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From arjan <>
Subject [lucy-user] retrieve the order of a hit in a sorted search
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2012 10:35:49 GMT
Hi all,

Would it be somehow possible to retrieve the rownumber or count of a hit 
in a sorted search?

Suppose this is stored in lucy in this order: (simple example values for 

color    epoch
red              1
blue             2
green          0

Suppose I search for blue and I sort by epoch. I would get 1 result and 
this would be the 1st or 3rd item of all my sorted documents. (depending 
on using reverse or not) Is there a way to find out that it the hit is 
the 1st or 3rd item?

And - by the way - I was very happy with Peters post saying that range 
queries need to be fixed width. I never experienced a problem, because I 
never used epoch values before September 9th 2001, (1000000000). And 
just before I was about doing this, I read his email. Talking about 
just-in-time information. ;)

I assume the same goes for SortRules, meaning that I have to enter epoch 
values, and other numerical values, into the lucy as fixed width 
entries. Right?

Kind regards,
Arjan Widlak.

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