.Config.NumberDateFormat: Corrected implementation to use ParseExact instead of Parse to ensure it can parse the dates it produces in all cultures (problematic with ar), and added SetDateFormat() method
     new f6f2ac0  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser.Flexible.Standard.TestNumericQueryParser: corrected implementation to account for era, full year, timezone and second as in the original implementation.
     new ae79c53  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RamUsageEstimator: Added byte, ushort, uint, and ulong to the primitiveSizes table (byte in particular was causing the Lucene.Net.Util.Packed.TestPackedInts() test to fail).
     new b69f8e8  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PriorityQueue: Fixed issue with comparison of sentinel object - it should compare against default(T) instead of null to determine if it is supported.
     new 839a891  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexWriterReader.TestAddIndexesAndDoDeletesThreads(): Added Timeout of 2 minutes and marked as a LongRunningTest because sometimes this test takes close to a minute (and other times it takes less than 10 seconds).
     new c232dea  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial.SpatialExample: Fixed string formatting issue to use invariant culture during test setup.
     new b354117  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueHitQueue: Added TODOs about changing methods to properties
     new 5298511  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.Document: Fixed bug in RemoveField (was removing the last match instead of the first one) and added StringComparison.Ordinal for Equals comparisons
     new edd30a5  Lucene.Net.Misc.Document.LazyDocument: Slight performance optimization and added TODOs
     new d252c68  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Field: Parsing string value into a long was causing issues with the TestLazyDocument.TestLazy() test, which was calling the wrong StoredFieldsVisitor method because of the data type change.
     new e2042a4  SWEEP: Removed unnecessary (byte[])(Array) casts solution-wide.
     new cc71ddb  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.JavaCompatibility.SystemTypesHelpers: Fixed implementation of containsAll to correctly check whether x is a superset of y by using the ISet<T>.IsSupersetOf() method. The incorrect implementation was causing Lucene.Net.Tests.Highlighter.PostingsHighlight.TestPostingsHighlighterRanking.TestRanking() to fail.
     new 046b812  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene42: Fixed subtle performance and other issues that may result in random test failures.
     new db85011  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser.Classic.TestQueryParser: Fixed compile issue (Reflection .GetTypeInfo() not called) on .NET Core.
     new 74c013a  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Field: Corrected implementation of GetStringValue() to be more like the original
     new 75380dd  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestCustomNorms: Fixed field formatting to use the invariant culture and fixed implementation to call nextFloat() instead of nextDouble().
     new e99feaa  BUG: Fixed incorrect "expected" comparison in Search.TestSort.TestDoubleSignedZero() and Search.TestSortDocValues.TestDoubleSignedZero()
     new bdf3324  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestFixedBitSet.TestSmall(): increased timeout to 60 seconds because under load it can go over 20
     new b6426ce  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Document.RemoveField() - fixed loop to correctly enumerate all fields
     new 369f738  BUG: Lucene.Net.Spatial.Serialized.SerializedDVStrategy.ShapeDocValueSource.FunctionValuesAnonymousHelper: Added missing Explain() override that was causing the Lucene.Net.Spatial.DistanceStrategyTest.TestDistanceOrder() test to randomly fail.
     new c96a083  SWEEP: Added many missing catch blocks that were converting IOException to RuntimeException (which we are using Exception for). Changed error messages to add the entire original stack trace (via e.ToString()) rather than swallowing it, since it is not preserved when you rethrow an error.
     new 33b5db4  Added TODO about changing the background merge exception to include all exceptions that were encountered in the resultant exception.
     new eb1b5fc  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Search (FieldCache + FieldComparer): fixed special case for "positive 0" and "negative 0" for float and double, and added unit tests to verify that float support works.
     new b0ec623  Added various TODOs
     new 909063c  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.BaseDocValuesFormatTestCase: SortedSet requires culture-insensitive comparer in order to ensure the strings are sorted the same way as in Java.
     new 4a9c74e  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial.DistanceStrategyTest: corrected SetUp calling order to initialize the strategy before calling the base class (which was letting invalid codecs through).
     new 34450d6  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Suggest.Suggest.Analyzing.AnalyzingInfixSuggesterTest.TestRandomNRT(): Fixed string equality checking to ignore culture using StringComparison.Ordinal
     new 229d026  Lucene.Net.Tests: Increased timouts of some of the tests that may fail if they are running as a batch with other tests
     new aacb913  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestSearchAfter: Fixed supportsDocValues execution order so it happens after our test environment sets up the default codec
     new 2745153  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RamUsageEstimator: Added .NET-specific calculation for determining the size of strings based on, which fixes the TestRamUsageEstimator.TestSanity() test.
     new da64d38  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.Fst.TestFSTs: Fixed culture-sensitive string matching issues by using ArrayUtil.STRING_ORDINAL_COMPARATOR and StringComparison.Ordinal.
     new 12c4d91  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Added exception logic for Nullable Enum convention
     new 7c938be  Lucene.Net.Misc.Index.Sorter.SortingMergePolicy: Added ExceptionToNullableConvention to FindMerges method.
     new a7edd89  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Added ExceptionToNullableEnumConvention attribute to members where it is not possible to eliminate nullables
     new 6864d4a  Lucene.Net.Tests.TestApiConsistency: Commented TestForPublicMembersWithNullableEnum test and added TODO about reviewing nullable enums.
     new 7c282a4  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser: Fixed TestParser resource files for .NET Core
     new de4e995  BUG: Fixed Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Compound.Hyphenation for .NET Core to ignore the DTD (since it is not supported). Removed DtdProcessingTestAttribute, since its only purpose was to ignore the errors thrown by the software (rather than addressing them). Left the FEATURE_DTD_PROCESSING symbol in place, but it is likely that when DTD support is added to .NET Core this code will need to change anyway.
     new e47afa4  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.AtomicReader refactor: renamed Terms() > GetTerms(), TermDocsEnum() > GetTermDocsEnum(), TermPositionsEnum() > GetTermPositionsEnum()
     new 38319a5  Lucene.Net.Core.BooleanQuery.TooManyClauses: Renamed TooManyClausesException
     new 7aef7f6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheImpl refactor: Renamed TermsEnum() > GetTermsEnum()
     new 9dfe383  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.LockVerifyServer: Fixed implementation to properly clean up the lockverifyserver.port environment variable
     new 5ecd85c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.PackedInts: Added missing Debug.Assert statements
     new 4f437fe  Replaced Lucene.Net.Core.Store.AlreadyClosedException with System.ObjectDisposedException, since it is basically reinventing the wheel.
     new c7e011f  Lucene.Net.Core.Document.Field: Fixed guard clauses to throw the correct exceptions when type is passed in as null + fixed up obsolete messages
     new 117429e  Lucene.Net.Core.Document: Cleaned up documentation comments
     new db1cfa9  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Codecs.DefaultCodecFactory: Removed commented test code
     new 280c3ef  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TieredMergePolicy: removed SetXXX methods (there were already property setters) and updated documentation comments.
     new ca1f38c  Lucene.Net.Index (IndexWriterConfig + LiveIndexWriterConfig) refactor: Changed all SetXXX methods into property setters. Added Support.IndexWriterConfigExtensions class to allow the test framework and end users to add them back in, if desired, but the default is to use straight properties (enabling support for initializing them with the class in C#). Updated documentation comments for IndexWriterConfig and LiveIndexWriterConfig.
     new 72b0baf  Fixed commented legacy code.
     new a0720cc  Lucene.Net.Core.Index (IndexWriterConfig + LiveIndexWriterConfig) refactor: changed OpenMode properties, field, and setter methods to be non-nullable.
     new e61ae2e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index (IndexWriterConfig + LiveIndexWriterConfig) refactor: renamed ReaderPooling > UseReaderPooling (clarity)
     new 6d7613c  Added PutXXX protected methods to the DefaultCodecFactory, DefaultDocValuesFormatFactory, and DefaultPostingsFormatFactory so their maps can be private, otherwise it would be possible to add a codec using a name that doesn't match its Name property (making it unusable).
     new 0ce32f2  Lucene.Net.Core.Support (Codecs + Util): License headers and usings
     new c89d4dd  Added tests for DefaultCodecFactory, DefaultDocValuesFormatFactory, and DefaultPostingsFormatFactory
     new 00c134d  Renamed IgnoreXxxAttribute (s) to ExcludeXxxFromScanAttribute (s) to make it more clear what they do and added documentation comments.
     new d83bb61  Reviewed and removed some TODOs - nothing to be done here.
     new 61723ab  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BufferedUpdates.ToString(): fixed verbose setting to print out all of the enumerable data.
     new f722eff  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BufferedUpdatesStream.QueryAndLimit: eliminated nullable int parameter that differs from Lucene, and added exception that would have been thrown in Java in the same place where it will happen in Lucene.
     new 30a7902  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.Builder: Uncommented Debug.Assert statements that were not passing earlier in development, but now seem to be.
     new 74ebecf  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueHitQueue: Removed duplicate LessThan methods that were not in use - they are not needed anyway because of the generic constraint.
     new 2c6013a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ArrayUtil.ToInt32Array(): Changed implementation to throw a NullReferenceException if the conversion to int won't work (rather than an InvalidCastException), the same as in Java
     new c3365c6  Fixed bugs in Lucene.Net.Tests.Support.Codecs.TestDefaultDocValuesFormatFactory (checking wrong types in the scan tests)
     new 4c15069  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestBytesRefHash: Suppressed warning about unused variable.
     new a51358d  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Store.MockDirectoryWrapper.Crash(): Added using statements to try to improve reliability of CheckIndex. Also commented extra Debug.WriteLine statement that was not in Lucene.
     new 09cee9d  Added Timeout(int.MaxValue) for extremely long running tests
     new 0f2e5b6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldCacheImpl: Fixed probable KeyNotFoundException in Cache.Get() method
     new bfbdb61  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldValueHitQueue refactor: GetComparers() > Comparers, GetReverseMul() > ReverseMul, GetFields() > Fields (returning arrays that are meant to be writable, so it is more clear if they are properties)
     new 73a4332  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.IndexSearcher.Search() > Changed NullReferenceException to ArgumentNullException for null check on argument
     new f5a64d2  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSDirectory: Reverted Fsync() signature to original
     new 558d385  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.BytesRef: Implemented IComparable<T> (as in the original) for better performance. The FieldComparator requires casting to IComparable, so left that in even though it wasn't in the original.
     new cb4a081  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiPhraseQuery: Corrected implementation of GetHashCode()
     new 6a11b0c  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfos: Implemented IEnumerable<T> as in the original
     new 0a5039a  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSDirectory: Added overloads of Open() that accept directory as a string, so the user doesn't have to create a DirectoryInfo object to use it.
     new 810f09c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.BasicOperations.Determinize(): Slight performance optimization by breaking out early if TryGetValue doesn't match
     new f99cd12  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.UnicodeUtil.ValidUTF16String(): Corrected implementation to use ICharSequence instead of char[] and added overloads for string and StringBuilder
     new 885c100  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.CharsRef.Equals(): performance enhancement (and original implmentation)
     new e666eca  Revert "Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.Builder: Uncommented Debug.Assert statements that were not passing earlier in development, but now seem to be."
     new 1b031ca  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Support.FileSupport.CreateTempFile(): Refactored to use non-sequential file names using Path.GetRandomFileName(), and provided better check for file exists exception (thanks to Vincent Van Den Berghe).
     new 589f763  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index: Increased timeouts for TestMixedDocValuesUpdates.TestTonsOfUpdates() and TestNRTReaderWithThreads.TestIndexing() because they sometimes fail during a full run
     new 59fc181  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.PerField: Reviewed line-by-line and fixed several subtle issues that may result in bugs.
     new 4e76148  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Codecs.PerField.TestPerFieldDocValuesFormat.TestTwoFieldsTwoFormats(): fixed false positive because the test was using the Lucene45 format in both cases instead of SimpleText in one case
     new 6a0f0bf  SWEEP: Changed to IdentityHashMap (or at least IdentityComparer or IdentityHashSet) everywhere it was originally in Lucene.
     new 6c588c0  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Spell.Dictionary (IDictionary) refactor: Changed EntryIterator > GetEntryIterator()
     new 3f068da  Lucene.Net.Misc.Document.LazyDocument refactor: Changed Document > GetDocument(), RealValue > GetRealValue()
     new cd9c904  Lucene.Net.Misc.Misc.TermStats refactor: TermText > GetTermText()
     new c5be2bf  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Spell.SpellChecker: Fixed documentation comment bug
     new 00e5025  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Suggest.Analyzing.AnalyzingInfixSuggester refactor: TextFieldType > GetTextFieldType() (makes a conversion)
     new eb02889  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Suggest.Analyzing.AnalyzingSuggester refactor: Changed TokenStreamToAutomaton > GetTokenStreamToAutomaton() (returns new instance)
     new 18d1206  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Suggest.Fst.BytesRefSorter refactor: Changed GetEnumerator() > GetIterator() (consistency)
     new 056fdd0  Lucene.Net.Facet.SortedSet.DefaultSortedSetDocValuesReaderState: Fixed possible KeyNotFoundException in GetOrdRange()
     new f0da158  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.DirectoryTaxonomyWriter refactor: TaxoArrays > GetTaxoArrays()
     new 1fc4ee2  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CollisionMap.EntryIterator refactor: removed Remove() method, since .NET doesn't support it (and there is no implementation anyway)
     new 57382d7  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.NameIntCacheLRU refactor: Capacity > Limit, CacheFull > IsCacheFull
     new 3c9ac97  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.LRUHashMap: renamed constructor parameter capacity > limit and added missing constructor documentation
     new 6c71672  Lucene.Net.Facet.FacetsConfig.DimConfig refactor: Hierarchical > IsHierarchical, MultiValued >IsMultiValued
     new 00fafce  Lucene.Net.Queries.TermsFilter.FieldAndTermEnum: Removed unnecessary OuterInstance property
     new cd0f01e  Lucene.Net.Memory.MemoryIndex refactor: MemorySize > GetMemorySize()
     new b7dc5a7  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.CharsRef: Fixed constructor parameter name Length > length
     new 0a2b62f  BUG: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.CharFilter.NormalizeCharMap.Builder: Added StringComparer.Ordinal as the comparer for the backing SortedDictionary, which corrects the sort order to be what is expected by FST.Builder
     new 979bcb3  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Suggest.Suggest.Fst.WFSTCompletionTest.TestRandom(): Fixed sort and comparison to not take ambient culture into consideration.
     new 234c278  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergePolicy.MergeException: Changed constructor to pass the stack trace information and original exception
     new 55e4af9  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestNumericDocValuesUpdates.TestTonsOfUpdates(): increased timeout to 3 minutes
     new 133f8fc  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentMerger: Fixed name comparison to be culture insensitive with StringComparison.Ordinal
     new 21372d5  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.SPIClassIterator: Optimized out the Codecs because our abstract factories now take care of these, so we don't need to have types with a default constructor anymore
     new a7006e5  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs + Lucene.Net.Codecs + Lucene.Net.Core.Index.ParallelAtomicReader + TestFramework: Added StringComparer.Ordinal to sort the fields in the same order as Lucene
     new b4f5c0c  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Index.CheckIndex: Compare field name ordinal
     new ea2cda6  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.BaseStoredFieldsFormatTestCase.TestWriteReadMerge(): Added commented SimpleText codec
     new b86fc3b  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core + Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Changed all string CompareTo() to CompareToOrdinal() and all string Equals() to specify StringComparison.Ordinal
     new 2dea7fc  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core + Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Changed all StartsWith, EndsWith to use StringComparison.Ordinal. Changed all ToUpper, and ToLower to ToUpperInvariant and ToLowerInvariant.
