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From Martin Hebnes Pedersen <>
Subject [lucy-user] Subclassing Lucy::Analysis::Analyzer
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 13:31:35 GMT

I'm looking into the possibility of migrating our search servers from 
Lucene/SolR to Lucy.

We're using several tokenizers and analyzers from solr that I will need 
to port, and I've started with EdgeNGram, subclassing 
Lucy::Analysis::Analyzer from perl.

So far I've overridden 'new' and 'transform' and indexing seems to work.

The problem is that I need some parameters like minLength, but they are 
not in schema_x.json and My::Analysis::EdgeNGramTokenizer's contructor 
is never called when I load the IndexSearcher.

I have tried to override dump and load, but that only results in segfaults.

Is there some other hook I should override to initialize the analyzer?

So, we are looking for a solution that let us implement the analyzers in 
the host language (perl). Is this currently possible?

Martin Hebnes Pedersen
Easy Connect AS

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