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From Noe Fernandez <>
Subject [lucy-user] Sort Spec problem on Debian Jessie
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2016 20:42:09 GMT
Hi All,

I got an error running Lucy::Search::SortSpec when I am working on a Debian jessie.

The same code work fine on Debian Wheezy and OSX El Capitan. 

It is just a very simple script to search and sort the output from an index created from a
3 columns tab delimited file. I do not think there is any problem in the code since it is
working on my mac computer (El Capitan) and in several Debian Wheezy VM and servers.

The error only says:

Invalid parameter: 'sort_spec'
	cfish_XSBind_locate_args at xs/XSBind.c line 382

Is there anything I could do to fix it?

Lucy::Simple is up to date. (0.005001)
Lucy::Search::SortSpec is up to date. (0.005001)

Thank you very much for your help.

Noe Fernandez
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