     new a51c7f8  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core + Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Changed all string collection .Contains() methods to use the Linq extension that uses StringComparer.Ordinal
     new 05bf4af  SWEEP: Replaced all occurrences of ArrayUtil.STRING_ORDINAL_COMPARER with StringComparer.Ordinal and eliminated the ArrayUtil constant and class, since this is exactly the same functionality as in the .NET framework
     new d67ac26  Revert "SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core + Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Changed all string collection .Contains() methods to use the Linq extension that uses StringComparer.Ordinal"
     new 5c9ad36  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.FileSupport.CreateTempFile() refactor: split into 2 methods, one for generating the temp file name and the other for attempting to create it and added guard clause against invalid path characters for the current OS
     new d33dd73  SWEEP: Set all remaining SortedSets and SortedDictionaries to use StringComparer.Ordinal
     new d291874  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Hunspell (TestAllDictionaries + TestAllDictionaries2): Fixed relative location of dictionary files.
     new d6aa7d7  SWEEP: Fixed issues with string .Equals()
     new 087a818  SWEEP: Changed remaining string CompareTo() methods to CompareToOrdinal()
     new cfdcfeb  BUG: Lucene.Net.Queries.Mlt.MoreLikeThisQuery.Equals(): Fixed set comparison for stop words
     new f80119b  Lucene.Net.Misc.Misc.HighFreqTerms: Fixed PriorityQueue namespace
     new 14df73c  Lucene.Net.Misc: Deleted ByteBuffer.cs, since we already have a port in the Support namespace that is being used
     new 271271c  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Index.SegmentInfos.Run(): Catching the wrong exception type - should be IOException, not Exception
     new 689b066  PERFORMANCE: Lucene.Net.Core.Support.MemoryMappedFileByteBuffer enhancment provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe:
     new 24e28a7  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.ThreadedIndexingAndSearchingTestCase: Corrected WriteLine statements to output the contents of the List<T>s instead of the data type name
     new e61076a  SWEEP: Changed remaining string StartsWith() and EndsWith() statements to use StringComparison.Ordinal
     new 331fb47  PERFORMANCE: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.CharacterUtils: ToLower and ToUpper .NET-ified enhancement provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe
     new 7c1f752  BUG: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.CharacterUtils: Fixed backward compatibility support (broken Unicode) for Lucene 3.0.  Fixes the TestCharArraySet.TestSupplementaryCharsBWCompat() and TestCharArraySet.TestSingleHighSurrogateBWComapt() tests.
     new 99b3ee9  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Character refactor: Renamed ToLowerCase > ToLower, ToUpperCase > ToUpper for consistency with .NET
     new d2ceebe  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Util.UnescapedCharSequence refactor: Renamed ToLowerCase > ToLower for consistency with .NET
     new 26d6c3f  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.AbstractAnalysisFactory: Added GetCulture() method to allow passing a CultureInfo object to a factory using either the string representation of the culture or its LCID
     new 7e7b44e  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Miscellaneous (CapitalizationFilter + CapitalizationFilterFactory): Changed implementation to consistently use culture-sensitive casing (unlike the way Lucene did), and added constructor overloads that allow you to specify a specific culture.
     new 8319239  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CharBlockArray: Removed CharAt() and updated all references to use the indexer this[index]
     new 2608d16  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenStream: Return false in the case where IncrementToken doesn't exist.
     new 278b680  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexFileDeleter: Need to catch IOException and let other exceptions bubble here in order to ensure correct control flow
     new 7dc5180  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index (TestAtomicUpdate.TestAtomicUpdates() + TestIndexWriterReader.TestTooManySegments()): Added timeout of 1 minute because they sometimes fail
     new a4ee255  BUG: IndexWriter.ReaderPool.DropAll() was failing to remove elements from the dictionary as was specified in the comments. As a result, the dictionary was not in the right state if an exception is thrown. Fixed this by keeping track of what has been iterated over and removing them after iteration is complete (whether that is due to an exception or not).
     new bdd1163  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Added ExceptionExtensions to provide extension methods for AddSuppressed and GetSuppressed() with the same signatures as in Java, using the Exception.Data dictionary as a backing store.
     new 50fff66  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.OfflineSorter: Fixed exceptions caught Exception > EndOfStreamException
     new 74750b9  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core: reviewed all catch blocks to ensure the type caught is correct, the exception (if rethrown) is added as innerException of the one that is thrown, and that if a new error is thrown in Lucene, it is also thrown new in .NET
     new 0a7ea10  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Added TODO about issue caused by using the MockVariableIntBlockPostingsFormat, which itself doesn't appear to be the issue.
     new d105945  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.AbstractAnalysisFactory: Removed support for LCID in GetCulture method, since it is not supported in .NET core and is not likely to be used anyway.
     new d5f4734  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.MemoryMappedFileByteBuffer: Conditionally removing optimized Get and Put overloads because the ReadArray and WriteArray methods are not (yet?) supported in .NET core
     new 85b18d2  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: Changed Reader > GetReader()
     new 467a488  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Util.ResourceLoader refactor: Renamed FindClass() > FindType()
     new f2c9e18  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Core.TestRandomChains: Added producer for CultureInfo
     new 65fb35c  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestIOUtils.TestSuppressedExceptions(): Fixed tests to utilize new Suppressed exception API
     new a46f3f5  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter: Updated ForceMerge exception code to be more like the original
     new 2834c04  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Memory.DirectDocValuesConsumer: Reviewed and removed TODO
     new 17ec8e0  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep: Reviewed line-by-line and fixed several potential logic bugs, most notably invalid comparisons due to non-nullable IndexOptions fields.
     new bd5b34d  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexableFieldType refactor: Removed setters and the NumericType field (weren't in the original)
     new a4d90fa  Lucene.Net.Index.IndexOptions refactor: Added a NONE option and refactored all types that use IndexOptions to use NONE instead of null.
     new ca45150  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.Pulsing.PulsingPostingsReader: Corrected IndexOptions comparison logic.
     new be06c46  Lucene.Net.IndexWriter: Fixed logging of files to sync so it displays the file names instead of the datatype of the collection
     new 6281c03  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IndexInput: Added TODO about changing property to method
     new fb6580e  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms.FixedGapTermsIndexWriter: Reviewed and fixed some minor logic differences from Lucene
     new 7e4a7bb  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.RandomCodec: For the time being, commented codec MockVariableIntBlockPostingsFormat from selection, because it always fails. Need to investigate.
     new 0169d4a  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.DocValueType refactor: Added NONE option and refactored all types that use DocValuesType to use NONE instead of null.
     new 021f557  Lucene.Net.Core.Documents.NumericType refactor: Added NONE option and refactored all types that use NumericType to use NONE instead of null.
     new 0e6ad0d  Lucene.Net.Tests.TestApiConsistency: re-enabled nullable Enum test
     new 51f56d5  Lucene.Net.Core.MergePolicy refactor: Changed MergeTrigger enum argument of FindMerges to be non-nullable. For the edge cases that were passing null in Lucene, we are just passing int.MinValue.
     new 8fabf08  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ArrayUtil.GetNaturalComparer(): Optimized by resolving generic closing type only 1 time.
     new bfa2bf6  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FieldComparer: Changed implementation to use ArrayUtil.GetNaturalComparer<T>() so in the case the closing type is string, comparison is done in a culture-insensitive manner
     new 9e779f7  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexWriterReader.TestDuringAddIndexes(): reformatted and factored out SynchronizedList<T> (test is still failing).
     new 6f5b404  SWEEP: In all codecs, ensured that Convert.ToXXX() and .ToString() are always done in the invariant culture. Things like Debug.Assert and logging are converted in the current culture.
     new 6ca9736  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.RandomCodec: Added verbose logging to print out the name and type of the doc values format and postings format being used
     new 04e1d9e  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms: The readers all had incorrect logic for Java's Map.put() method and dealing with its previous value. Also fixed some other formatting and API issues.
     new 344262c  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms.BlockTermsReader: fields field was a Dictionary, but it should be SortedDictionary
     new b77f982  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.CodecUtil: Added TODO
     new 1cf1b11  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms (BlockTermsReader + BlockTermsWriter): Reviewed line-by-line and fixed several bugs and formatting issues
     new af9535f  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms (FixedGapTermsIndexWriter + VariableGapTermsIndexWriter + VariableGapTermsIndexReader): Reviewed line-by-line and fixed several formatting issues
     new 7a14f42  Lucene.Net.Codecs (BlockTerms + Sep): Reviewed again and fixed formatting issues
     new 9bc8d93  Lucene.Net.Tests.Codecs.PerField.TestPerFieldDocValuesFormat.TestSortedSetVariableLengthVsUninvertedField(): increased timeout to 1 minute (SimpleText can take longer than 20 seconds)
     new 96a4290  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IndexInput refactor: Changed FilePointer > GetFilePointer() (makes conversion, throws exceptions)
     new 045d13d  Removed TODO about FooterLength - keeping a method because it is supposed to "calculate" and because there is a method HeaderLength(string codec)
     new 11f987c  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel.Egothor.Stemmer: Factored out SystemProperties for command line utilities (just use System.Environment)
     new 9d0c018  Moved SystemProperties back from Lucene.Net.Core.Support to Lucene.Net.TestFramework. For any application settings, we want the host application to provide them, not hide them in environment variables.
     new 9b08f31  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Classic.QueryParserBase: Changed default behavior to use the culture of the current thread on the fly if the culture is not set.
     new 6314c24  Fixed several issues to allow compile in .NET core.
     new 897d929  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.BufferedUpdatesStream: Fixed log of infos= so it shows the items instead of the datatype
     new 0a81284  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep: Re-ported SepPostingsReader and SepPostingsWriter to ensure all of the variables are referring to the correct scope.
     new 1246d5c  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms: Re-ported BlockTermsReader and BlockTermsWriter to ensure all of the variables are referring to the correct scope.
     new d21561d  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms: Re-ported FixedGapTermsIndexReader, FixedGapTermsIndexWriter, VariableGapTermsIndexReader, VariableGapTermsIndexWriter to ensure all variables are using correct scope
     new 6d3da67  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Codecs.MockIntBlock.MockVariableIntBlockPostingsFormat: Incorrect math setting baseBlockSize to 2 * baseBlockSize in general, not just for the base class. Also, made a private variable for IndexOutput in case the base class does something odd with it.
     new a5db387  Added various TODOs for API changes
     new b047f65  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.TestUtil: fixed some variable names
     new 21f87a7  Lucene.Net.Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextTermVectorsReader: Fixed SimpleTVFields constructor definition
     new ef3b7da  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Added data type of the default codec to the console logging.
     new 1c137de  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.RandomCodec: Re-enabled the MockVariableIntBlockPostingsFormat, since it is now passing
     new b483fa7  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.MockFixedIntBlockPostingsFormat: Renamed MockFixedInt32BlockPostingsFormat
     new 070cfa3  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IndexOutput refactor: Changed FilePointer > GetFilePointer() (makes conversion)
     new 90bfa65  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.IntIndexInput: Renamed AbstractIndex > Index, AbstractReader > Reader
     new d2825f7  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.IntIndexOutput: Renamed AbstractIndex > Index
     new b6b76c7  Reviewed and removed some TODOs
     new 8e30095  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.BaseTokenStreamTestCase: Made the CheckAnalysisConsistency() method more robust by ensuring the Reset() and End() methods are called on the token stream if an exception occurs
     new 7298ecb  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.In.IndicNormalizer: slight optimization on retrieving the ScriptData using TryGetValue
     new 747a4d7  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Search.CheckHits: Fixed verification of description by using the current culture instead of the invariant culture for parsing.
     new 6ffeb41  Lucene.Net.Hightlighter.Highlight.QueryTermScorer: Replaced HashMap with Dictionary.
     new b2a5573  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Moved CleanupTemporaryFiles() call from TearDown() method to AfterClass() method, which makes it act more like the original setup. Test2BDocs, TestBackwardsCompatibility, and TestBackwardsCompatibility3x depend on using the same index for multiple tests, so hacks in these files were removed. Also changed calling order for base.TearDown() so it is last in all tests (after cleaning up local resources).
     new 605beeb  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.ThreadedIndexingAndSearchingTestCase: corrected integer to string conversion using invariant culture
     new cd97c70  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Removed FloatUtils and LuceneTestCaseWithReducedFloatPrecision - this would seem to invalidate the tests more than anything else, since it is highly unlikely that anyone will be using this method to "fix" floating point precision. Not sure exactly what it was supposed to fix because the tests are passing without it.
     new 7beb5b9  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms.FixedGapTermsIndexReader.GetFieldEnum(): Fixed condition to check for fieldData.coreIndex == null
     new c57e7bd  Updated documentation for Anonymous Analyzer
     new 85bcff3  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.DirectoryReader refactor: Renamed IsCurrent > IsCurrent() (always performs an action before returning the result)
     new e8bf549  Lucene.Net.Tests.Memory.Index.Memory.MemoryIndexTest: Changed locale of QueryParser to invariant to ensure the ambient culture doesn't affect the result.
     new 74e166f  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.WeakIdentityMap: Added fix for WeakIdentityMap and TestWeakIdentityMap provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe
     new f265acc  Lucene.Net.Tests.Store.TestCopyBytes: Increased timeout to 1 minute because it can take over 20 seconds sometimes
     new dbcb4e0  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.AttributeSource: Added the WeakIdentityMap as per Lucene and removed references to the WeakDictionary.
     new 5d5c256  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexReader: Fixed up documentation comments
     new 2674210  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Standard.StandardQueryParser: Changed default behavior to use the culture of the current thread and time zone of the current system if they are not explicitly set.
     new ae7ddb4  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.MockCharFilter: Replaced SortedDictionary with TreeDictionary and eliminated the LowerEntry extension method in Support.DictionaryExtensions (replacing with TreeDictionary.TryPredecessor)
     new 3c1f50b  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.MockCharFilter: Corrected implementation of both the filter and its test to make it pass.
     new acc553e  Lucene.Net.Core.Search (ControlledRealTimeReopenThread + ReferenceManager): Reviewed code and fixed some minor bugs and formatting issues
     new 7eeaca9  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.ThreadedIndexingAndSearchingTestCase + Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestNRTThreads + Lucene.Net.Tests.Search (TestControlledRealTimeReopenThread + TestSearcherManager): Fixed some minor bugs and formatting issues.
     new e103f24  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Search.IndexSearcher: Implemented solution provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe. This doesn't fix all of the concurrency problem, but it does improve things somewhat.
     new c323c31  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Search.IndexSearcher: Added missing return true statement to ExecutionHelper<T>.MoveNext() and cleaned up commented code. This fixes Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexReaderWriter.TestDuringAddIndexes() and any other tests that rely on Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase.NewSearcher() from random failures
     new 04684b0  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestDocTermOrdsRewriteMethod.TestRegexps(): Increased timeout to 1 minute
     new adabd1e  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexWriterReader.TestMergeWarmer(): Increased timeout to 2 minutes
     new e4bafc8  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TieredMergePolicy: Added Arrays.ToString() to verbose logging of eligible list.
     new d51ee10  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Index.TrackingIndexWriter: Changed IncrementAndGet() to GetAndIncrement() in GetAndIncrementGeneration()
     new 6a6b7a4  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.RefCount: Reverted back to original implementation
     new d3621f0  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ControlledRealTimeReopenThread: Changed ManualResetEvent to AutoResetEvent, corrected math on MS/NS conversion, added thread safety on searchingGen.
     new 6d55c69  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestSearcherManager.TestSearcherManager_Mem(): Added timeout of 1 minute
     new dc04c72  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Codecs.RAMOnly.RAMOnlyPostingsFormat.FieldsConsumer(): Corrected call to AtomicInt64 from IncrementAndGet() to GetAndIncrement()
     new 5e4b01a  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.DoubleBarrelLRUCache: Changed back to original implementation that uses AtomicInt32 rather than Interlocked.
     new d7c5af9  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.ClosableThreadLocal (DisposableThreadLocal): Changed back to original implementation that uses AtomicInt32 rather than Interlocked (fixed a bug in MaybePurge() in the process)
     new cccf0c5  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Counter: Changed back to original implementation that uses AtomicInt64 rather than Interlocked
     new d9f979c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.PrintStreamInfoStream: Changed back to original implementation that uses AtomicInt32 rather than Interlocked, fixing a bug in the process
     new 50bbf51  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.SetOnce: Changed back to original implementation that uses AtomicBoolean rather than Interlocked. Also added a class generic constraint to revert back to using the volatile keyword and fixed the test to use a reference type for testing.
