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Subject [lucenenet] branch master updated: Updated README + CONTRIBUTING
Date Sun, 29 Dec 2019 07:51:54 GMT
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ You have found a bug or you have an idea for a cool new enhancement? Contributin
 - Read [Open Source Contribution Etiquette](
and [Don't "Push" Your Pull Requests](
 - Make sure you have a [JIRA account](
 - Make sure you have a [GitHub account]( NOTE: Although this
is a mirror of our Git repository, pull requests are accepted through GitHub.
-- If you are thinking of making a change that will result in more than 25 lines of changed
code, we would appreciate you opening a discussion on our [developer mailing list](
before you start writing. It could save both you and our team quite a bit of work if the code
doesn't have to be rewritten to fit in with our overall objectives.
+- If you are thinking of adding a feature, we would appreciate you opening a discussion on
our [developer mailing list](
before you start writing. It could save both you and our team quite a bit of work if the code
doesn't have to be rewritten to fit in with our overall objectives.
 - Submit a JIRA ticket for your issue, assuming one doesn't exist already.
   - If reporting a bug, clearly describe the issue including steps to reproduce, observed
behavior, and expected behavior.
   - If reporting a bug, provide source code that we can run without any alteration demonstrating
the issue. Issues submitted with runnable code will be given a higher priority than those
submitted without.
@@ -15,54 +15,9 @@ You have found a bug or you have an idea for a cool new enhancement? Contributin
   - If this is the first time you are contributing, submit an [Individual Contributor License
   - Create a new descriptive branch (tracking master) and [submit a Pull Request](
once it is ready to be reviewed and merged.
+## Up For Grabs
-## If You are Willing to Help with Porting Code
-* Please make sure nobody else is working on porting it already. We would like to avoid doing
redundant work. We ask that you communicate clearly in this list that you are going to work
on some part of the project. A PMC member will then either approve or alert you someone else
is working on that part already.
-* Use automated tools to do the basic porting work, and then start a manual clean-up process.
For automatic conversion we are using [Tangible's Java to C# Converter](
(we have licenses to give to committers). It has proven to work quite nicely, but I also hear
good things on Sharpen. [Check it out here]( and pick the
tool you are more comfortable with.
-* Conventions & standards: not too picky at this point, but we should
-definitely align with the common conventions in .NET: PascalCase and not camelCase for method
names, properties instead of getters/setters of fields, etc. I'm not going to list all the
differences now but we probably want to have such a document up in the future. For reference
have a look at Lucene.Net, while not perfect it is starting to shape up the way we want it.
-* In general, prefer .NETified code over code resembling Java. Enumerators over Iterators,
yields when possible, Linq, BCL data structures and so on. We are targeting .NET 4.5.1, use
this fact. Sometimes you will have to resort to Java-like code to ensure compatibility; it's
ok. We would rather ship fast and then iterate on improving later.
-* While porting tests, we don't care about all those conventions and
-.NETification. Porting tests should be reduced to a copy-paste procedure with minimal cleaning
up. We are working on tools and code
-helpers to help with that, see for examples see our [Java style methods to avoid many search-replace
in porting tests](,
and a
-[R# plugin that will help making some stuff auto-port when pasting](
-## Porting Work - Up For Grabs
-Note that even though we are currently a port of Lucene 4.8.0, we recommend porting over
new work from 4.8.1. We hope to begin the work of upgrading to 4.8.1 soon (let us know if
interested). There are only about 100 files that changed between 4.8.0 and 4.8.1.
-### Pending being ported from scratch (code + tests) plus have additional dependencies that
either need to be sourced from the .NET ecosystem or ported.
-* [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Morfologik](
- See [JIRA issue 568](
-* [Lucene.Net.Analysis.UIMA](
- See [JIRA issue 570](
-### Partially Completed
-* [Lucene.Net.Misc](
-  * Missing native C++ Directory implementations for Windows and Unix/Posix along with wrapper
classes to utilize them. See [JIRA issue 562](
and the [Store namespace](
-* [Lucene.Net.Sandbox](
-  * Missing all of the SlowCollatedXXX classes, the RegEx namespace (+ related tests). (casing
intentional to prevent naming collisions with .NET Regex class)
-## If you are more into Fixing Existing Tests
-We have already managed to get all of the tests green (most of the time). However, there
are still a few [flaky tests](
that fail randomly that need to be addressed. Since tests are using randomized testing, failures
are changing. But if you put a `[Repeat(number)]` attribute on the tests they will fail more
often, making them a bit easier to debut.
-Some of the code (in particular code in the Support namespace) has no code coverage, and
porting/adding tests for those is up for grabs.
