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From goran kent <>
Subject [lucy-user] Doc ID X greater than doc max Z
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 12:59:03 GMT

Just stumbled onto the following error on one of the search nodes
while performing test searches:

Doc ID 250866 greater than doc max 169536
	SI_validate_doc_id at .../core/Lucy/Search/Collector/SortCollector.c line 401
	at ./lucy_search line 220

The code in question:

my $hits = $poly_searcher->hits(
    query      => $parsed_query,
    sort_spec  => $sort_spec,
    offset     => 0,
    num_wanted => 10,

It only fails for this particular search term (and very possibly for
others, which is impossible to know), most search terms are ok.  The
other search nodes process the search ok, but it does raise the
spectre of a user triggering the error (which they won't see
obviously, but it will cause the node to not contribute to search
results) with some future search term.

Any ideas?  Does the index have a rotten area which this search term touched?


/sidebar:  one of the things SearchCluster will need to do is to
gracefully handle node failures - eg, by ignoring them.  Those
confess() calls are indeed nice placeholders/reminders.

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