     new 4ed5d33  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Support (ValueHashSet + ValueList): Corrected GetHashSet() so it doesn't depend on the order of the elements
     new f5d02d6  PERFORMANCE: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Unicode.Util.ToCharArray(): Optimized method by removing reliance on exceptions and instead proactively resize the array to accommodate any surrogate pairs. Solution provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe.
     new 631cfa7  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.UnicodeUtil: counter for char array size not accurate and causing Lucene.Net.Misc.Util.Fst.TestFSTsMisc.TestRandomWords() to fail. Changed initial array size to count * 2 and removed resize logic, since we trim off the excess anyway at the end. Also added a threashhold of 1024 - if the count is greater than this we do a pre-loop to determine the exact amount of memory to allocate.
     new f6c7515  Lucene.Net.Core.Index (AtomicReader + AtomicReaderContext): documentation comments
     new 3b122d0  Lucene.Net.Misc.Index.Sorter: Reviewed EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector, Sorter, SortingAtomicReader, and SortingMergePolicy line-by-line and fixed some formatting issues, naming issues, and documentation issues
     new 93f3f48  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Use dir.OpenInput() to determine if a file exists, just like in Lucene and always catch exceptions so we can return false if it doesn't
     new 3724588  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst: documentation comments
     new f78116a  PERFORMANCE: Lucene.Net.Core.Store (FSDirectory + SimpleFSDirectory): Removed chunking from read and write operations, since FileStream already takes care of this (better)
     new e30f52d  Lucene.Net.Core.Store (FSDirectory + SimpleFSDirectory): Removed Debug.Asserts that tend to fail sometimes
     new dfb2e92  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.ControlledRealTimeReopenThread: Changed implementation to be more .NETified, which fixes the TestCRTReopen() test (fix provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe). Updated documentation comments.
     new 0d4619a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestRealControlledRealTimeReopenThread.TestCRTReopen(): Reduced timeout to 40 seconds and set it in an #if block for .NET Core support.
     new d284bd0  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SearcherLifetimeManager: Fixed math to calculate seconds correctly
     new 3d14c8e  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.UnicodeUtil.ToCharArray(): corrected spelling of threshold
     new f51675f  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestControlledRealTimeReopenThread: Fixed tests for .NET Core and added file to the test project
     new 99e4ef4  Lucene.Net.Tests.AssemblyInfo.cs: Removing global 20 second timeout, since we no longer have tests that are never finishing
     new 5e549b7  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.In.IndicNormalizer: Replaced .NET BitArray with OpenBitSet (shot in the dark, but perhaps this has something to do with the random failures because of a difference in storage).
     new ed649a1  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.Packed.TestPackedInts: Fixed string formatting bugs
     new 75df575  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core: Reviewed all strings and fixed collections to print their contents. Also fixed several other string formatting issues.
     new 2cf0321  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.SpecialOperations.Reverse(): Return value must be a ValueHashSet<T> because it is used as a dictionary key. This fix makes the TestAgainstBrzozowski test pass.
     new 400cd78  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Misc.Index.Sorter.TestEarlyTermination: using a workaround by switching the test to look more like that of Lucene.Net 4.9
     new c344801  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.TopDocsCollector: Fixed bug in documentation comment
     new 2fc3881  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs (Codec + DocValuesFormat + PostingsFormat): Removed commented code that helped with the port.
     new d4df388  Lucene.Net.Core: Reviewed and removed some TODOs
     new fa81cf4  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RAMDirectory: Fixed bugs and optimized implementation.
     new 8221ff2  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.ThreadedIndexingAndSearchingTestCase: Added the correct call to TestUtil.Rm
     new 9e5a8c9  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexFileDeleter: Corrected casing String > string
     new 24c4bd0  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs: Added TODO
     new 54bad2c  Adding missing build configurations for highlighter and highlighter test
     new 31ceeb2  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.CharFilter.HTMLStripCharFilterTest: Added note about version compatibility level 4.8.1 and reformatted tests for easier reading
     new fbfcb81  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.JavaCompatibility.SystemTypesHelpers: Fixed replaceFirst() method to match the behavior in Java that is expecting a regular expression instead of a literal to replace
     new b3940f2  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RegExp.Peek(): Method not taking into account surrogate pairs. Created an IndexOf extension method overload for string that accepts a codePoint, similar to Java's String class.
     new 1c3dbad  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RegExp.GetIdentifiers(): We can't make any assumptions how the returned set will be used, so we should return a ValueHashSet that compares set equality.
     new 40ba567  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.RegExp: Cleaned up implementation of Next() and Match() to match Lucene
     new 548e768  BUG: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Miscellaneous.TestStemmerOverrideFilter: Fixed test to append code point instead of a raw integer.
     new 7def889  Lucene.Net.Core.Store (Types beginning with A-D): Updated documentation comments, fixed code formatting, and throw FileNotFoundException instead of Exception
     new e86433d  Added TODO about NoSuchFileException
     new 6204e32  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.BaseTokenStreamTestCase: CountdownEvent was not being passed into the AnalysisThread. Also fixed the scenario to show the stack trace on the main thread rather than throw the exception on another thread.
     new 1b926ea  Lucene.Net.Core: Removed NoSuchFileException, since it is not being thrown anywhere anyway - we already have a FileNotFoundException which serves this purpose.
     new d0d6c7e  Added TODO about replacing NoSuchDirectoryException with DirectoryNotFoundException
     new 8134f96  Lucene.Net.Core.Store (Types beginning with E-M): Updated documentation comments, fixed code formatting and minor bugs
     new 57e2365  Lucene.Net.Core.Store (Types beginning with N-Z): Updated documentation comments, fixed code formatting and minor bugs
     new 0f39149  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestNRTReaderWithThreads.TestIndexing(): increased timeout to 2 minutes because it sometimes doesn't finish
     new 5e39994  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.SimpleFSLockFactory: Reworked logic to be more like Lucene
     new 8ae5703  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.RateLimiter: Fixed millisecond conversion from long to be safer in case it overflows
     new 92d871d  Lucene.Net.Support: Renamed TimeHelper class Time and added constants for MILLISECONDS_PER_NANOSECOND and TICKS_PER_NANOSECOND
     new 68a1619  SWEEP: Fixed all references that were using System.nanoTime() in Java to use Time.NanoTime()
     new 026ed4a  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter: Cleaned up the documentation comments
     new 72c5b45  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xFields refactor: SortTermsByUnicode() > SortTermByUnicode (property)
     new fee2755  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.IndexWriter refactor: HasDeletions > HasDeletions(), HasPendingMerges > HasPendingMerges(), HasUncommittedChanges > HasUncommittedChanges(), CommitData (setter) > SetCommitData(IDictionary<string, string>) - the latter changed a count every time it was set and clones the data as well, making it have side effects
     new b5a291e  Lucene.Net.Support.Compatibility.Collections: Changed UnmodifableSet to return a ISet<T> instead of ICollection<T>
     new d9a849c  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.DataOutput.WriteStringSet(): Changed to accept ISet<T> instead of ICollection<T>
     new ca856e0  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSLockFactory refactor: LockDir (setter) > SetLockDir(). Can only be set once, and has different accessibility than getter, so not a good candidate for a property.
     new 3ed96e7  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.SimpleFSDirectory refactor: FDValid > IsFDValid
     new 58a7a5b  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Lock refactor: Added NewAnonymous abstract method with a delegate method so the doBody function can be built on the fly like in Java
     new c048da0  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Lock refactor: IsLocked > IsLocked()
     new 2226222  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Lock refactor: Implemented disposable pattern correctly, and removed mysterious "release" method that wasn't in Lucene
     new 510f2f2  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Compatibility.Collections: moved to Support directory
     new b078f4a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.Packed.TestEliasFanoSequence: Ignored Lucene.Net specific tests that were apparently only for debugging purposes because they add a couple of extra minutes to the test run
     new f2d7499  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.Packed.TestPackedInts.TestAppendingLongBuffer(): Increased timeout to 3 minutes and added the LongRunningTest attribute
     new 9fa2146  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.DictionaryExtensions: Added todo about possibly removing EntrySet method
     new 0dced63  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Collections: Added Equals(), GetHashCode(), and ToString() methods that recursively analyze the collection and any nested collections for equality and string building behavior that matches Java.
     new 193f57b  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: refactored EquatableList to utilize the Collections.Equals(), Collections.GetHashCode() and Collections.ToString() methods. Created an EquatableSet<T> type as well. Added unit tests for both collections.
     new fabeeb3  Lucene.Net.Sandbox.Queries.FuzzyLikeThisQuery: Replaced List<T> with EquatableList<T> and removed calls to GetValueHashCode() and ValueEquals()
     new 2d6d927  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst (FST + NodeHash) + Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.Fst.FSTTester: replaced ValueEquals() and GetValueHashCode() with Collections.Equals() and Collections.GetHashCode()
     new 212fdaf  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Collections (GetHashCode(object) + Equals(object, object)): added checks for null to make the methods safer for general use
     new b30fda1  Lucene.Net.Queries.CommonTermsQuery: Replaced GetValueHashCode() and SequenceEqual() with Equatable.Wrap(IList<T>).GetHashCode() and Equatable.Wrap(IList<T>).Equals() (to allow for the user to supply their own type, since it is protected)
     new 8eb4616  Lucene.Net.Queries.Mlt.MoreLikeThisQuery: Replaced GetValueHashCode() and SequenceEqual() with Equatable.Wrap(ISet<T>).GetHashCode() and Equatable.Wrap(ISet<T>).Equals() (to allow for the user to supply their own type, since it is set via a property).
     new 44bba1b  Lucene.Net.Sandbox.Queries.FuzzyLikeThisQuery: replaced weird iterator loop with foreach to ensure Dispose() is called.
     new 174e221  Lucene.Net.Spatial.Prefix.IntersectsPrefixTreeFilter: Removed dependency on HashHelpers.CombineHashCodes()
     new a4a5f1c  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton.Automaton: Removed dependency on HashHelpers.CombineHashCodes()
     new 476b289  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans (SpanNearPayloadCheckQuery + SpanPayloadCheckQuery): Changed SequenceEqual() and GetValueHashCode() to Collections.Equals() and Collections.GetHashCode() (which both change their algorithm according to the type of collection that is used, just like in Lucene)
     new 3489bd1  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanNearQuery: Replaced ValueList<T> with Equatable.Wrap(), which allows any type of list to be utilized
     new 71fab05e6 Lucene.Net.Core.Search.NGramPhraseQuery: Added Equatable.Wrap() to arrays, since by default they do not produce the same value even if the contents are the same
     new aa3a11a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.PhraseQuery: Replaced ValueList<T> with EquatableList<T> and changed SequenceEqual to Equals on those lists.
     new b3d6ef8  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.BooleanQuery: Replaced ValueList<T> with EquatableList<T>
     new 137e431  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.MultiphraseQuery: Changed ValueList<T> to EquatableList<T> and on same list SequenceEqual() to Equals(). Added using blocks for iterators.
     new 4a4f402  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.SpanNearQuery: Changed ValueList<T> to EquatableList<T>
     new 8801245  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans.SpanOrQuery: Replaced ValueList<T> with EquatableList<T>
     new 46418a4  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton: Replaced ValueHashSet with EquatableSet
     new cf3c6ec  Lucene.Net.Queries.BooleanFilter: Changed clauses to use EquatableList<T>
     new e0318a4  Lucene.Net.Queries.TermsFilter: renamed private field
     new 595697e  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.Compressing.CompressingTermVectorsWriter: Use LinkedList.Max instead of Linq Last() for better efficency
     new 3ffcd7f  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FuzzyTermsEnum: Added TODO
     new 1a251a1  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.Spans (SpanNearPayLoadQuery + SpanPayloadCheckQuery): added documentation about the importance of passing a collection that implements one of the 3 primary types or provides an overload of Equals and GetHashCode()
     new a701b99  Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexibl.Standard.Config.NumericConfig: Factored out HashHelpers.CombineHashCodes
     new d747e7a  BUG: Lucene.Net.Core.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker: Corrected behavior to use RuntimeHelpers.GetHashCode() to get the identity hash code of val
     new 5c512dd  Lucene.Net.Grouping.SearchGroup: Fixed Equals() and GetHashCode() to use Collections.Equals() for the generic type in case it is a collection that needs its values compared
     new d48493d  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.PairOutputs: If the generic type is a reference type, we use Collections.Equals() and Collections.GetHashCode() so its values are compared if it happens to be a collection
     new c0a9ae6  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Packed.EliasFanoEncoder: Formatted the Equals() and GetHashCode() methods the same as in Lucene
     new ebfca98  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.VectorValueSource: Use Equatable.Wrap() to wrap the provided list in EquatableList for Equals() and GetHashCode() comparisons
     new 1c751a2  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.MultiFunction: Use Equatable.Wrap() to wrap the provided list in EquatableList for Equals() and GetHashCode() comparisons
     new 39333d0  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.MultiBoolFunction: Use Equatable.Wrap() to wrap the provided list in EquatableList for Equals() and GetHashCode() comparisons
     new d21dd79  Lucene.Net.Queries.Function.ValueSources.EnumFieldSource: Use Collections.Equals() and Collections.GetHashCode() to compare the dictionaries
     new a3ef60a  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Collections: Removed commented code
     new 62160cd  Lucene.Net.Core.Support (EquatableList + EquatableSet): Moved the operator overrides into their own section and removed other commented code
     new f25215f  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted ValueHashSet and ValueList, since they have been consolidated into EquatableSet and EquatableList
     new 92b7d0b  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted HashHelpers and ObjectExtensions because they have been replaced by the Collections.GetHashCode() and Collections.Equals() functionality
     new d072fc7  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Arrays: Removed unused GetHashCode() overload
     new 842182c  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Arrays.GetHashCode(): Changed implementation to be more like the original JDK version, including the ability to build the hash code based on the values of the nested value if it is a collection
     new d0c2c10  Lucene.Net.Core.Support.Arrays.Equals(): Changed implementation to be more like the original JDK version, including the ability to test equality based on the values of the nested value if it is a collection
     new 6c9a3c6  Revert "Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.PairOutputs: If the generic type is a reference type, we use Collections.Equals() and Collections.GetHashCode() so its values are compared if it happens to be a collection"
     new 7fd381b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Fst.NodeHash: Fixed GetHashCode() calls to use Collections.GetHashCode() on reference types
     new 71318f0  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.CharArrayMap: Added using block to enumerator in GetHashCode()
     new 2fe688d  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.CharArraySet: Added Equals() and GetHashCode() methods (that in Java were inherited from AbstractSet<T>)
     new d850d55  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Lock.With: Changed return type to be generic instead of object
     new b6dcfe8  SWEEP: Changed all SizeInBytes() methods to GetSizeInBytes()
     new 0e2de16  Lucene.Net.Core.Store: Removed NoSuchDirectoryException and replaced with System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException.