-* Start by cloning Lucene.NET locally. The set VERBOSE to false and you probably may also
want to set a constant seed for working locally. See <>
-and <>
-* Note that tests should be run both on .NET Framework and .NET Core. Currently, we have
2 different solutions (Lucene.Net.sln for .NET Framework and Lucene.Net.Portable.sln for .NET
Core) that only run in Visual Studio 2015. We are setup to use NUnit 3.x and you will need
the appropriate [test adapter](
for Visual Studio to detect the tests. Tests can also be run from the command line using the
[dotnet [...]
-* Run, debug, iterate. When you think you fixed a bug or a test, please send a PR as fast
as possible. There are multiple people working in this area, and we want to make sure your
contribution doesn't go stale. Any such PR should have a descriptive name and a short description
of what happened and what is your solution. There are [some good past examples here](
-* If we will have comments, we will use GitHub's excellent interface and you will receive
notifications also via this list.
+There are several [**Open Issues on JIRA**](
that are marked `up-for-grabs` that we could use help with.
 ## Other Ways To Help
@@ -76,8 +31,6 @@ and <
 * Building automation tools to eliminate some of the manual work of managing the project,
updating information on various web pages, creating tools to make porting/upgrading more automated,
 * Be a power beta tester. Make it your mission to track down bugs and report them to us on
-Also, check out the [JIRA issue tracker](
for any other issues that you might be interested in helping with. You can signup for a JIRA
account [here]( (it just takes a minute).
 Or, if none of that interests you, join our [dev mailing list](
and ask!
 ## Thank You For Your Help!
diff --git a/ b/
index 385ff7f..7465f21 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -17,8 +17,8 @@ The Apache Lucene.Net web site is at:
 ### Lucene.Net 4.8.0
+- [.NET Standard 2.1](
 - [.NET Standard 2.0](
-- [.NET Standard 1.6](
 - .NET Framework 4.5
 ## Status
@@ -60,16 +60,15 @@ PM> Install-Package Lucene.Net -Pre
-- [Lucene.Net.Analysis.OpenNLP](
- OpenNLP Library Integration
 - [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Nori]( -
Korean Morphological Analyzer
-- [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Morfologik](
- Analyzer for dictionary stemming, built-in Polish dictionary
-- [Lucene.Net.TestFramework]( -
Framework for testing Lucene-based applications
 - [Lucene.Net]( - Core library
 - [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Common](
- Analyzers for indexing content in different languages and domains
-- [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Kuromoji](
- Japanese Morphological Analyzer 
+- [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Kuromoji](
- Japanese Morphological Analyzer
+- [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Morfologik](
- Analyzer for dictionary stemming, built-in Polish dictionary
+- [Lucene.Net.Analysis.OpenNLP](
- OpenNLP Library Integration
 - [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Phonetic](
- Analyzer for indexing phonetic signatures (for sounds-alike search)
 - [Lucene.Net.Analysis.SmartCn](
- Analyzer for indexing Chinese
 - [Lucene.Net.Analysis.Stempel](
- Analyzer for indexing Polish
@@ -90,6 +89,7 @@ PM> Install-Package Lucene.Net -Pre
 - [Lucene.Net.Sandbox]( - Various third
party contributions and new ideas
 - [Lucene.Net.Spatial]( - Geospatial search
 - [Lucene.Net.Suggest]( - Auto-suggest
and Spell-checking support
+- [Lucene.Net.TestFramework]( -
Framework for testing Lucene-based applications
 ## Documentation
@@ -110,11 +110,13 @@ There are several demos implemented as simple console applications that
can be c
 There is also a dotnet command line tool available on NuGet. It contains all of the demos
as well as tools maintaining your Lucene.Net index, featuring operations such as splitting,
merging, listing segment info, fixing, deleting segments, upgrading, etc. Always be sure to
back up your index before running any commands against it!
+- [Prerequisite: .NET Core 3.1.0 Runtime](
-dotnet tool install lucene-cli -g --version 4.8.0-beta00006
+dotnet tool install lucene-cli -g --version 4.8.0-beta00007
-Once installed, you can explore what commands and options are available by entering the command
+Once installed, you can explore the commands and options that are available by entering the
command `lucene`.
 [lucene-cli Documentation](
@@ -165,7 +167,8 @@ Building on the Command Line is currently only supported on Windows.
 ##### Prerequisites
 1. [Powershell](
3.0 or higher (see [this question](
to check your Powershell version)
-2. [.NET Core SDK 2.0 or higher](
+2. [.NET Core SDK 3.1 or higher](
+3. [.NET Framework 4.8 Developer Pack](
 ##### Execution
@@ -233,9 +236,9 @@ Then all you need to do is choose the `Lucene.Net Local Packages` feed
from the
 #### Prerequisites
-1. Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 or higher
-2. [.NET Core SDK 2.0 or higher](
-3. [NUnit3 Test Adapter](
+1. Visual Studio 2019 or higher
+2. [.NET Core SDK 3.1 or higher](
+3. [.NET Framework 4.8 Developer Pack](
 #### Execution

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