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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject Tastify
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2009 10:36:52 GMT
Hi all,

I'm experimenting with Mahout by connecting it to Spotify < 
 >, a service that streams music on the net. It would be really cool  
if you people could help me with a a ground truth. The data will of  
course be released to the public.

At first I tried to use playlists I scraped from the net as  
recommendation profiles. I'm not sure if it is my thesis that a user  
always likes everything they put in their own small and non  
collaborative playlists was wrong or if there was something else that  
made that strategy fail, so I have started from scratch with only real  
user preferences. For now it's something like 10 users and 500  
preferences, so don't expect it to produce great results.

It will register your account the first to you login, and it will show  
you in clear text what password you choose, so choose something silly.

You use plain text queries or Spotify URIs in the search form. Start  
with spotify:user:karl.wettin:playlist:1LOXpeOdStzoavRodI4zXZ to  
connect with an already existing neighborhood. But please also try to  
add some ratings to tracks not available in that playlist, preferably  
some 10+.

Finally hit "Our recommendations" in order to get some results.

I have a handful of invites to Spotify if you don't have an account.  
Not needed to use the Tastify service though, only if you want to play  
the music.

Beware of the GUI. Lots of bugs, please report them if you see them.  
The serivce will go up and down now and then. Try to relogin if you  
get an exception.


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