     new 43a270d  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestDirectoryReader. Added missing DirectoryNotFoundException catch clauses
     new 291e3ae  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.SimpleText.SimpleTextFieldsReader: assertion fails randomly and when it does it causes an index out of range exception when building the message, so the message has been commented for the time being
     new a966d9a  Lucene.Net.Core.Search.FuzzyTermsEnum refactor: Automata() > Automata (property)
     new 362133a  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.FSDirectory: passed original exception through for debugging purposes
     new 76efed0  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestAddIndexes: added DirectoryNotFoundException to the exceptions to be checked for
     new cce500f  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Store.MockDirectoryWrapper: added DirectoryNotFoundException to the random errors that are thrown
     new 05c8b58  Lucene.Net.Core.Index (Types starting with A-C): Fixed documentation comments
     new 1697106  Lucene.Net.Core/Lucene.Net.Grouping: Fixed issues with compilation in .NET Core
     new a02dd13  Lucene.Net.Core + Lucene.Net.Tests: Reviewed and removed some TODOs
     new 59c9c84  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support: Added WeakDictionary tests
     new 50a7709  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support: Added tests for CRC32
     new ed33b9e  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support: Deleted TestLRUCache (we are using LurchTable instead)
     new 92fbbe0  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support: Added tests for ClosableThreadLocal (DisposableThreadLocal)
     new 7105893  SWEEP: Refactored and added TestExceptionSerialization test to all test projects and fixed all exception classes to actually be serializable
     new cd43cb6  SWEEP: Moved ApiScanTestBase and all TestApiConsistency tests into the Support folder in their respective projects
     new 3d38c5c  Lucene.Net.Support: Added TestIDisposable test and refactored for Lucene.Net 4.8.0
     new 51b0d22  Lucene.Net.Support: Added TestOSClass test
     new a96dbef  Lucene.Net.Support: Added TestSerialization test and marked related classes serializable
     new 1a8c4a1  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core: Marked most (stateful) classes serializable
     new 615c8a5  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support: Added TestThreadClass tests
     new ed5bc00  BUG: LUCENENET-150 - implemented missing ReadToEnd() method on ReusableStringReader
     new 538293a  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support: Added TestOldPatches tests
     new 47b6c46  SWEEP: Suppressed unimportant compiler warnings
     new 0236280  Deleted obsolete Contrib folder
     new 8a97bfc  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis: Deleted obsolete Analysis files that have mostly been moved to Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common
     new 5816429  Lucene.Net.Core.Document: Deleted obsolete files that are no longer in use
     new 228b970  Lucene.Net.Core.Index: Deleted obsolete files that are no longer in use
     new 0cc1473  Lucene.Net.Core.Search: Deleted obsolete files that are no longer in use
     new 6057577  Lucene.Net.Core.Store: Deleted obsolete files that are no longer in use
     new 8feb64e  Lucene.Net.Core.Support: Deleted obsolete files that are no longer in use
     new 4ac9961  Lucene.Net.Core.Util: Deleted obsolete files that are no longer in use
     new a737908  Lucene.Net.Core: Removed RectangularArrays (no longer in use)
     new 4a687fd  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.ReusableStringReader: Added comment about LUCENENET-150 to ReadToEnd() method
     new 6d2dec4  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Util.FilteringTokenFilter refactor: Changed setter of EnablePositionIncrements back to a method because there is no way to mark it obsolete on a property without also marking the getter obsolete, and added documentation for the method.
     new b8d797e  Lucene.Net.Core.Index: documentation comments (types starting with letter D)
     new 1944d9e  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexWriterWithThreads.TestCloseWithThreads(): Set timeout back to its original value of 200ms. Apparently the optimizations that have been done have fixed the slowness that was causing the test to fail with its original setting.
     new 3e8d52b  Lucene.Net.Core.Util.Automaton: Using OpenBitSet instead of BitArray because it is a closer match to the original BitSet. BitArray has shown to be causing problems in other contexts.
     new 4e54801  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.Automaton.TestMinimize: Updated debug notes
     new a8502e3  Reviewed and removed some TODOs
     new 92c591b  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.IntIndexOutput: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new b3627a7  Lucene.Net.Codecs.BlockTerms.TermsIndexWriterBase: Implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new c8c94d1  Lucene.Net.Core.Analysis.TokenStream: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new 8105155  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.FieldsProducer: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new 6af91bd  Lucene.Net.Core.Codecs.FieldsConsumer: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new de5e562  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IndexInput: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new 2ea33f7  Lucene.Net.Core.Index.MergePolicy: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new 0f71b2b  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.IndexOutput: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new 99e1576  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.Directory: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new 35430a9  Lucene.Net.Core.InfoStream: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new 8145821  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep.IntIndexInput: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new c2ec3e2  Lucene.Net.Codecs.TermsIndexReaderBase: implemented .NET dispose pattern
     new b15f45d  SWEEP: Fixed infinite recursion bugs caused by calling base.Dispose() instead of base.Dispose(bool)
     new 02b78dd  SWEEP: Corrected accessibility of Dispose(bool) for proper dispose pattern
     new f57f938  Lucene.Net.Core (Search.ReferenceManager + Store.CompoundFileWriter): Changed NullReferenceException to ArgumentNullException
     new ec120c4  Lucene.Net.Tests.Store.TestFilterDirectory.TestOverrides(): Fixed test to only scan for non-sealed members (Dispose() is sealed)
     new 9241298  Lucene.Net.Core.Store.CompoundFileWriter (const): fixed documentation comment to show correct error type
     new a7e2bda  Build.ps1: Removed unused DtdProcessingTest category from script and documentation
     new 9cbe228  Build.ps1 - Fixed ScriptRoot so it will work in PowerShell 1.0
     new 7235491  Lucene.Net.Core: Removed dependency on System.Collections.Immutable from .NET Core
     new 6ff9dc2  Build.ps1 - fixed Get-ChildItem command so it won't crash if there is no project.json file in the current  directory
     new d248249  Renamed Build.ps1 > build.ps1
     new 4a4716d  Lucene.Net.Core.project.json: Updated outputName attribute so the DLL and NuGet package name will be Lucene.Net instead of Lucene.Net.Core
     new a259a5a  Set specific SDK version number in global.json so newer versions that don't support package.json aren't used
     new ef4bb56  HACK: build.ps1: for the NuGet pack process, created functions to copy Lucene.Net.Core to a new folder named Lucene.Net so the resultant NuGet package is correctly named Lucene.Net.
     new f94846b  build.ps1: Changed to put all build assets into a folder named /release instead of littering the main project folder
     new 8d063d6  build.ps1: fixed typo
     new 27af33f  SWEEP: Modified all AssemblyInfo.cs files to be nested below the /Projects folder both inside Visual Studio and on the file system.
     new 4502e0f  SWEEP: Created a CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file so common attributes such as dates and versions can be automated by the build script for the entire solution.
     new 4ce4068  build.ps1: Added parameters to specify version, package version, copyright, product name, and a common assembly info file to backup, re-generate, and restore after the build.
     new c2d9354  build.ps1: Added functionality to backup, update the version (and dependency versions), and restore all project.json files before/after the build/pack
     new a7a2166  build.ps1: Changed temporary copy location of Lucene.Net.Core inside of \src directory so it has access to the CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file, otherwise the NuGet symols package for Lucene.Net will fail
     new a5dc68d  Renamed Lucene.Net.Core folder Lucene.Net because the dotnet.exe pack command doesn't allow creating a NuGet package with a different name than its folder. Working around it with the script was much more complicated than simply renaming the folder.
     new 57e7d90  Removed functionality that copies Lucene.Net.Core folder to Lucene.Net because it is no longer necessary after renaming the folder
     new 7f1a38c  Deleted old MyGet.bat - not needed
     new 466d3ea  SWEEP: Added packOptions section to every project.json file
     new 27c00b0  build.ps1 - Updated script to add the value of the AssemblyDescriptionAttribute as the NuGet summary
     new 5dba19b  Updated AssemblyDescriptionAttribute to match the descriptions from the Lucene documentation:
     new 20b8800  build.ps1 - Changed logic to parse Version from PackageVersion if Version is not supplied or if it is 0.0.0
     new d24ffa0  Added build.bat script for more concise build syntax
     new d401479  Deleted unneeded .nuspec file
     new bf5b075  DEBUG: printing out version of dotnet.exe in the log
     new 35194ec  Changed the order of the arguments to specify -CreatePackages first (in case that is the reason the packages are not being created at MyGet)
     new e548d84  Renamed build.ps1 > runbuild.ps1 because MyGet runs both build.bat and build.ps1 if they are both present.
     new 014c15f  runbuild.ps1 - Added checks to ensure backup files exist before restoring them
     new 312485f  runbuild.ps1 - changed process to copy TestResult.xml to build artifact folder instead of moving it
     new eed5eac  runbuild.ps1 - removed ExcludeTestCategoriesNetCore parameter and set default to null (run everything)
     new ee9f8b9  SWEEP Setup a common DefineConstants section on each Test .csproj file, similar to the other .csproj files
     new 0a998c7  SWEEP: Deleted unused packages.config files in test projects
     new f5a7bc3  SWEEP: Added net451 framework (and dependencies) to all test projects so the build script will build them
     new 94813f5  IcuBreakIterator: Added error handling to catch AccessViolationException (due to an apparent bug in icu-dotnet)
     new 52daf25  Added NUnit ConsoleRunner + TeamCityEventListenter binaries
     new 240a6bf  runbuild.ps1: Changed build to use NUnit console runner for .NET 4.5.1, which seems to be more robust than dotnet test
     new 4be9593  Updated with links to NuGet, issue tracker, Java API documentation, Wiki, Mailing Lists as well as Status, Contributing, and Build information
     new c2a506f  There is no AccessViolationException to catch in .NET Core, so leaving the try-catch out in that case.
     new f75f141  HACK: Forcing all ThaiAnalyzer/ThaiTokenizer/SegmentingTokenizerBase tests to fail explicitly on .NET Core, since they could throw an AccessViolationException that crashes the dotnet.exe test runner.
     new 45ed814  Added option to run tests from build.bat and removed RunAllTests environment variable setting
     new 5e836f3  runbuild.ps1: Added -Raw argument to script for JSON conversion
     new d56b9d7  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.project.json: Fixed compilation constants to match .csproj file
     new f19f849  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.xproj: Corrected default namespace to match .csproj
     new 56bc9e0  BUG: Fixed potential null reference exception. LUCENENET-558 #close
     new 1743c9d  SWEEP: Removed FEATURE_EMBEDDED_RESOURCE and changed all code that accesses embedded resources to use a new set of extension methods that aggressively search the available resources for a string match or partial match. Since the CLI ignores the default namespace when embedding resources, this approach makes finding embedded resources reliable without making lots of special cases.
     new 8156274  Removed NET451 compilation symbol because it is used the same as !NETSTANDARD
     new e262d6f  SWEEP: Synced compilation symbols between project.json and .csproj for all projects
     new a9028b7  Fixed bug in AssemblyExtensions.TryFindResource - we need to test the full path before the first slice is done.
     new 85bc618  Lucene.Net.Tests: Removed FEATURE_TASKMERGESCHEDULER from .NET 4.5.1 and fixed list of excluded files so it only applies to .NET Core
     new 16cd6e3  Lucene.Net.Tests.project.json: Added missing reference to QueryParser and moved file exclusions so they apply per framework
     new 39a0bc7  Lucene.Net.Util.Constants: Fixed LUCENE_VERSION to use the FileVersion instead of the AssemblyVersion, since we want this version to be logged as the latest release instead of the latest major release.
     new b7f2ac1  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Added DEBUG symbol back in
     new f4b7dae  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing test TestWorstCaseTestBehavior on .NET Core
     new 06edeb5  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing tests Support/TestWeakDictionary, Support/TestWeakDictionaryBehavior, Support/TestWeakDictionaryPerformance, and dependencies Support/BigObject, Support/CollisionTester, and Support/SmallObject on .NET Core
     new b5ee027  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing test Support/TestThreadClass on .NET Core
     new 37fe288  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing test Support/TestClosableThreadLocal on .NET Core
     new e16020e  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing test Support/TestEquatableList on .NET Core
     new aad3805  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing test Support/TestIDisposable on .NET Core
     new 85c46a6  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing test Support/TestOldPatches on .NET Core
     new eaa387e  Lucene.Net.Tests: Added missing test Support/TestOSClass to .NET Core
     new c94eb10  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CharBlockArrayConverter: Renamed constants upper case to match other constants
     new 86401a9  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser.Flexible.Messages.TestNLS.TestNLSLoading_xx_XX(): removed for .NET Core, since the CultureInfo object throws an exception in this case.
     new 3bdfd58  PERFORMANCE: Lucene.Net.Util.Packed.Packed64SingleBlock: Use Array.BinarySearch instead of array.ToList().BinarySearch()
     new f87d8ad  Lucene.Net.Util.IntBlockPool: Added TODO about changing EndOfSlice() to property
     new 5507808  BUG: Lucene.Net.Util.Fst.FST: SetAssertingRootArcs() must always be called, even when Debug.Assert is compiled out
     new f604a1a  Lucene.Net.Util.Fst.FSTEnum: Potential issue if ReadNextArcLabel() is not called from Debug.Assert
     new 5a2d9e4  BUG: Lucene.Net.Index.IndexWriter: Added using block to ensure Dispose() is always called on IndexInput
     new e35087d  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene40: Possible issues if Debug.Assert is compiled out, since methods asserted change state
     new ca97656  BUG: Lucene.Net.Index.IndexWriter: Must set test variable outside of Debug.Assert, or property will be null
     new 6652415  Lucene.Net.Util.IntBlockPool.SliceReader refactor: EndOfSlice() > IsEndOfSlice (property)
     new bc15f37  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestScorerPerf: added timeout because this test can sometimes not finish
     new d2918f4  Lucene.Net.Support.Configuration.SettingsConfigurationParser refactor: Renamed constants upper case to follow Lucene convention
     new 1058b53  Lucene.Net.project.json: excluded all Support/Configuration files except Configuration.cs in .NET 4.5.1
     new ca9772f  BUG: Lucene.Net (core): Stack trace information unreadable with optimizations on, causing the Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexWriterExceptions.TestExceptionsDuringCommit() test to fail. Added the DebuggableAttribute to turn optimizations off.
     new 67e104c  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Suggest.project.json: Moved NETSTANDARD symbol definition to netcoreapp1.0 framework (rather than global)
     new a850302  SWEEP: Added debugType: portable to all projects so the line numbers will be output into the PDB information
     new 1b50f1d  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Support.TestDataInputStream: Calculation of the array length was done on Windows, but due to line endings the size of the file may be different on other OS's, so changed the test to measure the file length before declaring the array for the tests.
     new 035f680  SWEEP: Fixed .NET 4.5.1 NuGet dependencies
     new 67f31ac  Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser.Messages.TestNLS.TestNLSLoading_xx_XX: Always ignore the test if CultureNotFoundException is thrown, rather than just on .NET Core
     new 3de2445  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestSort: fixed all tests to use culture-insensitive sorting (so the ambient culture doesn't affect the result)
     new 1023525  Updated NuGet.exe to version 3.5.0
     new 84abcb4  Added build directory and created working test PSake target in build\build.ps1
     new 6154a18  build\build.ps1: Updated test task to account for the fact that dotnet.exe cannot run multiple projects at a time
     new 42fb4f0  build\build.ps1: added TeamCity service messages to NUnit output
     new 99d160a  build\build.ps1: Removed teamcity flag from dotnet.exe because it is not supported and causing the test runner to fail
     new b6a7f92  build\build.ps1: Updated result paths so the files are output to the release directory, and are kept separate per framework and assembly
     new 18baf32  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Changed to only explicitly fail random TestThaiAnalyzer tests (and not conditionally)
     new f88cf9a  Added LuceneInformationalVersionAttribute to work around issues with reading AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute on .NET Core.
     new 91a7ae1  Revert "Added LuceneInformationalVersionAttribute to work around issues with reading AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute on .NET Core."
     new 25f0329  Lucene.Net.Portable.sln: Added build.sln to the solution.
     new 2dd2fa4  Lucene.Net.Util.Constants: Removed .NET Reflection code that reads the version at runtime. Will replace the version before build using the build script instead, which will be more reliable across runtimes and faster overall.
     new bb1720c  runbuild.ps1: Added function to update Constants.cs file with the same version that is used as AssemblyInformationalVersion so it doesn't need to be read at runtime.
     new e817631  build\build.ps1: writing $frameworks_to_test to output for debugging
     new 0f707b8  build\build.ps1: saving test results in project directory in addition to release directory
     new 479e9fb  Reverting back to original scheme of putting the test results in the project directory
     new 67b1331  build\build.ps1: removed teamcity switch from nunit-console, since this makes it different than dotnet.exe configuration
     new c1dc06d  build\build.ps1: Added Compile and Pack targets + supporting functions
     new 1a20d6a  build.bat: updated to use build\build.ps1
     new 1e5650d  build.bat: fixed comment so it doesn't throw "system cannot find drive specified"
     new 661949f  Solution files: Added build.bat to solutions
     new 7eb4b7a  Added release directory to .gitignore
     new d523702  SWEEP: Removed -alpha prerelease tag from all project.json files (our script determines this)
     new 47e6487  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support.TestOSClass: Removed dependency on AppSettings class.
     new 1631768  Lucene.Net.Support: Deleted AppSettings (no longer in use)
     new caded34  Lucene.Net.Support.Configuration: Deleted Configuration.cs (not in use)
     new 7c16e67  Lucene.Net.Expressions: Changed Abs function to be a user property setting (like the other functions)
     new 47ad5af  Lucene.Net.Expressions: Factored out Configuration code by copying and converting the original text file from Java. We now have a duplicate function configuration, but can eliminate 4 dependencies from 2 projects and also 7 classes from Support/Configuration.
     new 94f21f7  Lucene.Net.Support: Deleted unused Configuration namespace
     new 68f82ea  Lucene.Net.Tests: Deleted unused Test.nunit file
     new fd57cc3  build\build.ps1: removed dependency on Compile task from Test task
     new deaf422  Lucene.Net.project.json + Lucene.Net.Tests.json: separated entire compile/embed section into each framework. dotnet.exe does not combine options when specifying both a shared buildOptions and framework specific buildOptions sections.
     new 3d5ee7d  SWEEP: Moved shared buildOptions section to each framework section in all project.json files, since dotnet.exe does not seem to merge them correctly (causing it to include files it shouldn't and use the wrong compilation symbols)
     new 19c150a  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Deleted unused BBox directory, Prefix\RecursivePrefixTreeFilter.cs, Prefix\Tree\Node.cs and Util\TermsEnumCompatibility.cs
     new 658afaa  Lucene.Net.Suggest: Removed unused files RectangularArrays.cs and StringHelperClass.cs
     new 4e4177d  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common: Deleted unused files DateTimeHelperClass.cs, HashMapHelperClass.cs, and StringHelperClass.cs
     new 8d86c0c  Lucene.Net + Lucene.Net.Tests: Removed unused dependency System.Configuration
     new cda7be8  Lucene.Net.project.json: removed unneeded System.Xml and System.Xml.Linq dependencies
     new e1e5a5e  SWEEP: Added FEATURE_BREAKITERATOR, since to date there is still no official .NET Core support for icu-dotnet. This can be enabled once there is support on NuGet for it and the icu-dotnet dependency is updated.
     new ed73dce  Lucene.Net (Core + Highlighter + Tests): Updated from 54.1.1-alpha to the official version 2.1.1-beta0003 and removed MyGet package source from NuGet.config
     new 6314ee5  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Removed unnecessary dependency on System.Xml.Linq
     new b7e7e3e  Lucene.Net.Expressions.project.json: Removed unnecessary dependency on System.Configuration
     new 75cf0ab  Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Removed unnecessary dependency on System.Configuration
     new 6058f25 added FEATURE_COLLATION constant, since this class depends on
     new 0916968  Lucene.Net.Document.Field.StringTokenStream: override Dispose to eliminate compiler warning
     new bb9ae7a  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.BufferedCharFilter: Eliminated compiler warning by removing unused isDisposing field in .NET Standard
     new d498d01  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestRamUsageEstimatorOnWildAnimals: elminiated compiler warning in .NET Core for unused field
     new 0c942da  Lucene.Net + Lucene.Net.Tests: Added FEATURE_CONCURRENTMERGESCHEDULER so the concurrent merge scheduler can be excluded from .NET Core without excluding files (which isn't working)
     new 7bc0926  Lucene.Net.Tests: Using FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE instead of file exclusion for TestSerialization and TestExceptionSerialization tests
     new 82cd2b9  build\build.ps1: temporarily removing command to run tests so the rest of the code can be run on TeamCity
     new 36390e6  build\build.ps1: Added missing framework argument from dotnet.exe test command
     new b89ca73  Revert "build\build.ps1: temporarily removing command to run tests so the rest of the code can be run on TeamCity"
     new 422d4f1  Lucene.Net.Tests (Analysis.Common + Highlighter): Added Icu4c.Win.Full.Lib dependency for tests, since we need this to run tests on Windows
     new ddc93f1  Lucene.Net + Lucene.Net.Tests (csproj): added FEATURE_CONCURRENTMERGESCHEDULER to constants (to sync up with project.json)
     new 63c599e  SWEEP: Removed dependency on from Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common and Lucene.Net.Highlighter and disabled FEATURE_BREAKITERATOR
     new b1fdcca  SWEEP: Moved BreakIterator-dependent functionality to a common Lucene.Net.Icu library so we can manage the dependency from one place and not make the majority of the users deal with it when they don't need to
     new 077b57f  SWEEP: Added dotnet-test-nunit-teamcity NuGet package
     new c62a45b  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase.CreateTempFile(): Method of getting file name is not thread-safe and causing file locking between tests. Cascading call to FileSuppport.CreateTempFile() instead.
     new 7a8d266  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet.Taxonomy.Directory.TestAddTaxonomy: create random temp file instead of file in current directory.
     new d0d2c30  Revert "SWEEP: Added dotnet-test-nunit-teamcity NuGet package"
     new 51fc0cb  Lucene.Net.Tests.Icu.Support.TestApiConsistency: Fixed type used to scan the API so it works on the correct assembly.
     new 5356773  Lucene.Net.Tests.Icu.Support.TestIcuBreakIterator: Removed unused using
     new e26f310  Lucene.Net.Tests.Icu: Changed default namespace
     new ba64fca  SWEEP: Added title and description to all project.json files
     new e894c62  SWEEP: Removed the summary field from packOptions
     new 0674225  SWEEP: Added authors and projectUrl to project.json and consolidated packOptions format
     new 6c2607b  build\build.ps1: removed --result parameter from dotnet test command to see if it brings back the test instrumentation in teamcity
     new a8ebf6b  Revert "build\build.ps1: removed --result parameter from dotnet test command to see if it brings back the test instrumentation in teamcity"
     new 9094afa  build: Added Version.proj MSBuild file to supply VersionPrefix and VersionSuffix from the repository. This will allow control over all parts of the version except the build counter from the repository. Also scripted the versioning rules to synchronize the version number with Lucene while still allowing for pre-releases (when Lucene versions are ported only) and for patches.
     new 29a249b  build\build.ps1: Uncommented compile and pack tasks
     new 6cd681d  Version.proj: Updated documentation comments with versioning instructions
     new 5be649a  build\build.ps1: Added property for buildCounter to be passed into the script from TeamCity explicitly
     new a593dcb  build\build.ps1: Fixed version updating logic so it works globally for the script
     new 566d034  build\build.ps1: Added parameters for preReleaseCounterPattern and versionSuffix and refactored so versioning information can be passed as either parameters (not properties) or environment variables.
     new ba5c709  build\build.ps1: Added command to clean the .bak files in case a prior run of build failed for any reason.
     new 85c19d3  build\build.ps1: Added git commit hash to the AssemblyInformationalVersion attribute
     new afeca1c  SWEEP: Switched all test projects to use dotnet-test-nunit-teamcity, a fork which allows use of the --teamcity switch.
     new 88bd0d4  SWEEP: Changed all net451 targets to use debugType=full, since debugType=portable is not supported
     new 8f98c52  SWEEP: Consolidated shared project configuration in project.json
     new 4b7ab65  HACK: build\build.ps1: Removing --no-build switch when running .NET core tests because the test TeamCity build is not locating the dotnet-test-nunit-teamcity dependency
     new 6fd08d5  Upgraded to Spatial4n.Core 0.4.1-beta00001 (with new versioning scheme)
     new e8efd15  Lucene.Net.Icu: Switched to official NuGet packages of and added Icu4c.Win.Full.Lib dependency for .NET 4.5.1
     new 7ae4a65  Lucene.Net.Tests.Icu: Fixed linked file tests so they are discovered via command line, still not being discovered by Visual Studio, though.
     new 873d94e  Revert "HACK: build\build.ps1: Removing --no-build switch when running .NET core tests because the test TeamCity build is not locating the dotnet-test-nunit-teamcity dependency"
     new 9c7394a  build\build.ps1: Fixed script to fail the build if an external executable call fails.
     new fe590e8  Deleted NuGet.exe and Get-NuGet.ps1 (we are using dotnet restore, which does not require it)
     new a340497  Deleted runbuild.ps1
     new bc77c1c  build\build.ps1 - added exit code checking for test runner
     new 642998f  Lucene.Net: Deleted Lucene.Net.Search.RemoteSearchable.config and Lucene.Net.Search.TestSort.config (old .NET remoting configurations)
     new fe7175f  Lucene.Net.Tests.Icu: Fixed compilation symbol declaration
     new 544f912  Revert: "Lucene.Net.Icu: Switched to official NuGet packages of and added Icu4c.Win.Full.Lib dependency for .NET 4.5.1"
     new cf19759  Fixes LUCENENET-542 #resolve
     new c8b8de9  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.TestFilesystemResourceLoader: Changed test to write the embedded resource to a known location rather than being dependent on an external file that may/may not be in the file system.
     new 1c5918b  Updated with the latest project status.
     new a2c2211 Updated URL of CI feed
     new 0ed7d36 removed URL of CI feed (Apache policy)
     new a39d94a  build\build.ps1: Enable XML documentation generation during build
     new 257cd5a  Updated Spatial4n.Core and Spatial4n.Core.NTS to 0.4.1-beta00002 and reverted back to .NET Standard 1.5
     new 3b96b48  Lucene.Net.Support: Deleted unused INamedServiceFactory.cs
     new 076384a  Updated license headers (mostly in Support)
     new 1e1af6f  Updated LICENSE.txt with 3rd party licences
     new 4f0d0d1  Updated NOTICE.txt
     new 1495bff  Lucene.Net.Index.Term: Reverted to original implementation, since Utf8ToString() does not throw an exception on invalid text.
     new 5e7ec8a  build\build.ps1: Added options for generating a "released" build.bat file and to turn off the prepare-for-build functionality that updates the files with version information, etc. so the release will build without specifying any command line options.
     new 66e6b7b  add license headers and license references where needed
     new 89ae41b  overlooked an XML file
     new 77ae245  build\build.ps1: Added license headers to the generated files.
     new f20b77e  add license headers and license references where needed
     new bdb9601  overlooked an XML file
     new ea10ade  build\build.ps1: Updated script to automatically install the .NET Core 1.0.0-preview2-1-003177 SDK if it is not present and to check for the presence of git.exe before attempting to append the commit hash to the AssemblyInformationalVersion
     new 5c5dfbf  Updated LICENSE.txt with 3rd party license attributions and added missing license headers
     new d860846  fixed merge conflict
     new 34bd405  Lucene.Net.Icu: Corrected license header for StringCharacterIterator (which doesn't exist in the JDK)
     new b6b1d87  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Core.LuceneResourcesWikiPage.html - removed license header because it was causing a test failure (the text in the file is what is being tested).
     new f3ac940  Changed Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.BufferedCharFilter to to the implementation from the Apache Harmony project
     new 38d3a3d  Ported ByteBuffer, LongBuffer, and other Buffer-related types from the Apache Harmony project (since the OpenJDK has a license that is off-limits)
     new 3790185  Moved all IO-related Support classes into the Lucene.Net.Support.IO namespace.
     new 00b9566  Moved all threading-related types from Support into Lucene.Net.Support.Threading namespace
     new 8002783  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Common.Util.BufferedCharFilter: Changed to only consider the IsReady property for CharFilter-derived types. All other TextReaders are assumed to be ready.
     new 57f6ba0  Updated Apache Harmony code with the source URL
     new 8a8b289  Ported DataInput, DataOutput, DataInputStream, and DataOutputStream from Apache Harmony (since the OpenJDK has a license that is off-limits)
     new 54e0b9c  Ported tests for PriorityQueue from Apache Harmony
     new 5501d2e  Fixed using in Lucene.Net.Search.TopTermsRewrite
     new d8f14b1  Ported PriorityQueue from Apache Harmony (since the OpenJDK has a license that is off-limits)
     new 6b3a807  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support.IO: Ported more ByteBuffer tests from Apache Harmony
     new c47970b  Removed commented JDK code
     new c93fa96  Updated ICharSequence with the code comments and license from Apache Harmony.
     new fd338f6  Moved LZOCompressor into Support\IO\Compression and specified compilation symbol NET35 (in case we need to support it)
     new 609ce6d  SWEEP: Consolidated all RectangularArrays calls to a static generic method in Lucene.Net.Support
     new da77a12  Udated JIRA links on CONTRIBUTING and README so they don't contain a specific issue ID
     new 0ac91f5  BUG: Inheriting InvalidMarkException from InvalidOperationException seems to cause infinite recursion
     new e6c2b88  Lucene.Net.Index: types starting with letter F - fixed documentation comments
     new 3a55298  BUG: ReadOnlyBufferException must not subclass NotSupportedException
     new 2e9cf78  ByteBuffers: Changed the tests back to their original state (testing for NullReferenceException and ArgumentOutOfRangeException)
     new ae5075c  Updated MemoryMappedFileByteBuffer with code from ByteBuffer to write big endian bytes.
     new 26e080e  ByteBufferIndexInput: Refactored to avoid calls on invalid conditions rather than catching and re-throwing exceptions
     new 8af756d  Refactored MemoryMappedFileByteBuffer, making it readonly (since writing is not supported by MMapDirectory anyway) and using the same approach to write big endian bytes as in Harmony.
     new 6038504  Changed Endianness class to an enumeration.
     new 530d26b  Lucene.Net.Index: Fixed documentation comments for types starting with I-L
     new 7af8942  Fixed compiler warnings for Harmony tests
     new a6a209c  Fixed compile warnings "bitwise or operator used on sign extended operand"
     new 159c33b  Removed unchecked from several places where it is not required.
     new b1a701c  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Analysis.BaseTokenStreamTestCase: Fixed usings
     new 3c077fb  Renamed Lucene.Net.Icu > Lucene.Net.ICU, Lucene.Net.Tests.Icu > Lucene.Net.Tests.ICU
     new 28c1282  Updated Spatial4n.Core and Spatial4n.Core.NTS to 0.4.1-beta00003 and removed MyGet feed from NuGet.config
     new dd23511  Added release notes with install instructions for Lucene.Net.ICU
     new db82646  Updated CHANGES.txt with the latest status.
     new c567120  one license is enough
     new a42b1db  we don't need to include a notice for Apache licensed code
     new d581572  Made FSDirectory stale files set synchronized.
     new 3340100  Added test case which throws on concurrent directory access.
     new 4836115  Removed ignore from concurrent index access test case.
     new 0ff9560  build.bat + build\build.ps1: updated build process so not passing a version number makes it use the version from Verson.proj. Also fixed the generated build.bat file so it includes the ability to test through a -t or --test switch. Changed all switches to follow standard conventions - for short form, -- for long form.
     new c2bf370  SWEEP: Removed hard dependency on Microsoft.NETCore.App version 1.0.1 (which doesn't work if another version is on the system)
     new 41c6191  build\build.ps1: Added tasks for InstallSDK and Restore to ensure dependencies are available during testing on TeamCity. Reversed order of tests so .NET Core runs first (since it is most likely to fail).
     new d248e6b  Added CHANGES.txt to the build folder in each solution
     new f2fb70b  Updated CHANGES.txt with the updates from 4.8.0-beta00002
     new 14c3e7b  build.bat + build\build.ps1: Fixed bug in --test command
     new 8eeb071  API: Added overloads of Analyzer.NewAnonymous() to accept a delegate method parameter for InitReader
     new 0cc3cfe  BUG: Lucene.Net.Util.Packed (MonotonicAppendingInt64Buffer + MonotonicBlockPackedReader + MonotonicBlockPackedWriter): JIT bug in x86 environment makes the float calculation incorrect when not explicitly casting to float before casting to long.
     new afb23de  Added test for compatibility with Lucene 4.8.0 index that has binary doc values.
     new 664d740  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene45.Lucene45DocValuesProducer: Added missing check to ensure value retrieved from the addressInstances dictionary is non-null
     new aa0a3f3  Fixed doc comment for FacetsCollector.GetMatchingDocs()
     new 08c81c8  BUG: Lucene.Net.Util.Fst.FSTEnum<T>: Fixed call to FST<T>.ReadNextArcLabel() so it doesn't happen unless arc.IsLast is false. However, the call is done outside of Debug.Assert so it still runs when the asserts are stripped out by the compiler.
     new 8eaf47e  BUG: Lucene.Net.Util.UnicodeUtil: Removed unnecessary cast that sometimes causes assert to fail
     new 93203d8  API: Lucene.Net.Store (MMapDirectory + NIOFSDirectory + SimpleFSDirectory): Added overloads to allow passing the path as string rather than always requiring a DirectoryInfo instance from the user.
     new fbd4ad5  Updated CHANGES.txt with changes from 4.8.0-beta00003.
     new aa609e3  Updated
     new 675fc16  BUG: Fixed reference issue with project.json of QueryParser and Expressions that caused the version and other metadata not to be compiled into the assemblies.
     new 8a58d85  BUG: Lazy-initialize the default codec and delay any Reflection code until the first access to DefaultCodecFactory, DefaultDocValuesFactory, and DefaultPostingsFormatFactory. Also don't use Activator.CreateInstance(Type, bool) with nonPublic unless the current AppDomain is running in full trust.
     new 7521951  Removed TODO (already done)
     new 032d49a  Updated CHANGES.txt with changes from 4.8.0-beta00004.
     new 3e9c4ab  Fixed Codec factory documentation comments
     new 33abcb7  Updated TestDefaultCodecFactory to account for the new lazy loading behavior of DefaultCodecFactory
     new 6c5e221  Updated documentation of Codec, DocValuesFormat, and PostingsFormat to account for the new initialization procedure of the codec factories.
     new 1a980c4  Updated TestDefaultDocValuesFormatFactory and TestDefaultPostingsFormatFactory to account for new lazy initialization behavior.
     new cfeaf28  BUG (test fixture): Lucene.Net.Support (TestIDisposable + TestOldPatches + TestSerialization + Threading.TestClosableThreadLocal): Use LuceneTestCase so we can suppress the non-writable Lucene3x codec, which causes random failures in these 6 tests.
     new 7099a84  SWEEP: Changed <item></item> to <item><description></description></item> in documentation comments
     new 646db0c  SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Index: Fixed up documentation comments for types starting with M-Z
     new ad0d5fb  Moved Lucene.Net.Collections > Lucene.Net.Support.Collections
     new f43d232  Moved Lucene.Net.IcuBreakIterator > Lucene.Net.Support.IcuBreakIterator
     new 1197b1a  Lucene.Net.Search.Spans: Fixed up documentation comments
     new 2a1541c  Lucene.Net.Search.Similarities: Fixed up documentation comments
     new 396db51  Lucene.Net.Search.Spans: Fixed up documentation comments
     new b2db531  Lucene.Net.Search: Fixed up documentation comments
     new ef2d090  Lucene.Net.Analysis: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new d7cb70c  Lucene.Net.Util: Fixed up documentation comments, types beginning with A-G
     new 93eef42  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common: Fixed XML documenation warnings
     new 864dcf7  Lucene.Net.Suggest: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new 6bde1ef  SWEEP: Updated all project.json files to suppress documenation warnings for CS1591 and CS1573
     new bed2088  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new e4c37d3  Lucene.Net.Queries: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new 3052070  Lucene.Net.Join: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new 33f31f5  Lucene.Net.Facet: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new 6267463  Lucene.Net.ICU: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new dd55920  Lucene.Net.Misc: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new 268e78d  Lucene.Net.Util: Fixed XML Documentation comments, types beginning with H-Z
     new 7303348  Lucene.Net.Support: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings (except types that are not yet documented).
     new 9bd4dc8  Lucene.Net.Util.Automaton: Fixed XML documentation comments
     new d4e4498  Lucene.Net.Util.Mutable: Fixed XML documentation comments
     new a08ae94  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Fixed XML documentation comments (excluding sub-namespaces)
     new 8214105  Lucene.Net.Codecs.PerField: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new 5478f1b  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene46: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new b27d10c  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene45: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new ee52fd3  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene42: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new 3221b63  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene41: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new 27cdd04  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene40: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new 95b5d4b  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene3x: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new 5dc5193  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Compressing: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new 5a0e4b6  Lucene.Net: Fixed misc XML documentation comment warnings
     new 6f22b5a  Lucene.Net.Util.Packed: Fixed XML documentation comment warnings
     new 666de32  Lucene.Net.Codecs: Fixed XML documentation warnings
     new 2663003  Lucene.Net.Document.Field: Added Obsolete attribute to extension methods that use Obsolete enumerations, since they will be removed in 6.0.
     new 93d80d3  API: Lucene.Net.Codecs.MultiLevelSkipListReader: implemented proper dispose pattern
     new 2109722  API: Lucene.Net.Index.SegmentCommitInfo: Renamed Files() > GetFiles() (consistency)
     new 169598c  API: Lucene.Net.Index.SegmentInfos: Renamed Files() > GetFiles() (consistency)
     new f77728b  API: Lucene.Net.Search.Similarites.BasicStats: Changed m_field to private and renamed field, made Field property non-virtual.
     new cf7e749  API: Lucene.Net.Search.Similarities.LMSimilarity.ICollectionModel: Renamed Name > GetName() (consistency)
     new d683f0f  API: Lucene.Net.Util.MapOfSets: Changed to use ISet<T> instead of HashSet<T> (as was done in Lucene)
     new c29ca08  API: Lucene.Net.Util.OfflineSorter: Changed setter of BufferSize to private (was not settable in Lucene)
     new 8a19d27  API: Lucene.Net.Util.PackedInt32s.Format: Changed Values() > Values (property)
     new f4dfbb8  API: Lucene.Net.Util (PagedBytes + PagedBytes.PagedBytesDataInput + PagedBytes.PagedBytesDataOutput): Changed Pointer > GetPointer(), Position > GetPosition()
     new a6b5a87  API: Lucene.Net.Util.PrintStreamInfoStream: Marked obsolete and created TextWriterInfoStream class to replace it, which is more sensible in .NET.
     new 5ebf735  API: Lucene.Net.Util.RamUsageEstimator: Added SizeOf() overloads for ulong, uint, and ushort
     new 43e0ea4  API: Lucene.Net.Util.RamUsageEstimator.IdentityHashSet<KType>: Changed accessibility from public to internal (as it was in Lucene)
     new e837081  Lucene.Net.Util.RamUsageEstimator: Removed TODO about restoring IsEmpty property (class is internal anyway, so there is no way to use it)
     new 6f24c03  Lucene.Net.Util.WeakIdentityMap: Corrected documentation to reflect that Keys and Values properties return IEnumerable<T> instead of ICollection<T>
     new 20de987  API: Lucene.Net.Search.BitsFilteredDocIdSet: Changed constructor to throw ArgumentNullException instead of NullReferenceException
     new 07c8801  API: Lucene.Net.MultiTermQuery: Removed nested ConstantScoreAutoRewrite class, since it is exactly the same as the non-nested ConstantScoreAutoRewriteClass. Removed the internal constructor from the latter.
     new e1d225b  Removed TODO about changing HasNext to a method, since it acts like a property anyway
     new 56025d3  API: Lucene.Net.Index.SegmentReader.ICoreClosedListener: Renamed ICoreDisposedListener, OnClose() > OnDispose()
     new 8d6fb69  API: Lucene.Net.Search.ReferenceManager: Implemented proper dispose pattern.
     new 7842db8  API: Lucene.Net.Util.IOUtils: Renamed Close() > Dispose(), CloseWhileHandlingException() > DisposeWhileHandlingException()
     new cf3a71c  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Analyzer: fixed documentation comments
     new de55c63  Lucene.Net.Index.Terms: Removed TODOs about making the SumTotalTermFreq and SumDocFreq properties into methods (minor issue)
     new cbb4d3f  API: Lucene.Net.Search.Filter: Added NewAnonymous() method for easy creation of anonymous classes via delegate methods.
     new bd6a1be  API: Lucene.Net.Search.DocIdSet: Added NewAnonymous() method for easy creation of anonymous classes via delegate methods.
     new f674dc6  API: Lucene.Net.Search.Collector: Added Collector.NewAnonymous() method for easy creation of anonymous classes via delegate methods.
     new 56d6d6d  Lucene.Net.Search.BooleanQuery: Added documentation to show usage of collection initializer
     new 86873c5  Lucene.Net.Search.MultiPhraseQuery: Implemented IEnumerable<T> so collection initializer can be used and added documentation to show usage of collection initializer
     new 2de9a6a  Lucene.Net.Search.PhraseQuery: Implemented IEnumerable<T> so collection initializer can be used and added documentation to show usage of collection initializer
     new 121684b  Lucene.Net.Search.NGramPhraseQuery: Added documentation to show usage of collection initializer
     new a632950  Lucene.Net.Queries.CommonTermsQuery: Implemented IEnumerable<T> so collection initializer can be used and added documentation to show usage of collection initializer
     new b1668eb  Lucene.Net.Queries.CustomScoreQuery: Updated documentation comment
     new 06e1a90  Lucene.Net.Search.DisjunctionMaxQuery: Added documentation to show usage of collection initializer
     new 484f268  BUG: Lucene.Net.Search.ConstantScoreQuery.ConstantWeight: Fixed initialization issue with commented code in GetValueForNormalization() (that diverged from Lucene)
     new ab75145  BUG: Lucene.Net.Util.OfflineSorter: Added line to delete the output file (that existed in Lucene).
     new 468199e  Lucene.Net.IOUtils: Removed TODO about ReThrowUnchecked method - throwing a new exception causes tests to fail. In Java, most exceptions we are interested in would just be rethrown, anyway because they subclass RuntimeException.
     new 2f5d89b  Ported Lucene.Net.Analysis.SmartCn + tests
     new 46613e4  Modified build script to not use a BOM on build.bat file when generated
     new 5f1b2e0  Removed SmartCn from the pending work in
     new 368424f  API: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Util.AbstractAnalysisFactory: Changed return type of GetSet from ICollection to ISet.
     new 1ee3a9c  Added Lucene.Net.Analysis.Phonetic + tests. Rather than porting over the entire commons-codec library, only the language features were ported and added to this library.
     new c997356  Lucene.Net.Analysis.SmartCn: Added version compatibility level to each file.
     new 3f7e6cf  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Phonetic: Added TestApiConsistency and TestExceptionSerialization tests
     new 94b1a59  LUCENENET-544: added regression test to show it is no longer broken (closes #158)
     new db3d023  LUCENENET-438: Replaced all {@link } and {@code } references with their c# counterparts.
     new 872d6e3  Lucene.Net.Misc: Removed unnecessary dependency on Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common
     new 199eb10  Lucene.Net.Highlighter: Removed unnecessary dependency on Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common
     new ccc273f  API: Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.TaxonomyReader: Implemented IDisposable and proper dispose pattern.
     new 53ae7cd  Lucene.Net.Analysis.En.PorterStemmer: Ported demo code (but left it commented)
     new 3d977cb  Lucene.Net.Expressions: Added TODO since the documentation indicates a ParseException can be thrown but it doesn't seem possible in the code
     new 8543b7a  API: Lucene.Net.Facet.Range.DoubleRangeFacetCounts: Added missing params keyword on ranges constructor argument
     new bfccac0  Lucene.Net.Support.MathExtension: Renamed MathExtensions and added overloads of ToRadians() for decimal and int, and added the inverse ToDegrees() methods
     new 775df65  Ported Lucene.Net.Demo + tests (minus the FormBasedXmlQueryDemo QueryParser.Xml demo)
     new 933d835  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel: Modified Egothor.Stemmer Compile and DiffIt programs to accept file encoding on the command line and cleaned up implementation
     new f0b56fd  SWEEP: Modified all command-line utilities to throw exceptions instead of display to console so our wrapper console app can show the correct usage info.
     new 9e38954  Added lucene-cli + tests - a wrapper console application so we can run the various utilities and demos in .NET on the command line.
     new 93f57ed  Changed build script to exclude the Demo package because it is not for consumption via NuGet.
     new a70144d  Merge branch 'master' into cli
     new ba73b76  BUG: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel: Fixed casing issue with passed in argument. Ended up just removing the line altogether because it doesn't actually do anything but waste CPU cycles because it doesn't use the result of ToUpperInvariant()
     new 9a8c9f2  Updated and with latest status, improved readability, and more helpful links
     new 3d11d5d  Merge branch 'master' into cli
     new ea6ec0f  lucene-ci: Added additional tests and fixed bugs
     new 70f1559  lucene-cli: Added Markdown documentation, and extended help text for many commands. Fixed IndexSplitCommand because MultiPassIndexSplitter doesn't make number of segments an optional argument.
     new faa85eb  Fixed error reporting, documentation, and added missing Dispose() calls in CLI tools
     new 92db055  lucene-cli: added integration tests for the IndexUpgradeCommand
     new 38187d7  Lucene.Net.Misc.IndexMergeTool: Added try-finally block to properly dispose of directories.
     new 71d82b6  build\build.ps1: Fixed build script so the restore and pack tasks ignore lucene-cli
     new f17e8b7  Lucene.Net.Tests.Cli: Added LuceneNetSpecific attribute to all tests
     new fa4f034  Added missing TestApiConsistency tests to .NET Core tests
     new 18a934c  Merge branch 'cli'
     new d0e5d98  Lucene.Net.Tests.Cli: Added ComonAssemblyInfo.cs reference, moved build options to common section of project.json and fixed AssemblyInfo attributes to remove conflicts.
     new 0819705  lucene-cli: fixed compiler warnings
     new c487bbc  Lucene.Net.Tests.Facet: Fixed name of assembly
     new 3b28c51  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Phonetic: fixed indentation of project.json
     new e8e1b5a Updated NuGet badges, fixed hyperlinks
     new bfcb895  Lucene.Net.Search.ConstantScoreAutoRewrite: Fixed broken doc comment references
     new c0e7a25  BUG: Lucene.Net.Store: Fixed MMapDirectory and FSDirectory concurrency using solution suggested by Vincent Van Den Berghe Fixes LUCENENET-521 and closes LUCENENET-530.
     new de62e95  API: Lucene.Net.Store.Directory.IndexInputSlicer: Removed unnecessary constructor and private variable that were not in use.
     new d6e8d69  Lucene.Net.Search.DocIdSet: Fixed broken reference in doc comment
     new 3944108  build\build.ps1: For now, removing the lucene-cli and tests from the build (until a solution can be found for restore, which isn't working)
     new 39e6316  LUCENENET-521: Added regression test to confirm this issue is fixed with the new MMapDirectory implementation.
     new 6f51ab5  API: Added ReferenceManager<G>.AcquireContext(), which is similar to ReferenceManager<G>.Acquire() but can be used in a using block to implicitly dereference instead of having to do it explicitly in a finally block.
     new 559efc7  Lucene.Net.Support.Search.ReferenceManagerExtensions: Renamed AcquireContext() to GetContext(), closes #207
     new e694ee9  API: Lucene.Net.Support.Document: Added extension methods to make casting to the correct field type simpler.
     new 4347872  Lucene.Net.Tests.Store.TestDirectory.TestFsyncDoesntCreateNewFiles(): Commented out section that expects exception to be thrown from fsdir.Sync() when a file doesn't exist.
     new bc295b0  Lucene.Net.Store.FSDirectory: Removed Fsync() method and m_staleFiles variable and all references to them
     new 743ec24  Updated and
     new dcb3caa  lucene-cli\project.json: Fixed incorrect reference (was referencing Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser instead of Lucene.Net.QueryParser).
     new 012ffaa  PERFORMANCE: Lucene.Net.Store.FSDirectory: Removed extra call to Flush() that was causing slow performance and moved the call to the Dispose() block.
     new 95a7505  BUG: Lucene.Net.Store.NativeFSLockFactory: Fixed concurrency issue with locks across multiple instances (solution provided by Vincent Van Den Burghe).
     new 425d5e7  BUG: Lucene.Net.Store.LockVerifyServer: Read/write 1 byte instead of 1 int (4 bytes). Also, we don't need 2 streams in .NET for input/output (solution provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe).
     new 380b05f  lucene-cli: corrected description of lock verify-server MAX_CLIENTS in the documentation
     new aa849d8  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Store.MockDirectoryWrapper.IndexInputSlicerAnonymousInnerClassHelper: Fixed Dispose().
     new 40e9190  Updated with the latest status
     new d71d1a0  BUG: Lucene.Net.Index.IndexWriter: Fixed string formatting of numeric values in InfoStream message.
     new 81a4565  Lucene.Net.Tests.Querys.CommonTermsQueryTest: Added missing TestRandomIndex() test
     new e67244a  Lucene.Net.Util.Automaton.BasicOperations: Removed unneeded TODO
     new 6da4dd2  LUCENENET-565: Porting of Lucene Replicator - Commit is for Review with comments about original Java Source for assistance.
     new 0f09201  Ported Lucene.Net.Analysis.Kuromoji + tests
     new bacfcc1  lucene-cli: Added command for Kuromoji DictionaryBuilder tool + tests + documentation
     new 2d5108b  Lucene.Net.Analysis.Phonetic: Added CLSCompliant(true) attribute
     new 5c32d9e  BUG: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Kuromoji: Fixed problem with loading hexadecimal numbers from the dictionary source files
     new c3f60b2  ENHANCEMENT: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Kuromoji: Changed the way the files are loaded to be similar to the SmartCn package so the dictionary files can be customized without having to recompile the library. Added a smoke test to catch any exceptions thrown by the DictionaryBuilder.Main() command. Added code to load the extended set of codepages (including Japanese) on .NET Standard and changed the default encoding to EUC-JP.
     new 7e6b0bc  ENHANCEMENT: Lucene.Net.Store.NativeFSLockFactory: Refactored implementation to take advantage of .NET FileStream.Lock. Implementation provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe.
     new a4989ea  Squashed commit of the following:
     new db1f605  Updated
     new 05c8a04  Ported StreamTokenizer from Apache Harmony
     new 6c6a17b  BUG: Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common\Analysis\CharFilter\MappingCharFilterFactory: fixed escaping problem in parsing regex
     new 1a4c3b8  Moved SystemProperties from Lucene.Net.TestFramework to Lucene.Net so the defaulting and security exception handling can be used globally
     new dc67a55  Lucene.Net.Support.Character: Ported Digit(char, int) method from Apache Harmony for use in Benchmark
     new cd2d351  Lucene.Net.Support.DictionaryExtensions: Added Load and Store methods from Apache Harmony, so an IDictionary<string, string> can be used the same way the Properties class is used in Java (saving and loading the same format).
     new eaf4779  Lucene.Net.Support.StringTokenizer: Did a fresh port from Apache Harmony and ported tests
     new 51a6c52  Lucene.Net.Support: Added a SystemConsole class as a stand-in for System.Console, but with the ability to swap Out and Error to a different destination than System.Out and System.Error.
     new 6b56e2b  Lucene.Net.Support.StringExtensions: Added a TrimEnd() method that can be used on string arrays. This is to mimic Java's Split() method that removes only the null or empty elements from the end of the array that is returned, but leaves any prior empty elements intact.
     new 1b8621b  Lucene.Net.Support.StringBuilderExtensions: Added IndexOf() extension methods and tests from Apache Harmony
     new a11ca03  Lucene.Net.Support.Time: Added a CurrentTimeMilliseconds() method that is similar, but more accurate than Java's System.currentTimeMillis() method and can safely be used for elapsed timing
     new 1e52293  Lucene.Net.Util.SPIClassIterator: Factored out code to get all non-Microsoft referenced assemblies into a new class in Support named AssemblyUtils
     new b515271  Ported Lucene.Net.Benchmark + tests
     new a60c5ef  Lucene.Net.Benchmark.ByTask.Feeds.EnwikiContentSource: Fixed concurrency bugs that were causing tests not to finish
     new 1cfbd8b  Lucene.Net.Benchmark: Created a simple English number formatter to spell out numbers into words. Since we don't need localization, this is a sufficient replacement for the ICU RuleBasedNumberFormatter.
     new ea879c6  Corrected bug in Lifetime reference count
     new 6cf6a6e  Corrected bug in Lifetime reference count
     new 198e586  Lucene.Net.Benchmark: Added Sax and TagSoup to the Support folder.
     new 4cb35e9  Added Lucene.Net.Benchmark + the Collator functionality in Lucene.Net.ICU to .NET Standard and fixed bugs (still have 4 failing tests).
     new e92525f  BUG: Lucene.Net.Support.TestDictionaryExtensions: Added missing embedded resource file to project.json
     new 56a18c3  Lucene.Net.Analysis (Kuromoji + SmartCn): Changed System.Text.Encoding.CodePages dependency from 4.4.0-preview1-25305-02 to stable 4.3.0
     new acc82da  Changed to a new MyGet feed named lucene-icu-dotnet and added build latest changes
     new 0bc62b5  Merge branch 'master' into benchmark
     new 14c1760  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Removed unnecessary dependencies on GeoAPI and NetTopologySuite
     new 564a292  Merge branch 'master' into benchmark
     new 4a8507a  lucene-cli: Added benchmark commands, tests and documentation
     new 4782065  Reverted back to, since the icu-dotnet-2.2.0-netcore0078 package has some ICU loading problems.
     new e330530  LUCENENET-565: Porting of Lucene Replicator, cleanup stage 1
     new c14c27e  BUG: LUCENENET-593 - Refactored Lucene.Net.Util.Constants so OS identification, processor architecture, and framework identification are more reliable. Searching for environment variables rather than using well-known APIs was causing a null reference exception on Linux.
     new 729ce5b  Deleted Support\OS.cs from Lucene.Net.csproj
     new 361ceb6  API: Lucene.Net.Index.IIndexableField: Renamed FieldType > IndexableFieldType and added additional FieldType property on Lucene.Net.Documents.Field that returns FieldType rather than IIndexableFieldType so we can avoid casting.
     new beb4894  API: Lucene.Net.Documents.Field: Added similar Number value types as in Java so the numeric types can be stored as object without boxing/unboxing. Also added overloads for numeric GetXXXValue() fields to IIndexableField so these values can be retrieved without boxing/unboxing.
     new c22ef07  API: Lucene.Net.Documents.Field: Added GetNumericType() method and refactored codecs, suggest, misc, spatial, and classification so they utilize the GetXXXValue() methods instead of GetNumericValue(). Added extension methods GetXXXValueOrDefault() to easily retrieve the numeric value if it is not a concern that it could be null.
     new e1a2efb  Lucene.Net.Tests.Document.TestField: Added tests (.NET and Java) to demonstrate the behavior of the FieldType values is correct
     new 29cbc13  API: Lucene.Net.Documents.Field: Refactored GetNumericType() to be a property, NumericType, that is set to an enumeration value. Checking the underlying numeric field type is simpler this way, being that GetNumericValue() does boxing/unboxing and using it would therefore not be efficient.
     new 6788246  Lucene.Net.Replicator: Cleaned up documentation and reverted code order back to the same as Lucene.
     new 73f6a4e  Lucene.Net.Replicator: Fixed member accessibility
     new 3b0e132  Merge branch 'master' into Lucene.Net.Replicator
     new fd43c50  Lucene.Net.sln: fixed merge conflict
     new 1e6ce74  Lucene.Net.Tests.Replicator: Fixed usings, license headers, and namespaces
     new 4db2b0a  Lucene.Net.Replicator, Lucene.Net.Replicator.AspNetCore, Lucene.Net.Tests.Replicator: Ported to .NET Standard 1.5/.NET Core 1.0
     new 06ff981  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Replicator.ReplicatorTestCase: Added missing SuppressCodecs attribute.
     new f0b3cd5  Lucene.Net.Replicator: fixed compiler warnings
     new 6469c62  Lucene.Net.Replicator.SessionToken: Fixed constructor to accept IDataInput instead of DataInputStream
     new e83f40f  Lucene.Net.Replicator.RevisionFile: Corrected GetHashCode() logic
     new f308f83  Lucene.Net.Tests.Replicator: Added TestApiConsistency and TestExceptionSerialization tests
     new 1405512  Lucene.Net.Replicator: Moved Http/Abstractions to Support folder
     new dd8a54a  Lucene.Net.Support.StringTokenizer: Fixed documentation issues
     new 4392860  Added IReplicationService interface to make mocking/DI registration simpler for ReplicationService. (closes #209, closes #211)
     new f6b6069  Lucene.Net.Replicator.AspNetCore: Moved to src/dotnet folder and solution folder.
     new 91054c4  Add Lucene.Net.Contrib
     new 94d65f6  SWEEP: Upgraded to new .csproj format. Building and testing are running in Visual Studio 2017 (multi-targeting by editing the TestTargetFramework.proj file), but not yet on the command line.
     new 1031036  SWEEP: Updated .csproj files to utilize the new attribute generation feature and updated build script so building and packing functions.
     new a36eebc  SWEEP: Updated build/build.ps1 to utilize dotnet test exclusively (instead of NUnit console on .NET framework) + added dependency on TeamCity.VSTest.TestAdapter for integration with TeamCity.
     new ddd441a  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Removed comments from .NET Core 1.0 tests, since NetTopologySuite now has (preview) .NET Standard support.
     new b4da6d1  Moved Lucene.Net.ICU and Lucene.Net.ICU.Tests to dotnet folder
     new 78f9580  First poke at .net standard 2.0
     new 85fb9b5  SWEEP: Updated compilation symbols in projects to include all features of .NET Framework in .NET Standard 2.0
     new 294166e  BUG: Lazy initialization of codecs is required to ensure the correct type is loaded if overridden (as it is in the tests)
     new 2033cc5  build/build.ps1: Updated message to show the correct SDK version to install
     new 02e4c59  Lucene.Net.Spatial: Updated references of spatial4n to 0.4.1-beta00007
     new e973c6a  spatial reference fixup
     new ae22f1a  BUG: Lucene.Net.Search.FieldCacheRangeFilter.AnonymousStringFieldCacheRangeFilter: Fixed Debug.Assert condition that was causing assert to fail.
     new 60faa9c  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Spatial.SpatialArgsTest.CalcDistanceFromErrPct(): Test fails because floating point asserts didn't contain any delta and the implementation has changed in .NET Core 2.0 so it is no longer on the nose (but still well within tolerance for floating point numbers).
     new ad5fbf4  lucene-cli: Removed <PackageTargetFallback> because it is no longer a valid element in .NET Core 2.0
     new 4de713a  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene3x.Lucene3xTermVectorsReader: Added compilation symbol to remove failing DebugAssert from .NET Standard 2.0 because it causes VSTest to fatally crash
     new 8cc4116  Lucene.Net.Tests.Join.csproj: fixed typo that was causing FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE not to work.
     new 0486457  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CharBlockArray: Renamed length_Renamed > length, commented serialVersionUID
     new 3a959d5  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.WriterCache.CharBlockArray: Refactored to use BinaryReader/BinaryWriter for serialzation and eliminated the 2 serialization support classes StreamUtils and CharBlockArrayConverter
     new d5233f4  build/build.ps1: Added .NET Core 2.0 as one of the test frameworks
     new 389daee  This reverts commit 1a8c4a116f8870479e85737bfecb8fe673e8347b (SWEEP: Lucene.Net.Core: Marked most (stateful) classes serializable)
     new 65a2ee2  Lucene.Net.Support.PriorityQueue: Added Serializable attribute
     new dc993d0  Lucene.Net.Support.TestOldPatches: Commented Test_Store_RAMDirectory() test because binary serialization is no longer considered a good practice
     new 7161262  SWEEP: Factored out exceptions into a new feature FEATURE_SERIALIZABLE_EXCEPTIONS, since we cannot support them on .NET Standard 2.0 and reworked build configurations to remove any .NET Standard 2.0 configurations that are not needed
     new ebe46c9  Lucene.Net: Made types that are most likely to be used as fields in consumer classes [Serializable]
     new 3284930  SWEEP: Implemented ICloneable consistently and added interface to Support/Compatibility for .NET Standard 1.x
     new afb2e0f  SWEEP: Eliminated FEATURE_THREADINTERRUPTEDEXCEPTION and fixed compilation symbols to allow ThreadInterruptException on .NET Standard 2.0
     new e7375db  SWEEP: Moved Intern() functionality to StringExtensions and accounted for .NET Standard 1.x's lack of support for it.
     new 0c5239f  SWEEP: Upgraded all test projects to use NUnit 3.8.1 and Microsoft.NET.Test.Sdk 15.3.0
     new 37dcb68  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestConcurrentMergeScheduler: Fixed FailOnlyOnFlush class to match the original, which was causing TestFlushExceptions() to fail. Also removed throw statement on a background thread that was causing a crash.
     new fa94509  BUG: Lucene.Net.Codecs.Lucene40.Lucene40TermVectorsReader.NextPosition(): Debug.Assert is occasionally failing, which causes the test runner to crash on .NET Standard 2.0. For now, removing the offending assert from the code in .NET Standard 2.0.
     new 75ee027  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index: Marked several tests with LongRunningTestAttribute because they are running slow (more than 1 min) on .NET Core 1.0
     new 7e8841a  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestMutiTermConstantScore: Made Small and Reader variables instance members, since they are being set by instance methods. When they were static, tests could cross threads on the instance.
     new 4abbd4b  SWEEP: Eliminated [Debuggable] attribute and added [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.NoInlining)] to each potential match for the StackTraceHelper, which allows tests that use it to work in release mode. Solution provided by Vincent Van Den Berghe.
     new ea9e380  Lucene.Net.Tests.csproj: Eliminated unnecessary reference to dotnet-test-nunit-teamcity
     new 8bd3277  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Added missing catch block for UnauthorizedAccessException, which does not subclass IOException in .NET as was the case in Java.
     new bfb0787  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Util.LuceneTestCase: Commented unused STATIC_LEAK_THRESHOLD static variable.
     new b7ab123  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestPostingsFormat.TestRandom(): Manually failing test on .NET Standard 1.5 in Debug mode because it crashes the test runner - need to investigate
     new 62333ec  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestTermVectorsFormat.TestLotsOfFields(): Manually failing test on .NET Standard 2.0 because it crashes the test runner - need to investigate
     new 40c42ce  Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexWriter (TestThreadInterruptDeadlock + TestTwoThreadsInterruptDeadlock): Manually failing these tests under specific build configurations because they cause the test runner to crash - need to investigate
     new 98c4bf5  Lucene.Net.sln: Require VS 2017 to load solution (since .csproj is not backward compatible)
     new 94d0291  SWEEP: Reworked FEATURE_CLONEABLE so it is a compile option that is not enabled by default. Microsoft's recommendation is not to use ICloneable, but we provide the option in a custom compile. Note that there is no support for this interface in .NET Standard 1.0.
     new 056353d  Lucene.Net.Analysis.SmartCn: Renamed HHMM namespace to Hhmm to follow .NET conventions better
     new 5594d5b  Fixed various compile warnings (mostly XML documentation references)
     new 4169742  SWEEP: Updated to latest version of TeamCity.VSTest.TestAdapter
     new ced76a4  Merge branch 'readme-contrib' into csproj-migration
     new 5f06fda  Updated README with latest Visual Studio build info and added links for all 3.0.3 packages
     new cce39cc  Initial ReplicatorService guidelines (lacking the use of the replicator)
     new 330c066  Added minimalistic info on how to use the replicator
     new 6cbfb3f  Lucene.Net.Replicator.csproj: Fixed file references
     new 0517e7f  build/build.ps1: Changed script to exclude the Lucene.Net.Replicator.AspNetCore project from packaging for the time being
     new 62badd2  NuGet.config: Removed local disabledPackageSources element
     new 4c9cf1b  build/dotnet-install.ps1: Updated to latest at
     new 8ec9e5f  build/build.ps1: added --no-restore option to dotnet test command
     new 0b6cbd9  Revert "build/build.ps1: added --no-restore option to dotnet test command"
     new fd7900f  build/build.ps1: Changed to install both 1.0.5 and 2.0.0 .NET Core SDKs, since the former is still required to run tests on .NET Core 1.0
     new 89742f1 Added note to run tests under 64 bit
     new 16ec7cd  build/build.ps1: Changed InstallSDK to install .NET Core SDK 1.0.4 (which corresponds to the runtime 1.0.5)
     new c02a98d  build/build.ps1: Added logic to fail the build when SDK installation fails. Setup scenario that will fail (non-existent SDK version) to test it with.
     new 496b140  build/build.ps1: Failing the build isn't working, for now, removing that extra script
     new af1f201  build/build.ps1: Making Test depend on Restore to ensure it is run on .NET Core.
     new aaf81ea  build/build.ps1: Broke the installation step for .NET Core 1.0.4 SDK to a separate task and added a check whether it exists before installing
     new 60e8125  Added the NUnit 3 console runner (again). We are getting test failures on the dotnet utility that we weren't getting in the console runner previously (or in Visual Studio).
     new 1191c20  Lucene.Net.Analysis.ICU: Renamed ICU directory Icu to match namespace conventions
     new 84fdac0  build/build.ps1: Fixed issue with version comparison when it is a pre-release
     new b3a2dd0  Lucene.Net.ICU: Used new linked folder functionality to streamline the configuration and added the remaining files from Lucene.Net.Analysis.ICU (most commented until the features are completed)
     new 356cec5  build/build.ps1: Modified script to install .NET Core 2.0 SDK if needed before running the tests
     new d7595af  build/build.ps1: Updated script to exclude the Lucene.Net.Tests.Cli project when the framework is not .NET Core 2.0
     new c6f930d  build/build.ps1: Fixed broken reference to InstallSDK
     new 399b164  Lucene.Net.Analysis.SmartCn.HHMChineseTokenizer: Fixed namespace collision with Icu library.
     new 6f8f672  build/build.ps1: Fixed typos
     new 5a920d2  build/build.ps1: Fixed script to install .NET Core 2.0 SDK for .NET 4.5.1 test
     new 25e972f  build/build.ps1: Fixed issues with check for Cli project causing test run to fail
     new b72b3da  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support.TestLurchTableThreading: Removed test for NextHashCollision and assert within NextHashCollision because the underlying Guid implementation has changed in .NET Core 2.0 and this approach no longer works.
     new e740866  Added missing NUnit TeamCityEventListener that is required for the TeamCity messages to appear in the test output
     new d1a5769  BUG: Lucene.Net.Support.AssemblyUtils: Added "Anonymously Hosted DynamicMethods Assembly" to list of framework assemblies, since we are not interested in this for loading assemblies (and it fails)
     new f6475cb  Lucene.Net.Tests.Benchmark.ByTask.Tasks.WriteLineDocTaskTest: Changed implementation to throw exceptions on the main thread.
     new cb3215a  BUG: Lucene.Net.Benchmark.ByTask.Tasks.TestPerfTasksLogic.TestLocale(): Test was using no-NO which is not consistently supported across platforms on .NET. Changed the test (and the documentation) to use nb-NO instead.
     new 573dd30  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestTransactionRollback: Fixed issue where the value passed to substring could potentially go beyond the length of the string.
     new 565a896  build/build.ps1: Removed --no-restore switch from netcoreapp1.0 test configuration (not valid)
     new 44800ef  BUG: Lucene.Net.Support.DictionaryExtensions: Fixed Store() method to save the date using the InvariantCulture so the format is unaffected by the ambient culture.
     new 03bc1cb  build/build.ps1: Removed --results-directory from the .NET Core 1.0 tests, as it is not a valid option
     new 681430e  Revert "Lucene.Net.Store.FSDirectory: Removed Fsync() method and m_staleFiles variable and all references to them" to prevent widespread 'file in use by another process' error.
     new 8eada79  Lucene.Net.Util.IOUtils: Added support for .NET Standard 2.0 to process any ThreadInterruptExceptions the same way as .NET Framework
     new 302ab8c  Lucene.Net/Lucene.Net.csproj: Upgraded System.Net.NameResolution to 4.3.0 to fix dependency conflict warning.
     new 0aac370  Lucene.Net.Tests.Benchmark.ByTask.TestPerfTasksLogic.TestCollator(): Changed culture from no-NO to nb-NO to ensure it runs consistently between dev and the CI server.
     new eab9437  Created JavaDocToMarkdownConverter utility.
     new 928f68d  JavaDocToMarkdownConverter: Fixed bugs in link regex
     new 03256c3  JavaDocToMarkdownConverter: Added code to correct case of the character following # and change # to . in crefs.
     new 6a95ad4  Preliminary conversion of JavaDocs to Markdown
     new 4fdf672  BUG: Lucene.Net.TestFramework: Having sequential folder names creates situations where multiple threads are doing operations on the same folder at the same time. Changed implementation to use GetRandomFileName() to append a random string instead of an incremental number.
     new 2bfa241  BUG: Lucene.Net.Store.NativeFSLockFactory: Missing lock on dictionary when NativeFSLock.Dispose() is called. Also, the lock needs to be removed from the cache whether it has opened a file or not.
     new b7c5f0b  Revert Revert "Lucene.Net.Store.FSDirectory: Removed Fsync() method and m_staleFiles variable and all references to them"
     new 1405926  BUG: Lucene.Net.Replicator.LocalReplicator.ObtainFile(): Fixed KeyNotFoundException issue with sessions dictionary.
     new 34ef2ce  API: Lucene.Net.Replicator.Http.ReplicationService: Changed constructor parameter to accept IReadOnlyDictionary rather than IDictionary
     new 543ff4f  build\build.ps1: Attempting to fix "illegal characters in path" when running tests on .NET Core 1.0
     new b781e11  build\build.ps1: Added TeamCity progress messages so the dashboard will indicate which task is running
     new e4f2562  BUG: Lucene.Net.Automaton (BasicAutomata + BasicOperations + MinimizationOperations + SpecialOperations): Corrected accessibility from internal to public and removed InternalsVisibleTo attributes unneeded as a result of these changes.
     new e43a4c8  Lucene.Net.Search.Suggest.Analyzing.FSTUtil.Path<T>.Output: Changed accessibility to public. This wasn't made public until Lucene 5.1, but doing it for 4.8 since it is required by end users.
     new 234c9b4  Revert "Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestTermVectorsFormat.TestLotsOfFields(): Manually failing test on .NET Standard 2.0 because it crashes the test runner - need to investigate"
     new e5be5ad  SWEEP: Updated all packages to target .NET Framework 4.5 instead of 4.5.1. Test projects still target 4.5.1, since some have dependencies that require at least 4.5.1.
     new 97e4cea  Lucene.Net.Tests.Expressions.TestExpressionSorts: Uncommented Collections.Shuffle call and reformatted tests for readability
     new bc26b5c  build/build.ps1: Removed quotes from test expression (getting illegal characters in path error on TeamCity)
     new 537055a  build/build.ps1: Added Publish task for the command line tools.
     new 9e47928  build/build.ps1: Installing .NET Core 2.0 SDK during 1.0 testing due to 'illegal characters in path error' that began when not installing both SDKs for that task
     new 06b676e  build/build.ps1: Switching from NUnit3 Console Runner to .NET Core 2.0 SDK for .NET Framework 4.5.1 test run
     new cb25648  build/build.ps1: Enabling NUnit3 Console for .NET Framework because of test failures that occur in the .NET Core SDK that don't happen in Visual Studio. Assuming .NET Core SDK is not stable/not very well tested against .NET Framework 4.5.1.
     new 81e464d  SWEEP: Added using statement for Lucene.Net.Support.SystemConsole to replace Console so we have the ability to change the output/error TextWriters solution wide (required by Benchmarks tests, but a nice feature for end users).
     new caa61a3  SWEEP: Replaced all calls to Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable and Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable calls with SystemProperties.GetProperty and SystemProperties.SetProperty respectively.
     new a57d9f1  BUG: Patched behavior of all implementations of String.Split() and Regex.Split() using the .TrimEnd() extension method. In Java, only the empty entries at the end of the array are removed, not all empty entries.
     new 713a645  BUG: Lucene.Net.Support.StringExtensions.TrimEnd(): Fixed logic to correctly trim all of the elements if they are empty
     new fe8add7  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.QueryParser.Flexible.Precedence.TestPrecedenceQueryParser: Fixed test to always use GregorianCalendar and local time zone.
     new 9c66bd1  SWEEP: Added TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTime() to corresponding locations where time zone had been set in Lucene.
     new 8ab834f  BUG: Lucene.Net.Store.MMapDirectory: Fixed issue with FileStream not being disposed when the file length is 0.
     new 7ae81ef  BREAKING: Lucene.Net.MMapDirectory: Removed UnmapHack/UNMAP_SUPPORTED features since these are not needed in .NET.
     new ffaa021  Lucene.Net.Codecs.Sep: Did a fresh port of SepSkipListReader and SepSkipListWriter
     new 063f384  Lucene.Net.Suggest.Analyzing.FreeTextSuggester: Changed to use Path.GetRandomFileName() instead of using random integers to make the file name. Changed to delete the folder using System.IO.Directory.Delete and rearranged try catch statements so the Lucene Directory disposes before deleting the OS directory.
     new 302a51e  Lucene.Net.TestFramework.Index.BasePostingsFormatTestCase + Lucene.Net.Suggest.Analyzing (AnalyzingInfixSuggesterTest + TestFreeTextSuggester) + Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestCodecs: Added using blocks to make the tests run more reliably.
     new 2368a02  Lucene.Net.Tests.Support: Added TestStringExtensions class and TestTrimEnd() test
     new 3428d81  Lucene.Net.Tests: Removed Timeout attribute from tests where it was only used to allow the test to run longer than the 20 second timeout that used to be project-wide
     new daa82f6  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Index.TestIndexWriterExceptions: Enabled ConcurrentMergeScheduler in .NET Standard 2.0 so we don't get null reference exceptions during the test
     new decca77  Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestControlledRealTimeReopenThread.DoAfterWriter(): Enabled Thread priority for .NET Core 2.0 tests
     new 4854038  Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestRamUsageEstimatorOnWildAnimals: Reworked test so it exists in .NET Standard but does not run
     new 206f2e1  Reviewed and removed unnecessary TODOs
     new 4063259  Revert "Lucene.Net.Tests.Util.TestRamUsageEstimatorOnWildAnimals: Reworked test so it exists in .NET Standard but does not run"
     new 64a467a  build/build.ps1: Added dotnet --info to Init task
     new 4467e6e  Lucene.Net.Support.IO.FileSupport: Removed unused GetFiles(), GetLuceneIndexFiles(), and Sync() methods
     new 06f349a  Lucene.Net.Support.IO.FileSupport: Made class static
     new 5065f10  Lucene.Net.Support.IO.FileSupport: Fixed several issues with CreateTempFile()
     new 8b7b9cb  Lucene.Net.Support.IO.FileSupport: Added GetCanonicalPath() method + tests
     new 5d9a9a0  SWEEP: Swapped GetCanonicalPath() call into each of the locations where it was originally used in Lucene
     new f486e5c  Lucene.Net.Util.Constants: Fixed OS check for FreeBSD and SunOS so it will work if/when those platforms become available on .NET Standard
     new b5b6179  BUG: Lucene.Net.Tests.Search.TestMultiTermConstantScore: Added check to ensure a null instance variable doesn't cause the AfterClass method to fail
     new 8866a3a  COMPATIBILITY: Refactored NativeFSLock since the implementation is dependent upon the HResult value, which may be different for each OS. The previous implementation of NativeFSLock was resurrected and is being used as a fallback for non-Windows platforms. The existing NativeFSLock was made abstract and renamed SharingAwareFSLock. At some point perhaps we can have other subclasses of this lock that will run on other popular platforms.
     new 66302b4  BUG: Lucene.Net.Index (ConcurrentMergeScheduler + TaskMergeScheduler): Fixed null reference exception due to synchronization of list across threads.
     new b856f1e  Lucene.Net.Tests.Analysis.Common.Analysis.Th.TestThaiAnalyzer: Added Timeout attribute for TestRandomStrings() and TestRandomHugeStrings() because they don't always finish on .NET Framework 4.5.1
     new 8081bbc  Lucene.Net.Index.SegmentCoreReaders: Removed try catch block for AccessViolationException, which did not exist in Lucene. There does not appear to be a valid reason to include it.
     new 869d1dd  Lucene.Net.Replicator.AspNetCore: Removed CLSCompliant attribute because dependencies are not marked CLS compliant.
     new 5406340  Lucene.Net.Benchmark.ByTask.Tasks.AnalyzerFactory: Changed setter methods into properties and made PositionIncrementGap and OffsetGap nullable (so they can be used in the initializer).
     new 39fdf80  Lucene.Net.Benchmark.ByTask.PerfRunData: Reviewed and removed TODO
     new 62c6407  Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy: Fixed documentation and ToString() method of Field subclasses
     new a032177  Lucene.Net.Facet: Added extension methods to Document class for adding facet-related Field types
     new ecf3e4e  Lucene.Net.ICU: Added extension methods to Document class for adding ICU-related Field types
     new a06752f  Lucene.Net: Added extension methods to Document class for adding Field types (except for those marked obsolete)
     new 21522f3  BREAKING: Lucene.Net.Facet: De-nested DrillSidewaysResult from DrillSideways class
     new d5ea201  Reviewed and removed various TODOs
     new be7fb88  lucene-cli: Added basic install instructions to the documentation.
     new a343b98  BREAKING: Lucene.Net.Support: Removed CharAt() method from StringCharSequenceWrapper.
     new 6719968  API: Lucene.Net.Support: Added StringBuilderCharSequenceWrapper class and StringBuilder.ToCharSequence() extension method.
     new 5b2480a  API: Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible: Added an overload of type StringBuilder for all ICharSequence-based methods and constructors (closes LUCENENET-592).
     new fd69196  Updated CHANGES.txt for 4.8.0-beta0005
     new bf2b3ab  SWEEP: Changed all projects to target .NET Standard 1.6 instead of .NET Standard 1.5 (incompatible with Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyModel)
     new 78c4706  SWEEP: Removed unnecessary NetStandardImplicitVersion from all project files
     new 233712b  SWEEP: Upgraded NuGet dependencies to latest stable version
     new 7f0a041  Added new .NET Standard targets to (commented out until released)
     new 1780ef7  Removed MyGet location for spatial4n
     new 9084a20  BUG: Lucene.Net.QueryParser.Flexible.Core.Util.UnescapedCharSequence: (Fixes LUCENENET-592) Changed condition in ToStringEscaped() method so it will correctly escape the string.
     new a715cef  Updated CHANGES.txt for 4.8.0-beta00005
     new a22a905  SWEEP: Added missing license headers
     new 100ad87  Updated LICENSE.txt
     new ffbe9c3  build/build.ps1: Updated Publish task to zip the result of the publish directory
     new 191398d  Updated with latest packages and updated supported framework data
     new a3a1296  Updated - removed unnecessary closing parentheses
     new a66190d  BUG: Fixed list comparison to include a check for count (without it an empty list on one side returns true)
     new 8041c9a  remove redundant termAtt initialization in UpperCaseFilter constructor
     new 199fab0  BUG: LUCENENET-602. Added Lucene.Net.Support.EqualityComparer<T> implementation to fix incomplete support for value types with generics on MONO AOT platforms. Added missing constructor overload to Lucene.Net.Facet.Taxonomy.LRUHashMap so the issue can be worked around using a custom IEqualityComparer<T> implementation if desired. Fixed inconsistencies with optimized C5 EqualityComparer, which was not being used in all of the C5-derived classes.
     new 1fdea4e  Merge remote-tracking branch 'igor-brylin/UpperCaseFilter'
     new e34ff2a  Debugging; what dotnet.exe did we find?

The 4700 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
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